Feminization, I own you! By Duane

Oh no,

After the bath I relish the weekend. The bath oil smells so pretty. My wife left for a week-long

psychology conference with some of her friends and I agreed. For me it was an opportunity to do

what I have been longing for; get pretty in feminine attire; negligee at bed

time, and dresses during the day. With my new makeup I was going to be all

girlie, how lovely and I couldn’t wait to start. Mid morning on Saturday, I’m

lovin’ it. I lay out the clothes I can wear over the next week and I take

another bath. Overcome with desire I shave my legs. It’ll grow back in a

week, at least enough for her not to notice. I can lie and say I had a reaction

to some food – it will be OK. It is my freedom to cross-dress this week and I

am falling deep … then I wonder; what if she knew of my secret? What if

she were a dominant?

Bright red toe nail polish and a lighter shade on my fingernails, how pretty.

As I sit on the chair in  a nighty and look into the mirror on the vanity, I am

overwhelmed with desire to be used. I love the way these panties allow me to

tuck so that I look feminine. The new bra with inserts is amazing, the feel and

the look. With makeup on I try on the wig, it looks good. I put the dress on and

go to the closet to get the vacuum. Just then the front door opens

and my wife walks in … “Duane?! … what to hell?” The laughter

from her two girl friends is too much, “Get your ass over here

NOW.” I slowly walk toward her and realize that this is bad. As I

stand before her and her girl friends, I want to cry. “Turn around for

us, show us who you are.” Laughter. “Ah yes, you aren’t Duane,

you are DENISE.” Laughter … “Honey, are you a sissy?” I am so

embarrassed. “No maam, I am not a sissy.” “Really, what do you

call it?” Silence.

“There is one way to find out; see if DENISEY is wearing panties.

Come on now honey, lift your dress for us.” I slowly lift my skirt

and am so humiliated. The laughter and then Lynda our neighbor

exclaims: You little pansy, you stole those panties and garter off

my clothesline on my back porch.” “No maam, I cry,” then my face

gets slapped. Debbie calls from the bedroom, “Ladies, look what I

found.” Across the bed I laid out the attire for the next few days and

she found the clothes. I hear my wife exclaim; “ladies, we are going

to learn about sissies this weekend, and enjoy a modeling show.”

Click, click click, pictures are quickly taken, “evidence.” Laughter.

She looks at me; “you are going to be our bitch for the weekend, honey, and do what ever we say,

you can’t get out of this one. “Debbie, get a few more pics, if sissy balks, we have pics to show the

girls in the office; oh yes, the guys will love this. With pictures, I own you. Lynda, would you go to

the store and get four bottles of Nair. If sissy wants to dress up, she needs to

do it right.” Then my wife shows tears, “I thought I married a man” she lifts

my skirt, “To think there was something there to fuck. It is gone.” There are

at least three bottles of wine in the cellar, and a bottle of champagne in the

cupboard. I think Denisey is about to pour some wine.” Laughter.

I am led to the bedroom, and my wife says; “Honey pick an outfit to model

for us. That would be easier than us calling the police on you right now for

stealing panties off a clothesline.” Laughter. “yes maam.” Lynda walks back

in the door with Nair and I am sent to the bathroom to lose all my hair. When

I am done I hear, “OK sissy, get changed and come out and model for us

bitch and if there is any sign of masculinity we will beat you, until you cry.”

As I model a few outfits, more pictures are taken. I realize that I am in

trouble. I am handcuffed and led to the basement and gagged. “Honey, this

will hurt me more than you, but you need to learn how to be a lady. You

chose to be a girlie boy, now you will learn the art of gentle femininity. Put this negligee on, it will

give us better access to your sissy ass. Then bend over at that chair so Debbie can secure your ankles

at the spreader bar, and yes, pull your panties down.” Laughter. “You will get the spanking your

mother never gave you. My ankles are secured and legs slightly spread with a spreader bar. The

handcuffs secure my hands.

Debbie is on the cell phone, talking to someone, I can hear part of the conversation.

“Yes, you won’t believe it, Duane is not macho at all – it was a front; he is here

right now, pretty as can be, a true sissy bitch, yeah, come on over, and yeah, bring

your girl friend with the strap on. Denise needs some strap on humiliation, oh yeah

Duane is Denise now. By the way does she still have a notary? I told his wife, or

her wife about the school, that is run like the Stanford Prison Experiment, … yeah

the one for feminized husbands, she is interested. Great, we’ll see you shortly.”

“Oh honey, company is on its way.” The stereo upstairs is turned up, and a

blindfold put on. My wife stands before me, and raises my head, pushes me toward

her vagina, smell it honey, because you will never have me again – I need a man. I am sorry I have to

do this; I have thought about it the last couple hours, but it is for your own good. The rules have

changed, you are my bitch now, and will do whatever I say. Never again will you be the man in the

house, the boss.” The spanking is hard and slow with a belt; I am near tears as the women laugh.

There is a pause, and footsteps on the stairs. They near me; and then there is roaring laughter in the

room; the blindfold is lifted. Standing before me is my ex, who is a Mistress and her neighbor who is

also a Mistress. She is laughing, and mad with vengeance; she says, “did this slut ever tell you about

stealing panties from my neighbor and lying about it? Of course not, you only heard HER story –

pathetic little whore. Bitch, I am going to enjoy this.” I feel her anger with every sting of the belt.

I feel a hand on my chin, and look up to see my wife standing there wearing a strap on. Looking

down at me, “I have wanted to take a male’s ass for a long time, and honey, this will mark my

ownership of you.” She enters inside me, thrusting hard, and I squirm. “Come on sissy, squeal like a

bitch, show us your girlie side.” Laughter. My ex yells out, “put her on her back and want some of

that sissy ass, but I want her to watch me fuck her.” I am put on my back on a bed with a canopy, and

my ankles are secured in stirrups and raised high above; my hands are secured and I am gagged. My

ex stands between my legs, smiling, “I want this more than you can ever imagine;” she gently pulls

my panties aside so she can slide her strap-on into me; “the plans that lay ahead for you are going to

be life changing.” Laughter. “Now rock that ass around like a good little slut.” As she pounds deeper

I look into her eyes, she says “I am so pleased to be able to take part in your feminization. As she

rolls her hips her dildo rubs the sides of my male pussy; smiling, “Honey, there is a lot more coming

your way.” Laughter, and I see Debbie and my wife standing in line behind her waiting to fuck me. I

can’t believe this is happening to me. “You need to start moaning like a woman, show us your sissy

side, be the bitch you are for us.” Laughter.

A couple of hours of this alternated with the belt and I have welts. Tears my eyes, I begin to cry and beg

to please stop. My wife says, “honey, you have one option, well, maybe two. One is to go to jail for

stealing panties, and trust me, if the cops come here with you dressed like this, you will be fucked by

every guy in jail. There is not a judge in the state that will believe

your story and there are six ladies that will attest to your stealing

women’s clothes. Are you ready to talk?” I nod yes.

“OK, your second option; simple, sign this contract. You will enter

into a minimum forty five day program, possibly ninety, for sissies

like you. This is comparable to the

Stanford Prison Experiment


conducted in 1971. You will be broken

of masculinity and feminized to be a house wife. A magazine is

thrown down in front of me. “This is your destiny honey. You will

never hurt a woman again, but many will abuse you.” Laughter.

Once admitted into the training program, there is no release until I

say so, thus, if your progress is poor, you will stay longer, but

know this, you will never be the same. DENISE, if you are familiar with the Stanford Experiment,

you know these men, broke down and cried, and begged; HONEY, you will do the same – I promise,

yes, you will be emasculated. You work from home as a writer, there will be no loss in work. The

contract is laid out before me with a notary. I am so scared, I sign it – it is notarized. “Honey, you

need to fix your makeup before you leave, pull your panties up and change outfits, then; follow

Debbie upstairs, she will get something for you to wear and make you ladylike, less of a slut for your

presentation to the warden.” Laughter.

My ex calls out from the room, well well, look at this dress and wig. Honey, with your long pretty

hair why a wig?” Laughter. “Maybe I can talk your

wife into getting you a couple little titties. How

badly I want to see you totally emasculated.”

I can hear the garage door opening, voices, I wonder

who it is. They are nearing the room when Debbie

calls out “in here.” Two female cops?

“My, my, my, what do we have here … honey, you

are a pretty little bitch.” Laughter. “Lisa, get the

shackles, and cuffs.” My wife walks in, “my oh my,

honey, you do look nice. I am sure the warden at the

jail will thank me. Did I tell you, your detention for

the next forty five to ninety days is with sadistic

Lesbian bull dykes. They hate men and believe in their feminization. Yes, they love reducing males

to whimpering sissies.” Laughter. Lisa walks in with the ankle shackles. They have a heavy rubber

coating so that do not make any noise when moved as I walk. “Let’s put the long chain on HER

ankles, I have a funny feeling I will be getting some sissy ass on the way to the station.” Laughter. A

chain is put around my waist, with locking mittens for my hands on each side. I am helpless. I start to

sit up and the lady cop pushes me on the bed. “Honey, we are going to get in the van in the garage,

the windows are tinted, no one knows you are leaving with us in the van and you are going to put out

like a good little bitch. Any screw ups, I will slap you silly and we will drop you off on a street corner

in the hood – you will not have a chance. DO you understand this?”

“Yes maam.”

“Good Girl.”

She looks at my wife, “are you driving with us in the van?” “Yes I am,” then my ex says she wants to

come along too.

All of us get into the van and the drive is underway. A blindfold is put over my eyes, and the music is

loud enough for me to not recognize any sounds.

My wife on one side and my ex in the back, the cop is on my right. She leans over, and plants a kiss

on my lips, and fondles me under my dress. I am soft, and she is getting hot. “Sandy, take the long

way to the station. I have some sissy pussy back here.” Laughter from my ex and my wife. The cop

says, “talk to me girl, talk to me like the whore you are. Tell me you want my cock.” I feel her hand

lift my skirt, she pinches my sissy clit, and I squirm. “That’s OK honey, just make sure you stay soft

under those panties.” Laughter. Her finger probes and it enters inside and I beg her “please don’t” I

moan and give in and spread my legs more. “Yeah, you go girl, give it up.” She pulls her finger out, I

moan, she quickly undoes her belt and pulls her slacks down, and reveals a giant strap-on. She

quickly lifts my leg, pulls my panties aside and thrusts inside me, slamming me hard while squeezing

my sissy clit under my panties; her strap-on with its built-in vibrator are making me wet, she is

milking me with the vibrating dildo, I can’t help but moan and beg “this feels so good, please go

deeper.” She pumps me hard; as she nears orgasm she massages my kitty and we both cum together.

She shivers with delight, “whahmmmm sissy juice in your panties, honey.” Laughter from my wife

and ex. “You will be my bitch, while we have you detained.” A few minutes later we slow down and

we enter into what may be a garage. The van stops, and the door opens. I am led out of the van on a

leash while still shackled. I am led to a large room and blindfold removed. The door is locked with a

dead bolt behind me, There are three women, the two cops, my wife and ex in the room. These

women have brush cuts, they look strong.

Standing in the middle of the room, I am told to lift my dress. The cop that did me comes over next to

me and rubs my softness, remarking, “her sissy clit is wet in her panties with sissy juice from when I

fucked her. It is obvious this is not a man.” Laughter.

A woman asks my wife, “do you have her paper work?” My wife opens her purse and walks over to

her and hands her the paperwork. She looks up at me, “state your name bitch.” “It is Duane.” My ex

comes over and bitch slaps me, “say what, your name is DENISE, not Duane.” She opens her purse

and gets a mirror for me to look at myself, “look at yourself in this mirror,

you are a soft pathetic sissy with wet panties.” “Who fucked her in the

van?” “I did” the cop says, she was easy, of course she was banged pretty

hard all afternoon and evening as well as beaten with a belt. But once I

kissed her, and grabbed her clit, she melted, and I knew I could make her

wet – milk her. It was simple, my vibrator strap on has the curl at the end

for the prostrate, and massaging her through her panties with my hand like

a bitch, made her cum like a woman in her panties. She is a perfect candidate.” A woman speaks to

my wife and says, “Denise is wearing the perfect panties for sissy training. When the clit is pulled

back or tucked, tight panties like these prevent erection as you can see. When the panties are gently

pulled aside she is fucked while her clit is massaged, she will orgasm just like a woman. The sissy is

then forced to recognize orgasm with penetration when feminine – preferably completely feminized

with makeup etc. After awhile, you can walk up to her, lift her skirt, and she will nearly fall to her

knees with desire; maybe even wet her panties within a few minutes. Our ladies will typically fuck a

girl like this five times a day the first few weeks; eye restriction and humiliation are used while she is

in her wet panties. The nice part is that chastity is not required; it is mind control, very much like the

Stanford experiment, but we guarantee you a perfect housewife when done; to the degree you desire.

The woman at the table looks at my wife, “we have a few programs, do you know which one you

desire? As you know the minimum is 45 days, it used to be 30 but we raised it. The 90 day program

works wonders and is very popular.” My ex pops up, “she will need the 90 day program.” Ladies,

let’s go talk and let Denise get situated with her room.

They leave and I am led to a room where the cop is joined by two other women. I am sat on an

examination table with stirrups and my feet are secured with a spreader bar. “Denise, we are horny

and need some sissy pussy.” They smile and a woman walks over to me and grabs my head and

shoves it down on her strap on. “Suck it bitch,” and as I do I can feel groping under my dress, then

she is between my legs and goes inside me. Her vibrating strap on penetrates deeper than in the van, I

want to scream in ecstasy.

My ex and wife walk in, “Denise you little slut, you just can’t keep those legs crossed.” Laughter.

“Paper work is signed, we will see you in a few weeks, for a little check up. Bye now.” The next

couple hours I am reamed, until I cry. Finally, a woman announces the agreement to me.

“Your wife has decided to leave you for 45 days, but she said most likely for 60 days. Your training

will start first thing in the morning. Alexandria will take you to your room, and this is your nightie –

panties are also in your room. Needless to say, your stay will involve deep

feminization. First thing in the morning; body waxing, eye brows waxed,

fingernails with long tips added; speech therapy, how to walk like a woman, and

a makeup class and posture control; sewing classes and cooking are included. Oh

yes, your long hair is nice, it will be dyed and styled in a feminine cut, and we

will get both ears pierced. The diet is strict and you will be on the treadmill a lot.

The diet does have foods that will enhance your butt and your bust, maybe a B

cup, yes a bit more girlie, but you are not going on hormones for full breast. You

will always have a butt plug inserted, making you aware of your femininity, as if

you could forget. (laughter) You can expect to be fucked five times a day maybe

more, it depends on who stops by. As you can tell, being a woman is a lot of

work, and you will learn it well. A woman guard will be outside your door at all times when you are

in your room, and often times in your room. Expect to be groped, and whipped regularly; a belt is

most desirable for sissies like you. My one desire is to break you of all masculinity, make you a good


I am wondering, what did I agree to, can I get out of this?

The next three days are unbelievable, and then on Wed, I get the news. The warden stops by; “your

wife called; her and your ex will be here at 4:00, it is 2:00 now. You need to get ready for the visit. I

suggest you pick out something pretty, like the dress in your bedroom, of course with garter and hose

too. I bath, pretty bath oil, and get dressed up and wait in my room with my guardian. At 4:00 a

knock on the door, and I am led to the waiting room. My wife, my ex and two other women are there.

“Hi honey, pretty dress, did you pick it out?” “Yes maam” I nervously say.

“Do you remember Betty and Barbara?”

“No Maam.”

“They say that you are the one that tried to rape their daughter. As a matter of fact, they are both here,

outside in the van.”

“I did no such thing, please do not believe them, this is a setup.” Just then two of the guards come to

me, and put a belt on me with locking loops. My hands are then put

into mittens and locked to the loops on each side, then shackles put

on my ankles with a short chain. The two girls are led into the room.

“That’s him that’s Duane, and you are a sissy.” Laughter.

“No no no no, that is not Duane that is DENISE.” Laughter. Both of

the girls walk toward me, and I step back and stop at the chair; a

guard on each arm – I am sat down. “You are a sissy, and you tried to

rape us.” She slaps me, then lifts my skirt. The girls all start laughing,

because I am tucked, it looks like a female clit. The girl starts crying,

“please make sure he can never use it again, I don’t care how, but

don’t let the bitch outa here with a dick. Make sure it doesn’t ever

work again, please.” My ex looks at me and says “you are gonna

suffer” and my wife looks at the warden lady; “Please, I will sign the

paperwork, keep her for 90 days, break her three

or more times. I don’t care, but break her for

good, and when I pick her up, I want this bitch impotent so she leaks in her

panties and give her some titties. I don’t care if it is hormones, she will be a sissy


As I am led out of the room I am wondering where this all came from, but I

realize I can’t get out of this. I have been condemned and sentenced to be transformed into a

permanent sissy without a jury. The next few days were difficult. The schedule is demanding, from

morning to-night while I am in training with severe spankings with the belt used at times.

My ex and my wife stopped by twice this week to see me. I can hear them talking, “she is coming

along just fine. A big part of the feminization process is creating a soft feminine behaviour in the

walk and posture, and how she carries herself, her accessories and of course encouragement. Bring

some magazines next time and have her pick out some clothes. “Denise has already expressed interest

in these dresses. She will model them on our runway next week, please come by and watch as well as

the other ladies too.

One thought on “Feminization, I own you! By Duane

  1. yes to-day i got a new master her name is brab i pick her up in my cab she saw my bra straps she ask are you wearing a bra i said yes miss when we got to here place i was told to come in when she shut the door she told me i want to see your bra i pull mu shirt up and show my tan bra well is that a nice bra you have on i said yes miss and then she put her hands on my bra well you have nice tits then she unhook my bra and put one of her bra on me there now that better i can see more of your breasts then she open her blouse and she had the same bra on you myay feel them i did as told then she told me you will become my slave bitch then she push my head into her tits and said suck them bitch as i suck her breast i felt her hand on my ass and then a finger the more i suck the more her finger went in i stop and told her please make me your bitch yes she said you will beg to be my bitch and that how i become a slave bitch

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