“Bella would you please not hum today “Ivory said! “I really have a headache.” “No one has left me alone since I woke this morning, and I really did not have enough breakfast.”

“Ms. Ivey you know that breakfast is an important meal to eat.” Bella said. “How did you ever get out of the house this morning?”

“Bella hush!” demanded Ivory.  “Now do not worry about me”. “Could you please just concentrate on getting the feed into the stalls”? “And remember, Do what I ask, and not what I do.”

“Yes, but Ms. Ivey”? Bella complained.

Ivory looks towards Bella with a bothered glance.

“Do you think the weather will hold up for this weekend?” Bella asked.

“Yes Bella, I sure am saying the same prayers as you. I guess will wait and see.” Ivory replied.

“How will, I make you understand; I will always crave you?” Sir Luck says in a gruff voice.

Ivory McNickles was completely taken away by the unexpected grab of her husband Sir Luke and now was completely out of breath; she let her body weight go, and fell into the strength of her husband’s arms.

“I do not know Sir”? Ivory remarked.  “If you keep scaring me, I think, I’ll die from your frightful game. I do not understand, why you must insist on startling me?” Ivory asked laughing. “You know girls with my trade could be carrying a pitch fork.  Just because I am small doesn’t mean, I will not do damage to someone.”

Sir Luke moves further into the stall and with gentle force shoves Ivory into the wooden wall.

“Oh dear!” said Sir Luke. “Ms. Ivey, the thought of you and a pitchfork makes me tremble!”

Grabbing Ivory by her underarms, Sir Luke picks her up and kisses her with passion. His lips were so tight. Ivory felt as though he would kiss through her face.

“Sir, Please! I need to speak”. Ivory said trying to get a word in.

Sir Luke moves from the lips to Ivory’s neck!

“SIR PLEASES?” Ivory says more forcefully!

Sir Luke looks into Ivory eyes with intense annoyance that she is interrupting him.  He wanted what he likes and that was Ivories slender body. Her naked skin turned him to a fire of evil thoughts. He lusted for her daily, and when he was home from sea it was ritual.

“I have moved from you lips to you neck; are you still unable to speak Ivory?” Sir Luke questioned.

“Yes Sir”. Ivory responded.  “I would like for you to stop so I may speak to you.”

Sir Luke stops and sighs.

“What could be so important”? “Is a birth about to happen in a stall somewhere”? Sir Luke asked with intense annoyance.  “Did someone forget to tie down a pony again?” “Tell me dear!”

“Oh Luke you are so quick to fix everything that you forget, I just want to talk about anything other than this land and its prosperity.” Ivory sneered back.  “I thought maybe we could walk today down by the high cliffs?” “Maybe, talk about how you could help me with Ms. Kay.” Ivory continued to ask.

“Ms. Kay?” Sir Luke said puzzled.  “I thought we had settled everything Ivory. You know that this is her home if she chooses.” disclosed Sir Luke.  “We have many acres of unused profitable grape lands. I thought you would have written to her of a job running the acres.” “We can support a winery. And well, your cousin Ms. Kay last I knew, she fancied the wine bottles”. “What more is there to talk about?”

“Well see Sir” Ivory voiced. “Well see, umm.” “I just wondered?” “She will be here in a few days I.” “I believe Sir.”

“IVORY?”  Sir Luke said questioning her. “Why would you wait till the last few days of Kay’s voyage to inform me of her arrival?” “My dear!” declared Sir Luke.  “Sometimes, I do not understand you Ivory?”

“I was preparing for the return of the Hoyts.” Ivory said in distress. “And and, I was letting hours of training pile up.” “Well this horse was difficult and I lost track of the days.”  “Oh Luke, I am truly sorry!” “I am.” Ivory was lost in her words. “I just get so caught up in training these horses.” “I surely did not mean to cause a problem. Especially with any ordering we will need.”

“Ivory, I do not know what to say.” Sir Luke tone was so annoyed. “I surely do not need your help with my job but, I do need you tell me important things like this.” “Your actions can be so unsettling to my nerves.” Sir Luke threw his hands up and turned swiftly. “Sometimes, I seriously do not know how you can make me hanker for your tantalizing soft body; and the next minute, I am restless and troubled by you actions.”

Sir Luke Starts walks away.

“I will need to keep the two colts for Ms. Kay.” Ivory meekly asked.

“I will see you at dinner Ivory.” Sir Luke walks out of the stall.

“I will be there Sir.” Ivory said louder.  “I know Ms. Kay will be happy right Sir?”

“We’ll see Ms. Ivey.” Sir Luke said. “Get to work my dear, Bella needs help!”

“Yes right here Sir.” Bella looks out of a stall.

“Nothing Bella, I was talking to Ms. Ivey.” Sir Luke said. “She was telling me how you two were going to clean out the paddocks today before dinner.” “I just reminded her to get busy with work, so we can have a great night.” “Big news, I will tell everyone Bella.” Sir Luke said joyful! “Big news!”

“Oh, I cannot wait to hear it Sir.” Bella said.  “Have a safe day.”

Sir Luke nods

“Ms. Ivey what have you done?” Bella questioned. “You remember we made a promise to Irene that we would help in the laundry room today.”

Ivory still standing stunned that Sir Luke just added another 4 hours of work into her day.

“Yes Bella, I do remember what we had promised.” “Unfortunately, Ms. Irene will need to recruit someone else today.” “I guess we should do, what I supposedly said we were going to do; you know Sir Luke, when he is told something is going to be done; he expects it to be finished.” “I’m sorry!” ‘I do not remember telling him we would do it today. I hope you forgive me Bella.”

“Oh Ms. Ivey, I would rather be here shoveling poop with you then in the kitchen with Ms. Irene; if we hurry, we might be able to get it done real quickly.” “Graces rider did not show up.” “Do you want me to fetch her?” “She could help us?”

“No Bella, not for us.” Ivory said. “Go for her and have her come see me.” “I will send her to help Irene.”

Ivory scattered to get the last 10 horses feed for the morning. She knew she would need all afternoon to do the paddocks! They were a mess and her plans were to have Jerry doing it.

“Damn that Luke!” Ivey thought. He sure knows how to get my attention when he is disappointment.

“Ugh, Ms. Kay is so close to being here, and it gave Ivory butterflies whenever she thought of her arrival.” Ivory growled under her breathe.

Ivory had not seen her cousin since they went had separate ways out of London. Ivory had studied three years in the small town of St Pancras. She had stayed with a wealthy family that raised horses like her grandfather. Her grandfather wanted her to study and become a powerful and skilled equestrian. However, Ivory’s grandfather suddenly got ill and she could not stay away.  She wanted to be in North Yorkshire with him. And according to her professor’s report, the last two quarters she needed to go home and get away from the problematic city life.

Ivory and Ms. Kay had a way of bringing trouble to the surface. However, it has been five years now, and marrying Sir Luke surely has been the inspiration to help the much needed changes Ivory needed to make.

“OH! Phooey!” “It is just going to be splendid to see her!” Ivory says real loudly.

Bella and Grace enter the tack house

“WHAT IS GOING TO be splendid?” Bella asked.  “Oh do tell us Ms. Ivey.”

“You both will know later.” Ivory said with order. “For right now, we need to get busy around here. Bella, I want you to do paddock one, and I will do two.” “Grace, I hate to do it to you!” Ivory continued.  “But you must go help Ms. Irene in the laundry room.” “She needs everything done before Friday.” “We have a large crew of men coming for the weekend.”  “It is sure is going to get really busy around here for a while.” Ivory said.

“OH, okay Ms. Ivory; I will go work for Irene but, she better not be difficult.” replied Grace.

“Grace please, retain your opinion.” Ivory said.  “Remember opinions can also just be a road to trouble.” “Irene is responsible for many duties, and what does not get done correctly ultimately reflexes back to her quality of work.” Ivory said politely but with firmness. “Just listen today, and I will make sure you are compensated well some other day PLEASE!”

“Yes!  Ms. Ivey!” Grace replies through her half-bit smile.

“Thank you Grace, Ivory says!”

Ms. Ivory did not talk much with the crew the rest of the day. She could not help but day dream about Ms. Kay.

“Has she changed?” thought Ivory. “What will she be wearing?” “How many magazines from the London will she bring?” “I hope she brings tons.”

Ivory was about to burst with excitement and anxiety.

“Oh the Lord must be doing something to bring all these changes.” Ivory thought.

“How will Ms. Kay get along with every one?” Ivory wondered.

Ivory daydreams had taken the day away from her. It was sunny and cold and the wind was a little gusty to the west.

“MS. IVEY! MS. IVEY!” Grace was screaming through the stable halls.

“Yes Grace what is it?” Ivory bellowed from the far end of the paddock back at Grace.

“I am finished with Ms. Irene.” “Is there something I could do for you?” questioned Graced.

“Yes there is Grace.” Ivory said. “Why don’t you help Bella fill the feed shoots one more time today and then go start getting ready for dinner?” “I believe, Irene said six pm today, and well it is only an hour away.” Also Ivory continued.  “Make sure everything is tied down good tonight.” “It has been gusty all day and Beebe might give birth tonight.” “Bella and I do not need her running off delivering anywhere unsafe.”

“Alright Ms. Ivey I will make sure.” Grace responded.

Ivory walked back to the house daydreaming still.  She could not stop her awkward feeling that something big was happening around her.

“Why can she not figure it out?” she thought.  She was excited for Ms. Kay, but something else to. Maybe family is what she needed right now.

“Good evening Irene!” Ivory said.

“Oh Ivory, I need to talk to you soon.” Ms. Irene said in that annoying voice she did when she was going to ask for something. “It is been a mad house around here today!”  Irene continued. “I have not yet been able to stop and take count of how many heads we have served here today.” “Can you believe Grace even had to stop and help in the preparation?” Irene asked Ivory with astonishment.  “It was demanding Ivory. Can we talk after the day is settled down?” Irene said with yet another question.

“Irene, please stop and breathe.” Ivory ordered. “I know it has been incredibly busy around this place today.”  “However, I think if you don’t stop and just settle down.” “Your head will explode like a fisherman stress call.” Ivory reprimanded.

Irene laughed with delight. “Oh that would not happen to me Ivory.” “I am absolutely focused.” Irene assured. “My head is full of beautiful ideas and wonderful delicate dinners and stylish decorations.” “Do you think maybe we could ask Sir Luke for some extra support with getting more linen?” Irene asked.

Ivory chuckles with the thought of another question from Irene, and starts walking towards the dining room.

“Irene let’s just get through the fishing season before we talk with Sir Luke about anything.” “I have enough trouble getting him to speak to me about anything but fishing the sea around this time of the year.”  “Your husband is a fisherman; I thought you would know that by now.” “We can talk more this evening.” Ivory said.  “However, not about purchasing more linen; see you at dinner.”

“Yes sure will, Big News I hear.” Irene said.

“Yes I hear that too.” replies Ivory.

Walking through the bed and breakfast diner and through the front sitting room Ivory finally arrived in the wash room. Where she cleaned up for dinner first then would go see Lady Anna in her office.

Ivory stood standing in the door way watching Lady Anna work.  Anna had unpleasant look on her face.

“Anna what’s wrong?” Ivory asked.  “You look very bothered.” “Is there something I could do to make it better?”

Lady Anna agitated. “Well Ms. Ivey, you could have told Sir Luke of Ms. Kay’s decision before this morning.”

“OHHHH, Lady Anna, I did not mean to be so bad-mannered!” Ivory said with regret. “It has been weighing on my mind and I was loss for words on how to even tell Sir Luke that Ms. Kay had decided to settle on the land and live with all of us.”

“I did not get word myself until last week and Kay was not for sure when she would leave.” Ivory said. “She seemed to talk as though she was on her way within days; and well it was never the right time this last weekend.” “Sir Luke was in a bad mood and I, I just did not do it Lady Anna that’s all.” “I hope you can forgive me?”

Lady Anna still not impresses with Ivories decision not to tell Sir Luke.

“You however do know that it takes more food, and supplies to accommodate someone else living on this land Ivory McNickles.” said Lady Anna. “What did you think Ms. Kay would eat and drink for the next 30 days?”

“We have to decide which room she will take to herself!” Lady Anna continued. “Do not forget Ivory we need a horse or two for her right now.”

“Two of the foals born this spring are her choice.” “All but Beebe’s foal, if it is a foal it has already been sold if it’s a colt.” Lady Anna reminded Ivory.

“Kay will need a guide for the week so she can learn the newer parts of the land.” “And many other helping hands to get her settled in.” Lady Anna had continued.

“You truly need to stop and think of all the other work it can take Ms. Ivey.” Lady Anna reprimanded.  “Did you ever stop and think, Kay is one of my dearest friends too, and I did not even know secret?”

“I am so sorry Lady Anna; you’re one of greatest friend.” Ivory responds tearful, regretful and apologetic. “It was wrong to not include you.”

“I know how you and Ms. Kay are also friends; my actions were awful damn myself! Ivory growled.” I did not realize hurtful I was being.”  “What can I do?” Ivory asked Anna. “I do not want you angry with me?” “Please tell me Anna anything?” “I love you and need to make it up to you.”

“Just help me deliver theses baskets over to the bed and breakfast?” Lady Anna asked.  “We should be good.” “Oh and maybe little favor someday.” Anna chuckled.

“Okay anything!” Ivory said.

“Ms. Ivey I do forgive you!” Lady Anna said.  “I would never stay mad.” “You are my dearest friend and the only person who would let me be foolish myself and still forgive me.”

Ivory laughs. “I would join you in your foolish act, and then we both would be sorry for each other.”

“Well Ivory!” “Let’s just not fool around and we’ll have nothing to be sorry for.” insisted Anna.

“Great idea Anna, I would rather not anyways and say we did.” replied Ivory.

Ivory and Lady Anna both laughed and winked at each other.

Ivory grabbed a large basket of rags and soap.

“Better get this basket over there and back”  “We eat dinner in 20 minutes.”  Ivory said.

“I am walking right behind you Ivory!” Lady Anna said as she grabs the other basket and walks out behind Ivory.

Ivory and Lady Anna had many fond memories of themselves and Ms. Kay in London. Lady Anna loved the night life. She was from New York and still today will claim she smells it.

Ms. Kay loved trouble and Lady Anna new how to draw some up.

Ivory was always there to remember the details.

London was grand.  The wonderful shopping and endless restaurants to dine in gave Ivory lovely memories. What would her life have been today if she had stayed in London and had not come back to North Yorkshire? Day dreaming about it could actually take up Ivory’s entire day.

Ivory and Ms. Anna were giggling as they walked back in to the house; working their way to the dining room they could hear chatter and laughter from other people joining the feast and to hear the big news.  It had been a cold day, but everyone had been real productive and would have stories to tell.

“Well here are those lovely ladies.” Sr. Marshall commented. “Fashionably late seems to be normal lately.” “Must mean warmer weather is actually in the air?” “What a wonderful frosty energetic sunny day.”

“Well then no more wasting any time let’s gets ourselves seated so we can eat this fine meal Ms. Irene’s staff prepared for us all.” Sir Luke announced.

“Well what a nice day it has been.” “Sky full beamed with sun.” “Everyone was full of energy.” Sir Nyle starts speaking.

Sir Nyle was McNickles family disciplinarian. He had been a long time disciplinary master for Sir Luke’s family.  He was polite and well educated man in his sixties with the ability to charm about anyone. His talkative speeches were lessons many people would stop and listen to. His theological knowledge was captivating and he used his knowledge well to teach great lessons to Sir Luke’s staff and loved ones when needed.

“Chore lists got smaller.” Sir Nyle had continued talking.  “Would it not be wonderful to hear a prayer from Ivory tonight?” “She spent many hours this afternoon in the cold and sun with Bella.” “The paddocks look beautiful and clean for the weekend.”

All the work you all have done is extraordinary.” Sir Nyle said.  “With the Hoyts coming this weekend the land looks dynamic.”

“Ivory you lead a prayer.” Sir Nyle orders.

Ivory looked directly at Sir Luke, she knew he had talked with Sir Nyle of his disappointment with in her. She felt it in how Sir Nyle spoke of her day.

“Yes Sir.” Ivory responded. “Thank you for choosing me to lead tonight’s prayer.”

It was rare for Sir Nyle to give the prayers over to someone else to lead at end of the day.  If you were chosen it meant something important should be said from you and Ivory knew it. All she had thought about was Ms. Kay all day though; and it was not her responsibility to announce Kay’s arrival to everyone.

“Today was sunny and the beams of the sun would hit your cold neck and warm it.” Ivory started with. “When I was in the sunshine today I did have thought of the Lords hands and how the warmth of them hands must feel like the rays of sunshine.”

“I chose to let my mind believe that the sunrays were the Lords hand telling me it was okay and, I was a safe wife and friend.” Ivory continued.  “I was able to see that our thanks to Lord bring surreal emotions.” “The warmth tells us that our Lord is there and we can use our inner minds to tell him what we need.”

“The Lord helps us in making good choices; he brings a higher thought of psalms.” “We need to stop and thank our Lord.” “This time of the day is only a small way to make sure we stop and do so.” Ivory said with discipline words.

“If we consider ourselves walking with him, we will thank him throughout our entire day.”  “For everyone one earth and for everything that grows within its endless miles.” “We thank you Lord of Savior and may you bless the ones who are in pain today. Amen and Thank You.”

Everyone started saying their personal Amen and thanking each other for their busy day. Everyone is so good at helping each other around here.

After the meal started being served no one spoke.  Passing of bowls seemed perfect harmony.

Sir Luke puts down his fork and wipes his mouth.

“Irene your staff has done it again.” Sir Luke proclaims. “I have eaten too much and have had a poor time letting the fork go.” “You were incredibly busy in the kitchen area today.” “It seems like the breakfast time was hair pulling.” laughed Sir Luke.

“Yes Sir” Irene replied. “This morning was our busiest in a long time.” “I do believe we even had twenty-five non staying customers eat this morning.”  “It was amazing to watch how we all work as great team.” “Grace was super helpful maybe; she would consider helping more often.”

“I need her to much in the corals with students Irene; do not get use to her.” Ivory scolded.”

“Susan, would you tell everyone to come on in here please?” Sir Luke asked.

Many staff had been asked to come and be there for the news at 7pm.

“Well, I know you all want to know the news!” Sir Luke said.  “I assume it is time to just let you all in on a secret we held from everyone.” “I do apologize for the last minute news but, sometimes it is better to keep your news to yourself I assume.”

“This news does not hurt anyone personally BUT, I want make aware, I do hold you all and I accountable for secrets that are hurtful!” Sir Luke added.

“Well anyways!” “Ms. Kay will be joining us here at the Inn and we will start construction with the grape lands this spring.” Sir Luke stated with excitement.

“Were hoping for, a decent harvest in October.” Sir Luke continued with joy in his voice. “We will need it.” “I will talk with you all this evening over a piece of pie.” “Until then, I need to go wrap up more loose ends.” “I leave in the morning to pick Mrs. Kay up in London.”


“Well goodness, this is change!” Irene babbled.

“Well then Irene, I guess you better reconsider your schedule for the staff over the next week” Lady Anna laughed.

“OH perfect.” Irene threw her hands up. “I do not even know where I will begin now.”

Everyone lingered about the porch.

Ivory moved through the crowd of talking people and worked her way out and back to her and Luke’s personal bedroom. The bedroom was amazing. Just what every woman would dream of having. Sir Luke gave her everything she could ever think was pretty or ugly.

If Ms. Ivory smiled at it, Sir Luke might just have a place in their home. She had a bathroom that women could not help be envious of.

Ivory relaxed her small delicate body in her huge tub every night so; she could clean her soiled form. The dust from horse riding and training could find it the way into every crack of her physique. Ivory will never know how.

She could lay in her tub and day dream for hours. Her baby horses were a life line to her soul and she could feel her grandfather spirit when she trained them. It was more than spiritual to her; it was entirely the soulful heavens when she was with those horses.

Ivory’s home was utmost significance.  She socializes with her friends and loved ones there daily.   She loved company and diverse conversations.

Ivory could see the North Sea for miles beyond her imagination from, windows in her bathroom and bedroom.  She and girlfriends loved to hang out in Ivory’s bedroom. They would read during the hottest days of summer months. It was some of their favorite secrets days spent up there. They would read the same novel and talk together.  Lady Anna had a good knack of picking some real good books to read.

“Oh the summer days will be so different this year.” “Ms. Kay will be here.” Ivory still daydreamed.

Ivory grabs the soft white towel and stands out of the soapy water of her relaxing bathtub. Sir Luke came through the door and walked straight into the washroom. Ivory stood there undressed and in a towel.

With an unconfident voice Ivory greeted Sir Luke. “Hello Sir!”

Sir Luke walks slowly and with breathtaking strength over to Ivory; giving her a kiss on the top of her head.  Sir Luke takes off his shirt and sets it down on the petite chair sitting in the corner. He blocks Ivory and starts kissing her without speaking.

His hot kisses poor over Ivory’s face. Then moved to her neck all before she could take a breath he would be back to attack her lips again. She kissed back with all her might.

Sir Luke took Ivory’s arms and brought them straight up into the air and then grabbed her towel and tossed it behind him. He then grabbed her left leg and picked her up by her thigh like a piece of wimpy log. Sir Luke took Ivory with enough force and pinned her between him and the wall. Her leg fell, and she is unaware how she had been transformed from having her eyes fixated on looking into Sir Luke’s eyes, to then having her face and visual surroundings being pressure into the wall.

“OUCH SIR.” Ivory whimpers.

Sir Luke took the tip of his middle finger and traced it right down the back side of Ivory’s right hip curve.

“MMMMM” Sir Luke moaned out loud. “Your ass is irrespirable my lady.”

Sir Luke keeps his body forced up against Ivory’s small frame

“We meet again Ms. Ivey!” Sir Luke said with malice attentions.  “However, I think I will do what I please with you this time.”

“Do you have problem with that.” asked Luke?

Ivory gulps. “No Sir, whatever.”

“I thought you would agree.” Sir Luck laughed.

Sir Luke grabs a hold of Ivory small lowermost and kneels to the ground and starts kissing both pleasing bottom cheeks. Ivory’s body shook with excitement and fear all at once. She could feel her heart beat between her legs.

Sir Luke grabs the fat of her bottom even harder and bits her lower back skin with just enough pressure from his teeth that Ivory flinches.

“Luke?” Ivory complained!

Sir Luke swings Ivory’s hip and spins them around to show her narrowed figure.

Ivory gasps.

He wanted the taste of Ivory’s sweet sex parts. Sir Luke grumbles loudly. He did not want it; he needed it more than he did even earlier. The first taste of Ivory and Sir Luke would never stop. It would take a bullet to stop him from taking his beloved Ivory in this way.

He craved her sugariness with his tongue. He enjoyed the feeling of making her tremble and shudder when he touched her! He loved listening to her begging him to stop when she thought her body could not have another orgasm. Her cries made him even nastier.

Ivory could not stop making her body orgasms over and over again. His fingers loved to mingle and touch the entrance to her throbbing vagina as he bites her inner thighs. He held onto her bottom and squeezed her cheeks to hold her right where he wanted her. He at times could not stop himself from enjoying her trembles and shakes as he sucked and licked her g-spot.

His mouth would devour her sweetness.  Sir Luke’s movements were flawless; and forceful, but had never been too much on Ivory.

Sir Luke lunges into Ivory’s naked body and starts ravishing it with his kisses and smalls bites. He thrusts his groin region into hers and assaults it lavishly. He cannot help himself as he grabs his wife and spins her around and tosses her to the bathroom floor. He lies over Ivory body and pins her arms over her head and stare into her eyes. Ivory stares back.

“You’re beautiful.” Sir Luke reminds her.

Ivory’s eyes look away from him, and they roll back in her head. She yelps!

The intense feeling, of her husband’s enlarged endowment, enters her. Ivory’s mind fades. The strength behind her husband’s initials entrances into her women hood makes her entire body quiver with the control her husband has to make his pleasure with her body, painful, or full of tenderness.

It was hard and faster as Sir Luke wraps his arms around Ivory’s tiny waist and lifts her body upwards.

Ivory’s body seemed to just fall into an upside down ragdoll. Sir Luke would slow his speed down just so he could put more power behind his thrusting hips.

Sir Luke did not want Ivory’s overwhelming cries to be heard by the staff still working in the house but, Ivory’s whimpers were getting louder and louder.

Sir Luke, reaches and, grabs Ivory’s arms and throws them around his neck, he reaches and holds her face into his chest as he pounds her inner thighs with harder thrusts. Ivory does everything to try to muffle her cries.  Sir Luke collapses onto to Ivory’s exhausted and violated skeleton.

Sir Luke continues to sigh and grunt as his extended muscle still lied in Ivory’s confined parts.  Ivory lied still. She just continued to catch her breathe. She moaned as Sir Luke moved and grinded softly.

Ivory’s inner legs were still spread to accommodate the width of Sir Luke’s hips. He brings himself off of Ivory’s body slowly and kisses her on the forehead.   He collapses in the hot bathtub still steaming with bubbles. Ivory grabs her towel and rewraps it around her body.  Realizing her hair had never even been dried.

“I was thinking when I am gone picking up Ms. Kay”, Sir Luke said. “You could ride and survey the grape land with Jerry.” ‘Their early growth should be visible by the first of the week.” “Help Jerry get the outline for the grapes to be easily harvested.”

“I spoke with Mr. Kerens at the market.” Sir Luke continued. “He will mention too few good gentlemen there will be payable work here to be done.” “Sir Nyle will take care of hiring them when I am gone; stay out of it please.”

“Help Irene in the kitchen as much as you possibly cans Ivory.” Sir Luke continues to dictate.  “The men will need someone riding back and forth with supplies and water for working and drinking.” “Limit these people to Lady Anna, Bella and yourself.” “The hills are steep, still wet and could be very unsettled. IVORY, do not use the younger horses.”

“Yes Sir!” I promise, Ivory spoke loudly.

Rushing and sitting on the side of the tub, Ivory kisses her husband. She grabs his face and holds his head in her dainty hands.

“Oh Sir, you are so wonderful to me.” Ivory said! “We will not regret the investment into the grapes for sure.” “They have only gotten sweeter and sweeter with the years; they are going to produce such incredible tasting wine.”

Ivory giggles. “Oh Sir!”, “Irene is going to be irrational for the next two years trying to figure out how to market wine for use in the Inn.”

Ivory jumps up and starts brushing her hair in the mirror. She gives her teeth the brushing they need and turns on her tippy toes and walks out of the bathroom and out to her closet.

“What to wear?” Ivory thought.

Ivory enjoyed her evening dresses; they were so comfortable and always smelled so good.  She would not stay long socializing downstairs tonight. She was completely exhausted, and knew she wanted to get a good night sleep.

Ms. Kay’s arrival had weight on her mind over the last two weeks and now everything is getting on their way, she could get a good night sleep.

Arriving around the corner of the bathroom wall, Sir Luke appears.

“Ivory come here.” Sir Luke demands.

Ivory walks and wraps her arms around Sir Luke’s naked waist line.

“Yes Sir!” she says.

Sir Luke picks Ivory up by her underarms and places her eye to eye with him. She stares.

Sir Luke started kissing Ivory again.

“MMM your lips are so soft Ms. Ivey.” “I believe, I might devour your body one more time tonight.” said Sir Luke.

“Oh goodness Sir Luke, do what you want.” “I will not deny you my body.” said Ivory. “However, Sir, please be gentle; I have to ride all weekend with the Hoyts.”  “They will be here to examine their purchase and I can hardly wait for them to see all the progress that Candy Cane has gained since their last visit to see them.”

“I cannot believe it has been almost two years.” Ivory continued to speaking. “Even Whisper has a show in July.” “Oh Sir, I know he is going to win for the Ludwigs”.

Ivory’s voice sputtered with pure excitement. She talked so fast when she got excited.

“Sir you should come and watch before you leave?” Ivory asked. “I could show you tomorrow after lunch; I have skills training with Bella; I need to get done before lunch, but right after the lunch hour I could Sir.”

“What do you think Sir?” Ivory asked again. “Would you like to?” “It will be Friday, so we could race the two for a little while. Jerry plans were getting the track nice and grated in the morning.” “Let’s race them Sir?”

Sir Luke carried Ivory over to their bed and laid her one top of it.  Their bed was soft, and smelled of clean linen.  He places his naked body on top of Ivory’s slim body once again. Only this time at least her backside was on a comfortable mattress instead of a cold tile floor in the bathroom.

Sir Luke starts circling his hips and reaches and takes a hold of Ivory’s clean nightgown, and yanks it up over her waste. She moves and struggles a little as he jerks her just white clean panties back off and toss them to the head of their bed.

Sir Luke laughs. “Oh Ivory, You are not getting away from me.”

Sir Luke wraps his arm around Ivory’s entire body and draws her into him. He grabs a section of skin on her neck between his teeth, and growl laughs in her ear.

“You are so sweetly innocent my dear wife.”  “You honestly believe; you are going riding this weekend.” Sir Luke chuckles. “After the entire day of extra stressful work you put me and this staff through today, I doubt it.”

.           Sir Luke rammed his manhood into Ivory with extreme force. She yelps loudly and felt the extreme force of her husband starting to pound her insides again.  Ivory began to cry. She couldn’t even feel her husband’s assaulting her anymore. Her mind went blank with disappointment of her punishment. Her hot tears were overwhelming and she could not help them.

Ivory should have known he would not let her get away without some form of consequence to her secret keeping. Sir Luke stopped thrusting Ivory’s cavity and looked her in her wet eyes.

“Ivory stop that crying right now.” Sir Luke demanded of her. “You will spend some time here in our bedroom getting rest right after a visit with Sir Nyle.”

“You need it my dear.” Sir Luke said at the same time he heaved his hips forward shoving everything he had in her hole.

“I assume however?” Sir Luke said stopping.  “If you want to ride so bad Ivory; I could tell Sir Nyle to punish you differently.”

“I doubt then you will want to ride much afterwards though.” He laughed.

Ivory let her head fall into Sir Luke’s chest. She tried to stop her tears, and just went limp.

Sir Luke grabs Ivory with one hand around her narrow waist and draws her groin even closer into his. With his other hand he grabs a lock of her hair. As he twists his hand just enough to pull Ivory’s hair and suddenly brings her head backwards.

“Look at me Ivory!” Sir Luke demands again.

Ivory opens her eyes and looks directly into Sir Luke blue eyes. He pounds her harder than any thrusts prior and continued till he is finished stabbing Ivories cavity and fells exhausted on top of her.

His control was foreordained.

Ivory did not go down stairs that evening. She knew she would not be able to hold her saddened composure. She kept peace in her bedroom and cried herself to sleep. She wanted to ride so bad with the Hoyts.  She had spent months training Candy and wanted to be the one to show off her graceful beauty.

Ivory could not believe that she would not be able to show Candy off to the owners. She had a hard time keeping anger contained. She knew it was not right to take the moment and tell her husband Ms. Kay was going to come home. Ivory just had a real hard time wondering herself if, Ms. Kay would be able to adapt back to a more quiet righteous world.

Ms. Kay had a hard time behaving and keeping her voiced opinions to herself.  Would she really respect that this land now. That it belongs to Ivory’s husband and not their grandfather anymore.

Ivory had loved her grandfather and truly felt he knew best. When she came back from London in 1931, Ivory would have many deep conversations with her dying grandfather. He would tell her wonderful stories of the land and how the soil they were given, had produced wealth and needed to be secured by good people forever.

Ivory’s grandfather had wonderful stories to tell. They had always had admirable adjoining neighbor Sir Riven, his wife Lady Donna and there 7 children. Ivory’s family had admired their neighbors and all of them were wonderful friends.

“Secrets should not be kept but they are.” Ivory thought to herself.

Even Sir Nyle would acknowledge it.  There were tons of secrets still being kept; and Ivory knew many of them.

“Grandfather told many secrets before he died.” Ivory continued to remember. About a week before he did died; Ivory remembers making him laugh again when she said.  “Grandfather the day you go to the Lord will be the day I know you have passed all your secrets down.”

Ivory knew he had been taught that secrets were a sin, and he feared for the unknown that awaited him after death.

Ivory’s grandfather laughed at her. “Yes but they are now held only with you and Sir Luke, and I know you will be careful with them.”

Ivory’s grandfather passed one month after she married Sir Luke. She was ready; however, incredibly saddened. Ivory didn’t know what her life would be like after her grandfather died. He always made it okay.

He would say to her. “Ivory my little piece of personal sunshine, do you know the Lord brought me you; so you would make it okay.”

Ivory would simply reply, “Well tell him thank you papa.”

Ivory respected and dedicated her life to obeying and trying to understand the words of her grandfather. A week later when he took his last breathes; Ivory was holding his hand. She remembers he felt remarkably content with being the one to give Ivory away to the man of his choice.

Ivory’s grandfather knew she had wanted to be the one deciding her matrimonial fate;   especially when it came to who she fell with intimately. It should be what makes it all worth it.

Marriage is something you hold on tight and learn from.  It’s a scary ride on a rollercoaster. Reconnecting and always reassuring oneself that, other partner will make mistakes. Just not giving up on one another, but also not giving into their wrongfulness towards other and the Lord was important. .

“Taking a chance on love is gambling everything you have and are.” Ivory’s father would whisper in her ear when she was a little girl.

Ivory remembers her parents at different ages in her young life. She remembers not being able to see her mother for days and learned by age four; those days followed the cries Ivory would hear in the middle of the night coming from her mother.

At times, Ivory felt guilty for the soft kisses she would receive from her mother. They were always quick and hurried.  Ivory remembered once her mother’s smell. She was riding with her grandfather and they were talking about how important it was to remember to always visually scan lands for acres before your eyes when riding. She smelled her and for a moment she even embraced the wind as though it was her mother’s soft lips kissing her.

“Land should not sneak up on you.” Ivory’s grandfather would at times even yell at her.

Ivory would never completely understand why her grandfather chose Sir Luke to be her husband. Or why, he begged her so intensely to consider it and believe that he did know best for the wealth of Ivory and Ms. Kay.

Ivory eventually stopped trying to understand how she let her grandfather decide her faith. She knows she loved Sir Luke now, and the love he had for her was unconditional.

Ivory was not interested in Sir Luke at first; she had remembered him from when she was a young girl. Her intent was to be there during the passing of her grandfather and then return back to London where Ms. Kay and her would be away from their many years of God fearing nights spent on these lands.

The land or its town was never something Ivory cared to remember.

How Ms. Kay is going to get through the horrendous memories was unspeakable to Ivory and she had had continuous thought of Ms. Kay’s heartaches with this land since she received the news; she would give it another try here now. Ivory new it was for the production of the grapes

Ivory would have never blamed her for coming back; it was going to be alright now though. For the both of them it would. Ivory was going to have to prove this.

Sir Luke did go for desert that evening. He wanted to talk to Senior Marshall about how they would need to dock several boats for about two weeks and have the men stay on land and either take vacation without pay or work the new grape fields going in.

“Nobody should be against learning a new skill of trade.” Sir Nyle would say. “Helps deepen your respect to land and the Lord who put you here.”

Sir Nyle referred to the learning a new trade often during his speeches.

“Sir Luke, where is Ms. Ivey?” Irene asked. “She told me that she would be down this evening so we could talk about some things.”

“I honestly expected her.” Irene addressed.

“Irene, Ivory fell asleep before I finished cleaning up this evening!” Sir Luke said annoyed. “You should try to understand, her day was very rough on her.” “She under estimated the work of the paddocks and fell asleep.” “I didn’t have the heart to wake her.”

“Okay Sir!” Irene said. “Sorry to hear she was so tired.” “I hope she gets rest and I will talk to her in the morning.”

Irene was disappointment in Ivory. Earlier she was the one who said she would be down for the evening and they would talk some.

Sir Luke returned to the bedroom early that night, Ivory had falling asleep.  He watched Ivory rest for a long period of time and thought of her thought.

“Did she really love him?” Sir Luke would wonder. Or was it control that kept her by his side. “For sure it would be the horses.” Sir Luke chuckled in thought.

Sir Luke whispers into the night, “Oh! Ms. Ivey; I love you.” “I hope you someday understand that my actions mean well.” “I cannot help but take you lavishly when you behave unfair.”

Sir Luke secretly enjoyed the thought of Ivory being punished by someone other than himself, and he always continues to try to understand why he has these wicked thoughts.

Sir Luke did not know life without disciplinarians in it.

“It was necessary and should be part of your staff.”  Those were the words Sir Luke remembers hearing his grandfather say to his own father. So why question it.

Sir Luke did not question the structure just accepted and prayed his own secret erotic mental state of his wife’s penances would not haunt him till his grave.

Sir Luke would take Ivory in unpleasantly sexual ways when she was in trouble and needed correction. It was almost a personal hell for himself. Sir Luke for some reason would fall in love with her a little more every time he made love to her in these wicked ways. Her trembles and cries made him corrupted with enormous improper arousal.

Ivory woke before Sir Luke the next morning. She slithered out of bed and over to her big chair. She curled up and instead of reading; she just stared out the enormous window and looked into the sea.

“Ivory?” she heard Sir Luke speak in his rough morning voice.

“Yes Luke.” Ivory spoke back quietly.

She did not want maids knowing she had awakened

“What are you doing dear?” spoke Sir Luke.

“Oh Sir, I am just staring out to sea.” Ivory replied. “We humans will never understand the depths of the seas and oceans will us Sir?”

“Do you think my mother was at peace when the sea took her?” Ivory inquired.

“Ivory, your mother was a God loving women and by the memories we have of her she seemed to always find peace with just being one with herself and the Lord.” expressed Luke.

Sir Luke walks over to Ivory and reaches out for her hand. She reaches back. Sir Luke kneels and places his head in Ivory’s lap. She covers the top of his head with kisses and places her hands on top of his forehead and rests them there.

Ivory loved her husband’s head resting in her lap. She would play with his hair and brush it with her fingers. Sir Luke always enjoyed it and said it was like therapy. Ivory’s hands would massage his head and Sir Luke would relax and enjoy her touch. It seemed to always help the headaches Sir Luke would get.

Ivory however, did it because; she was at peace when his moods were relaxed.

“Sir Luke/” Ivory spoke merciful to get her husband’s attention.

“Yes? what Ivory.” Sir Luke responds.

“I know I should not ask this morning, and I promise Sir I wouldn’t under any other circumstance other than this.” Ivory started saying.

“I understand I need rest; and you are forcefully demanding I get it.” “I bear no ill for your decision to punish me this way.”

“However Sir, may I speak with Bella for 30 minutes or so this morning after breakfast?” Ivory finished saying with tears already filling her eyes; for fear the word “NO”, would fall from her husband’s lips.

Sir Luke understood Ivory’s need to talk to Bella, but however, chose not to speak for a few minutes; then spoke up with a forgiving and compassionate voice in a clear and demanding tone replied back.

“Ivory you can speak to Bella for 30 minutes but you will first speak with Sir Nyle.” Sir Luke said like a Sargent.

“He is busy this morning and plans to be here around ten.” “You can attend breakfast with me this morning, then after that your meals will be brought up to you.” Continued Luke.

“You will rest.” Sir Luke claimed. “I order rest Ivory; remember that my dear.”

“Yes Sir, Thank you.” Ivory said with pure excitement not for rest but for 30 minutes with Bella.

At least she could spend 30 minutes with Bella. Ivory needed to go over a few skills with her and hopefully she will be able to implement them with Candy. The Hoyts expected Ivory, not Bella. However, that seemed unlikely at this time.

Sir Luke got up and went for his closet.

Ivory went into the restroom.  Ivory has a luxurious mirror with all her womanly possessions everywhere. She loved perfumes and to her there were endless amounts of smells in this world.

Ivory had started washing her face when Sir Luke walked into the restroom.

“Ivory, I would like to head down soon, are you going to be ready?” Sir Luke asked

Ivory scuttled out and dressed quickly. She chose a light blue dress with small little white daisies embroider on the sleeve. Bloomers were light and comfy for there was no reason to choose an outfit she would be returning to her closet soon. She planned to just hang out in night cloths for the entire weekend.

Ivory was disappointed in herself for not telling her husband Ms. Kay was coming. She really just did not need Sir Luke demanding her time with questions about grapes for weeks before her arrival. The mental issue Ms. Kay will have to overcome has haunted Ivory mind for weeks as it was.  Her grandfather’s secret telling was going to affect Ms. Kay and Ivory for the rest of their lives.

Ivory was actually okay with most of her consequences Sir Luke would have handed down to her. She usually enjoyed her husband’s sexual roughness. What hurt painfully was just as pleasurable most moments later.

She was not even too upset she had to endure Sir Nyle lectures either and his reading would not bother her at all. She usually enjoyed what he read.

Sir Luke and Ivory headed down to breakfast. Entering the main kitchen area Sir Luke went to chat with some of the sea hands that were gathering outside on the porch.  They immediately stopped chatting and greeted Sir Luke.

“Good morning Sir.” the porch dwellers bellowed. .

Sir Luke quickly went into his normal chatter and; Ivory found it her way to walk and go find Lady Anna.

Ivory worked her way towards the kitchen. She wanted to get to Irene fast and apologize for her unexpected rudeness and then speak to Lady Anna quick to.

“Good morning Irene, I am truly sorry for not coming down to speak with you last night.” Ivory said. “I needed to be alone; please forgiving me.”

“It is okay Ivory.” Sir Luke said you had fallen asleep even before he was done cleaning up from his day.

“Oh NO Irene, he has ordered me stay in my room again.” Ivory said. “I will see Sir Nyle at 10:30am.”

“What?” “Why” “Ivory?” ‘What have you done?” asked Irene.

“I need you this weekend Ivory”; “Oh Ivory this is horrible”; “Oh please Ivory tells me you’re not getting stricken.” Irene continued to asked question after question.

Ivory swallows. “NO, Irene. I would not think so!” Ivory replied. “Sir Luke is scaring me is all.” “He is disappointed in me for not taking the time to tell him Ms. Kay was coming to stay. I am sure he has something but.”

“YOU KNEW IVORY?”  Bellowing Irene. “That was not respectable.” “Why did you not tell me?” “We talked about it a lot on our walks and you really should have included people sooner.”

“Yes I know, please forgive PLEASE IRENE!” said Ivory. “And DO not let this get in the way of my respect for our friendship.” “I try not to keep secrets from you girls. I DO.”

“I, well I just nothing Irene, I just did and I am SORRY.”  Ivory said hanging her head.

“I will make it up to you; I promise Irene.” Ivory said kindhearted.

Ivory noticed Lady Anna sitting at the breakfast table already and decided she would go on and sit down herself. Ivory slid into the chair next to Lady Anna almost knocking over a glass.

“Did you know he was going to demand I stay in our room all weekend and not let me ride with the Hoyts?” Ivory stonily asked.

“Maybe.” Lady Anna replied uncaringly.

“Ha, it is what you get Ivory.  Sir Luke wants you to understand you should think of others too.” “Maybe some time by your self will be helpful.” Lady Anna continued to rant.

“My Goodness, if anything hopefully it helps you realize that we love you and you should let us into your heart.” “Not shut us out” Complained Anna.

“Again I am sorry Anna, I did not mean for you to get handed down so much extra work.” Ivory rebutted. “If there is anything I can do to help from my room please hand it to me.”

“I will get it done.” Ivory promised.

Paper work or maybe, napkin folding. Either just anything?” Ivory said.  “I will do my best to make it up to you.”

“I knew Irene was a little miffed when she found out.”  “More so because, I did not come down last night and tell her; I had taken time to talk to Sir Luke, about new linens.” Ivory remarked annoyed still.

“I doubt there will much funding left for new linens!” Lady Anna barks back.

“Irene is always asking for things; she knows damn well we do not need linen at this time.” Anna was miffed now.

“I told her maybe fall.” Ivory assured Anna.

“Good.” The last thing, Sir Luke needs on his ledgers is a linen bill.” Lady Anna said.

Laughing at the thought Anna addresses Ivory. “Wow! and I thought, you thought, of those horses too much.” Lady Anna continued to laugh.

.           “What in the heck!” “Could they need linen already for?” Lady Ann continued shaking her head.

“Come let us eat everyone.” Sir Luke spoke loudly enough for everyone around who was eating at the main table could hear.

It was a beautiful table. Dressed in a table cloth the color of a blue sky on early spring day with white napkins folded in shapes of swans. The smell of coffee was prominent. The scent filled the entire downstairs of the house.

“Sir Nyle will not join us this morning.” Sir Luke announced.

“He will be here around 9:30.” “Also, there are many changes we will discuss while eating this morning.” Sir Luck continued.

Sir Luke led the prayer that morning. He usually did when Sir Nyle was not attending a meal. Ivory sure was happy it did not get passed on the second time to her.

Everyone ate for about 10 minutes without a word. Ivory’s favorite, bacon and oatmeal.  The hot taste of coffee to Ivory’s lips in the morning was heaven.

Irene had a great kitchen staff. Mainly because, she never let them do much else but, work the kitchen. Irene and Lady Anna would at times argue about how she needed to let her staff learn other skills when working.

“If she would let them be more versatile then they are; it surely could help everyone.” Lady Anna would say to Irene.

Irene did not like that. She really believed that her girls belonged in the kitchen and should just stay there. She had many reasons and would have no problems arguing them for hours.

Rubbing his mouth with a napkin and setting it to the side of his finished plate.

“For weeks to come this operation will be busier than were all use to.” “Ms. Kay joining us will bring busier day and more staff for everyone to get acquainted with.” Sir Luke started to explain.

“If everyone does their part in making Ms. Kay welcome things will fall into place.” Luke assured.

“Lady Anna will take care of anything supply needs pertaining to Ms. Kay’s needs for the harvesting of the grape lands.” Sir Luke continued.  “There are five suitable men working to clear passageways through the six hundred acres of grapes.”

“Please keep your staff out of the area!” Luke ordered.

“There will be no riding until Ms. Kay says it is fine.” “When Ms. Kay arrives, I expect all of you to help her learn the staff.” Sir Luke continued his orders.

“Ivory will be responsible for Ms. Kay learning the lands again.” “Only Ivory and Ms. Anna will ride the grape lands until she gets here.” Sir Luke said looking directly at Lady Anna and Ivory.

“Ms. Kay has many ties and memories to this land and I demand you and your staff working with her to listen and help her.” Sir Luke said firm. “She dreamed as a child to farm these grapes just like her parents did. Please be sure to show her kindness.”

“I will leave today at 10:30am.” Sir Luke informed everyone. “I was fortunate enough to get a hold of Ms. Kay on the phone.”

“She has not yet left the London area.” “So, Senior Marshall and I will drive and get her from London and bring her home to all of us.” Luke said with warmth.

“You have talked to her Sir.” Ivory said out of turn?

“Yes.” replied Sir Luke looking very annoyed at Ivory.

“If anyone needs anything concerning the horses this weekend you may go to Lady Anna.” Sir Luke continued addressing.

“Ms. Ivory will be unavailable for the entire weekend.” “This is not me asking everyone to leave Ms. Ivory alone.” “This is a demand.” Luke said with authority.

“I want her left alone.”

“She will talk with Bella only sometime today and that is it.” Sir Luke ordered.

“Irene you will have her meals taken to her room.” Thank You Luke said. “I hold you accountable to make sure your staff are not visiting with her and are just dropping off her meals.”

“If you think they cannot handle that simple task.” “Then do it yourself Irene!” Sir Luke required.

Everyone was finishing up and Irene had already had the kitchen staff clearing the table. Ms. Ivory set patiently talking with Lady Anna.

“I did not know he had spoken to Ms. Kay.” Ivory said to Ms. Anna. “He did not tell me that last night.”

“I doubt he was into telling you good news Ivey.” “You kept Ms. Kay’s intents a secret remember.” Lady Anna said sarcastically.

“I know! I know!” Ivory chanted loudly. “I doubt I will forget it anytime soon.”

I will get to spend the entire weekend remembering it; not including the time I get with Sir Nyle.” Ivory reminded herself out loud.

“Lady Anna spun her head around. “You are joking right?” asked Anna. “Sir Luke said nothing about Sir Nyle to me Ivory I swear.”

“He did to me Anna last night.” Ivory said.

“I will be fine. I am rather sure he did not order for me to penalize physically.” “Sir Luke wants me to spill the reasons why I kept it a secret.”  Ivory confirmed to Anna.

“Please obey what you’re supposed to Ms. Ivey.” Lady Anna pleaded. “I need you next week.”

“The new staff for the grape fields starts on Monday morning.” “I need you to be able to ride and do the normal duties around here.” Lady Anna begged.

“I will. I promise Anna!” Ivory said. “I do not want to rest this weekend.”

“I would rather be running around here helping everyone.” “Irene really needs help this weekend.” Ivory continued.

Sir Luke stood and walked towards the porch while looking into is watch.

“It sure is a beautiful morning already.” “The skies were deep red last night.”  “Indication there will be bright sunny days here.” Sir Luke spoke enthusiastically.  “We will have an outstanding spring and summer.”

“Yes Sir, we will for sure.” Ivory stated.

Sir Luke grabs Ivory around the waist and kisses her with intense affection.

“You are hard to resist my dear.” Sir Luke said softly.

“Go say your goodbyes dear”; “I still need to pack a few things yet before I leave this morning.” Sir Luke whispered in Ivory’s ear.

Ivory said her goodbyes, to Lady Anna and Irene. She knew she would be able to speak to Bella soon and; really Ivory had one thing on her mind; HORSES and showing Bella some tips.

“This was going to be fun trying to show Bella drills without the horse there for Bella to visually see what she was saying!” Ivory thought to herself.

After a tired day of horse training and riding the steep stairway to Ivory and Sir Luke’s room always seemed harsh to Ivory’s legs and seemed dragged upwards forever when climbing them.

Though today, those stairs seemed to be effortless, like Ivory had skipped every other one.

Sir Luke guided Ivory all the way up the stairway; never once taking his hefty hand off the small of her back. She could feel the profound pressure of his hand guiding her.

Ivory emotional state was starting to breakdown.  Ivory did not enjoy being alone.  She enjoyed reading but, for sure by now every book or magazine in the room had been removed by the maids.

Sir Luke and Ivory approached the bedroom and with a quick swift they were threw the door.

Sir Luke promptly pulled cloths from his closet to pack in a bag.  The atmosphere seemed quieter than normal this morning upstairs. The maids had already been in; they had changed the sheets on the bed to a beautiful light blue, swept and mopped the bathroom floor, cleaned the wash tub, and made sure that Ivory had a fresh glass on her vanity sink for drinking out of.

Ivory worked her way into the wash room; where she stood in front of the mirror looking back at her. She was mad at the fact she was back in her room. She knew it was useless to argue points with Sir Luke but; oh, if there was even a point to argue, Ivory wouldn’t have argued it.

Defiance was not tolerated; arguing would by far lead to a different outlook for Ivory. She would just stay quiet keep her mindset and manners silent.

As Ivory stared into the mirror she was unaware that Sir Luke was standing right behind her. She made eye contact with him in the mirror. Sir Luke reached and wrapped his arms around Ivory’s waist and twirled her around and leaned down and kissed her on the top of the head.

“Your hair smells so good my love.” Sir Luke spoke.

“Maybe I should punish myself and stay here in the room with you all weekend?” Sir Luke said with a smiling twist.

Ivory looked straight up into Sir Luke’s face.

“OH, do that Sir, she said!” “I would love it if, you stayed in bed all weekend with me.” “That would be comforting.” Ivory said, fair well knowing it was not going to happen. So she just looked up into Sir Luke’s eyes and he just stared back into hers.

“I bought something my dear.” “I hope in due time you will like it for what it is and not what it was bought for.” Sir Luke said.

.  Ivory looked up at her husband apprehensively and swallowed hard.

“Come let me show you.” Sir Luke said grabbing Ivory soft hand and swiftly moving through the washroom and back out into his and Ivory’s bedroom.

The room smelled amazing.  The maids always had a way of cleaning the room leaving it with the smell of lemon and mint. The windows were open to bring in the cool breeze of the early morning spring day in late April. Her bedroom was lovely, peaceful and it always was Ivory’s greatest tranquility.

Immediately Ivory noticed an amazing patterned stool. The stool was six inches tall; the legs were brown stained square inch stubs. It had a top build of a flat piece of oak wood four inches wide and two inches thick. It was the old milking stool from the market that Ivory loved. It had a burnt engraved picture of a mid-1800’s farm. The horses in the stunning etched stool were running through tall grass. The artist was a well-known elder in the area that would stop Ivory anytime he seen her to chatter with her.

The elder man loved to talk to Ivory about her grandfather and occasionally would talk of her grandmother Lydia. Ivory could sit forever listening to the stories of when her grandfather was just a boy and would ride the cliffs of the North Sea shore on horses.

The man had intriguing memories of the land and how impressive and untouched it was, but most of all he had memories of her grandparent’s and parents in their youthful days.

“Oh, Sir it is amazing!” Ivory said.

“Does Mr. Morten know you purchase this remarkable stool?” Ivory inquired.

“Yes of course he does.” Sir Luke replied. “He mentioned that there is an early breakfast Sunday morning at St. Oswald’s.” “If we found ourselves available around six we were welcome to join them.”

‘That nice.” commented Ivory.

Ivory’s heart started to beat faster with every moment passing by. It was already 9:45 and if Sir Luke was leaving at 10:30 he would surely being saying goodbye and leaving Ivory alone soon.

“Come here Ivory!” Sir Luke spoke with that unyielding voice he spoke with most of the time.

Ivory had a good sense of her husband actions and what and when she could push and be more assertive and unfortunately she knew this was not one of those times.  Her heart start beating faster and the rise and fall of her chest from her breathing were starting to show. She was anxious.

Ivory knew to be worried of her fate. It usually was never the same. She knew Sir Luke had no problem having Sir Nyle use physical correction. Something very instilled in the minds of anyone living on this estate.

Ivory always wanted to close her eyes when Sir Luke spoke. He always had to remind her to look at him in his face.

Sir Luke had a handsome face; and Ivory did enjoy his smiles and when he laughed out loud it would make Ivory tingle inside with pleasure. She loved when Sir Luke was happy and full of optimism.  Regrettably, Ivory knew that this again was not one of those times. So she looked into his eyes and sadly kept fixated into them as he stared back.

“I need you Ivory to understand that we should have no secrets.” Sir Luke said with a peaceful voice.

“Whether they are hard to discuss we must discuss them.” “There are deep reasons why you did not discuss Ms. Kay with me.” Luke said staring with strength and confidence into Ivory’s eyes. “This disappointment me my love; as I am supposed to be the one you trust and confide in?”

“I am the one you should always trust to help make wrong feel right.” Sir Luke continued. “I’m sorry sweetheart you have to start speaking; so we can fix the silent nature of whatever keeps you from talking about Ms. Kay.”

“I do not believe Ivory, for one minute it is because, you are a disrespectful young woman and did not care about the added work and stress; it caused for your husband, friends and staff.” Sir Luke said pressing Ivory to just say why she kept Ms. Kay secret.

.           “I have never known you to be disrespectful.” “Your grandfather would be disappointed in the way you are still holding back with me!” Sir Luke reprimanded.

“Remember my dear; I was a child and young man experiencing this land and world 21 years before you were even born.” “I remember the stories our families told on the porches; and do not forget my own grandfather revealed many different secrets to me on his death bed.” Sir Luke reminded Ivory.

“No different than your own grandfather.” “Our grandparent’s hidden reasons why we should be united are for us to figure out.” Sir Luke continued reminding Ivory.

‘I however, Thank our Lord everyday our grandparents were smart enough to choose a beautiful and gracious wife like you for me.” Sir Luke added his charm.

. “The Lord will guide us in understanding our fates, but you build block walls between us.” Sir Luke said as he picked Ivory right up under her arms.

“Especially when, you do not ask for my thoughts on an issue making you happy or sad.” Luke wept.

“It makes me feel untrustworthy to you.” Sir Luke said hurt.

“You are trustworthy Luke!” Ivory said with bewilderment. “I never meant to make you feel that you were not.” “OH, NOoo” ‘NO, Sir”. Ivory whimpered looking into Luke’s eyes.

Ivory starts crying hot tears as she tangles from her underarms.

“As long as you keep hiding your thoughts and fear my dear Ivory.”  Sir Luke said.

“I am sorry to tell you, I will continue to feel as though you cannot trust me.”

“However, I will change your disrespectful behavior if that is what you did!” proclaimed Sir Luke.

“I have been so fair and patient with you my beloved.” Sir Luke continued to scold.

“I have to stop and realize this is doing you no good Ivory.” Sir Luke spoke loudly with a significant forceful tongue.

Holding Ivory and swiftly circling her around Sir Luke plants Ivory back on her feet in the opposite direction. He grabs the zipper hanging from Ivory’s dress at the base of her neck and does not hesitate to unzip it fast.

Ivory whimpers, because everything happened so quickly.

Ivory felt Sir Luke’s heavy hands grab the cloth shoulders of her dress and toss them front ward so Ivory’s arms fall out of their decorative sleeves; leaving the dress to fall off and to the floor.

There! Ivory stood in her underclothing only.  Sir Luke moved through the room placing the stool right where he wanted it.

Graciously grabbing Ivory’s arm, Sir Luke lead Ivory’s out of the fallen dress that lied around her ankles; and hastily moves her over to the stool which, he has placed six inches from the walls corner.

“STEP ON IT!” ordered Sir Luke!

Ivory felt instantly nauseous. She wanted to protest but, she could not get her breathing under control to even attempt trying to speak.

She steps up.

Sir Luke properly guides Ivory’s head down so that her forehead rests firmly between where the walls corners meet together.

“Well Ms. Ivory, you have hit a roadblock.” Sir Luke sharply says.

“I suggest you start talking with me my love and; involving myself in your life, or I will successfully take you out of yours and its daily events.” Sir Luke said s though it was already a done deal.

“Understand?” Sir Luke asked.

Ivory could already feel the uneasiness of the position, Sir Luke was demanding of her. The fretful feelings in Ivory stomach heighten with every movement Sir Luke made.

“Are you restless Ms. Ivey/” Sir Luke said with an uncaring tone.

A tone Ivory new was thoughtless.

“You seem speechless my dear?” asked Sir Luke.

“While that, is the second question I have asked you; and I still have not heard an answer.” Luke said.

All of a sudden there is a light tap on the door. Ivory feels the heat of Sir Luke move away from her and towards the door.

Ivory heard the familiar voice of Sir Nyle. It was philosophical at all times. Usually his tone was responsive with concern for others. However, at times his voice was overpowering and silently screamed with intenseness.

There was a funny joke, Ivory and the girls down in the stalls would giggle and tease the new female staff who would comment on Sir Nyle’s overwhelming muscular upper body.                 They would silently get together and consider getting the new girl in trouble so maybe she could find out how strong he was.

The joke was short lived to Ivory and girls. It only seemed funny until the new girl found out who he was. Then the thought just went back to actual physical truth.

“Good morning Sir.” said Sir Nyle’s voice.

“Same to you Sir.” replied Sir Luke!

“Please just give me a few more minutes with my wife; go ahead and have a seat.” Sir Luke extended his hand and expressed for Sir Nyle to sit in Ivory’s bedroom lounge chair.

It faced the corner Ivory’s incredibly vulnerable figure stood; still trying to regain composure of her hyperventilating problem.

As Ivory was gaining her composure she was heaved back into her frightful dilemma with the touch of Sir Luke’s hands wrapping around her hips. He leaned in and placed his head against the wall along side of her head and spoke loud enough for Ivory to hear; and understand mentally that; Sir Nyle could hear what he had to say also.

“My darling Ivory, I promise you it will just be easier giving up and speak of the woes you hold.” Sir Luke said.

“If you cannot start speaking with me, I hope you consider opening up to Sir Nyle.”

“Again listen to me Ivory.” Sir Luke got louder. “I do not believe that you kept this important news from all of us because, you truly do not care of others time and jobs.”

“There is a reason; you do not fool me.”

Ivory felt Sir Luke’s fingers inch their way under her underpants elastic waist line. Ivory’s heart raced faster than it had in a long time. She felt faint with the thought of being undressed and punished.

Sir Luke let go of Ivory’s cloth waist line and commented.

“You make me crazy with your puzzles of challenge.” “I love you!” “I will see you in two weeks with Ms. Kay.”

Sir Luke turns and speaks loudly and directly to Sir Nyle.

“She stands for 6 hours if she does not speak.” “She has only those hours to speak.” Sir Luke demanded.

“She does not speak punish her sharply with fourteen cracks of your pine paddle!”  Luke ordered.

“If she wishes for everyone to believe she was disrespectful than, she can receive fourteen more in the living room tomorrow night; while her friends Lady Anna and Irene eat their dinner.”

“She goes back to work Monday morning either way.” commanded Sir Nyle.

Sir Luke left the room leaving the door to slam shut behind him. He lays his head flat against the door. Ivory’s hot tears gushed from her eyes as the presence of her husband is now gone.

As terrified as she was of his touch she was more terrified that he was not there anymore.

Sir Luke hated the feeling he had in the pit of his stomach. More than ever he wanted to go back through the door and stop his wife’s tears and make love to her instead.  He however knew it would do nothing but encourage Ivory’s habit of not communicating with him respectfully.  Sir Luke grabs his bag and walks down the hall. He notices Joanna the maid dusting in his den.

“Joanne?” Sir Luck says.

“Yes, Sir.” replies Joanna.

“No one is to come knocking on Ivory’s bedroom door until Sir Nyle gives the okay to Irene understand.” Sir Luke said.

“When he does please do these following things listed here on this piece of paper; then exit our room and leave Ivory.”

Sir Luke hands Joanne a piece of paper with a few instructions for her to follow.

“Alright Sir, have a good trip.” commented Joanne.

“Will do young lady; take care of my wife while I am gone.” Sir Luke responds back.

Joanne, “yes Sir!”

It must of taking Ivory thirty minutes to slow her breathing down, and stop the flow of hot tears. The wall and floor must be soaked. Her legs were hurting and the pain from the pressure of her fore head resting against the wall seems to be going numb.

She was glad that Luke did not reveal more of her bare skin than he had already done prior to Sir Nyle’s entrance.

Ivory was fine right where she was. Head buried away from Sir Nyle. She did not want to face anyone at this moment anyways. She did not know what to say or how to say anything to Sir Nyle.  She felt his presence and that was enough to keep her right in the position she would remain in.

“Six hours!” Ivory thought.

Her legs hurt and burned already as it was; she had no clue where she would get the willpower from; to stand there for six hours?

Sir Luke’s voice just echoed over and over in Ivory’s head.

“Six hours”, the permission to “paddle if she chose not to speak.” rattled Ivory’s brain.

She needed to figure out what to say first to Sir Nyle; than how could she ask the questions that really were burning a hole through her soul. It was the only way to open the river of communication and Ivory knew it.  She honestly however, did not know how someone was going to help make things right.

Especially when what was wrong could never be change after she revealed it.

Ivory had no clue of time anymore. She lost the ability to even attempt trying to figure it out. Honestly, she could not stop thinking of the sheer pain in her calves and upper leg muscles.

The fiery hot stance seemed unbelievable to stay in. Finally somehow Ivory dug up the ability to speak. She knew she was the one who first had to speak. Sir Nyle would stay reading out loud until the end if he had to.

However, since Ivory knew she would be paddled twice if she did not speak she chose to do so.

Ivory spoke with an uncertainty in her voice; it was meek and unstable but finally words.

“I did not mean to be disrespectful to others Sir Nyle!” Ivory said.

It was at that moment that Ivory’s tears returned.

“Sir Nyle, how will I get Sir Luke to believe me?” Ivory cried.

“He is disappointed in me” “He says grandfather is too.” Ivory tears were rolling off her face again.

“I did not mean for Ms. Kay’s arrival to be secretive to everyone.” “Will you try to believe me Sir?” Ivory asked.

“I do believe you Ivory.” Sir Nyle replied. “I think your husband does also”

“We do not believe for one minute, you meant to hurt us or your friends and staff; but you did now Ivory right, did you not?” asked Sir Nyle.

“Yes Sir!” Ivory spoke; “I did hurt all of you. I did.”

“I will take the blame for that.” “I promise you Sir.” “You can ask Anna and Irene, they will tell you I have apologized for my disrespect and wrongful action of keeping something so important from them.” assured Ivory.

“Sir?” Ivory uncontrollably started crying, “Sir Luke says; I think of him as an untrustworthy of a man.”

“I do not believe that.”  Ivory wept.

“Do you not believe that there is a difference between communicating effectively and respectfully and holding information hostage like a secret?” Sir Nyle scolded harshly.

Ivory gulps “Yes Sir, I do believe there is just, just. OH SIR I DO FEEL SORRY!”

“I know the difference.” Ivory cried.

Ivory’s body shook with pain; she was full of anger and wanted the blank world around her to suddenly be alive again. She could not help but, go crazy with the hardship she was feeling. She wanted her grandfather more than anything right now.

Ivory’s gut hurt, her eyes felt burnt from the salt of her tears burning them.

“MY LEGS HURT SIR!” Ivory screamed.

Ivory’s leg visibly shook with quivers from her muscles working to keep standing in such a grueling position.

“Ivory your legs hurting are not my fault.” Sir Nyle chastised back rather loudly; he did not like her tone of voice at all.

“Tell me why keeping such an important piece of information from Sir Luke and the rest of us was ALRIGHT in your mind?”  Sir Nyle asked.

“YOU DECIDE YOUR FATE MS IVORY.”  Sir Nyle’s voice got louder.

“I could care less if I sit here for another 2 hours.” “You heard your husband hand down your penalty for disrespecting all of us!” Sir Nyle reminded.

“If you chose the severe repercussions he spoke to both of us; so be it Ms.”

“I get paid either way.” He laughed.

“Frankly I will gladly paddle you.” Sir Nyle proudly spoke.

“Your disrespect has taken me away from enjoying a good brunch with some nice friends;” “I had had plans with until you pulled your stunt.”

Ivory had no choice but to hear every word that came out of Sir Nyle’s mouth; but could not stop thinking that her only glimpse to the world in the last four hours meant she still had two more hours to stand there. She would surely fall.

“TWO HOURS.” Ivory screamed inside.

Hot tears would not stop falling from Ivory’s eyes. She just stared down at the dark blue carpet below her and watched her tears fall into its fibers.

Ivory sobbed!

She would have no problem sleeping for a long time. The crying alone has exhausted her. Her legs had never burned like this before.

Thank goodness she was in such stress from the pain in her legs; she could no longer think of the pain of her full bladder.

“Why did I have those two cups of coffee?” Ivory thought.

It took Ivory several minutes to settle down again.

She would speak to save herself she would. She just did not know how. This was not something anyone could physically fix. Ivory knew it was time to reveal a deep secret her grandfather had told. It was the only thing that will save her from the harsh bruising of the pine paddle. Twenty-eight smacks would surely leave Ivory in bed longer than just the weekend.

Lady Anna would be disappointed.

Ivory’s grandfather Mr. Wayne was good friends with Sir Luke’s grandfather Sir Raven; though they had 20 years of age between them. Sir Luke’s grandfather died not long after Luke had left for, further education in Oxford.

The death of Sir Raven was enormously painful for Mr. Wayne.

Mr. Wayne had twin daughters Bethany and Margaret.

His wife Lydia was a difficult and cruel woman.

Sir Raven was a mentor to Ivory’s grandfather and she knew it in the stories he told her.

Sir Raven had seven children. Sir Reese was his eldest son and Sir Luke’s father.

Sir Reese also lost his life on the same boat Bethany and Margaret were on.

The North Sea took six people one night leaving destructive heartache behind. Ivory lost her mother Margaret and father Mr. Louis. Ms. Kay lost her Mother Bethany and her mother’s new husband Sir Vick. Sir Luke lost his father, Sir Reese, who happened to be the skipper of the boat that evening. The sea took Sir Luke’s uncle also Sir Ronald. No one would come to understand, what happened that frigid fall evening in 1920; the boat was never found.

The stories and memories of Ivory’s 11 years with her parents could enlighten her just as well as it could horrify and chill her insides.

Ivory’s mother Margaret and Sir Luke were childhood friends.

They did not see each other often but would get to see each other on Sundays when their families would gather for the day.

They of course lost touch after Sir Luke left to go towards Oxford for future studies.

Sir Luke returned for the funerals and then left soon after.

Ivory remembers chuckling with Ms. Kay; about Sir Luke’s looks the day of the funeral. His dictatorial ostentatious suit he bought in the city, made him seem cold and unwarm. Ivory and Kay had a hard time understanding why Ivory’s mother Margate would tell stories of  Sir Luke’s kind gestures.

Only to be struck by, grandmother Lydia in the back of their head for thinking anything was funny at that moment.

Ivory was yet again saved that evening from the wicked lady, however Ms. Kay.

Ivory must have fell into a foggy haze of sleep because, all of sudden; she felt her wrist fall loose from the grip of her other hand, which were both resting in a tight grasp behind her back.

She hurried and regrouped her hands; only to feel the stool wobble back and forth for a second. She shuddered as she got a hold of everything, and hastily said.

“PLEASE I AM SORRY SIR?” “I did not fall.” Ivory spoke with sheer fear her mishap would lead to further problems.

Sir Nyle just chuckled.

“Oh goodness Ms. Ivory, why do you not just speak to me?” Sir Nyle chuckled.

“It will be okay Ivory.” Sir Nyle changed his voice to stern.

“I have loved your family forever.” “I can help you dear girl.” “There are still secrets within the lands here; I know of many of those stories young lady.”

“The many pieces of the puzzle to why your grandfather wanted you with Luke; lie with in me.” Sir Nyle remarked.

“The mishandling and ill-treatment deep within woman of your family’s dwelling was alone hard for your grandfather to stomach!” Sir Nyle spoke.

“Your grandfather needed this treatment changed but, Lydia.”

“Your grandfather knew that the circle of cruelty needed to stop.”

“They were his daughters; and the MOTHER you LOVED Ivory!” Sir Nyle spoke with such an assertive tone.

“They were damaged; his beautiful daughters were damaged.”

“When Sir Raven was dying your grandfather and he had only one hope left!” Sir Nyle continued to explain.

Ivory had yet again lost track of time. She had no clue even how long she had black out. She felt defenseless and weak. She would welcome her bed and longed to lay on it.

Ivory felt Sir Nyle’s movements and knew he had risen out of the chair and was moving about the room. She needed to give up and say it, or helplessly taste the wrath of a pine paddle and Sir Nyle’s strength.

“Three minutes is all you have to save yourself, Ivory heard Sir Nyle say.

“I have no clue what you could say right now that will change the fate you seem to be chosen but it’s your rump that rides all week with the soreness.”

“So be it.”

Ivory stood there defeated. She knew it would only take one sentence. She needed to speak the words; and speak them fast.

She knew that, Sir Nyle had the paddle in his hands and there was no way; she could taste it right now.

Exhausted and defeated Ivory spoke, “Grandfather told me that Ms. Kay is Sir Luke’s sister.”

“Oh Sir Nyle!” “How do we tell Sir Luke that his father raped my Aunt Bethany” Ivory cried?

“OH IVORY, Sir Nyle sighs loudly.”

Sir Luke grabs Ivory and carries her to her bed. Where he lies her down and gently kisses her cheek.

Ivory just lied there and sobs. Her legs hurt so badly and she could not straighten them without huge amounts of pain. She heard the echo of the bedroom door shutting.

Sir Nyle had left. She was finally alone.

As scared as she was to be alone she was embracing it at this moment.

It was short lived though. All of a sudden the door slowly opened. Ivory did not speak to who it was; she did not care.

She wanted to fall asleep.

“Ms. Ivory.” A quiet gentle voice said.

“Ivory moved her head and looked in the way of the voice.

It was Joanne.

“Ms. Ivory, I have to close all your windows now; and shut the curtains.”

“The rule is for them to remain shut until Sunday after church.” JoAnne said.

“I also am to remove your lighting in here.” “I am sorry Ms. Ivory; I wish I did not have to.”

“Can I do anything to make you less uncomfortable?”  Joanne asked.

Ivory’s eyes opened and she simply responded, “Yes please!”

“Help me to the toilet and back to bed please.”

The early Sunday morning sun was peeping around a few breaks in the curtains of Ivory’s bedroom windows. Ivory had watched the shimmer beams of the sun, bouncing off her room walls for, the last two days.

She was excited to talk to Bella; and wanted to see and hear how everything went.

Bella never did come and disturb her, or if she did; Ivory never woke when she knocked and called out for her.

Ivory wanted to find out, how things were going down stairs; and talk to Lady Anna or, even Irene would be delightful.

Hear the weekend stories of, guest that had stayed; and how the Hoyts enjoyed Candy Cane.

What they thought of Whisper being in a race next month; were all the questions, Ivory rattled threw her brain.

Ivory finally heard someone knock on the door and enter. She could not wait to have more light. She knew how to find her way to the bathroom in the dark, which was easy to handle.

However, the darkness was surely getting just as hard; as the hours spend in the corner.

She yearned for the sunlight; the visual materials around her. The windows were blocking everything she needed for, her sanity to stay intact.

She had broken and it felt good.

“The truth is out. Ms. Kay is Sir Luke’s sister.” “Sir Nyle now knows!” Ivory reminded herself.

Surely it is not the end of Sir Nyle’s presence before, Sir Luke and Ms. Kay arrived.

Ivory was fine with conversation and enjoyed speaking with Sir Nyle; just not usually when her deleterious behaviors were the topic for the hour.

“Morning Ms. Ivory!” Joanne’s soft voice said.

JoAnne was the newest housemaid for Sir Luke and Ivory. She was always cordial and polite.

“OH good morning, JoAnne.” “Please JoAnne; can I have these curtains opened?” Ivory said while waving her hands threw the dark.

“I need light, and that little speak of sunshine in the corner over there; is teasing me with its golden flickers.” twittered Ivory.

“Yes Mam!” “Irene has sent for me to do just that.”  JoAnne said with pleasure.

Joanne started to open the curtains to the massive windows in Ivory’s bedroom and washroom.

Ivory’s eyes were blinded by the ultra-violet light, beaming ever where! The lights bolted in and bounced off everything beautiful thing.

Ivory and Sir Luke’s room had windows all around. Not just a little one here and there.  The curtains were rarely closed. You could stand anywhere in the room; and see the land and sea forever.

It was breath taking.

“Is there anything else Ms. Ivory.” inquired Joanne.

“Yes would you please take that stool in the corner and find a big plant to set on it somewhere in Sir Luke’s den?” Ivory asked.

“I do believe that, Irene said you girls would be deep cleaning in there since Sir Luke is gone.”

“Please then go fetch Bella? Ivory asked.

“Yes Ms. Ivey, would you like me to help you get around first?” JoAnne asked back.

“No!” “Please just get that stool out of here; and go get Bella!” Ivory said flinging here arms at the stool she wanted little part of.

“Bella will help me get around, thank you though.” Ivory said.

Joanne rapidly grabbed the beautiful etched stool and pivoted her feet as fast as she could to leave Ivory and go get Bella.

“Thank you Joanne.” Ivory says somberly.

Ivory got up and started to walk to evaluate the damage done to her leg muscles. They hurt considerably but she knew that she would be fine.

She felt comfortable with knowing Sir Nyle knew of Ms. Kay being Sir Luke’s sister. He would now help Ivory; decide what to do form here.

“Ms. Ivey!” Bella hollered running up the stairs…

“Ms. Ivey!”

“Oh Bella, in the washroom I am in here.” Ivory hollered back.

“The Hoyts just loved Candy; they said they could not wait to pick him next month.” Bella said excited all while not being able to keep her feet from dancing around.

“Oh Ivory it was magnificent.” Bella could not keep her feet still.

“You should have seen him.” “Candy was so pretty; and kept showing off.”

“He ran around like he knew the Hoyts loved him; and he was trying so hard to give them all he has.”

“He beat his record Ivory!” Bella said with pure excitement.

“He Did!”

“I knew it.” Ivory shrieked.

“Our trick is working Bella!” “It is!” Ivory shouted.

“Our trick is going to work!”

Ivory could hardly control herself; if Ivory’s legs hurt; you would not have been able to tell.

“Oh it’s going to be great Bella!” Just sit back and watch us breed and sell the fastest horses.” Ivory grabbed Bella and swirled around with her.

“COME Sit; tell me, what bridal did you use?” “Did Candy lift her feet right?”

“Ms. Bella! We are going to be rich!” Ivory said.

“Whisper is going to win next month.” “I feel it in my heart.”

“We will get great honors for it.” “The people in London, and Oh MY BELLA; it is going to just get better.” Ivory continued to spew excitement.

“Tell me when are they coming to get Candy?” Ivory asked.

Bella grabs Ivory’s hairbrush and starts brushing Ivory’s hair.

“They will be back next month on the fifteenth of May.” Bella said. “They will bring the money and trailer.” “They plan to stay seven full days here at the ranch with the rider before leaving with Candy.”

“The mister informed me not to worry, Sir Luke would be stopping bye to make sure their stables and land would be suitable for the completion of a sale; on his way back from London.” Bella continued to tell Ivory.

“HE DID WHAT?” thundered Ivory.

Ivory fumed inside.

“He punishes me for secretive communication but, then this is the second thing he has kept from me.”

“UGH!”  “I will never figure him out Bella!” ““I swear.” Ivory ranted.

“First he never said anything about talking to Ms. Kay; and now he has already settled visitation before he left.”

‘He left me not knowing important details.” Ivory voice shook.

“He is the most trustworthy man I know; yet I am blamed for feeling otherwise.”

“So what else happened this weekend Bella?” Ivory asked, trying to get the anger she felt to calm.

“Well we worked hard on the list Lady Anna gave to Jerry Friday evening.” Bella replied.

“I heard that you would not be around the horse stables to often over the next week.” “If we needed anything, we should go to Irene; because Lady Anna will even be with you.”

“I did not hear that, from Irene or Lady Anna however Ms. Ivory; so please do not quote me?” Bella asked Ivory.

“I am sure the week entails Lady Anna and I doing many things for the grape lands Bella.” Ivory informed.

“Let’s figure it all out; after I speak with Lady Anna.”

“Okay Ms. Ivey.” “I just over heard JoAnne telling Susan”; “she did not want to work with you all week.” Bella commented.

“Well that could be arranged; I assume!” Ivory stated back.

“Does Joanne, have an issue with me Bella?” Ivory asked.

“Wellll, I would not have thought so Ms. Ivey.” answered Bella; but when I was coming up the stairwell; I overheard Joanne talking in Sir Luke’s office to Barb.”

“She was complaining about, how she is now stuck cleaning the den because of you.”

Ivory spun her head,

“What did she say?” Ivory ordered Bella to reveal.

Bella knew she should leave well alone, but Ivory was more than her superior she was her chum.

“Well Ms. Ivey.” Bella started to tell.

“Joanne said if you would pay more attention to being a dutiful wife”; “she would not have to tuck away your corrupted reminders.”

“Bella never mind a busy body like Joanne!” Ivory responded with a sneer to her voice.

“She needs to do the chores asked of her.”

“Joanne is compensated for her tasks; not her judgments remember that.” Ivory said.

“Yes Ivory.” ‘I know.” Bella replied.

“Okay Bella, run and make yourself more useful downstairs.” said Ivory. “I will be down later. I need to speak with Lady Anna.”

“I will see you this afternoon in the stable.”

“Whisper needs to be forced back hard today.”

“Please Bella?” Ivory asked.

Bella hurried along cheerfully. Ivory boil with annoyance.

“That damn foolish girl! Ivory gasped in aggravation.

“How dare her talk to others of my penance.” “It was not her right to make it someone else’s affair.”

Ivory thought of Joanne actions made her distraught. Fortunately, Ivory did not have time to waste on such foolish fuss of a housemaid. It was time to get back to stables. Right after she ate some bacon; and talked to Lady Anna.

“Well good morning sunshine.” Ivory chirped to Lady Anna, as she suddenly walked into Anna’s office.

“I am sorry for this weekend.” “What can I do to prove that to you now?”

“Please Anna?”  “I will do anything you ask?” Ivory said.

“It is all fine Ms. Ivey;”

“I do believe Sir Nyle would frown upon further penalty.” Lady Anna said.

Lady Anna grabs Ivory and clinches her tight.

“I am just happy we have you back.”

“Oh you have missed a lot.”

“The next week is going to be so busy Ivory.” Lady Anna said with exhaustion.

“We have several major tasks to accomplish, before Ms. Kay’s arrival.”

“Several!” Ivory scowled!

“Lady Anna, tell me the truth; does any of these tasks involve my horses?” Ivory asked.

“I fear not Ms. Ivey.” Lady Anna sighed.

“Well of course!” hissed Ivory.

“So let’s have it Anna.” “What are the tasks that now take away my time from the ranch?” Ivory voice was so annoyed.

Lady Anna spoke quickly; she knew Ivory was going to dislike a huge part of the assignments left behind by Sir Luke, before leaving Friday morning.

“The upstairs, downstairs and cellar need to be completely cleaned before the end of the week.”  “So we all can go back to regular jobs by Saturday morning.” Lady Anna said as she turned her head the opposite direction and uttered.

“Grandmother Lydia’s house Ivory!”

“Ivory it needs it.”  ‘Ms. Kay cannot live there and be close to the grape lands, without it done.” Lady Anna said in a polite firm voice.

“Ivory it is time.”

Ivory stood froze.  She was in tears again!  She felt wounded, but would not shed a single tear in front of Anna.

Ivory just stared right at her Anna face.

“It was not my choice Ivory!” Lady Anna said.

“You do get your pick of two housemaids.” Anna tried to make something better.

“I will help you this week to.”

“I caught the books up; I did them this weekend so I could help.” Lady Anna said trying to assure Ivory that she would help.

Ivory was disappointed and unhappy. She spun around with haste.

Ivory’s fairy like steps turned to a dense stomp as she stormed toward the exit door.

With one sentence, Ivory was out the door and on a dead run towards the stables.

“I will take housemaids Hannah and Joanne.” she yelled.

Ivory ran down the hallway, threw the kitchen and out the door.

The sun hit her eyes as she hit the edge of the porch. She stopped for a brief second, to let her eyes adjust; however, just long enough to watch her steps as she leaped stairs from the top of the enormous porch.

Ivory’s feet hit the dirt. If she ran to the right it would go to the stables.  Run to the left; and it would take her to the Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Ivory veered to the right and never stopped running till she arrived at, the metal doors blocking her way, from getting in the stables; and to her horse. She pushed the doors open as though they were as light as a dish rag being thrown to her side.

Ivory moved with fury as she ran for her horse Simon. Never once had Ivory not cared about grooming Simon properly before, riding him.

She did not have the time; nor was she going to take it; surely Lady Anna was not far behind her.

Ivory directed Simon out of the stables and through the corrals. She suddenly struck Simons backsides with her crop.

“AHHH.” Ivory gave Simon a small kick to the right rib, “SCUTTEL Simon.” Ivory shouted!

Simon took up speed and Ivory directed him towards the grape acres.

Ivory had never once stopped and thought of where Sir Luke would have Ms. Kay stay. She assumed it would be right with her; in the house Sir Luke built.

Ivory felt selfish and anger all at once. She did not want Ms. Kay in that forsaken haunted pile of wood. The belongings with inside, would only control Ivory and Ms. Kay’s psychological emotions.

Ivory surely would not let this happen to them, especially Kay.

Ivory laid her upper body down along Simon’s neck and whispers.

“I love you Simon.”

Simon slowed his sprint and Ivory lay still; and relaxed on Simon’s neckline.

She sobbed. “OH, Simon what will I do?” Ivory said in distress.

Ivory had not entered the house since her grandfather died. She did not even stay to help Irene clean up after the funerals dinner. She had no interest in obtaining the houses belongings. That house is tainted with cries and forbidden happiness. This is what Ivory held in her memories.

Ivory remembers trying to hate beautiful things.

“It would be easier to hate it then to have something you love taken and destroyed out of hatred.” Ivory thought and told herself many times as a child.

As much as Ivory loved her grandfather; she hated her grandmother.

“Somehow, the Lord will forgive me for hating the lady!” Ivory would remind herself from time to time.

This was one of those times.

Since Ivory had married Sir Luke; she lived in his family’s home until hers was built. She had let most of the southwest corner of the acreages go back to natural growth.

“The trails were beautiful to the north; so way waste beautiful land-dwelling that seemed untainted with fears.” Ivory figured.

She would focus on beginnings; the happier events her life now entailed.

Whether at times those events seemed harsh and unfair, they were not in the clutches of a wicked hateful woman.

The lands were divided with sixty acres of sycamore trees; they ran almost the entire length between properties.

“Come on now, WALK-ON!” Ivory gave Simon a tap with her foot.

The world that seemed sunny suddenly turned much gloomier.

Ivory turned into the heavy wooded area; she noticed the trails were thick with vegetation.  It had been three years since her marriage and her grandfather’s passing.

She had no interest in the items she possessed from the will of her grandfather death. If all was true by law the house belonged to Luke now and he had no ties to anything within its scandalous walls.

Ivory twisted and turned her way through the thick wooded region.

Reality seemed less then moments away.  Ivory could hear the wind whistling threw the trees. Simon moved with grace and maneuvered Ivory out of the woods.

Ivory pulled back on Simons reigns and stopped him. She glared towards the roof line of her childhood home. She stared straight forward at the house; and with intimation moved Simon closer and closer.

Ivory brought Simon to a halt again; she was slap dab in front of the home she never felt safe in. It had not changed a bit. The curtains upstairs were closed. The porch still had grandfather’s rocking chair and grandmother’s swing on it.

The landscaping had overgrown; and you could tell, the windows on the main level were covered with a layer of dust.

As Ivory climbed down and off Simon she shook with anxiety. She took slow strides towards the porch that she had often set on with her grandfather in the evening.

He told the greatest stories about wild horses on the land when he was a boy. Ivory laughed, when her grandfather told the story of how he and his friends would get dragged behind a horse they had just caught. It seemed so dangerous but, when Ivory’s grandfather told the stories; he did it with such slapstick humor, Ivory could not help but roar with laugher.

The memory of laugher Ivory shared with her grandfather faded away with the thought of her grandmother Lydia’s voice hollering. “IVvvvORY!”  As grandmother, would stomp through the house.

Ivory usually could get out of sight; and keep herself safe from her grandmother’s morbid attempts to control whatever was upsetting her.

Other times, Ivory would not be so lucky.

Ivory slowly opened the entrance door and stepped her way inside.

The kitchen seemed smaller and stilled smell of cooking lard. The walls were yellow and dingy. The clocked had stopped at seven.

Ivory just stood froze. She felt an eerie breeze on her neck; and immediately felt alarmed.

Nervous as Ivory was for being in the home her grandmother terrified her in; she knew the ill-tempered woman could not hurt Ms. Kay or herself ever again.

Ivory was spiteful, she felt nothing but extreme dislike for her grandmother’s possessions. If she would have died after grandfather; Ivory would have got nothing.

Ivory inched her way through the kitchen and to the bottom of a huge set of steps, at the top hung a picture of Ivory’s grandfather, grandmother, her mother and Aunt Bethany when they were three years old.

“I HOPE YOU ARE BURNING IN THE LOWEST POINT OF DAMNATION.” Ivory screamed as she ran the stairs and took a hold of the picture and threw it to the ground.

Ivory stepped in the center of grandmother Lydia’s face with just enough force to not break the glass; she would often have to dust.

“YOU DESPISED ALL OF US FOR LOVING EACHOTHER.” “I VOMIT WITH THE THOUGHT OF ANY KINDNESS EVER BEING BESTOWED UPON YOU AFTER DEALTH!” Ivory pushed her heel with vast amounts of leg strength. The glass broke like a spider’s web in the middle of Ivory’s grandmothers’ face.

Ivory heard Simon snorting loudly.

“There must be another horse?” Ivory thought.

“I knew she would come behind me.” Ivory grumbled.

Ivory made a dash for the downstairs and back through the kitchen, where she grabs a long cabinet door handle and swings it open with force and then proceeds to grabs a hold of half driven nail sticking out of a piece of wood that, would helped Ivory yank open a secret door Ms. Nina; the kitchen maid would occasionally hide the girls in; when grandmother Lydia had gone mad.

Many times the reasons of her wrath were unclear to her victim; and as Ivory and Ms. Kay aged the anger seemed almost out of resentfulness.

Ivory could hear Lady Anna’s pleas from the other side of her childhood hideaway. She stayed incredibly still like when she was young. Ms. Nina would continue to assure grandmother over again that she did not see Kay and Ivory come through; and Nina had even lied once or twice; and said we ran right through the front and out the back.

Eventually grandmother would give up and pass out.

“Maybe if she spent more time baking with the grapes; she would just be tubby and blissful instead of thick and drunken!” Ms. Kay would say in the darkness of their bedroom.

Ivory and Ms. Kay spent many nights hoping their belligerent drunken grandmother would arise the next day; and would have forgotten what had made her furious with evil rage the day prior.

“IVORY?” yelled Lady Anna.

“Where are you dear?” “Let’s do this together; I will be here for you all week, I promise.”

“You would do it for me Ivory.” Lady Anna continued to try to convince Ivory.

“We could take everything in town and give it away.”

Ivory listen to Lady Anna for a long time.

Lady Anna had many valid points that afternoon; as she tried to get Ivory to listen to her encouraging words, of how they could not change the past but, make a better future for, her and Ms. Kay.

They as women now understood the importance of wine; and what evil would do to you if you fall victim to its additions.

Lady Anna pleaded for, it seemed like eternity.

“ALRIGHT IVORY, you wish stay here and battle your own demon today!”  Anna yelled.

“However Ivory,  I am bringing Hannah and Joanne first thing in the morning, and we will get this work done so we can go on to our regular agendas!” Lady Anna ordered.

Ivory waited about 20 minutes to assure that Ms. Kay had moved out. Then she slowly climbed her way back into the reality she was thrown rudely into.

She ran back up the stairs and stomped in the center of the broken picture lying at the top of her grandmother’s precious staircase she ordered people to keep clean.

“THIS IS MY HOUSE NOW YOU CORRUPTED SHAMELESS TORMENTOR.” Ivory yelled with pure heartlessness.

It was the first time Ivory had felt she had an upper hand to the intimidator; who had made her and Kay suffer mentally; and physical anguish at the mercy of her sick and demented theories of lesson learning.

Ivory stomped her feet down the hallway and screamed

“Listen to me stomp my feet grandmother” Ivory ran her hands down the hallway and continued to knock her grandmother’s pictures down and stomp on them.


“Not anymore grandmother; I will tell your lies and banish everything you loved to fires of hell; right along with your soul.” Ivory continued to rants stomping through the hallway.

Cobwebs were hanging all over Ivory and Kay’s bedroom.

There stood their twin beds. Beautiful linens with large daisies embroidered draped the beds.

Ivory and Kay had matching desks on either side of their beds.

Spending time doing different studies and many days with their heads down; for spending too much time on foolish babble, is what Ivory remembers.

Ms. Kay loved to talk about the fashions and art of London. They would secretly stay awake and listen to each other’s dreams. Ivory wanted to raises horses like grandfather; and sell them to the rich for their upsetting gambling habits.

Ms. Kay well she only cared about when and what day she would leave for the city actually. There in London, she would for sure, find someone who shared the same passions about the newer and even better ways of refining grapes.

Ivory walked and set on the bed; she gazed with a spiteful look towards the mirror of the small vanity. Ivory did not know how to get a hold of her emotions. She felt like she was falling down and did not know how to catch herself.

“Look grandmother.” I have eye color on. I have glitter on my dress and I look sexy!” Ivory stood up and started to spin in circles.


“YOU WERE WRONG!”   “KAY and I did go to LONDON; and GRANDFATHER SENT US WITH YOUR MONEY.”  Ivory laughed evil.

Ivory danced her way over to the vanity and grabs the ovoid hairbrush and started looking at herself in the mirror and brushing her hair hard. She hated her grandmother for many reasons but the one that she will never forgive happened when she was only a young girl; and with this exact hairbrush.

Ivory loved spending time with grandfather. It would be hours she would stay down brushing and grooming the horses.

She had been working with Nelly a horse. She had watched the horse be born three weeks earlier. Ivory had spent hours brushing the mane, of marvelous horse, a nine year old could have ever dreamed of keeping.

Ivory knew it would not be her horse, but she would help raise and train it with grandfather for at least 6 months.

That particular day she spent a little extra time getting out the sweat snarls from Nelly’s tuff between the ears. Nelly would fuss a lot throw her head around; and Ivory had lost track of time getting the task done; which left the work needing to be done before dinner, left to others to do.

Somehow grandfather defused Ivory’s angered grandmother at supper that evening.

So Ivory thought.

Ivory started to brush her hair even harder.

Later that evening, grandmother Lydia seemed a little usually happy. She had come to the girls’ room; and helped both Kay and Ivory wash their hair.

Kay and Ivory had very long hair so it was usually something the girls did with their mothers or grandmother.

Ms. Kay had light brownish hair that hung to the middle of her back.

Ivory’s strawberry blond hair was always braided with a braid. It was stunning in the sunlight.

They told wonderful funny stories that evening about when grandmother and grandfather had first met; and when he fell into the mud showing off to grandmother.  Ms. Kay asked grandmother, “How she knew she loved grandfather?”

As grandmother explained how she has learned to tolerate our grandfather and that was all their marriage was; she swiftly brushed and braided Ivory’s hair.

Ivory did not know how the eerie feeling started inside her but, all of sudden, she seen the evil in her grandmothers face and; tried to run why she screamed for Kay to run too.

Ivory was caught and before she knew it, her grandmother had a hold of her braid and had pulled her young tiny frame to the hard wood floor.

Ivory will never forgive her grandmother for her words, and her actions were untrue and unkind.

Ivory had no clue what she was talking about


Ivory started screaming for her father, but again, he was gone.

Ivory’s grandmother had a hold of Ivory’s hair so tight; Ivory was not getting anywhere. She braced herself for the sting of one of grandmother’s beatings with the hairbrush. However, all of sudden she felt the grip of her hair loosen. The hairbrush fell to the floor; and Ivory realized her grandmother had cut her braid off at the top hair tie.

“Where is Ivory?” asked Sir Nyle as everyone gathered for dinner.

“Well Sir, I informed her this morning of cleaning her grandmother and grandfathers home before Ms. Kay arrived; and she ran off.” Lady Anna spoke fast.

“I found Simon tied at the house, but she would not answer my pleas.” “For God sakes she would not even come out of where she hiding.”

‘I looked everywhere through the house Sir.” Anna said.

“BELLA LETS GO!” Sir Nyle said, “I will get that girl to show her face!”

“Where are we going?” asked Bella.

“Were going to go, get that reckless thinking boss of yours!”  A very perturbed Sir Nyle said.

“Oh okay?” replied Bella.

Sir Nyle footsteps trailed with brisk quickness all the way down to the stables; were Bella hurried and saddled Diamond.

“There you go Sir.” said Bella. “Diamond knows the trails well to that side of the sycamores Sir.”

“Diamond can handle a faster pace so go ahead and dash with him.” “I do” Bella said proudly.

“Great Bella, Get On!” Sir Nyle insisted.

Bella hesitated but reached up and felt her petite hand be grasped with Sir Nyle’s massive strength tugging her upwards. Bella swung her legs around the horse’s backside; she reached around and grab Sir Nyle’s waistline. She then curled her fingers around his belt loops, which were in the front of his trousers.

Bella’s heart pounded out of her chest. She had never been on a horse with a man; and being swung and hurtled up with the force of Sir Nyle’s strength made her mind scurry with thoughts.

Bella felt Sir Nyle kick the horses in the hindquarter, “EAHHH.” he calls out. Bella held tight and within minutes they had exited the paddocks; and dashed towards the sycamores.

Bella just laid her head down against Sir Nyle’s back and closed her eyes. His body was extremely ridged and well-defined muscles moved with precise sharp gladiator actions.

Bella had never been so close to a man; not even her father. Her body shook; it was cooling off outside with the sun going down; and Bella had not taken a moment to grab a shawl.

The anxiety of being so close to a man was not helping her shaking either, especially being Sir Nyle.

Sir Nyle was an older man; and it would show at times in contours of his face. However, he was incredibly good looking to many women in town.

Sir Nyle had not found a woman with enough passion or devotion to love him for his distinct profession.  When a woman found out what Sir Nyle did, she would either annoy him with her idiocy; or could not cope with the doctrinal and inflexible authoritarian he really was.

Sir Nyle could not help the nature of his abilities, it was all he understood; and spent many of years examining and analyzing behaviors of others to help effectively create ideas to better correct unhealthy manners; with minimal long term emotional anguishes left to affect their daily lives.

So it was believed.

Bella somehow knew they had made an exit out of the woodlands; and onto the rough rocky path that lead to the left and followed up towards Ivory’s family home.

Bella mustarded up the voice and finally questioned Sir Nyle.

“I am not for sure, that um; I will be able to help you Sir?” Bella words quivered.

“If Ivory did not speak to Lady Anna; I surely doubt she will come out and talk to me Sir.” Bella added to her question.

“Bell.”  “I doubt I will have a hard time making that reckless young lady respond to me.” Sir Nyle said with confidence.

“Good luck Sir, then why bring me?” investigated Bella.

“Honestly Bella!” “Do I need to answer such a question?”

“I assume riding alone is something you exercise often then?” questioned Sir Nyle.

“Oh yeah, right Sir.” sorry said Bella with a chuckle to her voice.

Bella wondered why Sir Nyle chose her instead of one of the men, but after they arrived and she witnessed Sir Nyle ability to grab some ones responsiveness fast; she knew she was chosen because, Ivory would take the truth better from her; since the lie that Sir Nyle was about to tell; was going to piss Ivory off.

Ivory stood still brushing her hair looking directly in the vanity mirror when she caught movement from the window.

She threw the brush and ran to the corner of the window and peeked out.  She notices Diamond carrying Sir Nyle and Bella up the pathway to the house. Ivory made a dash threw the room and into the hallway; where she opens the linen closet and tucked herself inside of it.

Closing the door behind her leaving a crack, so she could hear voices if need be.

“WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?”  Ivory screamed under her breath.

“Why would he bring Bella back here and involve her with my tangle.” Ivory said annoyed.

“Sir Nyle needs to back off right now; and let me deal with this mess myself.” “He cannot change the terrors that haunt this house.” Ivory continued to rant under her breath.

Ivory heard the door swing open and Sir Nyle and Bella entered; and within moments, Ivory heard Sir Nyle voice echo loudly.


Ivory did not hesitate. When it came to one of her horses; she forgot any logical brain function. She stumbled out of the closet and fell face first into the wall in front her.

“BELLA WHERE IS SHE?” Ivory bellowed.

“LISTEN HERE YOUNG LADY.” Sir Nyle started shouting.


“BEFORE WHAT SIR before, YOU DO NOTHING?” Ivory screamed at him.

“I HATE THAT UNHAPPY BITCH; and I could care less of this home.”


Bella stood froze at the action Sir Nyle had just took to make Ivory show her identity; and no clue what to say to Ivory at that present moment.

“I am sorry Ivory.” Bella sighed. “Sir Nyle has fooled you.”  “Beebe is fine and resting comfortable in her stall.”

Bella looked directly at Sir Nyle knowing she was telling the truth but, still scared with questioning Sir Nyle falsification.

“Oh SIR, that was DEVIOUS!” shrieked Ivory.  “How dare you use such trickery?”

Sir Nyle laughed, “Oh does it infuriate you to be misled Ms.?”

Ivory was irate; she had been duped by Sir Nyle. She boiled with such irritation. So mad that she kicked a broken picture frame and watched it hurl all the way down the hallway.

Bella just stood frozen; she had never witnessed such actions from Ivory; and Bella could see the anger rising in Sir Nyle face; he was going to cast a impression; Ivory would soon not forget, if she did adjust here mood fairly soon.

“You did an exceptional job tricking Lady Anna.” said Sir Nyle.

“Did you not?”

Ivory lost the use of her common sense; and went to kick another broken picture frame that, she had stomped on earlier. She went to kick it down the staircase right at Bella and Sir Nyle.

Fortunately for Ivory, she missed the damn frame; and fell on her bottom instead; cutting her left hand with a piece of broken glass.

“IVORY!” screamed Bella loudly.

Bella had never seen anyone move as fast as Sir Nyle did. He ran up that staircase; grabbed Ivory by her underarm; and launched her back to feet.


“If you think, I will let this behavior continue Ivory; you are even a bigger fool then you are acting right now”

Ivory just stared into Sir Nyle’s eyes; if anyone was going to fool anyone right then it was going to be her.

Sir Nyle did not scare her even a little bit right at that moment. The fury inside her was in control and that demon she always kept bottled away just ejected out like spewing lava.

She just stared at him as he glared back at her with fury in his eyes.

Sir Nyle let go of Ivory arm; and moved towards stairs.

The anger in his face scared Bella; she watched him walk heavy footed down the staircase spin on his feet and looked directly up at Ivory.


“Bella please do what you can to help this troubled mischief-maker.” He said slamming the front door with extreme force.

Both Ivory and Bella jumped as the door slammed.

Bella ran up the staircase; and into the washroom to grab a hand towel for Ivory’s bleeding hand.

“Give me your hand Ivory.” “What is wrong with you?” Bella said with worry.

Bella held Ivory’s hand and put pressure to the cut right in the middle.

“Never mind Bella, I am sorry.” Ivory spoke delicately at her.

“I was not kicking that broken glass at you.” “I kicked because, I am angry with being fooled by Sir Nyle.
“That was downright mean of him to do.” Ivory said almost crying.

Ivory nerves had started to settle down. However, her anxiety level, of all the events that had happened over the last twenty four hours; was still rushing through her blood stream.

Even the blood flowing from her hand seemed angry; it was pouring abundantly soaking the hand towel Bella had brought to her.

“Will you ride me back Bella, I want to go home?” Ivory asked.

“Yes Ms. Ivey, I will.” Bella replied.

“Let’s get a clean towel first Ms.!” Bella walked toward the washroom.

Bella rode Simon and the injured Ivory home. After giving Simon a large pail of water, He was thirsty from standing in the hot sun of a spring day.

Bella did not ask Ivory questions. She just simply rode with caution and stayed quiet. She knew Ivory well enough; to know not to push her friend, and superior to explain reasons why she was acting so reckless.

Nope instead, Bella would just ride quietly, and just listen to Ivory tell her where to enter the sycamores and where to exit them at.

Pulling into the paddocks, Ivory tells Bella, “Stop Simon Bella, I will walk to the house from here.”

“Thank you for the help back.” Ivory thanked Bella.

“Will you come up to my room when you are done with Simon?” “He is going to be very hungry.”

Ivory jumped down and walked to the front of Simon; and gave him a huge hug. She stretched her body to kiss him between the ear and the eye.

“Thank you Simon; you are a blameless horse.” “I am sorry for leaving you for hours.” Ivory said.

Ivory left and went straight to her room; passing through the dining room seemed easier then she thought it would be. Irene was not around to hassle her with why she was bleeding.

By the time Ivory arrived at the staircase she was sprinting; and darted up the stair and into her bedroom.

“SLAM” Ivory shut her door with force.

“ERRRR!” screamed Ivory.

Ivory walked into her washroom and removed the bloody hand towel and started cleaning her injured palm.

It was finally starting to show signs of stopping its bleeding.

“Great, now how am I going to train without my hand reopening; and bleeding every day?” Ivory babbled to herself.

Ivory never thought how she would explain the cut to her husband.

“OUCH.” Ivory cried.

“Oh, Sir Nyle is right, I am a fool.” “I let my anger cause me my own fate yet again.”

Bella came knocking on the door.

“Ms. Ivey?” Bella said softly.” Can I come in?”

“Yes”, replied Ivory.  “I am in the washroom.”

“Lady Ann is with me?” Bella voice said with a questioning tone.

Ivory walked out of the washroom and said, “Lady Anna, You should have left well enough alone.”

“Why did you tell Sir Nyle, I was there?”

“Ivory, why did you not come out and tell me you just wanted to be alone?” Lady Anna asked back.

“You hid from me; and I begged you to come out and speak with me.” “You need to stop this bitterness.”

“I only told Sir Nyle because, he asked where you were.”

“I would have kept it to myself otherwise.” Lady Anna reassured Ivory.

“Oh, who cares?” Ivory said shaking her head.

“Help me get this cut cleaned; and bandaged.” “I am going back to the stables.” proclaimed Ivory.

“Well, Ms. Ivey, I think that Sir Nyle has called the doctor.” Lady Anna responded.

“He stormed through this house forty-five minutes ago, used the phone and informed Irene and Joanne; to make sure he knew when the doctor arrived” Lady Anna said looking at Bella to help her incase Ivory’s anger returned.

“FOR WHAT, I know how to clean my own hand.” Ivory resorted back to hollering.

“MY LORD, I caused this wound; and do not need a doctor to help me clean it nor look at.” Ivory said in dislike.

Lady Anna grabbed Ivory’s hand and flipped it over, “IVORY?” Lady Anna said in astonishment. “That is deep and looks very dirty.” “How did this happen?”

“Well she.” Bella started to say.

“SHE did nothing that needs to be addressed.” Ivory said out loud looking disgusted with Bella for even attempting to tell Lady Anna her foolish behavior.

“I fell on glass Anna.”

“My anger again caused my own grief now let’s leave it at that, Ivory said with little pity for herself. I will be fine.”

Sudden knocks at the door startled all three girls.

“YES?” said Ivory.

“Ivory, Doctor Greenwich is here.” Joanne said.

“He says you need to see him?”

“Alright Joanne, let him in and leave please.” Ivory sputter back.

“Thank You.” “Will you please tell Irene, Anna and I will be ready to help you and Hannah ride to my grandfather’s house tomorrow?”

“Yes Ms. Ivory1” ‘Hannah and I are looking forward to helping you.” Joanne responded back.

“Is there something I can do for you right now?” Joanne asked as she opened the door for Doctor Greenwich to enter.

“NO Joanne, you can leave please” Lady Anna and Bella are here; I assume since we have a doctor now in my room, I should be just fine.” Ivory remarked annoyed.

Ivory did not care for Joanne’s meddling and gossiping earlier that day. “Why Joanne would want to come in a help Ivory now”, is what Ivory really wondered?

“Please stay Joanne.” Ivory heard that deep distinctive voice of Sir Nyle.

“Bella you stay too.”

“Lady Anna, Irene would like to talk to you.” “On my way up she had asked if, you were not busy; she would like to converse with you.”

“You can leave please!” Sir Nyle directed at Lady Anna.

“Yes Sir.” Lady Anna left quickly.

“I do not need your services Doctor Greenwich, I do believe Sir Nyle sent for you and he has wasted your time.” Ivory sharply said to the doctor

“I am fine with washing my own lesion, but Thank You.”  “I will have Sir Luke pay you as soon as he gets home.” “Please feel free to have Irene feed you some supper.”

Sir Nyle roared with laughter.

“Not so fast doctor.” “Ivory does not get a choice here.” “She might think she does but, absolutely you are not leaving here without cleaning that wound with brandy.”

“Soap and water is all it needs.” yelled Ivory.

Bella sunk herself into a corner of Ivory and Sir Luke’s bedroom.  She was petrified with fear for her friend; she was over ridden with worry of why she was not also sent away like Lady Anna.

Bella closed her eyes and remained quiet as though she was invisible.

“Ivory get over there and lie yourself down on the bed right now.” Sir Nyle demanded. “You will not get anyone else in trouble for an infection that could have been prevented; by making sure a doctor had cleaned it.”

“Doctor Greenwich is clueless to your idiotic acting behavior, unfortunately for you Bella seen it all.”  “You will have that wound clean young lady.”

Sir Nyle walked and snatched Ivory up and planted her sitting upright at the edge of her and Sir Luke’s bed.


“I swear Ivory, do not make Bella witness me paddle you also today.”  “Get the wound cleaned please.”

Bella hurried over to Ivory and climbed behind her; she started to help Ivory by unzipping the back of her dark bluish green dress. “

Ivory just lifts your arms up; and I will pull it off over your head sweetie.” Bella stated.

Ivory did as Bella asked her to do; and lifted her arms up over her head and let Bella take off her dress; leaving her yet again in her see threw undershirt; and white panties.

However, her ill-mannered attitude was still intact. “YOU ARE BEING INSENSITIVE AND UNJUST SIR NYLE” screamed Ivory in tears.

Sir Nyle laughed at Ivory again, he grabbed a hold of her tiny wrist with extreme force; and pressed her down onto her back alongside of the bed edge. Her arm hung from the elbow down off the side of her bed.

Sir Nyle did not let go of the grip he had around Ivory’s wrist; he knelt down on the floor and held tight.

“Joanne, please stand at the end of Ivory’s feet; if she starts kicking, pin them down.”

Joanne gulped. “Yes Sir”

Doctor Greenwich stayed quiet. He was a slender man with a soft tone to his voice. Ivory had known him since she was a little girl, but grandmother Lydia did not use him.

Ivory had been sick often as a child and grandmother Lydia used other services in town. Doctor Greenwich however, was great friends with Sir Luke and Sir Nyle and always was so pleasant with Ivory; and all the other women there at the ranch and Inn.

The doctor finally could get a look at Ivory’s wound.

“Ms. Ivory what did you do?” said Doctor Greenwich. “This is profoundly deep young lady.” “What did you cut it on?”

“Broken glass from a picture frame at my grandfather’s house Sir.” Ivory replied.

“You must be careful cleaning around glass Ms. Ivory.” stated Doctor Greenwich.

“She was not cleaning it doctor. Sir Nyle abruptly said. “That picture frame has not been touch in three years; let alone has it been cleaned.”

“My goodness Ms. Ivory.” said the doctor. “What were you doing then?”

“NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS DOCTOR just do your job, or get out and let me go back to cleaning it my damn self.” hollered Ivory.

Bella was stunned once again with Ivory’s behavior; she would have never thought Ivory would consider acting with such disrespect towards anyone, let alone the doctor and Sir Nyle.

Bella did not know Sir Nyle all too well. Chatter at times, but never had she met her doom with him.

However, she knew Sir Nyle’s words to Ivory next; would change her relationship and her opinion of Sir Nyle forever.

Sir Nyle’s voice was intimating but affectionate. There was no doubt the concern he had for Ivory’s behavior was disapproving, but there was a weakness to his voice.

Bella could tell what he was doing was love not anger. He truly had an attachment to Ivory and seemed to take an interest in making her snap back to reality.

“Ivory you must stop your hatred; it has no place in your heart.” “I am astonished at what could have driven you to kick glass at Bella and me.” Sir Nyle sighed.

“YOU LEFT ME SIR, I told you about Kay and Luke; and you left me in the darkness anyways.” Ivory said back to Sir Nyle.

“I was forced to break my silence and then you left me purely with no spiritual help.”

“IVORY you are a fool.” Sir Nyle said.

“I did not leave you like you feel.” “WHY Ivory would you think I would walk away from our private issues.” Sir Nyle spoke looking directly into Ivory’s eyes.

“I would never leave you Ivory without any spiritual help!”

Ivory was livid at being made to surface the horrible secret that lay with in her soul.

She could hear Sir Nyle speaking; and she knew she needed to find compassion with in her reality; he would never leave her to fend dark secrets alone. Sir Nyle would always be there for Ivory; just as Sir Luke would be.

“Ivory you must endure the Lords discipline right now.” Sir Nyle admitted to Ivory.

“You should have never tried to kick glass at Bella and me.” “Do understand the holiness you need right now?”

“I HAVE NO CHOICE SIR!” Ivory snappishly responded.

“I do understand.” “I have faith in Hebrews twelve.” Ivory said.” Why is the cut not enough karma though; Bella will help me clean and bandage the cut?”

“Ivory that cut need to be cleaned properly; and the sting will burn yes, but your foolish behavior caused your own grief.”

“Even if, I was to let you walk with the slash being your Lords discipline; I would be dishonoring our Lord myself, by not being an earthly authoritarian.”

“You deserve that sting my dear!” Sir Nyle said. “I am sorry for your discomforting pain, but again it is your own.” “Maybe your anger will find its way out of your heart.

“Her hand will need at least four stiches.” Sir, Doctor Greenwich said. “I will go fast Ivory, but this wound will not heal well without them.”

Ivory felt Sir Nyle’s grip around her wrist tighten.

“Bella please get a cool cloth for Ivory; and sit by her head and hold her right hand down please.”

“Joanne place your hands around Ivory’s ankles.” “Your light pressure is enough.” “You should be able to press firmer; if Ivory needs you to help her legs stay still.” Sir Nyle instructed.

Doctor Greenwich poured the brandy mixer into Ivory’s cut.

Without warning, Joanne got kicked right in the shoulder and landed on her backside.

Ivory screamed. The pain from the sting was incredibly brutal. Ivory’s arm shook like a rattle snacks tail. Her entire body felt punitive; the unforgiving sting would continue to get worse as it worked its way deeper into Ivory’s wound.

Joanne had managed to get back to her feet and pin Ivory’s ankles tight. Ivory’s inconsiderate anger was bitter; however, the pain was redemptive. She could feel her mind drift in and out as Doctor Greenwich started to stich he wound.

Bella was doing her best to help Ivory with wiping her sweaty head. Her body was on fire now and the burn and pain she felt was unsympathetic.

“MAKE IT STOP SIR!” Ivory wailed.

Sir Nyle said nothing, just held Ivory’s hand tight.  He would look back and forth at Ivory’s hand and face.

“Bella get Ivory some cool water.” Sir Nyle said.

“Joanne let go of her ankles.”

“Yes Sir.” Bella and Joanne both replied.

Ivory had tried to fight against Sir Nyle, Bella and JoAnne’s grips so hard; her shirt was twisted above her breast and her panties were more than half off.

She felt JoAnne’s grip let go and immediately pulled her undies back up with her right arm.

Bella set Ivory cup of cool water down on the stand next to her bed; and watched Doctor Greenwich bandage Ivory’s hand up to help keep out dirt.

“Please doctor, Ivory has to go back to her duties tomorrow morning, please make sure she is bandaged decent.” Sir Nyle said.

“JoAnne, go back to your duties Thank You!”

All of a sudden Ivory felt herself get swooped up into Sir Nyle’s arms. He cradled her with his strength and kissed her forehead over and over again.

“Ivory, it’s over.” Sir Nyle said several times in a gentle voice.

Bella was amazed at Sir Nyle’s affection towards Ivory. She watched him as he rocked Ivory in his arms as he hushed and calmed her down after her painful ordeal.

“I I, I am sorry Sir.” Ivory sobbed completely weakened physically and mentally yet again.

“I am glad the Lord did not allow my foot to connect with that broken picture frame Sir.”  “I would have been ashamed if; I would have harmed either of you.”

“Bella I am so sorry.” “I would have felt rotten.”

“Sir Nyle, will you have to tell Luke how I acted?” Ivory asked with hopes the answer would be anything but, the word yes.

“Ivory we will tell Sir Luke together dear.” Sir Nyle replied.

Sir Nyle kissed Ivory on both cheeks and laid her frail body down on her bed.

“I will have Irene send someone up with your dinner.” “Rest Ivory, I will be back, before dark.” Sir Nyle said.

Ivory ate very little and sent JoAnne out quickly when she did arrive with her dinner. Her temperament was better.  Her anger towards the house had suppressed somewhat balanced.

Ivory knew what she would do now to make things right.

Sir Nyle was good at assuring you would fell regretful for your sinful actions.

Her bottled-up fury might have been extinguished by Sir Nyle’s form of correction. However; Ivory knew the fire was by far not out. It was only going to smolder; until Ivory found her opportunity.

Ivory must have fallen back a sleep again and did not hear Sir Nyle knock and let himself in. As she opened her eyes; she saw him sitting on the bed staring at her sleeping.

Ivory set up, and twisted her body around so she could lay her head on Sir Nyle’s lap.

“Thank You Sir!” Ivory said looking straight up into the eyes of the man who insist her ill-mannered sin committed against him and Bella were repented for.

“I stress to you Sir, I am sorry; and I hold no animosity towards you for making sure I correctly got my cut cared for; and behavior under control.”

“Is there something I can do for you now?” Ivory asked breathing with uneasy.

Sir Nyle placed Ivory’s face in his hands and just kissed her on the cheek.

“Just knowing you have accepted your own blame and set right your mood Ivory is all that the Lord has asked of you.” Sir Nyle said.

“I am merely the set of hands here on earth that helps to guide you through corrections Ivory.”

“Grandfather told me your job is as important as a priest.” Ivory said.

“That your lectures are important to learn and understand, but earthly Lord Penance is spiritually correct as long as it is done with thoughtful consideration.” Ivory continued to say.

“Two days before he died Sir, grandfather said he was ready to pass to the heavenly father, he knew as long as I was with Luke; I would learn the liberating feeling of being truly loved for my behaviors”

“Whether, they are wholesome or immoral behaviors. I miss him Sir.” Ivory whined.

“I know Ivory, he was a good man I miss him also.” “He loved you and Kay very much. Sir Nyle expressed.

“Your grandfather was stricken with grief after he lost his daughters.” “Your mother and aunt meant much more to him then you know.”

“Your grandmother never learned to love them correctly.” “She saw things very black and white; and usually through drunken eyes.”

“Your mother Margaret had one of the softest voices.” Sir Nyle continued. “Your voice carries the same tones Ivory.”

“I will talk with Sir Luke when he arrives early next week; if not sooner.” “I will tell him you fulfilled your punishment, for keeping Kay’s arrival secret for so long.

“I will tell Sir Luke about Kay; and you must do the same and tell Kay about Luke; she also has to know.”

“This means many things will change around here Ivory.” Sir Nyle continued the conversation. “Ms. Kay and Sir Luke will have to learn to accept it; and make decision with logical thoughts.”

“Ms. Kay is a smart women Sir, she will impress you all. Ivory said with some enthusiasm. “They will probably have many new ideas before they even get home.”

Sir Nyle laughed, “You believe so young lady.”

“You know this means Ms. Kay is even your superior now.”

Ivory laughed, and kissed Sir Nyle. “I will get my work done. I promise.”

“I prayed for peace Sir; when I was in terrible pain.” “I will find it within myself to forget grandmother; and her appalling behaviors she bestowed to us as young children”.

“I hope the Lord has helped her find happiness.”

Ivory set right there and lied to Sir Nyle. She really just hoped her grandmother’s soul and spirit was burning in the depth of hell. She hoped for nothing more than horrendous and ghastly consequences were being bestowed a pond that wicked tyrannical ruler.

Ivory would for sure finish the matter in her favor.

Ivory was a God forgiving women, she never had held a grudge for too long. However, Ivory will only even start to feel a sense of forgiveness for her grandmother after she disposes of her possessions.  If the possessions need to be cleaned one last time by her hands; so be it!

The next five days were busy. Every morning Lady Anna, Hannah, Joanne and Ivory would ride over to the house and clean. Ivory had many moments when she felt she was losing control of her temper; and it seemed to be getting a little harder as the week was winding down.

“Ms. Ivory, what would you like me to do with these books?” hollered JoAnne for the top of the stairs.

“Let me see them please.” Ivory hollered back.

Ivory took a moment from hanging the curtains back up in what had been her mother and fathers bedroom. It was left the same except, for grandmother had all Margret’s cloths and pictures removed.

About six months after Ivory and Kay had lost their mothers; grandmother Lydia went on rages and removed personal belongings and pictures to punish Ivory and Kay for weeping too much.


In the middle of the night grandmother would hear one of them weeping with a broken heart. She would rage with beatings or using forced enemas to Ivory or Kay for grieving over their parents.

“YOU GRIEVE FOR YOUR MOTHERS DEMONESS WAYS.” the screeches of her grandmother’s voice still echoed and sent shivers through Ivory’s body.

Ivory never knew what she meant by double-dealt children, but she had learn to understand it was something her grandmother disliked about her daughters; and her granddaughters also.

Most of the time grandfather was missing during those horrific times.

When grandfather was gone grandmother drank even more.

Ivory’s nightly prayers usually ended with “Please Lord let her fall to her death, she is broken women and she is going to destroy Kay if she does not stop.”

Ivory never thought much of herself when it came to her own anguishes, caused by the hands of her grandmother. However, she was so cruel to Kay at times.

During the last year grandmother was a live, Ivory remembers praying more often for her death.  So when the day came that grandmother did pass from a slip and fall down the cellar stairways.  “Ivory thought, “God had finally made her wish come true.”

Grandmother broke her neck; and doctor said she died within thirty minutes of the fall.

Ivory remembers the adults talking about it.

“No one heard her fall.” Ivory remembers everyone saying.

Ivory had left with grandfather to do chores at the stables; and Kay had been sent to work for a gentlemen; taking care of his children after his wife had passed. She would be there for two or three days and then come back home.

Kay and Ivory would have in home studies; supervised by their grandmother. Usually during the earlier noon hours they were expected to do studies.

Kay would laugh after grandmother left from performing her own academic study plan for the day because; because it really meant that grandmother had to go for a third cup of wine.

Grandmother Lydia was not going to fool neither Kay nor Ivory. As soon as she started feeling intoxicated she would go find something else to do. Leave them to write words or read history and science books.

The worse was writing sentences that she would make up. Sometimes Ivory, Kay or both of them would be there for days doing nothing but writing. Usually the words were “I will not, blah blah blah.” Her famous ones were “I will just admit I am a blah blah blah.”

Ivory stopped digging through the box of books JoAnne had found. When she noticed a small grey book sitting straight up and pushed off to the side.

She grabbed it and opened it, the first page read, “Lydia Emmons, 1862. Ivory shoved it in the front pocket of her red apron; which covered her blue dress with white lace trimmings around the cuffs and hem line.

Her hand was still bandaged; and would not come off until after Sir Luke arrived back home.

Ivory longed for her husband to come home. She wanted to give herself to him. Sir Luke always gave Ivory a desirable high to please; yet, Sir Nyle would always intensify that warm loving feeling when he was around; and Sir Luke new.

Sir Luke had never denied Sir Nyle the opportunity to let Ivory give herself to him after a punishment. Long as he never entered where, she could conceive children. He however had never practiced it with her.

It did not take long for Ivory to learn the difference between discipline out of love and inebriated heartless punishments that, served grandmothers sick belief her daughters and grand-daughters were corrupted with sin.

“Why were they corrupt?” “Why did grandmother Lydia feel Kay and Ivory were demonists and their hearts bled corruption?” Ivory pondered.

“Hannah, will you please pull all the curtains shut in Kay’s new office.” Ivory said yelling down the hall.

“Yes Mam.” Hannah replied.

Ivory had spent 5 days cleaning a house she hated, and now she was going to spend the next two riding Candy again. It had been good for Ivory to stay away from Candy, especially since the new rider was coming.

She was going to go for long rides with Lady Anna. She could not wait to talk current events with the girls. Ivory new Irene would join them; and Ivory would most likely invite Bella.

Hopefully, Bella would not have too much work to do for her own families’ chicken farm.

Bella’s grandparents and parents did not live far. They had a small section of land about three miles west on the other side of Seaman Road. They were good people.

Bella had known Ivory since she was a young teenager; right before Ivory had left for London she would at times help Bella’s mother take care of her. However, it was usually Kay.     Bella started helping Ivory about a year after the Ranch Stables were being rebuilt for her. The rebuilt took an entire spring and summer. Bella had been hired to help Ivory throughout the winter months. She has been on payroll since.

“MS. IVEY, MS. IVEY.” “BEEBE IS GIVING BIRTH COME QUICK.” Bella screamed coming through house.

“OH JOY, Ivory hollered back.” “Let’s get out of here.”

“Where is she at Bella?” Ivory asked.

“Lying right in the stall Ivory, right where we hoped.” Bella said.

“She passed up her water this morning; and I wondered if something was wrong.” Bella said in delight. “When I came back from riding Rapture and brushing Zeus, she seemed far along already.”

“Who is with her?” inquired Ivory.

“Jerry.” replied Bella. “He sent me to get you.”

“JOANNE?” screamed Ivory. “I need you to make sure you shut down the wood stove in the kitchen and please make sure all the door is shut hard.”

“Beebe is giving birth.” “I am heading back to the stables.”

“Okay Ms. Ivory, will Lady Anna return?” Joanne yelled backed.

“No.” said Ivory. “There will not be a second rider for her to return.”

“Bella will stay with me; this is her first birth she needs to stay with Beebe.” Ivory commented.

“Close up the house and head back with Hannah after the curtains are all back up, and the clean rugs are all down.” “Everyone is done here.” Ivory said in delight.

“Sir Luke and Kay should be here Sunday.”

“Okay, Mam.” said JoAnne

“JoAnne.” Ivory said walking of the stairs of the porch.

“Thanks for all your help.” “You and Hannah can have the weekend off.” Ivory said.

“You are more than welcome to come with us riding.” “Lady Anna, Bella, Irene, and I are all going so far.” “Both you and Hannah are welcome.”

“Enough horses around here who would love to have someone ride them.” Ivory said mounted the horse with Bella’s help.

“That sounds like a nice idea, thank you.”  JoAnne said. “I will do that.”

Ivory was excited, she loved birth.

She was so hoping Beebe produced another colt. She was bread with Diamond and both had the slender running bodies.

Ivory new Whisper would win the big race the Barrera’s had him enrolled in; and Whisper was an offspring of Diamond and Beebe.

\             Ivory and Bella hoped Beebe and Diamond could have one more colt for their passion.

She pledged to Sir Luke she would train Beebe into a friendly child ridden horse after this last birth.

They could use the old girl as she aged.  Carry young children around the ranch.

Jerry had earned Diamond; and Sir Luke was giving the old boy to him; so he could retire his old male; which fell and hurt his leg early in February; and was not getting better.

“RETIRE.” shivers would repel down Ivory’s back.

Ivory and Bella seen Jerry waving his hands up and down as they came through the first part of the paddocks.

“IT’S A COLT.” yelled Jerry.

Ivory and Bella screamed in delight.

“We are more than blessed Bella.” screech Ivory.

“This summer is going to be better than last.” “This colt is going to be amazing; and he is already sold to.”  Ivory gleamed.

Bella and Ivory made their way into the stables; and right into the stall where Beebe was. She was still lying with her foal, licking and cleaning God’s most precious gift to any mother.

Ivory already loved the colt.

Bella went to doing after birth chores.

Ivory set in the corner of the stall and watched Beebe be a mother. It amazed Ivory to see such natural love.

Beebe would spend little time with her colt. The year span of childhood for a horse is minimal, to the years of hard work they will endure. The new colt would leave the ranch in less than 12 months and 9 of them are spent in harsh training for speed; not frolicking in the pastors or leisure riding.

If Ivory could not have the horses to keep to herself; they would have to make her money and notoriety.

“Bella I am going to go up and get things around for tonight.” Ivory informed.

“We will sleep down in the stale tonight so we can watch over Beebe for twenty four hours.” “No need to pay Jerry to, I will just stay with and you; and you can have the pay”

“GREAT sound good.” said Bella.

Ivory dashed up to the Inn and started gathering some belongings from the kitchen into a picnic basket for her and Bella to eat and snack on through the night. She shoved many towels, two clean apron, and tablecloth, two throw blankets from the extra closet, lighter fluid, and matches. As soon as she was done in the kitchen at the Inn, she took her basket and ran to her and Luke’s house. She could gather a few more things her and Bella would need for the night.

Irene was in the kitchen at the house showing one of the new staff girls how to mix solution for washing linen.

“Hi Irene.” said Ivory as she tried to hurried pass heading for her staircase.

“Hi Ms. Ivory, this is Jillian; she will be here for the summer so Hannah can be used at the Inn.” said Irene.

Ivory knew she must stop her fast pace for a moment. It would be rude not to just stop and say hi for one moment. Introduce yourself and welcome someone into her house.

“Hi Jillian it’s nice to meet you.” Ivory extended her right arm to shake Jillian’s hand.

“I hope you find everyone nice!” Ivory said. “I usually do not rush like this, however we have a new foal and, I would like to get back to Bella and Jerry down in the stables.”

“I hope we get to know each other soon.”

“Yes Mam. I hope so.” The very shy Jillian spoke back. “Looks like, I will be working in your house for the summer; and everyone has been nice and helpful today.”

“Thank you for the opportunity” Jillian replied.

“Glad to hear that.” replied Ivory.

“Sir Luke comes home Sunday, please join us after the dinner hour if you can.” Ivory invited. “I am sure we will all be conversing and gossiping at the end of the day. You are more than welcome to join us all”

“Thank you mam, I will try.” Jillian responded.

Ivory took off running for staircase and skipped every other one on the way up them.

“Okay a few things out of my room and back to the stables, thought Ivory”

Ivory was going to ask Bella for a huge favor; and she was so hoping her friend would help her.

Ivory continued to grab and place things the basket; extra hair ties, two books and a couple of scarfs.

“Now what should I do with you?” Ivory said aloud.

Ivory pulled out the little book she had found in the box, and opened it,

“Lydia Emmons, 1862”. Ivory read.

Ivory went to her closet and shoved the book in her warmest winter coats pocket.

“There, I will put you right here.” Ivory said. “Your safe and I will come back for you.”

Ivory made a mad dash back for the stables. When she got there Jerry had went to town to gather some extra supplies.

“Bella?” Ivory inquired quietly as she walked into Beebe’s stall.

“Yes mam, right here.” replied Bella.

“Would you help me keep a big secret?” Ivory asked.

“Um, I guess mam, but you already got in trouble for a secret Ms. Ivory?”

“Why are you doing it again?”

“Bella, I need to do this.” Ivory begged.

“You are the only one who will know the truth other than me. Ivory continued to explain.             “I will always keep you safe.”

“I make that promise as your superior; and not a friend.” “As your friend you know I will always do my best to keep you safe.” Ivory continued to pleading.

“Okay Ivory, I will help you.” Bella said not so sure what she was getting into.

“Is Diamond still saddled?” Ivory asked.

“Sure is.” Bella replied.

Ivory set down the picnic basket and opens it. She removes the lighter fluid

“Let’s go Bella.” Ivory says.

Ivory and Bella took off on Diamond once again.

“Bella were going to go into the sycamores a little different this time.”  Ivory instructed…

“Instead of going the way we did all week, I want you to go down to the right.” “I will help you watch for soft spot.” Ivory continued to reassure Bella.

“Please do not worry Bella; I know that part of the land; and by now it should be harder than most think.”

“What and where are we going Ivory?” asked Bella.

“Back to the house, I will just be a minute or two.” Ivory said. “I forgot do something important.”

“Alright Ivory; but?” Bella sighed.

“Bella just get this horse moving would you.” Ivory said. “I have a small amount of time to pull this off right now.”

“Bella the less you know the better.” Ivory said with concern. “Please just remember; we never left the stable area, we were there all evening with Beebe.”

“I guess Ivory; you are worrying me.” Bella said.

Ivory laughed, “Do not worry about anything Bella.” “Everything will be alright.”

Ivory knew by the end of tonight; things would definitely be better; if not for her, at least Ms. Kay.

It would not be long and her plans would untangle. Beebe going into labor had opened up the biggest opportunity Ivory needed; “THANK YOU LORD.” Ivory said under her breath with glee.

“If I am caught by anyone, I will take whatever beating or criminal charge is pressed on me.” Ivory said to herself. “At least I know Kay will be safe.”

Bella and Ivory just scanned the land and dashed Diamond onward through the sycamores. When they reached the other side Bella was all confused.

“Ivory we are on the backside of the house?” Bella said. “How did you get me so turned around?”

Ivory laughed, “Bella it was easy, I will show you again someday.” “Grandfather taught me that when I was a little girl.”

Ivory jumped off the back of Diamond and ran for the house.

“Stay here and wait Bella.” Ivory ordered.

“Okay Ms. Ivory.” Bella said.

Before Bella knew it Ivory had ducked into the house.

Ivory immediately ran for her grandfather’s bed stand, she opened the drawer and took out a little wooden horse. It had been her grandfather’s father’s toy.

Ivory had played with it a million times herself as a little girl. She shoved it into her pocket; and took back off running for the staircase.

Ivory stood at the top of the stairs looking directly at the wall her grandmother’s family picture once hung; before she stomped on it.

However, Ivory had replaced the picture frame and hung the picture back up to prove to Sir Nyle; she was willing to forgive; and go on without living in anger towards another human.

Sir Nyle’s words taunted Ivory; she had heard him quote JOB 18:4 many times in conversations “You are only hurting yourself with your anger.”

Ivory knew this, she even understood it, and she did not care. If that wicked witch of a grandmother went to heaven and not hell, for what she had done. Then for sure what Ivory was about to do; would not keep her from entering through those gates either.

Ivory grabbed the picture and tossed it to the floor once again. This time she stomped even harder smashing the picture frame.

“THAT ONE IS FOR KAY.” Ivory screamed.

“She hated you as much as I did and even more.”


Ivory wasted no more time and reached in her pocket and grabbed the lighter fluid and squirted some right in the middle of grandmother Lydia’s face. She then made a little trickle of fluid running from the picture frame to the bottom of the stairs. From there she continued to drop specks of fluid dribbling it from the end of the stair case to the front of the kitchen woodstove.

She opened the broom closet and took out the broom and doused the wisps with fluid. Then went and placed it on the floor in front of the woodstove.

“THERE.” Ivory sighed loudly.

She reached down opened the front vent and threw a piece of wood in real quick.

“That should start that smoldering ash.” Ivory said. “Once the gusty wind does its magic; it will be all over.” laughed Ivory.

Ivory learned when she was about eight years old the importance of keeping the front cover closed to the kitchen woodstove.

“Windy days could cause a horrible fire, Ivory remembers.” The fire she had in her bottom the night she had forgotten to close it, was the last time she forgot.

Ivory ran back out the door and about hurdled Diamond as she mounted his backside behind Bella.

“EEEEEHA!” Ivory kicked Diamond.

Bella was ready to go; and steered Diamond right back into the trees where they had come out of.


“Just fine Bella.” Ivory commented back. “JUST FINE!”

Ivory had directed Bella back to the paddocks coming at another different direction so no one could see them; and if they did they would already be inside the paddock quarters and Ivory could somehow talk her way through why they were on that side.

Thankfully nobody seemed to be around.

“Bella go to Beebe.” “I will unsaddle Diamond and feed him; I will be fine, my hand is feeling better; and I should not baby it much longer.” Ivory directed at Bella.

“Yes Ms. Ivey.” Bella replied.

“Bella” Ivory said. “Remember we have never left here.”

“I will go get the horses up at the Inn; and bring them down here to the stables for JoAnne and Lady Anna.”

“Thank you.” Ivory said hugging Bella.

“You are welcome Ivory.” Bella said back.  “I am not for sure what you did, but I do hope you are going to be okay.”

“I will be honey.” Ivory smiled at Bella.

Ivory and Bella were still up gossiping about the night life of London when Ivory thought she heard something.

“Do you not miss those friends Ivory?” Bella asked.

“I do at times Bella, but I really did want to come back home.” said Ivory.

“Did you hear that Bella?” Ivory asked.

“MS. IVORY, COME QUICK.” Ivory and Bella could hear Jerry hollering from the front entrance of the stables.



“SHHhh, Bella, shut your mouth.” Ivory snapped as she started running towards the entrance.

‘Just move, AND LETS just do what is asked of us.” “Bella I told you; I will KEEP you safe.”

“TRUST ME!” Ivory assured.

“JERRY I AM COMING.” yelled Ivory. “What is going on?”

“It’s the Wayne house Mam, there are flames coming out the roof.” Jerry said hysterically.

“CALM DOWN JERRY!” Ivory said hastily. “Let go!”

“Where is Sir Nyle?” Ivory said redressing the horse.

“Ms. Ivory the last time I seen him was when he was looking for you earlier this afternoon.” Jerry remarked. “I had figured you and Bella went up to your house to wash up, or get something.”

“Bella and I had went and got the horses for Lady Anna and JoAnne.” Ivory said back knowing it was fifty percent a lie. Bella never went to help.

Ivory knew that lie was first of the many she might need to tell until this all blows over; and nobody talks of it anymore.

She was willing to lie and wait.

Honestly, Ivory had started to wonder if her trick was even going to work, or if she was going to have to go clean one more time to get rid of the corrupt act she tried to plant.

“JERRY IS IVORY AND BELLA HERE.” All three of them heard Sir Nyle holler.

“YES THERE RIGHT HERE SIR.” they have been here with Beebe. Jerry yelled back though the darkness of the paddocks.

Ivory could not help but realize things were going in her favor. Even with Sir Nyle looking for her earlier she will pull this stunt off.

“No problem, she thought.”

“Ivory.” Sir Nyle said. “Take yourself and Bella; and go to the main house.”

“Beebe will be just fine.” “There are men from town our on the way”

“Rain is on the way also; let’s pray it is heavy.” Sir Nyle continued.

Ivory and Bella went back to the house and went up to her room.

“Bella, Please remember this for me.” Ivory said. “If by any chance it is to come up; you were there helping me retrieve Lady Anna and JoAnne horses earlier from the Inn.

“Oh Ivory, now were going have to start lying.” Bella started whimpering.

“Ms. Ivory I need my job.”

“Bella, I promise you.” Ivory confirmed again. “You will not lose your job!”


“OH IVORY, I should not have taken you over there.”

“Bella you are not going to get punished or fired for anything.” Would you just stop your belling aching and come watch the fire from the washroom window?” Ivory waved Bella into the bathroom.

Bella watched Ivory that night as she set on her stool and watched for hours. The rain came in and had put most of the blaze out and by morning there was nothing left to see but smoldering smoke heading upwards above the sycamore trees.

Bella had fallen asleep watching Ivory while lying on Sir Luke and Ivory’s bed. Ivory finally went and lied down and closed her eyes. It must have been just an hour or so later when she heard a knock on her door.

Ivory set straight up in bed.

“YES.” she bellowed. “WHO IS IT?”

“It is me Hannah Mam.” Ivory heard.

“OKAY honey, come in.” Ivory said. “What can I do for you?”

“Sir Nyle would like you to get up so he could talk to you in Sir Luke’s den.” Hannah said.

“Okay, I thought I gave you the weekend off Hannah?” Ivory asked

“Yes you did Mam, I needed to switch shifts with Susan, and so I came in.” Hannah said.

“JoAnne is here to.” “She said she came in early to help before you all went riding.”

“However, Sir Nyle has instructed her to just work until he has spoken with you this morning.”

“Thank you Hannah, I will go see Sir Nyle right now.” Ivory said.

Ivory did not care to get all dressed before going to Sir Nyle; she just stayed in her navy blue nightgown and walked out of the bedroom and down the hall into Sir Luke’s den.

“Morning Sir.” Ivory said.

“It is a loss Ivory, I fear there will be little left.”

Ivory did not know how she could pull off such an act that it scared herself. It was all she had though.

Ivory broke down into the fakest tears she had ever cried. And technically it was the first time she had even tried. She was pretty good.

“SIR NYLE.” Ivory cried and ran into his arms.

Sunday breakfast was quiet, everyone knew Sir Luke was do home with Ms. Kay, and even though everything had got accomplished and it should be a joyful day. Everyone was somber.

The fire had dampened every ones excitement. Ivory just played along. Bella went home as soon as she felt Ivory returned from seeing Sir Nyle.

Ivory headed down to the stable to start spending time with Beebe. She was excited to see the foal.

“Who cares.” she thought to herself. Never in Ivory’s life had she felt this liberated for doing something.

“If there was the chance grandmother Lydia did make into heaven; her precious possessions burned up like being dropped into the pits of hell.

Ivory could not help but seem calmly happy.

“I SURE DO HOPE YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BED WITH YOU HUSBAND SMELLING LIKE THIS STABLE IVORY MARIE MCNICKLES.” Ivory heard Kay’s voice live for the first time life in five years.

“YOU DO NOT WORRY ABOUT MY SMELLS OR MY HUSBAND MS. KAY!” Ivory screamed back running from the other end of the stables.

“MS. KAY.” Ivory continues to holler until her and Kay had reached each other. They threw their arms around another and hugged and kissed.

“Look at yourself Ivory?” Ms. Kay said. “You are still so beautiful and this ranch is keeping you way to thin.”

“When you left me in London you were finally getting some meat on those bones.” “Now look at you again.” Ms. Kay said trying to spin Ivory around like a spin top.

Ivory laughing with such glee, “Oh Ms. Kay, now you should talk look at your tiny frame all dressed up in those fancy cloths to ride to a dusty old ranch.”


“Plenty Ivory plenty!’ Ms. Kay said. “Wait until you see the newest fashions for this fall.” “I brought the newest magazines.”

Ms. Kay and Ivory started walking for the house.

“So I hear there was a fire here last night?” Ms. Kay inquired.

“Yeah the Wayne house caught on fire.” Ivory said without hesitation.

Ms. Kay grabbed Ivory’s arm and stop her in her track, “Ivory did you go and play with fire again?”

Ivory winked and hugged Ms. Kay. “So where’s my husband, Ivory said with cheer.”

Ivory and Kay went back up to the house. Sir Nyle and Sir Luke were sitting on the porch talking with Sr. Marshall about the count of fish they had taken out of the sea for the week.

Ivory came through the front door to go right out to the back. The closer she got the faster her footsteps moved.

“LUKE.” Ivory said before she could even open the door.

Luke stood up and grabbed Ivory and picked her up like she was still a little girl being carried; and kissed her right on the lips.

“MMMMMM still taste like my Ivory.” He said.

“Well Lord Ivory, What is wrong with your hand?”

“Just a small cut Sir, nothing to worry about.” Ivory said looking at Sir Nyle over Luke’s shoulder. “I will tell you all about it later.”

“Luke, Sir Nyle says the Wayne house is a loss?” Ivory half asked.

“I hear.” Sir Luke said.

“Sir Nyle and I will ride over later after dinner.” “I am sorry!” “I will have to have Irene tell the girls there will be one more in the house for at least the next year.” said Luke

“Ms. Kay will be fine in the guest room.” “She will have her own private washroom and even her own entrance.” Sir Luke continued.

“Sir Nyle said you would share the same information with Kay he shared with me while waiting for Ms. Kay to find you at the stables, Sir Luke continued.

“Did you?”

Ivory was in shock that Sir Luke already new that Ms. Kay was his sister. Sir Nyle said he would tell him, he just did not say it would be the first thing.

Ivory gulped, “No Sir, I guess I did not think it would have to be said immediately.”

“It does Ivory.” Sir Luke demanded.

“Ms. Kay should have never been kept from that secret.” “Our grandfathers were wonderful men and held to many secrets, but, my Lord Ivory; you should have never tried to hold that in your heart.”

“OKAY, Ms. Kay said. What the heck are you all talking about? Ivory what’s going on already?

Ivory had no clue how she pulled up the nerve, but all of sudden the words came out and there was nothing she could do after she said them.

“SIR LUKE IS YOU BROTHER KAY!” Ivory let out a sigh. “Grandpa told me before he died.”  “It was years later that anyone found out that Reese; Sir Luke’s father was raping Aunt Beth” Ivory said sighing.

“Grandmother used the story of your father’s death because; she believed that Aunt Bethany was putting demon spells on Reese so he could not control himself.” Ivory confessed.

Ivory broke even more then she did when she was facing 28 licks of the paddle from Sir Nyle.

“I am so sorry Kay, I should have told you.” Ivory cried.

“I am sorry Luke, I should have told you.” Ivory turned and looked at Luke.

Sr. Marshall just set there completely dumb founded to everything being said around him.

“YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME.” Lady Anna said.

Ivory was unaware that Lady Anna and Irene were standing on the porch and had followed out behind her when they had seen her come into the house with Ms. Kay.

“I am sorry Lady Anna, I seem to be in trouble with you a lot lately too?’ said Ivory “Can you find it within you to forgive me one more time?”

“Ivory will you please show me to my room/” Ms. Kay asked. “Lady Anna, could you please join us?”

“Oh! Sir Nyle it is nice to see you again, and Irene, I cannot wait to enjoy your staffs cooking to night.” Ms. Kay said.

“Yes of course Kay, Ivory said concerned Kay acted as nothing had disturbed her.

Kay leaned in and gave Sir Luke a hug.

“Oh Sir Luke thank you so much for coming and picking me up; and making the trip here so educational.” Ms. Kay said wrapping her arms around Sir Luke and giving him a huge hug.

“I will let her know.” Ms. Kay whispered in Luke’s ear.

Ms. Kay, Ivory and Lady Anna walk away leaving the men to again sit and converse. Ivory showed Ms. Kay her room and washroom and also the private entrance that lead to her room and out without disturbing the house.

They were not in Kay’s room a second before.

“TELL ME WHAT KAY?” “I heard you whispering to Luke.” Ivory roared.

“Ivory.” Ms. Kay said.

“Sir Luke knew, and he told me the minute he got to London to pick me up.” “What were you waiting for cousin?”


“Ivory you have known for over three years and you are calling people out on trickery.” Kay proclaimed.

“Sir Luke is your husband he’s been waiting for you tell him you knew, so you two could tell me together.”

“Sir Luke is correct.” Kay continued. “You have not yet learned to trust anyone but yourself.”

“AMEN.” said Lady Anna.

Ivory shot both of them a wicked look.

“EVIL.” snarled Ivory.

The girls had a good time roaring and laughing about all the different cloths Ms. Kay had brought. She had a suitcase of nothing but magazines and new novels.

Ivory had missed Kay so much. She eventually climbed on the bed and just watched Lady Anna and Kay talk about the newer things London had to offer; laughing at the wonderful memories they had when they were there.

“You okay Ivory?” Ms. Kay asked.

“Yes I am fine.” Ivory said.

“Kay! I am sorry I did not tell.” “I had made you mad, by not returning back London; and I did not want you to return here with even more anguish.” “You were better off there in London with our friends.” Ivory confessed.

“I had no business going back to London, Ivory expressed. “Even if it was something; I said I would do.”

“I only ever wanted to raise horses like grandfather; and Sir Luke promised he would let me do what I wanted as long as it was profitable.” Ivory continued explaining.

“I would have told eventually.” Ivory uttered. “I think so.”

“OH Ivory, I am happy it has happened like it has.” Kay indicated.

“Do not be down on yourself.” “Sir Luke felt he was untrustworthy because; you felt he and I would be angered over the truth.

“Sir Luke knew many years ago. His grandfather told him Luke of his own father’s ill behaviors with Bethany, before his own death.” Kay continued.

“Our grandfather told Luke he would leave you with the same secret; so Luke and I would not question the truth.”

“Ivory, Luke and I will be fine.” Kay said trying to reassure Ivory. “We will get along.”

“Your husband is an exceptional business man; and well I have taught a few tricks me you know.”

“It would have been horrendous if I or you; would have spent grandmother’s money any other way then an education.”

“Well beside the money we three had a good time with.” Ms. Kay said hugging Ann round the neck. “I have missed you”

Lady Anna and Ivory just laughed.

“OH DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN?” Lady Anna started.

The ladies had gotten lost in their own world of memories and fashions because; all of sudden there was a knock on the door; and Irene was coming in to tell them dinner was being served. The men wanted to know, if they were ever going to come and join them.

They did.

After dinner the ladies withdrew themselves along with some of the hired girls; and went to swing and sit on the porch.

Ms. Kay told wonderful stories, of the new shops in down town London. Making sure she told enough stories of the derby’s being held on the outskirts; occasionally making Lady Anna laugh with references to Ivory’s city boyfriend.

The girls would all start talking at once and it would end in uncontrollable laugher.

Sir Luke and Sir Nyle did what they said; and had taken off with Sr. Marshall over to the Wayne house. It had rained hard through much of the prior night. The fire was out, and it had set most of the day; the men figured it would be safe enough to get closer.

“Well Ivory got her wish.” Sir Luke said.

“Yup, looks like it.”

Sir Nyle responded back.

Sir Luke climb off his horse after reaching the edge of the sycamores and started moving towards the incredibly burned looking home. It smelled of wet burned wood and plastic. The windows were blown and glass covered the porch.

“Careful!” Sir Nyle said walking behind Luke.

“Same Sir.” Luke expressed in return to Sir Nyle.

The men inched their way into the charred house, carefully taking each step with precise movements incase either would have to move quick to stop the other from going through a floor.

It seemed pretty stable.

The rain had come in rather quick enough to help stop the structure of the house from burning to the ground. However, the inside was a black; and a scorched mess.

The guys walked around and surveyed the ground level floor.

“The woodstove is open.” Sir Luke announced.

“Who was in this house last?”

Sir Nyle just stood and looked around at the burnt interior of Mr. Wayne’s home. He could not believe nor even start to understand the extent of damage that had been done.  Mr. Wayne’s furniture was burned; and his hard work building the grand staircase was scorched and feeble.

Sir Nyle looked to the top of the stirs and could not help but notice the pictures seared to the wall covered in soot. He noticed something; the picture Ivory had put back up of her grandmother was the only one that had fallen of the wall in the fire that night.

“I cannot answer that Luke; guess it will be question for the girls to answers tomorrow at breakfast.” Sir Nyle said.

“We better get back; I told Dr. Greenwich we would be there.” “He is coming to remove the stiches from your wife’s hand.”

“Stitches?” Sir Luke asked.

“Nyle what happened around here when I was gone?

“Well let’s go ask Ms. McNickles Sir.” Sir Nyle sighed…

By the time the men got home the girls had all went in their different directions, it was dusk and Ms. Kay had started yawning an hour before they were even called for dinner.

Lady Anna went home without Sr. Marshall; and Irene had the all the staff gone except for Jillian.

Many times Ivory would come down in the middle of the night and sit; talk with the overnight girl. It is how she came to like Hannah. Although Hannah had gotten married; and did not work overnights anymore since the baby.

Ivory had gone up to her room and had just finished cleaning up, when she heard the bedroom door open.

“Ivory the doctor is here to remove the stitches from the small cut on your hand.” Sir Luke said when he entered the room.

“Tonight?” Ivory flinched quickly; and moved out of the washroom she entered her bedroom to find Sir Luke, Doctor Greenwich and Sir Nyle standing there.

Ivory swallowed hard, “Tonight Sir?”

“I would assume Ivory YES.” “Sir Nyle scheduled it not me dear” Sir Luke said confused.

“I thought I heard you say the adjective SMALL earlier though.” “What would a small cut need stitches removed for Ivory?” Sir Luke questioned.

Ivory froze, she felt her blood pressure start to rise, and her breathing immediately became irregular. She stared at Sir Nyle and he stared back. She hoped he would just tell Luke what happened.

Ivory seemed to always be doomed.

“IVORY TELL YOUR HUSBAND!” Sir Nyle demanded.

“I fell on glass.” Ivory said as she tried to turn and go back towards the washroom.

“STOP!” both Sir Luke and Sir Nyle said at the same time.

Shivers bounced from one end of Ivory’s body to the other. She felt hot. The vivid details of herself kicking at a picture frame and falling played in her head.

“Oh how stupid of an act that was, Ivory thought.”

“IVORY, HOW DID YOU CUT YOUR HAND?” “Do not take another step into that washroom.”  Sir Luke order.

“Tell me now?”

“I went to kick a broken picture frame at Sir Nyle and slip.” Ivory said as she ran for her bed and climbed to the top of it; she grabbed a pillow shoving her face into it.

Sir Luke was livid.


“Get those stitches out; and I swear you better.”

Ivory did not hesitate giving her hand up. She stuck her arm out towards the doctor without removing the pillow from her face. She feels her wrist get snatched with extreme force. Then she was propelled out from behind the pillow; and found herself looking directly up at Luke’s face. He had pinned Ivory flat on her back.

Ivory yelped

“I cleaned it well Sunday; seven days ago Sir.” Dr. Greenwich said. “Ivory’s wound should heal wonderful.”

“Apparently her bum healed fast too.” Sir Luke said looking directly into Ivory’s eyes.

Then veering his look up at Sir Nyle’

“Cleaning it was severely painful Luke; I did not physically correct your wife that night.” Sir Nyle commented.

“The anguish was enough that day Luke.”

Sir Luke looked down at Ivory; and watched Dr. Greenwich take out the stitches.

The wound had healed a lot and you could tell how well the stitches helped. Sir Luke let go of Ivory’s wrist and she yet again recoiled to the top of the bed with her pillow; and hugged it tight to her chest.

“Thank you Doctor.” Ivory said looking at her half healed cut.”

“You are welcome Ms. McNickles, please be more careful next time?” Dr. Greenwich asked.

“I will, I promise.” Ivory assured.

Sir Luke let Dr. Greenwich out of the room; and walked him to the end of the hallway. Then let Jillian finish escorting him out.

Ivory continued to look at her hand and hold her pillow as though it was hiding her. Sir Nyle stood off to the side of the room and just stared at Ivory.

“Well now.” Sir Luke said coming back into the room. “What a small cut that was Ivory!” “So small, you needed four stiches to help it heal.”

“Get off that bed Ms. Ivory McNickles.” “NOW!”

Ivory did as she was told and stood up; however she clung to her pillow. She was scared of her husband’s tone. She stood up looking at Sir Luke with her eyes open, but blankly staring beyond his angered face.

Sir Luke walked towards Ivory. She visually shook with anxiety.

Sir Luke spun Ivory around just like before he left to fetch Kay. Unzipped her dress all the way down her back and shoved it off her shoulders.

He picked her up as though she weight less than frog hair and planted her back on her feet outside of her dress. He was furious with his wife for acting so carelessly towards another person. Especially, Sir Nyle, he was the one hired help in Sir Luke’s staff absolutely no one should disrespect; including himself.

“Ivory, I do not want excuses from you.”” Sir Luke said with frustration. An excuse would infuriate me even more.”

“What were you thinking?”

“I WAS THINKING OF HOW HOODWINKED I WAS BY SIR NYLE!” Ivory said loud enough through her tears.


“I almost hit Bella.” Ivory’s grasp on her pillow got tighter.

“I promise no excuses Sir.” ‘I promise.”

Sir Luke’s voice changed again, “You almost hit WHO?”

“Bella!” Ivory cried meekly.

“THOUGHTLESSNESS” Sir Luke said in the hardest voice Ivory had heard her husband speak in a long time.

“Get out of the your under cloths now.” “You got away a week ago without getting that bum whacked.” Sir Luke said with madness.

“Tonight you are paying up.”

“Luke, it is fine. I have forgiven Ivory for her senselessness.” “She was angered, and I took that into consideration.” Sir Nyle said to Luke.

“The pain of the brandy and the stitching of a lesion are almost unbearable even to a man.”

“That was kind of you Nyle seven days ago. Sir Luke said.

“I understand you felt the cleaning was painful enough that evening; I am sure the pain she felt did bring the Lords perceptive to her soul.”

“However, tonight maybe a lesson on the perceptive on how using common sense helps detour acts of stupidity.”

“WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE IF GLASS HIT BELLA OR NYLE AND IT WAS THEM WHO HAD THAT CUT, Maybe even to their face?” Sir Luke directed his voice, eye contacted and question right at Ivory.

Ivory covered her faced with the pillow and screamed into it. She screamed so loud that she could feel the hot pain in her throat immediately. Ivory did not want to answer the question. It was an endless question of what ifs. She already knew the consequence of what it could have been.

Sir Luke walked to Ivory’s closet and flung its doors open.

“LUKE, NOOO PLEASE NO NOO NO.” Ivory screamed.

“PLEASE LUKE!”  “NOOO NOO pleases NO!” Ivory wept.

Sir Luke handed Sir Nyle the bamboo cane he had hung in Ivory’s closet about a year after their marriage. It was one of Ivory’s foolish acts that earned the evil punitive stick to be hung inside her closet; and story we will tell at another time.

“FOUR!” Sir Luke demanded, looking right at Sir Nyle. “The number of stitches Dr. Greenwich put in her hand.”

Sir Luke turned and started heading right for Ivory.

Ivory grabbed quickly for the bottom of her undershirt and tugged upwards quickly; she knew her husband was coming to assist in helping her get undressed; she had not attempt to start on her own and Luke had no problem helping..

Sir Luke stopped.

Sir Luke pointed at Ivory’s underpants and gruffly said, “GET THEM OFF IVORY; AND GET ON YOUR STOMACH NOW.” Sir Luke’s pointer finger swung back towards the bed.

Ivory was unstable when she reached for the waistband of her bone colored undies. She pulled them down to her knees. She hung slumped over sobbing.

She trembled with what was about to happen; she could not get the thought of glass actually cutting Bella or Nyle out of her vision. This was by far the better alternative to the guilt. The thought of Bella’s face being slashed opened, or Nyle getting hit in the eye with glass was a dreadful what if.

Ivory knew it would be four horrible stings; then her guilt would be set free; and Luke would love her instead of concentrating on the disapproving actions she had committed.

He forgave in the end, and the end is what mattered to Ivory.

Ivory finished removing her undies and stood froze. Sir Nyle walked over to her bare form and grabbed her gently under the arms and directed Ivory to return to her bed. Ivory climb onto the bed and fell to her stomach; sobbing as she buried her head into the trusted pillow she still hung onto.

There was nothing to rebuttal, and that would just end worse.

“Put the pillow under your hips Ivory.” Sir Nyle’s voice instructed.

Ivory did as she was told; and slowly removed the last thing comforting her humiliating ambiance. She put the pillow under her hip bones to raise her bum a little higher.

Ivory closed her eyes; she knew for the next two minute she would get struck four times with that bitter stick, every thirty second was the rule; and then the cane would hit her bum and sting horrible.

She had received three the first and last time she had been punished with it; and a forth sting would for sure be way too many for Ivory to bear. She had tucked her arms up underneath her in hopes she could keep them there, however.

The first blow struck and Ivory had forgotten the amount of sting that came directly after the blow; she rolled over instantly and grabbed for her assaulted area. Although, before she knew it, Sir Luke had a hold of her and flipped Ivory right back into position; and held her arms pinned above her head.

Thirty seconds had gone by so fast; and the second sting and force from Sir Nyle’s strength behind it seemed worse than the first. However. Ivory was able to stay in position until.

The third hiss and impact of the cane seemed to make Ivory repeatedly kick the bed as though the kicks would put the fire out.

Unfortunately for Ivory, the fourth whoosh and contact of the bamboo was enough to make Ivory scream in remorseful pain.

Ms. Kay set straight up in bed.

Sir Luke did not let go of Ivory’s arms; he held them down making her feel the sting. He lobbed her over onto her back and looked directly down into her tearfully wet face.

“THANK HIM IVORY.” Sir Luke said with forceful demand.

Ivory knew what her husband meant and embraced anything other than more licks being giving by Luke himself.

Sir Nyle set at the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. He believed Ivory deserved every inch of the welts she wore; and knew he would not be able to resist her instructed corrupted view of thanking him for his services.

Sir Nyle felt Ivory move her naked body and rest it against his back. She reached and wrapped her arms around the lowest part of his waist and sighed. Ivory slowly curled her way around and placed her tear stained face on Sir Nyle’s lap and looked up at him.

Thank You Sir, Ivory said still shaking intensely.

He glanced into her eyes and then closed them; and fell onto his back leaving his legs to tangle off by the knee.

Ivory slowly unfastened Sir Nyle’s belt and unzipped his pants, and gently slid her hand in to remove Sir Nyle’s enlarged manhood.

He shook as bad as she did.

Ivory climbed her naked frame and straddled Sir Nyle across his stomach backwards, and then rested her head directly on his upper thigh just inches away from his engorged apparatus.

Nyle opened his eye and looked down his body; he see Ivory’s lashed bum stopping his view half way down. He reached and held her hips tight as she breathed slowly in and out still trying to catch her own breathe.

Within moments Ivory had grabbed enough composure and moved from breathing to slowly kissing Sir Nyle’s manhood. She could feel him shake and for once she felt like she actually could control something going on. She finally took him between her lips and slowly continued to suck and kiss every inch of his device. The closer he got to an overdue release, the harder ivory impaled his cock in and out of her mouth and throat. Sir Nyle could not resist and finally shoved his manhood down her throat gagging Ivory as he released a needed pleasure.


The anguish and pleasures for Ivory that night, ended after Sir Luke relieved himself several times using Ivory body and love as a new toy. Her lashes hurt and Sir Luke enjoyed the wave of trembles Ivory would have whenever he grabbed her lowermost and squeezed.

Ivory drifted off to sleep wondering only of what Sir Luke’s intake of the Wayne house was.

Yeah her bottom hurt horribly, pride a little more, and well her undoubted humiliation of pleasing Sir Nyle was completely burned blackened into her brain. Riding tomorrow was going to really smart her hand and rump; she however, did not care!

“RIDING, and Training in the morning, was all she thought of.”

New colt; and a race to win.

The morning breakfast table was busier than ever. It was a work morning; and many things were going to need to get done throughout the day.

Sir Nyle led prayer that morning.

Ms. Kay and Ivory could not stop staring at each other. Even once, Ms. Kay snuck sticking her tongue out during the prayer; making Ivory smirk and desperately tries not to giggle. She noticed she was caught though. Sir Nyle had a hard time not chuckling himself at their childlike behavior.

It was innocent and Sir Nyle always understood innocents.

“As everyone knows the Wayne house is a complete loss, its insides are charred and very little is salvageable.” Sir Nyle spoke immediately after everyone finished their Amen.

“Sir Luke, Marshall and I returned yet again this morning; and all three agreed this could have been prevented.” “The woodstoves vent door was not closed before the house got locked up.”

“Who was the last person to leave?” Sir Nyle left asking Ivory and Lady Anna.

Ivory swallowed her sip of coffee, looked straight at Anna, then back at Sir Nyle; and spoke relaxed with a small amount of crossness to her voice.

“JoAnne Sir.” ‘I had left JoAnne and Hannah there; when Bella had come to fetch me in regards to Beebe.”

“Lady Anna was not there at all that day Sir; she was busy with bookkeeping yet again.” “I insisted she just stay back the whole afternoon and get it done.” Ivory continued.

“Okay Ivory.” Sir Nyle said, looking at Luke though.

“Ivory and Ms. Kay will you both please meet Sir Luke and I after morning chores.” “We will meet you in Sir Luke’s den.”

“Thank you, let’s eat; I am starving.” Sir Nyle said.

The morning flew bye, Ivory was happy, sure she felt her penance both in her hand and bottom. She seemed to however, be getting what she wanted.

She could not stop smiling all morning.

Ms. Kay and Lady Anna rode over to the other side of the sycamores and glanced at the damage.

“Shame” Lady Anna said.

“Not really.” replied Kay. “Sure hope nothing comes back to haunt Ivory now.”

“HUH?” asked Anna.

“Nothing Anna, let’s go back.” said Kay.

Ivory and Ms. Kay met up again in the kitchen; and walked up the stairs laughing at some story Irene had told during breakfast.

At the top of the stairs, JoAnne stood outside Luke’s den and looked rather confused.

Ivory and Kay walked passed JoAnne and into Sir Luke’s den.

Ivory kisses Luke; and stands beside him glancing at Sir Nyle.

Ms. Kay stood off to the side of Sir Nyle; with her arms crossed over her red dress.

“Let’s get on with this.” said Ms. Kay.

“Ivory and I would like to at least get over and see what progress has been done to the grapes acreages.”

“JoAnne, come in here please?” Sir Luke asked.

JoAnne walked somberly into the den. Her eyes bounced around like a rubber ball; looking between all four of them standing there. She was terrified and Ivory seemed to not care at all.

Ms. Kay, she would never tell a soul. Even if Ivory admitted, she burned down that house verbally and not with just a wink of the eye.

Ivory spoke quick and asked JoAnne, “my husband and Sir Nyle have questioned who left the vent to the woodstove open at my grandfather’s home.” “It seems like this is the purpose to the awful fire that has destroyed mine and Ms. Kay’s childhood memories.”

“I remember JoAnne; you were the one I asked to make sure it was closed, before I left with Bella.”  Ivory continued to address.

“What happened?”

“Why?” Ivory asked JoAnne, bringing back her fake tears.

We stood waiting for JoAnne to somehow come up with the way she could convince us all that it was not her responsibility.

“I,I,I I remmembber dooing ittt !” JoAnne said with increasingly anxiety in her voice.

“No, JoAnne it was open when we went in last night; and still this morning sun showed the vent is visibly open.” Sir Luke said.

JoAnne eyes bounced back and forth between the floor and Ivory. She did not know Ms. Kay and never glanced in her direction. She did not dare make eye contact with Sir Nyle; she was already scared horribly and finally just broke down and started crying she was sorry to Ivory and Ms. Kay.

Sir Nyle just shook his head staring at Ivory, and then glancing back at Ms. Kay.

“He wondered if she knew anything different herself.”

After about 3 minutes of listening to JoAnne go on about how she swore it was closed all the way; and never would she have meant harm to Ivory or Ms. Kay’s family possessions.

JoAnne finally makes eye contact with Ms. Kay; and begged her for her forgiveness; and promised if she still could have her job she would never disappoint her again.

Ivory stood right there and listened to her housemaid beg, without a care in the world; she had been the one to start the fire.

JoAnne made herself a target, Ivory was going to enjoy watching the foolish mouthed idiot get spanked.

Ivory was going to spare her the humiliation of a caning; secretly Ivory did not want her husband or Sir Nyle getting the pleasure of seeing JoAnne nude. Ivory was far from stupid; she knew those bastards had at some point made a remark of JoAnne’s stunning figure. It was stunning, Ivory would agree with that, but they were not going to enjoy its beautiful full view this afternoon.

Ms. Kay spoke and finally said, “Ivory do what you please with this girl. I could care less. I however know I would prefer her to not work in this house; if she needs her job then she can work at the Inn.”

“It is all I ask.”

JoAnne sobbed, “Pppleasse Ms. Ivvoriee, I need aa a aa job, of any sort.”

“I wwwiwiwlll nnott bllaame Ms. Kay for nottt wanting me here in your home, I i did not meannn this to happen Ms.” JoAnne continued pleading.

Ivory looked down at Luke and made eye contact with him. He was so handsome; then she moved her eyes towards Sir Nyle, also fearfully handsome to her.

She kept her composure; and forcefully said looking at JoAnne.

“Take your dress off JoAnne; you can have a job at the Inn. Although, you will be spanked to continue to attain even the one job Lady Anna assigns you to.”

We all sat there and watched the humiliated JoAnne, take her dress off in front of us all and undress to nothing but her underclothing.

Ivory knew better then to chuckle with the stupidity of JoAnne’s choice of colored undies that day.  Clearly her bottom will match them within the next ten minutes or so.

Ivory did have some sense of what she had just done, was so morally wrong; on so many levels.  Her own lashes from last night seemed to be stinging; and itch horribly at that moment.

As soon as JoAnne had her dress off and had step out of it; her bawling and shaking got worse. Sir Nyle glanced at Luke over to Ivory, then over to Ms. Kay.

“JUST Pine PADDLE SIR.” Ivory spoke bluntly at Sir Nyle.

“I will tell you when to stop.”

Sir Luke, Ms. Kay and Ivory watched Sir Nyle walk closer to JoAnne.

Ivory was for sure JoAnne was going to faint. Sir Nyle sat down on a very sturdy heavy oak tall back chair and motioned with is paddle and coldly said, “COME HERE GIRL.”

JoAnne legs shook as she made her way closer to Sir Nyle; she made no eye contact with anyone. JoAnne stood within inches of Sir Nyle’s lap and covered her face with her trembling hands. She finally squeaked a word of deviance as Sir Nyle harshly tugged her undies down right below her knees.

“nnooooNOOnOOOnnnoooooo.” JoAnne squealed as her posterior was thrown over Sir Nyle’s massive legs.

Sir Nyle took one leg and pinned her in position over his lap. She was helpless. Ivory almost laughed. She dared not. However, she did make eye contact with Ms. Kay and wink again.

Sir Luke honestly was reading a piece of paper he had on his desk.

Sir Nyle’s first blow to JoAnne’s bum echoed loudly in Ms. Kay and Ivory’s ears.

Ms. Kay gasped; and out loudly called Ivory’s name.

Ivory did not respond. Instead, she let Sir Nyle deliver one horrendous painful smack after the other while listening to JoAnne wail, her sorriiees and ppllleeaasseess to make it all stop. She had reached around and grabbed her bottom once; and Sir Nyle took a hold of both her wrist and held them tight high on her back.

It must have been around the thirtieth blow, that Ivory said 5 more.

Sir Nyle delivered them with intense strength. Every one of them made JoAnne scream in pain; she would try so desperately to move her body from the humiliating position she was completely immobilized in.

The blows were fast and heavy and as soon as Sir Nyle stopped; he helped JoAnne to her feet; so she could fall to the floor naked from the waist down sobbing; saying sorry a thanking Ivory for another chance at employment.

Ivory walked and stepped over the foolish JoAnne as she lay heaped on her husband’s den floor. Ms. Kay followed her.

They were have way down the stairs when Ms. Kay looked and said directly to Ivory, “I would imagine her bum hurts worse than yours this morning?”

Ivory laughed, “by far Kay, By far.”

“I deserved the canning I got last night you know.”  “My husband and Nyle are always good to me.”

I cherish our rules Kay.” Ivory continued,

“I know JoAnne did not deserve all that, but she step over her bounds; even before I set fire to grandmothers home.”  “Speaking of my penance for secret keeping to Barb was none of her business.” “Telling others I need to be dutiful to my husband.”

“I do everything that bastard tells me to do.” “She should of left her mouth well enough alone, and not of opened herself up to being thrown to the wolves someday.” Ivory laughed.

“YES Ivory I know.” Ms. Kay replied.

Supper was wonderful that night. Never had then been so many different conversations going on at once. Ivory loved every minute of it. She could not stop staring at Kay.

She was finally there; and it was all okay.

The grapes were so sweet that Ms. Kay literally said, “she could pee her pants in excitement.’ She swore Ivory to secret; she had already sold the entire first crop of grapes. The wine was going to all be delivered to a wealthier district outside of London. It would not only pay all the money off, incurred from the new employees; and even make a profit of over thirty-six percent.

Sir Luke knew. Kay just did not want a stir and buzz; till everything was closer to being harvested for the season.

Ivory had informed Sir Luke she was heading down to the stables to check on Beebe one more time that night. She said, “she would not be long and would just shut everything up on her way back in.”

He argued with her a moment; and then gave in and let her go.

Sir Luke made eye contact with Sir Nyle across the room; and nodded his head in approval of whatever agreement they must have had with Ivory.

Irene had returned with strawberry pie ten minutes after Ivory had left for the stable.

This was when Sir Nyle found his way off the porch and headed for the stables himself.

Ivory had just finished putting water in Beebe’s troth; had went around the corner to the tack room, that held the extra saddles and reigns; when she heard footsteps coming up behind her.

“Well now, I have the little fire started alone.” Sir Nyle smirked.

“Let’s see if she can convince me she really wasn’t the one who started the fire.”

“I know you did IVORY MCNICKLES, the picture smashed at the top of the stairs was removed again; and broke. “The only one that ironically fell to the floor that night I assume.”

“Although see Ivory; your husband found the hoof trails in the back of the house leading to the other trail.”

‘NICE TRY.” Sir Nyle chuckled evil.


Ivory started to stumble over her words, “Umm, well I NO one Sir, I do not know what; what you’re talking about Sir.”

Sir Nyle laughed, “Not a chance Ivory.” “I know you did it” “You made me spank that innocent young lady this afternoon.”

“SO WHAT.” Ivory said turning around to hang a bridal on the wall.

“You are going to pay for that Ivory.” Sir Nyle sneered through his teeth.

Ivory did not care what happened; or if Sir Nyle believed her or not. He was going to make his own judgments; and it did not matter if Ivory protested or not. Even though, Ivory would.

“Sir NYLE, I can see why I would look guilty.” Ivory said innocently.

“Your damn right young lady you are guilty.” Sir Nyle sneered.

“Admit it.”

“NO.” Ivory sneered backed.

Ivory turned around to hang the second bridal, which had been sitting on a pile of hay. Before she could even turn around, Sir Nyle took his left arm and embraced it tightly around Ivory’s ribcage making sure he was pinning her arms down to her sides.

“SIR.” Ivory screamed.

Sir Nyle reached up under Ivory’s light green dress with his right hand and grabbed for her undies. Ivory started to protest.

“SIR Nyle, nooo.” “I I did not do it, where is Luke?” Ivory ranted.

“I’m right here Ivory.” Sir Luke said from just outside the tack room.

Both Nyle and Ivory looked towards the door, wondering how Luke got there so quietly.

“TAKE YOU PANTIES OFF IVORY.” Luke said with some form of ordered delight.

“I have them off Luke.” Sir Nyle replied.

Both men chuckled loudly. Ivory fell into Sir Nyle chest and pleaded for mercy.

“Not a chance.” Sir Nyle said maliciously.

Within seconds the exceedingly strong Sir Nyle had Ivory on the tack house floor, forcefully taking all her clothes off.  Ivory would whimper as she tried to free herself even a little from his grip. Without any success; she felt the tug of the last strap of her bra get yanked off her shoulder. It was tossed above to her head.

Sir Nyle let go of her arms; and trusted she would not fight knowing both Nyle and Luke were standing there to stop any deviant behavior.

Ivory would let Sir Nyle do what he wanted.

He stopped and looked down into Ivory’s eyes; she stared back; and then let her eyes roll to the back of her head.

It would be painful she knew; however, Sir Nyle would be excellent at bring her to points of pleasure she would never explain to anyone.

Sir Nyle knew, he could tell with the repeated orgasms that Ivory had that night even though pain.

Sir Nyle would fondle Ivory’s breast and pinch her nipples until Ivory yelped in pain. Then he would grab an entire breast and lick the soreness. Feeling the quivers of ivory’s fear was incredibly arousing for Sir Nyle. Sir Luke stood outside the tack room walls and listened to his wives cries.

Sir Nyle moved his assaulting hands from Ivory’s breast and reached down between her thighs and grabbed Ivory’s tender pussy, he took a hold of her inner thighs and crossed them over each other; so she would flip over to her stomach.

Ivory wailed with tears.

“NYLE pppleeeaseeee, nooo not harsh.” Ivory continued to cry as Sir Nyle forcible stuck his two middle finger into her sweetness.

He might not be able to indulge his manly tool there, but his large and ridged fingers would be all it took for Ivory to start moaning in pleasure instead of pain. He pounded her with his fingers until he felt her cum all over his hand. As soon as she felt his fingers exit her vagina she scrambled to try to get away. She had no luck.

Sir Nyle grabbed her waist fast. He immediately held force to her hips and flung her body upwards onto all fours. Ivory fell back onto her stomach and Nyle grabbed a hold of both lashed ass cheeks and pulled them a part to expose her small rosebud muscle.

He immediately pleasured Ivory with kissing in between her cheeks and licking the very hole he was going to screw hard in a matter of minutes.

Ivory continued to shake with fear and pleasure all at the same time. Sir Nyle was not a small man in the area between his legs. Ivory had had finally experienced that last night when he impaled it into her throat.

Sir Nyle continued to hold Ivory down; and he continued to spread her bottom cheeks apart, while kneading them with huge amounts of strength. His hand reached under Ivory’s figure and lifted her hips up; so her bottom was in his face. As he enjoyed himself with her taste, two of his fingers had made its way back into Ivory’s pussy; as he lightly pressed his tongue around Ivory’s bud, he pounded his fingers inside her.

She screamed, as Sir Nyle made her cum hard yet again.

Ivory felt her body be picked up like a little girl and heaved over a large square bale of hay.

“DO NOT MOVE YOUNG LADY.” Sir Nyle spoke.

Ivory could hear Sir Nyle removing his pants; the shivers she felt as she heard him unbuckling his belt made her faint for a second.

Her legs shivered.

She yipped as she felt Sir Nyle come over top of her body and places his large massive hands around Ivory’s dangling arms pinning them down just above her elbow. She felt his hips start grinding at her backside and his pressure to her arms got harder with force.

Ivory could feel Nyle’s manhood getting larger from rubbing it between her bum cheeks.  Sir Nyle brought his upper body down over Ivory’s back and laid his warm bare chest over her completely; enjoying the humiliating position he had put Ivory in.

His well-trimmed beard and hot lips were inches from Ivory’s ears; she felt his breathe getting heavier, she begged.

“Not Harsh Nyle” Ivory said as she gently tilted her head so her lips could braze Nyle’s. He kissed her hard; and then bit her between her shoulder and neck.


“NO!” Ivory said without hesitation. Only to realize, Sir Nyle would not hesitate to start inflicting pain. He put pressure and Ivory felt her bud begin to sting as it was being forced opened with Sir Nyle’s extremely hard tool.

Ivory started coughing in pain. “couSirrrrghh.” Ivory cried as she tried with everything she had to get in a better or comfortable position.

“AGAIN IVORY TELL ME, say her name.” Sir Nyle said as he slowly moved his hips up just enough to prepare another thrust of hardness a little deeper in Ivory’s bum.

Ivory squealed, owww, ahh, noooo, “you will punish her sirrr”, owwwieee,

The incredible pain Ivory felt from Sir Nyle pushing through her rosebud muscle was euphoric. Her breath was being taken away with every small movement Sir Nyle made with his hips.

She coughed and cried in pain.

“DAMN RIGHT, I will punish her, but you know I want her.”

“WHY Ivey; give her to me.” Sir Nyle begged.

“SHE IS MINE; I will not let you punish her for something she did not do.” Ivory coughed the words out as she continued to feel Sir Nyle enter her bottom.

“SIRRRR, pppleeaseeee stoppp.”

Sir Nyle would have never stopped entering Ivory’s bottom even, if Ivory had given him Bella’s name. She would not though. Ivory promised Bella, she would not feel the wrath of Sir Nyle’s punishment for keeping their secret.

Bella would have never done anything to jeopardize her job or her bum, and it was Ivory who forced her into the web of lies in the first place.

“OWWW.” Ivory cried again and again as she felt every inch of Sir Nyle enter her bottom. Sir Nyle released his grip around Ivory’s arms freeing them from his tight grasp. He took his thick hands and reached under grabbing Ivory’s warm lady hood.

Ivory moaned, “NOO not again, pppleeaaaasse, SIR.”

Ivories pled went completely unacknowledged; she felt Sir Nyle shove his two largest fingers back into her soaked yet sore cavity from the two previous assaults. Sir Nyle had no problem prodding Ivory’s bottom harshly with his thrusting implement. He would slow down enough and remove his fingers after making Ivory cum again; only to wail her bottom hard with his own palm.

Ivory yelped and cried out in pain; mixed with deep fulfillment.

“Ooohh you little BRAatttt!” Sir Nyle roared. The last thrust brought him down relieving his pleasure inside Ivory’s bum; and landing exhausted over Ivory’s naked and thrashed body.

Sir Nyle proclaims loudly in her left ear.

“If you do not admit it Ivory; that Bella rode you through the sycamores; I will get her to admit it herself.”

“She will be punishment, you will have NO say in it foolish girl.” Sir Nyle continued to speak directly into Ivory’s ear.

“I will make you listen, as I punish her and pleasure myself with every inch of her body afterwards; and Bella will watch me whip your bum with the belt for asking her to participate in a foolish act like burning a house down.”

Ivory felt Sir Nyle lift his body off of hers and start getting dressed, she hastily went herself for her own removed clothing and just coldly looked up at Nyle.

“Even if, I did admit it was Bella Sir; AND I AM NOT.”  I would beg you to please not punish her, take her sexually innocent of any infraction.” Ivory begged.

“I see how she looks at you Nyle, it is with desire; you will hurt her and she will hate you.”

“Foolish again young girl, she will cum repeatedly, no different than you just did.” Sir Nyle spoke with complete confidence, as he finished buckling his leather belt, and walked out of the tack room leaving Ivory still trying to dress herself.

“That girl JoAnne, I so harshly paddled today for you.”

“Make sure Anna knows she is to have a job equivalent to the one at the house. Sir Nyle ordered.

Ivory stood up and started wiping off her naked scratched up body from the stiff hay; and dressed herself.

She returned around the corner and fell to the ground inside Beebe’s stall. Ivory wept, not for her pain, but for how she would get Bella out of this without Sir Nyle spanking her and then sexually taking his needs.

Ivory knew Sir Nyle did not give up; and apparently, Sir Luke would agree with Nyle’s game to have Bella.

Ivory felt helpless.

After an hour or so; Ivory finally made her way back to the house where everyone had retired to bed except Jillian and Ms. Kay.

“Ivory?” Ms. Kay said with concern. “Is everything alright?”

“You were gone a long time cousin.”

“Beebe seemed upset and needed a few laps around the paddock.” Ivory started lying. “Sorry, I did not feel like having Jerry or anyone do it.”

“I sent them home.” Ivory said. “Please forgive me Kay, It was rude for me not to care that this is just your second night here.”

“No worry Ivory.” Ms. Kay said. “I just thought maybe, well I mean Sir Luke, and then Nyle.”

“Well anyways, it is okay cousin.” “You look tired, Tomorrow let’s go to town.”

“Okay Kay, sounds good; I love you and sleep good tonight.” Ivory said.

“Night Jillian.”

Ivory climb the stairs; and with much concern to her body. Sir Nyle made up sexually for three years of never touching Ivory in any other way then a spanking her. Ivory wanted a hot washrag and her bed. She begged the Lord for Sir Luke to not need her too.

Thankfully when Ivory arrived to her bedroom, Sir Luke was only waiting to wrap his arms around her. He kissed Ivory’s neck and told Ivory she was foolish for not giving up Bella’s name, but even more of a fool for arguing with him about going back down to the stables.

“If you would have just listened, you could have had a soft bed under her figure; and not a stack of hay.” Sir Luke chuckled right before changing his tone.

“YOU never LISTEN.” Sir Luke grunted in Ivory’s ear.

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