Daddy’s twins.

Suzy put down the book she was reading. It was Mark twain or samuel
clemens if you would rather have his real name. Anyway she was reading
his book “Tom Sawyer” and quite enjoying it. She had gotten to the
part where Tom Sawyer got a switching at school even though it was his
gf Becky who had done it. Tom had taken the blame because Becky had
never gotten the switch before. Suzy thought back and daydreamed for a
little bit about how cool it would be if someone ever did a thing like
that for her, but all she had was that no good loser of a sister Tory
(short for Victoria) Tory was a couple minutes earlier then she was
because for you see they were Twins Suzy and Tory were. but not just
any twin they were as identical in appearence as you could get.
However in behaviour and personality they were as different as night
and day. In fact at this moment in time Tory was laying on her tummy
face down crying into a pillow and rubbing a sore bottom because she
got an F on a paper and thier dad blistered her bottom with the
hairbrush. Anyway it was time to go to bed, so Suzy got up and turned
off the bedroom and tried to sleep despite Tory’s loud sobs coming
from the bunk above her. from the way she was crying one would think
thier dad came close to killing her but he didn’t he gave a nice
suitable punishment. The Next morning as they were
getting ready for school Suzy reminded Tory about the spelling test
they had that day. Tory started moaning, I forgot to study I wonder if
I could cheat off of someone’s paper. Suzy tried to convince her not
to do it because who ever let her cheat would get in trouble when it
was found out and then thier dad would really give it to her. They
argued about it for a couple more minutes before Suzy ended it by
simply walking away and going down for breakfast. Tory joined her
after a couple more minutes and sat down gingerly on her chair at the
table to a nice breakfast of Bacon and Eggs. Dad turned to her and
reminded her to get good grades or next time it will make yesterday’s
punishment look tame.. Tory gulps and says yes sir and then turning to
her sister reminded her they needed to get going so they could get on
time for school.. scarfing down the last of breakfast they pick up
thier school bags and run out the door giving a kiss to their parents
before jumping on bikes and riding away. When they got to school they
went to thier seperate classrooms. it was a big school so even though
they were twins they went to different rooms. The spelling test was a
breeze and she got an A as usual. She hoped that Tory would get at
least a C that way she could escape another spanking on top of the one
her sister got yesterday. After school she finds her sister and asks
her how it went. Tory looked aweful sick and simply handed her sister
a nite that basically told her parents that Tory failed the spelling
test and because of some grade issues there needed to be a parent
teacher’s meeting at school and if her parents could call the teacher
to set it up. Suzy asked Tory what she was going to do and Tory said
she didn’t know and to let her think about it. they got home and
nothing was said until after dinner. Tory simply put the note on the
kitchen table and waited for her parents to see it and went off to
watch t.v. with Suzy. Her father’s voice bellowed out though after
about 5 minutes and practically shouted out to Tory to get her sorry
butt in the kitchen that instant. Both Suzy and Tory went into the
kitchen. Thier dad asked Tory what the meaning of the note was and
before she said anything Tory shouted I did it!!!! Dad turned out and
said Huh???? I flunked the test and I have been fixing grades not to
get into trouble. the principal since I am a twin simply got confused
and put the wrong name down I am sorry. Tory looked at her with this
shocked expression but remained silent. Dad Ordered Tory to leave the
two of them alone and then turned to Suzy and told her to march
herself into the parents bedroom and get prepared for the spanking of
a life time. Suzy started to cry and simply walked to her parents
room. upon entering she grabbed the hated hairbrush and put it one the
bed. then she unbuckled her pants and took them off along with her
panties. she then folded both into a bundle and put them next to the
bed. Then she went to the corner and kneeled their with her hands on
her head and her nose pressed up against the corner. about 5 minutes
later Dad entered the room and told her she could get up. She stood up
and stood by his side. I am deeply deeply shocked that my sweet little
girl would do this. but since you did and you know that what you did
was wrong I have to punish you. you know you did wrong right? Suzy
could only nod and start to cry as she blubbered that she would never
do it again. I know dear but I must do this to teach you a lesson. Dad
took her hand and guided her across his lap as he picked up the
hairbrush. Suzy felt a woosh of air and then SMACK!!!!! she had never
been punished by the brush before so the first one took her breath
away with how much it hurt. before she got much relief the next ones
continued to fall SMACK!!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!! the fire that
started on her backside with the first swat just seemed to build and
build and build. Suzy really started to cry as the brush continued to
rain down and her father lectured her, SMACK!!! you SMACK!!!! know
SMACK!!!! that SMACK!!! all SMACK!!! we SMACK!!! is SMACK!!! that
SMACK!!! you SMACK!!! trySMACK!!! at SMACK!!! School SMACK!!! and
SMACK!!! you SMACK!!! cheat? SMACK!!!!! Suzy beyond words now just
bawled and bawled.. SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! as her
bottom started to bruise.. finally it was over and her dad told her to
go straight to her room and that she would get no supper…. Suzy ran
cry naked from the waist down to the room and fell on the bed and
rubbed her bottom for all she was worth… she just layed there for
the longest time before her dad came in and told her it was time for
bed. he gave her a hug and a kiss and then told her to get some sleep.
just before he walked out the door and turned off the light he turned
around and said. I know your secret. I know it was your sister. I read
the book too when I was a kid. giving her a wink he turned off the
light and closed the door. at the sound of the door closing Suzy woke
up with a start.. wow that was a strange dream she said. I got to get
some rest there is a test tomorrow. rolling onto her back she drifted
off to sleep again…..

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