The following is part one of the Bob Cocker saga.

a.k.a. Cock Bobber – Beginnings
by AKA

My name is Bob Cocker. Unfortunately, that’s
not what everyone calls me nowadays. Sure, no
one calls me “Cock Bobber” to my face, but I
know that’s my nickname in some circles. How I
got my nickname is a bit of a long story. But
the start of the story is rather clear.

I guess it all started on my 18th birthday.
That was the day I found out just how strongly
how my beloved Tanya felt about … well …
cum. You see, she and I had been going out for
a few months. I guess you could say we were
‘going steady’. I was thrilled. Tanya was
everything I’d ever dreamed of … and more.
She was beautiful to look at, had long medium-
blonde hair and a really sexy body. She was
smart, too; she was in all my advanced high
school courses. Guys like me — the thin, nerdy
types — never seemed to attract the beautiful
sexy girls like her. But Tanya liked me. I was
nuts about her. I hoped that someday, she’d
love me. So you can imagine my sheer joy when,
on my 18th birthday, Tanya offered me a blowjob.

“Honey … that’s … that’s g-great! But …
but, are you sure you want to? I mean, the
times we’ve …”

“I know. I know,” Tanya replied, “The other
times I’ve gotten pretty grossed out when you
shoot your … stuff,” she said, referring to
the times she’d given me a handjob. “I mean, I
want to make you happy, Bobby. I want to make
you feel good. Like you made me feel when you
licked my … um … sex.”

I smiled. I thought Tanya was the hottest thing
on the planet and I was thrilled the first time
she let me lick her pussy. I thought it tasted
terrific. And I loved the way she squirmed and
wiggled when I did it. Whenever we had a bit of
privacy these days, she seemed to end up sitting
on my face. I wanted to put my dick in her …
or have her suck on it … but I was too shy to
ask her. She always seemed really fascinated
with my dick … she was always playing with it
to make it hard. ‘It looks so pretty that way,’
she’d say. My dick got lots of attention from
her; stroking, squeezing, and fondling. But the
few times I’d cum, she’d been completely grossed
out by the sticky feeling of cum on her hands.
She’d practically run to wash it off. That’s
why it really meant something to me when she
offered to suck me off.

“But, uh … when can we do it?” I asked. The
night I’d licked her had been one of the rare
occasions we got to spend any time alone. My
parents (well, my mom and stepdad) had been out
to a late dinner. But tonight, they had made a
big deal of cooking me a big birthday dinner. I
knew we’d never get any time alone.

“Well, I thought maybe,” she looked at me coyly,
“we could go under the bleachers out in the
football field.”

I grinned. “Okay, then. I’ll meet you there
after 7th period.”


Now, at this point I’d never had my dick sucked
before, so even the worst blowjob ever would
probably have felt great. But Tanya was doing
an awesome job! I’d seen a few pornos that the
guys had smuggled out of their father’s
collections and Tanya was doing everything I’d
seen in those and more. I wondered if she’d
seen one or two pornos herself. She was bobbing
her head up and down, swirling her tongue
around, turning her head to make eye contact
with me, and following her mouth with her hand.
She was incredible! My Tanya … my girlfriend
… was a great cocksucker! I felt like the
luckiest man in the world.

I can say now that those were likely the three
best minutes of my life. Then, I heard a loud
male voice say, “Ho ho ho! What do we have
here??!” I sat bolt upright in absolute shock
at being caught. The next thing I heard was the
ringing sound made by my head hitting one of the
bleacher support beams.

I was knocked out cold.


“Honey, get up. C’mon, honey … it’s time to
go now.”

“Wha? What … what happened?” I sat up and
looked around in confusion. We were sitting …
under the bleachers? I tried to remember what
we were doing there.

“What happened? You KNOW what happened, honey.
Your little birthday blowjob turned into a
birthday gangbang for your girlfriend.”

“WHAT?!?” I cried, still dazed.

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous, Bobby. It seems
pretty clear to me that you invited your buddy
Malph and his little crew to watch you get your
precious blowjob. I can’t believe you’d be so
callous. I’m really beginning to wonder if
you’re right for me. I think we should break

My stunned brain was trying to comprehend a
dozen things at once. The voice I’d heard …
that could have been Malph. But to call him my
‘buddy’ was totally wrong. Ralph Ludder was a
big bully who pushed me around and stole my
lunch money most days of the week. Everyone
called him ‘Malph’ because of his red hair and
passing resemblance to the character on the TV
reruns. But wait … did she say gangbang? And
what was this about breaking up … Tanya was
the best thing to ever happen to me. I
stuttered out the first thing that came to mind.

“I .. I .. I don’t want to break up!”

“Is that so?” she said sarcastically while
pulling on her blouse (I just now realized that
she was practically naked). “Well, you sure
have a funny way of showing it. Just lying
there with your pants around your ankles while
four of your friends fuck the tar out of me.”

“Wait, I … they’re not my …”

“I mean, the way we were going, Bobby, I’d
figured I’d get some fuck-action around you
sooner or later, but I didn’t quite expect this!
And I can’t believe you just laid there,” she
continued, now examining her torn skirt, “Oh
darn. This zipper is broken.”

“Honey! I was out cold!” I exclaimed, holding
my head.

She tilted her head up in thought. “Well, yeah.
I almost fainted, too, when I saw the size of
Malph’s cock. It’s pretty huge, isn’t it? I
mean, compared to yours anyway. And, boy, I
thought yours looked pretty when it got all
hard, but his was downright gorgeous! Felt
pretty good when he fucked me with it, too …
well, after a minute or two. Does yours feel
like that, too? Hey … do you see my panties

“No, I … wait … what–”

“OH MY GOD! Oh God! I’m gonna … I’m gonna be
sick,” she suddenly cried.

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s c-cum all over my th-thighs! Oh, God
… it’s dripping down out of my pussy!” she

“He came inside your pussy?” I asked.

“They all did! They all came inside my pussy!”
She was starting to get a little frantic. She
started to reach down to wipe away the cum, but
I could tell she still was reluctant to even
touch it.

“What … what if you get pregnant?”

“Preg– OH NO! I CAN’T get pregnant, Bobby!
My mom will kill me! Get it out, Bobby! This
is all your fault! Get it out! Get it out!
Get it ouuuuuutt!” she descended into hysterics,
her arms flapping at her side as she practically
screamed in panic. It was like she hadn’t even
thought of the possibility of getting pregnant
until then.

“Shhh. Shhh. Honey .. don’t worry. I’ll —
I’ll think of something! I … do you have
anything we can wash it out with? Some water or-

“This is YOUR fault,” she screamed. She fell
back onto the ground on her back, sobbing madly.
Her legs fell open lewdly as her body was
racked with sobs. “G-get it out of me! Help
meeeee! I don’t wa-wa-want to get p-p-pregnant

I was dumbstruck. I had no idea what to do. I
reached between her legs and put two fingers in
her stretched pussy, intending to scoop out some
of the cum inside. There must have been an
awful lot up there … I couldn’t even feel the
walls of her pussy. It was like dipping my
fingers into warm custard.

“NOOOO! STOP!” she screamed, “Wha-what are you
d-doing! You’re just p-pushing it further up
inside me!!!”

“But honey … what am I supposed to do?”

“You can’t push on it to get it out! You have
to pull it out of there somehow! Before …
before I get …. p-pregnant!” At the reminder
of possibly becoming pregnant, her wailing
resumed. “Pull it out of me, Bobby. Suck it
out! Suck it oooooouuuuuuut!”

For an instant, it seemed that time froze.
Moments that are going to affect the rest of
your life always seem to be that way. Tanya was
right … the only way to get that cum out of
her was to find a way to suck it out .. instead
of pushing anything inside. But between two
half naked teenagers under the school bleachers,
there wasn’t exactly a whole lot of different
methods to choose from. The only option …
shocked me. Revolted me, in fact. I’d have to
… I’d have to use my mouth.

I instantly thought of the time the previous
summer when I’d had to siphon gasoline from a
car. Gasoline tasted terrible even if only a
little got in your mouth, but all you had to do
was get the flow started. And, in an emergency,
tasting a bit of gasoline had been the only way.
Well, this was an emergency. But … wasn’t
gasoline. It was cum. Other men’s cum.
Several loads of other men’s cum in my
girlfriends stretched and well worn pussy.

But if that thought was going to cause
resistance, the picture of the poor, sobbing,
miserable girl in front of me was more than
enough to convince me that … in an emergency
… I could do it. I’d do anything for her. I
loved her. I loved her and I’d do anything to
make her feel better. And, of course, keeping
her from getting pregnant was fairly important
to me as well.

So, I swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and
leaned my face down to her soaked & slimy pussy.
I opened my mouth, pressed my lips hard against
her flesh to make a seal, and took a tentative

A stream of sticky, warm cum instantly flowed
into my mouth. The first glob to hit my tongue
took my by surprise. It wasn’t so much the
taste — it really wasn’t as revolting as my
brain had made it out to be — but just my own
mental resistance made me jump back. I pushed
myself up, holding my body over hers, keeping
the sperm in my mouth for a moment until the
shock wore off. I turned my head, intending to
spit out the mouthful of semen I had when I
heard her gasp. I looked down at her and was
frozen mometarily by the most incredible …
“look” on her face. It was a look of absolute

“Oh … oh God, honey! I can’t … I can’t
believe … you sucked that cum out of my
pussy!” Her body practically lept off the
ground as her arms wrapped around me in a
powerful hug. It knocked the wind out of me and
I had to exhale through my nose to avoid
spitting the cum in my mouth all over her.
“That’s so … so ROMANTIC!”

“Hrmph?!” I grunted in question. Her tight hold
on me pinned my head next to hers, so she
couldn’t see my cheeks bulging with the mouthful
of jism I had. Half my brain wanted to vomit,
but I fought back the gag to avoid spewing the
cum all over her shoulder.

“Oh, Bobby. You must really love me. You must
really, really love me. To put your face down
in the gooey, disgusting semen left there by
other men … and suck it into your mouth … I
mean … wow! This means … this means so much
to me.” She broke the hug, pushed me back onto
the ground, and started planting kisses all over
my forehead, cheeks, neck … she was absolutely
enthralled. I’d never seen her so happy … or
so .. loving. The look in her eyes was

Then she closed her eyes and pressed her lips to
mine … hard. Here was another of those slow
motion moments. She was kissing me while I had
a mouthful of sperm. I could feel her tongue
pressing against my lips. But she had no idea
what lay past those lips. She was so enraptured
with my “act of love” that she failed to notice
that I was still holding a glob of semen in my
mouth. I suppose you could say I had a decision
to make. But there really wasn’t any choice. I
swallowed. I swallowed it all it one big gulp.

And I kissed her. I kissed this woman I loved.
And she kissed me back. It was the best kiss of
our lives … because of the absolute love
behind it. We shared the flavor of a strangers
jism between us, but neither of us cared … or
even noticed, really. She was right … I had
to love her to do what I’d done. And proving my
love to her this way had given her a reason to
love me. I’d remember this moment for the rest
of my life. Our kiss and our embrace lasted for
what seemed like hours, even though it was just
a few minutes. Our two bodies rolled and I felt
the weight of her tiny form pressing down on top
of me. The emotional power of our kiss and the
feel of her bare thighs against my dick caused
it to stiffen and quickly get hard.

She gently pulled away and looked me lovingly in
the eye, “Oh honey. I still can’t believe it.
You know how much cum grosses me out. I can’t
even imagine how you mustered the guts to push
your face into the slimy mixture of four
stranger’s semen.”

While the bluntness of her words confused me a
bit, I simply told her the first thing that came
to mind, “Well, I was trying to start a siphon
… like when you siphon gasoline from a car.
Um … I hope it worked.”

Her eyes changed as she suddenly remember why
I’d started sucking, “Oh no, honey. I don’t
think it did. I can still feel that cum
squishing around inside me.” Her bottom lip
began to quiver and I could tell she was about
to start crying again. Then her eyes widened,
“Oh!! Wait! Don’t you remember last week in
physics class?! A siphon only works if you move
from a higher place to a lower place! Hold
still, honey!”

Without warning, she spun her tiny body around
above me and clamped her thighs around my face,
“There! Now when you get it started it will
flow downward. Oh, honey! This is going to
work! Thank you so much. You know I can’t even
consider get pregnant right now.”

Feeling her sticky crotch press against my face
and smelling the musky scent of her filled pussy
made me want to push her away. I resisted, but
was about to protest the position she had me in
when she suddenly grabbed hold of my still-semi-
hard dick.

“Oh, look at this! It looks like ‘your little
friend’ is rather happy right now. You seems
awfully excited for someone who just slurped
down a guy’s cum, Bobby,” she giggled in a
joking tone. Her bare pussy wiggled on my face
as she laughed at her joke.

“But sweetheart, …” my muffled voice protested.

“Oh, you know I’m just kidding, baby! Actually,
I think it takes a special kind of guy to eat
another man’s sperm and not have it turn him off
completely. Those neanderthal jocks who filled
that pussy up would probably wither away
completely if you simply mentioned the idea of
drinking jism to them. But you, honey …
you’ve obviously got a special kind of mindset.
Oh, say … if you don’t start with a bit of
suction, you’ll never get the siphon started,”
she pointed out, wiggling her crotch further
down against my face for emphasis.

And, actually, she was wrong about that. I
could see a flow of thick, slimy white goo
beginning to drip down out of her pussy. She’d
positioned herself perfectly over my mouth.
Again, I had a decision to make. Of course, I
wanted to get that cum out of her and prevent
her from getting pregnant, but the idea of just
lying here and eating it all still bothered me.
She had her thighs clamped around my head, so
there’d be no spitting it out. But, as I
thought about it, I guess the worst thing about
drinking sperm was that it made me feel like I
was some kind of faggot. But here she was
telling me what a special kind of man I was not
to let it bother me. So, the only person who’d
know wouldn’t think of me as a fag at all. And
I’d already determined that the taste wasn’t
really too bad. So, I made up my mind.

I pressed my mouth to her pussy and sucked. The
cum instantly began to flow into my mouth.

“Ohhhh, that feels goooood,” she moaned. Her
hand began to absent mindedly stroke my ever
stiffening cock.

Once I’d decided to slurp the cum from her
pussy, I made up my mind to go all out. I was
determined to get every drop of semen out of her
and I might as well get it over with as quickly
as possible. As it steadily flowed into my
mouth, I swallowed as fast as I could to make
room for more, trying desperately not to gag.
My tongue probed deeply inside her, scooping out
all the jism I could reach.

“Ohhhh my Gaaawwwwwwwd!” moaned Tanya. “I … I
… think I’m ….. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Her thighs clenched tightly against my ears and
her whole body shuddered. For a moment, I
thought I’d hurt her somehow; I’d never felt a
woman orgasm before. But the flood of juices
into my mouth told me otherwise. I’d licked her
pussy many times, but I guessed I’d never made
her cum before. The flow was now a mixture of
her orgasmic fluids and the leftover spend of
other men. But I was so overjoyed at having
made her cum, I didn’t even consider what I was
greedily swallowing. My cock was now rock hard;
making her cum was the sexiest thing I’d ever

She felt it firm in her hand as her senses
returned after her orgasm. “Oh, sweetheart.
Look how hard your little pecker is getting as
you gobble down that spermy mess. I knew you
were special, honey. I knew you weren’t like
all those others … all those ‘men’. Oh god ..

Something wasn’t quite right with what she said,
but then another powerful orgasm shot thru her
body and another flood of juices poured down my
throat. The taste was changing. Most of the
male cum had been washed out. But now I was
concentrating on making her cum. My cock felt
swollen, like it was about to burst.

“Eat that nasty cum, baby. Lick it all out me.
Get all that cock juice out of the woman you
love. Your cock is so hard. I can tell you
love this as much as I do. That’s it .. ohh …

I was only half listening to what she was
saying. Some part of me wanted to resist the
implication that I ‘loved’ licking cum out of
her, but I was again distracted by the bucking
of her entire body as another massive orgasm
swept over her. This one was powerful enough to
lift her body off of my head. As the bodily
contractions subsided, we lay next to each other
on our sides, my face by her crotch and hers
next to mine.

“Thank you, baby. Thank you sooo, much. I
can’t believe how good you made me feel,” she
moaned in a post-orgasmic haze. “And I can’t
believe how hard your little dick got when you
were gulping down all that cock-cream! I
thought it was going to squirt all by itself!!”

“Wait .. I was …”

“But since it didn’t, honey, how about I give
you that blowjob now? You’ve been soooo good to

With that, she engulfed the head of my cock with
her mouth. If I was going to say anything, I
forgot what. She went right back to giving the
same awesome blowjob she’d started long before.
God, she was incredibly good. I knew I was
going to cum almost instantly.

“C-c-careful, Tanya … you’re going to make me
cum in your m-mouth. Are you sure you want …”

She pulled her mouth off my cock with a wet pop,
“It’s ok, baby. I want to try it. You liked
cum in your mouth so much that I want to see how
much I like it, too.”

Any reply that I had to that was quickly
forgotten due to the orgasm building within my
balls. With the treatment she was giving me, I
was lucky to have lasted the 2 minutes that I
did. Knowing how she felt about cum, I warned
her with a moaned, “I-I’m coming, honey.” I
felt her tense up a bit, but she kept her mouth
clamped around my cock and kept stroking. God
… what a great girl … to take my cum in her
mouth even though she could barely stand to
touch it. I loved her so much. When I came, it
was the best orgasm of my life. I’m not sure
how much I came into her mouth, but it had to
have been the biggest load I ever shot.

She pulled her mouth off my cock and I stared
lazily up at the bleachers above. “God, honey
… that was incredible. Thank you sooo much.”

Her only reply was a muffled gurgle.

I propped myself up on my elbows. “Honey? Are
you ok?” She was looking downward, her hair
hanging down over her face. “Honey … look at

She lifted her head up and I saw the sheer
misery on her face. I could tell her mouth was
full of cum … and she was trying to swallow it
… but obivously she just couldn’t do it. I
sat up out of concern, “Honey, honey, honey …
it’s ok. You don’t have to–”

I saw tears welling in her eyes. I saw her
throat muscles contract as she attempted not to
gag … and failed. I knew she wasn’t going to
be able to swallow it … and would likely vomit
if she held it much longer. I guessed that she
wasn’t spitting it out because she didn’t want
to even lay eyes on it … something that I knew
would gross her out even more.

So, I made another of those fateful decisions.
I turned my body, pressed my lips to hers, and
tilted my head back. As I opened my mouth and
began to receive the flow of my own cum, I saw
that same look of absolute adoration on her face
that I’d seen earlier. I could see the feelings
she had for me. And I loved her. God, I loved

Even as our lips remained locked together, I
heard her make a long, loving whimpering sound.
Her hands began to wander over my body in
frantic, groping movements. One quickly found
my softening cock and began to squeeze,
instantly making it start to twinge again.
Feeling this attention, I probed her mouth with
my tongue, eliciting further moans and whimpers
as she realized I was doing my best to scoop all
of the cum she so disliked out of her mouth.

Our bodies lowered to the ground once again, her
lips still locked to mine as she lay atop me.
As the last of my cum flowed out of her mouth
into mine, her free hand moved to my chin and
held my head steady. She broke the kiss with an
exaggerated “Mmmmwwah!” and looked down at me
with that adoring sparkly-eyed look that I’d
already come to absolutely need from her, even
though I’d only just seen it for the first time
a moment ago.

“I adore you, Bob Cocker,” she whispered. “No
man’s ever done anything this wonderful for me.
I just know we’re right for each other, Bobby.”

She leaned back down and pressed her lips to
mine once again, keeping me in an extended kiss.
She kept her lips closed, barely allowing my
tongue to slip past. The hand she had used to
hold my chin still when she kissed me began to
move up and down my neck, gently squeezing my
throat. After licking the semen of four strange
men from her pussy, having my own cum in my
mouth didn’t seem like such a big deal, but I
wasn’t exactly looking forward to swallowing yet
another mouthful. But the caressing action of
her hand on my throat was causing an involuntary
reaction in the muscles making it hard not to

She tried to talk with our lips pressed
together. “Swallow it for me, Bobby,” I thought
I heard her say, but her voice was just a

“Mmm?” I grunted in question.

She broke the kiss momentarily. “Uh … I said
‘I just want you to be with me, Bobby’,” she
said, then went back to our liplock. Of course
I’d heard her wrong. It was silly to think that
she actually wanted me to swallow cum. It was
just my own reluctance that made me

Of course, that reluctance was once again
proving to be a moot point. The action of her
hand on my neck was going to eventually make me
swallow and the kiss we were locked in prevented
me from doing anything else. I finally
surrendered and allowed the slimy mixture of
sperm and saliva to slide down my throat.

My adam’s apple rose and and fell underneath her
hand as I swallowed. I felt Tanya’s body tense
and she emitted a squeal of delight. Her
fingers ended their dance on my throat muscles
and she broke away from our kiss with a gasp,
“Oh my God … I just came again!”

“You did?” I asked, “How? I …”

“Oh … um … honey, I was just thinking about
all the wonderful things you’ve just done for me
and how much I adore you!”

“And that made you cum?”

“Of course, silly! That’s the difference
between girls and guys: A girl can get sexual
pleasure just from emotions. A guy, on the
other hand, seems to always need physical
stimulation …. like a hand stroking his cock
…” she said with a wicked smile and started
stroking my cock again. Even though I was
nowhere near recovered yet, the feel of her tiny
fingers wrapped around me felt fantastic.

” … or even a mouth around his cock …” she
whispered wickedly, giving my cock a quick
mouthing. My eyes closed involuntarily and my
head tilted back as I began to drift. Having
cum so recently, my prick twinged, but did not
get very hard. I had to admit, the feel of her
mouth on my semi-soft dick felt different …
I’d never felt the sensation before.

” … or for someone like you, I guess the feel
and taste of semen in your mouth seems to do it.
You sure were hard as a rock before, but now
that you don’t have cum in your mouth, you don’t
seem very …. interested.”

It took a second or two for that last item to
register .. she was stroking and sucking my
cock, after all, but as soon as it did, I lifted
my head and opened my mouth to explain, “Wait.
But honey, it wasn’t the–”

“Oh no!” she interrupted, “We’ve got to get out
of here!”

“What’s the matter,” I asked, once again
forgetting what I was going to say.

“The marching band is coming onto the field for

We quickly pulled our clothes on and snuck out
from under the bleachers. As we went off to my
car, my mind was reeling with what had happened
that afternoon. What had been said and what had
gone unsaid. Little did I know how my life
would be forever changed. Especially after we
talked to Tanya’s mom later that afternoon.

To be continued …

The above is a work of fiction, intended solely for
entertainment. Any similarity to actual persons,
living or dead, is done purely to make them look like
the total perverts that they are.
Remember, the exchange of bodily fluids between sexual
partners — including the eager and rabid swilling of
a stranger’s sperm — is against the recommendation of
the surgeon general’s office. They think it’s pretty
damn freaky, too.

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