Daddies Teddy Bear Suit, By Indica Crimson


I looked over at you as we sat eating dinner “I have a treat for you my sweet Daddy slut,”
“A special treat for you indeed.”

I giggles even more as I could tell your heart was raceing as you stared into the wicked twinkle in my right eye.
The wondering you had twisiting in your mind as to what I had could possibly have planned for you this time.
You were learning very quickly life with me was never dull, and I could be wickedly sexy and full of surprises.
Your body tingled and the anticipation was at an ultimate high.
You tried to focus on eating dinner, and I laughed because I could not help but enjoy how nervous you were.
Every once in a while I would say something smart. It would remind you that I was thinking of your rump and send even more shivers through your body. Just making sure your excited body shivered just a little more.

Sitting with my coffee after dinner I smiled and patted the seat beside me “Come sit next to me.” I patted the seat again and you moved and slowly settled into the seat beside me. I will never forget your smile it was so quirky. I could tell crazy thoughts were bouncing around in your head like a rubber gum ball in a box.
You were wondering what I could have planned, but you also knew better than to ask me.
Mommy would let you know all in good time and you trusted her enough to know that she would only be fair and never just hurt you.
I laughed softly.

“You are burning with curiosity are you not mister?”
You nod at me. Your eyes burning with that a mixture of curiosity and desire . You need to just lose sexual control.

To see you squirm from the ambiguity only makes me even more wet with my own sexual juices. The temperature in my black silk panties is definitely higher then 98 degree, and the sweet smell of hot pussy was seeping out the seams and was lingering in the warm air. I sniffed the air and looked into your eyes

I ask again, “You are burning with curiosity are you not mister?” You silently nod at me, your blue eyes visiably burned with a mixture of curiosity and desire to lose sexual control to your Mommy. You trusted mommy, she was the one who would always adore you, always make your naughty right. Mommy cares, but at times she must teach you that she means it when she says, “you belong to her”. Just like a Teddy Bear belongs to one little girl or boy.

“Well then I guess its time to find out what Mommy has planned. Let’s go sweet little mister, get yourself into the bathroom and get that cute muscly tushie undressed and bare.
And I want you to wait right there in the bathroom until I get there,” Mommies order.

You stand up and move timidly towards the staircase taking two step up before looking back and trying to see if you can catch a glance of something I might be doing. I was just glaring at you each time. I was waiting for you to get to the top and walk down the long grey hallway and enter the bathroom at the end.
You finally went out of sight.

After entering the bathroom you stripped off and placed your clothes into the linen basket. Your mind is racing, and your naughty butt tightening, your heart beating so loudly in your chest you can hear it in your ears. The blood coursing through your ears and pounding softly against your eardrums. It was actually nothing compared to the blood rushing to your male appendage.
You turned to go the bathroom and was stop abruptly by the stern tone of my voice, “Young man do not go the pee, Mommy says not now! As the door opened more widely, you smiled with anxiety, and then went to turning yourself around and straightening yourself proudly.
“Okay Mommy?” you said unsure.
I laughed.
You have a nice built body and you knew Mommy really adored seeing it naked. I like to see you like this. Mommies little naughty Bamm Bamm all hard and erect with his own scent of sex steaming from under his balls. You always get great pride in displaying yourself for Mommy, but Mommy wants a clean little boy to play with right now.

I wink and lean into run a bath, pouring a small amount of bubble bath under the water steaming from the taps. Turning to look at you as the bath filled, I nodded.
“Yes, this will be fun, but we need to make sure you are all clean first.” I laugh softly.
I turn off the taps, swished the warm fresh smelling water in the bath and pointed telling you to get in. Stepping into the water you close your eyes and sit down. You move back to allow me access to your body and then with anticipation of my touch I could see the head of your excitement peeked out of the soapy water. Like it was winking at Mommy.

Picking up the sponge and bar of soap I lather it up. All I could do was smile at you. I start to rub the sponge all over your chest, and down your pecs. You cannot help but moan and make the little noises of arousal. The sponge caresses your chest with the Magic baby scented soap, and your tiny nipples were hard. I ran down along your stomach and over your inner thighs; working the Cookie Monster sponge into a rich cleansing lather. I placed the sponge on the side and pick up the razor, I razor you smooth.

Pinching at your nipples I tell you to roll onto your knees. You do as your told.
As you kneel on all fours, I lather up my hands and run them up and down your thighs, squeezing your butt, spreading your cheeks enough so I can wash your crack clean. I move down to your cock and balls, stopping to caresses them ever so softly. My hands teasing and tormenting you. It all causing your cock to twitch and throb in my hands.
I pull away and caress your butt again, my finger sliding up your butt crack, feeling you with my bare touch and cleaning you in such a special kind of way. You moan softly in unsured pleasure, however your hips are rocking against my fingers as they glide over your backend.
“You want Mommy to make cummies, and have you feel better?”
“Yes Mommy.”
I laugh softly and stood up. Rinsing you off, I hear you moan in frustration so I reminded you by slapping your butt, I would have no naughtiness out of you tonight. I tell you to get out of the bath, and start drying you, rubbing you briskly with the towel all over your body.
AH!, I am finished.
I smile at you. My green eyes locking with your blue ones . Deep pools of curiosity reflecting off your ocean blue eyes. And in them you wonder what I have planned for you.
By the look in my eyes you can tell that I am excited at what ever it is I am up to.
So are you.

I smile and kiss your nose lightly and then go on to pointing my skinning finiger, gesturing you. Telling you to go lay on my bed. I tell you rigidly the word “now”, since you hesitated just a tad.
You do as you are told and go lay on the bed.
I follow you and pick up the restraints attached to the bed, lying all four cuffs beside you on the bed so you can see I mean it when I am in control.
I smile down at you.
“Its time for the fun to start” I laugh.

Picking up one of the larger cuffs I start cuffing your ankles and firmly attaching it around the bedposts. Your thighs visibly trembled, first your right side then using another cuff on your left. I was making sure to tie them secure, leaving you spread and vulnerable. Running my hands up over your stomach, and then your chest as I moved up your body. My nails drag over your skin leaving a trail of very light red welts.
I feel you shiver under my touch, and I grin down at you. Using more cuffs, I bind your wrists, making sure to tie them secure. First the right side, then the left. Watching the mixture of excitement, curiosity and fear building in your eyes. It was awesome to watch you watch me working, your breathing becoming a little heavier, your face was flush.
Mommies play toy was hard, ready for some touching of its own.

I stand back and admire you all tied up, bound and secure for me. I grin a little, lean in and whisper to you my lips brushing against your ear and my warm speech entering your brain.
“Oh my sweet slut Daddy, you look so cute”

I reach over and pull a purple bag from under the bed, winking at you I also open the bedroom door. “I have got a present for you my slutty one, and I just know you will like what I have here.” At the same time you see Mommy open the door farther and there is a blond little girl sitting on the floor. She is dressed in a small pink skirt, her white Mickey Mouse panties peeking out from underneath it. You notice she has on your spiderman t-shirt. You growl, “HEY, thats my t-shirt mommy”.
“It does not match her skirt mommy’. Mommies sweet little girl had her hair in pigtails and was also playing with Daddies mustang hot wheels cars.
You screamed, cringed and bellowed, “Mommy she has my cars”. Just when you noticed she was biting on one, “you fainted”. I giggled.

You woke up and Mommy was reaching into the purple bag she had taken out from under the bed.
I continued to laugh. And you tried hard not to look at the cute little girl, that mommy had on the floor playing with your cars in your t-shirt.

You gasped as I remove the specially made teddy suit I had made for you.
It is made of soft fluffly fabric, in a such a cool color shade of purple.
Grinning down at you, I released each limb carefully and slip each one of them into the there proper sections. Rolling you on your side to pull it up your back and into a nice snug fit. Right before slipping your arms away into the Teddy Bear suit, I kissed your nose and told you what a naughty little Teddy Bear you were.
Zipping you up snugly into the fluffy suit, I stop to caress your covered butt. You squirm and moan wiggle your hips trying to obtain pleasure against your erotically erect penis.
“Mommy I have to go pee,” you whine.
“Now!, Now! I said. Not right now mister. Do you need the diaper on?”

I rolled and laid you back into the bottom ups position.
You glance and see Mommies little girl playing with your cars again. You cringe but say nothing. She is on her hands and knees, pushing the cars around. He bottom up high, showing off her panty covered private hole, and you notice how wet they are.
Your arms and legs are now covered with the Teddy Bear suit. I smile again while reaching into the purple bag once more. This time removing a specially made butt plug with a fury teddy tail on the end of it.
I proceed covering it with a special lube and laugh as I look right into your submitting blue eyes. Your eyes never left my hands. Your tiny moans of uncertainty was getting louder and louder. I released the Teddy Buttons on the backside of your suit, and exposed your naked bottom.

“All Mine,” I giggles. Shivers ran down my spine.

I started to insert the plug, right straight into your tight butt. Slowly letting it slid in. The pleasure of feeling you wiggle and squirm as I slowly move it in and out. Watching you look back at me, your moans louder then before, and I slowly press it deeper into your butt. I feel it slip firmly into place, your muscles clenching it ever so firmly. You beg, “Oh Mommy, Oh Mommy Owiiiieee.”

My hands move back to watch your exposed butt wiggle with the tail in it. So again, I ran my nails over your expose butt skin. Your sweet delectable bottom flesh had goose bumps all over it. I crawled off the bed and leaned down to kiss you, stopping to nibble on your lip. Then before you knew it, I pulled the teddy hood right over your head.
“Mommy, I cannot see!,” you yelped
I grinned.
“You will be a good boy then and let mommy switch you around in a Teddy Bear cage?” I said this with a questioning tone, for sure Mommy still knows she is just getting to play with Daddy.
I switch the cuffs, and put you in a sitting position and let the hood fall down so you could see again. All propped up and looking like the cutest dang Teddy Bear any Mommy could ever want.
You catch a glimpse of Mommies cute little girl, you want to touch. She is looking and peeking at your compromising position. A car in her mouth she stares back at you. She giggles and tells your Mommy I should spank you. Make you have a red bottom and stand in the corner.
“Not now,” I tell her.
Slowly, I unzip your suit. And stood back. Admiring my naked Teddy Bear.
Your arms and legs sticking out, your tail twitching in your butt. Your cock and balls there for me to see.
For Mommies little girl to see.
I take my pink lipstick and write on your belly, “I belong to INDICA”. You are my half naked Teddy, with my signature now written on your bare skinned belly.
YOU listen and do what your Mommy tells you to do now. She is the one that knows your soul.

Standing proud against your stomach was your red and swollen penis. It longed to be touched and licked.
“please! oh please mommy!, you begged me. You whimper so softly, watching me, waiting to see what I do next.
I smile leaning in closer with drool coming from the corners of my mouth.
“Your my slut teddy now. You really are my Teddy Bear aren’t you?
“Aren’t you Daddy?” I said with an evil yet innocently passable smirk.

Slowly I straddle your body, kneeling over you I run my breasts up and down your body moaning myself now. I arch my back as I reach your mouth.
Then taking your lips and tracing my erect nipples I had you suck on them for a while.
“SUck Mommies nipples!” I ordered.
I leave you now to only watch me tend to my little girls wet pussy. I start rubbing it and making the wet spot in her panties much more vivid.
I grab her by her hair, make her yelp. She is directed to pay attention. And place her inches from you. You can smell her hot pussy, and I make you watch me use my tongue to dig into her tight little pussy hole.
Her pleasure was for you to see me take.
She had been bitting on your cars, now to show her how mommy can bite.
I reach and let my own finger glide and dance over her tiny bud. It was throbbing, I could feel the pulse against my lips. Her hips jerk slightly. I was rubbing over and over again. The little girl slut moan louder as I placed my tongue in her sweet hole.
I made her moan and beg to have an Orgasm and I denied her. Pulling my tongue out and leaning over to grab my
strap-on and to place myself in position to fuck her to it instead.
She whimpered loudly as I entered her tight wet pussy, I pulled in and out making her gulp and beg for Mommy not to hurt her special place. I shoved a little harder making her scream and call out for Daddy to protect her.

Your still tied, and I am going to make her beg for her Organsm.
I fucked her hard and made her call out several time she wanted to suck my Teddy Bears cock before I let her cum all over my strap-on. She squirted so hard she had cum dripping all over her red swollen pussy.
Every time she yelled out she wanted to suck it, I fucked and shoved my cock deeper into her tight little girl hole.
I enjoyed her yelps and screams and making her beg to have another hole shoved and plugged with something.
Mommy had just the thing and she grabbed her little girl by the hair again and showed her just what.

Her tongue flicks over your throbbing cock, lapping before licking down to your balls, sucking and teasing you. Back upwards she works. Semi rolling her tongue she goes round and round on your cock.

I choose to start caressing the sensitive underside of your balls with my tongue. It was good feeling your twitch. I take your balls in my hands and move them gently in my fingers. Stroking, caressing, and teasing them as the little girl slide Daddies cock in and out of her hot saliva dripping mouth.

Sliding Mommies little girl back against her Teddy Bear Daddy, she makes her start fucking your large hard cock.
She start moaning loudly as she glides over your cock with her freshly fucked pussy again, coating you in her little girl juices.
My hand teasing your tail plug. Barely moving in and out of your butt as she fuck and glides up and down on your cock. You start to whimper and moan very loud. I can feel you shiverer in pleasure, shuddering and moaning. The bed shaking as she rides and fuck you. Your cock throbs and swells in the little girls pussy.
You are close.

“Yes, cummies for me, sweet Teddy Bear” I whisper against your ear.
Then while rubbing your balls and pressing softly against your butt plug you explode.
I shiver myself as I feel you press and jerk against the little girls pussy walls. She screams as you explode into her twat.

As you lay there panting I place my hands at your mouth, and say”, Shhhhh Mommies Teddy Bear, go to sleep MMMMMmmmmmm, Oh yes what a good teddy you are!”

Climbing off the bed I enjoy smiling down at you. You lie there in the bed sleeping for a long time. And I get the pleasure of having your body covered with the scent of sex in it. I notice your cock still twitching against the fur of your suit, your breath is fast, your face is flushed, your eyes move under your closed lids with excitement. I finally turn to leave and I hear you whimper.
“Please make me cummies again mommy!”, you whimper like a little boy.
I stop looking back at you. Scooping up my panties off the floor, I poke them into your mouth laughing ever so slightly. I leaned in and kissed your forehead,
“You are my Teddy Bear now Daddy, I will be back for more Teddy Bear slut fun !”
I leave the room.

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