“Crimsons Conduct Codes”



1. I must be on time for any appointment with Daddy
2. I will complete any assignments or tasks given by Daddyand Daddy should not have to remind me of daily or weekly tasks.
3. I am not allowed to swear at home or at work.
4. I am not allowed to say “no” or “ok” if i dont understand I am to ask clarification.
5. If I fail to follow a rule determined by Daddy, and Daddy is unaware of the disobedience, I must confess to Daddy so that He can decide whether I should be punished.
6. I should greet Daddy when He comes in with a kiss and say “Hello, Daddy”.
7. In public, I shall never walk in front of Him but slightly behind to Daddy’s left side.
8. I will bring daddys belt or paddle to bed each night so it is available should Daddy choose to use it.
9. I will sit at daddys feet legs spread wide so he may see my panties until daddy states I may sit on furniture etc.

10 I must start a blog make at least three entries a week in my blog. This blog is to keep track of thoughts abut daddy, our family and things in my life that are important so everyone in the family is aware.
11, when with daddy I will ask permission to use bathroom
12 I will submit copies of all grades of papers assignments test to daddy. I will maintain an A at all times or be punished
13 I will wear my collared tag at alltimes . will proudly show in discreet ways that I am owned and collared.


1. I will exercise daily and eat proper meals, my health is important to daddy and he wants me to be a strong healthy girl.

2. When Daddy is around, I will wear whatever is deemed appropriate by Daddy, including nothing if He so desires.

3. I will be required to come to bed dressed in sexy panties and lingeire unless otherwise directed by Daddy.

4. I must always wear revealing and sexy clothing around Daddy unless given permission to do so otherwise. The clothing that I wear will allow easy access to my pussy, ass and tits. The clothing should emphasize and exaggerate my assets. How I present my body is more important to Daddy than my discomfort or insecurities.

5. I should never be concerned about showing too much flesh in public when with daddy

6. I will dress “trashy” for Daddy when we go out. Examples include bright red lipstick, big earrings, slutty clothing and boots or high heels. If I wear a skirt, I must also wear thigh highs or garters.

7. I will keep my hair color and length the way Daddy wants it.

9. I must keep my pussy clean shaven at all times and shower daily

11. All outfit choices when with daddy must follow the above critera must and unless permission is given otherwise, must be a skirt or dress, and if stockings are worn they must be thigh highs or garters.

12, when not with daddy, I will dress appropriate for the occasion, in mannar not to bring to much attention from men.


1. I should be prepared to take Daddy’s cock in my mouth, without complaint or hesitation. I am required to take daddys cock into my mouth with out being told.

2. When Daddy’s cock is in my mouth, I will do my best to please Him vigorously as long as is required. My hands shall be placed on the the base of his cock strocking with another hand under and behind his scrotum massage his cum from him so I may swallow

3. Daddy’s cum must never go to waste. I will always swallow all of Daddy’s cum. I will lick it up if Daddy cums into my hands, on my body or anywhere else. I will clean Daddy’s cock thoroughly squeezing out every last drop. In rare and privileged cases, I will wear Daddy’s cum on my body.

4. Should Daddy decide to cum in my pussy, I will make sure to suck His cock clean.

5. I must never reach orgasm without permission from my Daddy; Daddy will decide when or if I may release.

6. Should I have an orgasm without permission, I must notify Daddy so that I can be punished at His discretion.

7. If daddy chooses to welcome other playmates to join our family for a night , I will not get jelous or bratty. I am to welcome the new playmate to our evening and show them the same respect and warmth I would my fellow sister sub.

8. If I am not willing to have sex with another woman, i will assist the play and activities daddy is partaking in. I will help with handing toys, cleaning daddys cock, and any other ways I can assist the play scene. Or I may be required to stand in corner and not watch if at anytime daddy senses I am not being sincere in my support of the play. Daddy will address my behavior later.

9, any other female playmate will NEVER jepordise the family. They will never replace daddys’ girls and the place each have in his heart.
10, Daddy’s sexual fulfilment is more important than my own. I will do and be what daddy seeks to ensure he is pleased sexually at all times.

11, daddy in return will guide , nurture , protect his girls at all times

12, will not masterbate with out permission

13 will send at least one sexy picture of myself to daddy every 3 days.

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