Instant Message To A Spanking

Instant Message To A Spanking

Melanie sits back in her chair and giggles at the computer screen. Oh how she loved to tease the poor innocent guys that dared flirt with her on the net. A Cheshire cat grin on her face, she waited impatiently for the man on the other end to reply to her innuendo. Finally, the instant message box indicated that he was typing a reply.

“I think my lady has been lonely too long. How about dinner and a movie, Princess? – Robert E.”

“You are not getting off that easy. Think you can up and change the subject, do you ? I’ll fix that,” Melanie thought to herself and then began typing with a purely evil look in her eyes.

“A Princess needs her Prince and its quite mean of you to remind me of my loneliness. I think you are little more than a toad. Perhaps a flogging is in order? -Mel69”

Melanie sat back away from the keyboard again, satisfied it would be another long wait for his next reply. When his reply came an instant later, she was surprised at both the rapidity and substance of it.

“Flogging indeed! If my lady is not too displeased with me; follow this link and you shall find what I think you need. – Robert E.”

“What is this? A sex video from proper Robert! Maybe he isn’t so dull after all.” Melanie thought as she debated clicking the link. Curiosity won out and she clicked the link without regard for possible consequences. The page that loaded was plain white except for a video box in the middle and a few lines of text which she ignored. She clicked the play button and waited while the video loaded.

Thirty seconds later, the video started playing. It was clearly focused on the nude posterior of a woman. There was no sound accompany the stream and so, she was confused at first as to what she was watching. Then a flash of something dark in color covered a stripe across the buttocks for an instant and was gone. A moment later(,) a red mark appeared where the buttocks had been covered. The dark flash appeared again, this time a little lower across the buttocks.(2 sentences here) Again, a red mark appeared where the flash had been. As it occurred for the third time, it was clear that the owner of the bottom was beginning to wriggle and Melanie slowly realized that she was watching a spanking video. The brown thing was clearly a strap of some sort and it was being laid on with some serious effort. She watched the remainder of the video in mystified horror. At its conclusion, she saw the counter showed it to be a little over two minutes in length and she felt very sorry for the poor woman and her clearly marked backside.

After a moment to collect herself, she felt angry realizing that Robert was undoubtedly sitting back in his chair, very proud of himself in making her take so long to reply this time. She couldn’t possibly allow his smugness to last.

“Why Robert? I had no idea you were so kinky! Do you think I’m the nasty kind of girl that would let you do that to me? -Mel69,” She typed at last and hopefully putting him on the spot.

“There is no ‘letting’ about it. You are a ‘nasty’ little girl that needs a sound strapping and that is exactly what you are going to get! -Robert E,” He responded almost immediately.

Melanie fumed at her computer screen. Never before had any man gotten the better of her on the net. She typed venom from her fingertips in response. “You couldn’t handle ass as fine as mine. You stuck up pig! – Mel69”

Immediately after hitting send she logged off, never giving him a chance to reply. Frustrated and annoyed that the nights activities had not gone as planned, she shoved away from the computer. “Maybe a nice hot shower will soothe me,” She thought as she walked upstairs to her bedroom and shower.

Melanie began stripping the instant she entered her large master suite. First, her fingers undid the top three buttons of her bright blue blouse and then she pulled the garment up and over her head. Without so much as a thought, she threw it across the room to land on the floor. Her light gray skirt was next, as she quickly unfastened it from the side and let it fall to her feet where she kicked it to join her already forgotten blouse. She had discarded her shoes earlier at the computer so that left her in nylons and underwear as she entered the bath area of her suite. She reached inside the shower and turned the hot water on full blast mixing it with just a touch of cold to keep it from scalding. Water running, she then returned to the chore of undressing. She slipped her arms out of the shoulder straps of her bra and let it fall forward so she could easily spin the back around to the front and unhook it with ease. With a laugh, she snapped it like a rubber band to fly across the room and join her other discarded clothes. Carefully, she slid her nylons down and off and set them aside on the countertop next to the bathroom sink. At last(,) her flimsy g-string slid down her long smooth legs and she lifted them to her hand with her foot. A repeat of the rubber band move sent them to join her pile of dirty laundry.

At last free of the days burdens and her clothes, she stepped into the shower and underneath a stream of hot, soothing water. She stood and sighed as the water caressed her silky skin. She tilted her head back into the stream, soaking her long, red hair. Steam from the hot water quickly settled on the glass door to her shower and as she opened her eyes and pulled her head from the stream, she felt as though the world had drifted away.

“Ouch!” She shouted with a start. “What on earth was that?” She thought as she felt pain shoot from her backside. She tensed her buttocks under the water and dismissed the painful sensation as a muscle spasm until it came again a moment later. Her hands pushed forward into the hard, wet tile of the shower wall as her wet bottom shot sensations of burning pain through out her body. She was nearly in tears by the time the spasms of pain stopped and she slowly felt the tension in buttocks release only to tighten again as the hot water from the shower sprayed upon them. “Oh my! That hurts!” She said aloud to the shower.

Fighting the stinging pain, she turned around facing the shower stream and quickly shut the water off. She tried to look at her bottom by twisting around, but she could see no reason for the burning sensation she was feeling. Opening the shower door, she grabbed her large, dark green towel and quickly wiped the water droplets from her skin. She pushed her long wet hair back behind her shoulders and walked to the end of the bath area to the large full length mirror at the end. The mirror was covered with steam from her high temperature shower and she used the towel to clear a section so she could examine her tenderized buttocks. Melanie gasped as she turned around and saw her bottom was red and swollen. In fact, it looked very much like the final image of the video she had seen on the computer.

For the moment the connection was lost on Melanie as she gently touched her swollen cheeks. She felt like she was trapped in a dream or more appropriately, a nightmare. The longer she stared at the marks and her hands caressed her tender flesh, the more she began to wonder what was happening to her. It was at that moment she recalled the video on the computer. The woman’s bottom had tensed like hers after every stroke. The redness and swelling at the end of the video had looked so much like her bottom now. She recalled wondering what the poor woman in the video had felt like and then she found herself thinking, “Is this a fantasy? Am I in bed asleep, dreaming all of this?”

Her reverie was broken by the overwhelming sensation of supple leather on tender flesh. “Ooh!” She screamed. Tears welled in her eyes as the pain was surpassing her limits of control. She stared in the mirror as she watched her flesh ripple as the flesh of the poor woman in the video had. As the next ripple took her with pain, she thought she saw the ghostly image of a dark brown strap across her buttocks as the flesh indented deep. She was crying out in pain as each wave took her. The heat in her bottom was a slow fire.

The experience ended again and as she regained her composure she realized it had lasted about two minutes. That realization brought with it the horrible thought that this might somehow be tied to that horrid video and in that same way, Robert E. “That’s impossible!” She thought to herself. “So is what is happening to me!” She said aloud to her reflection.

She threw her towel to the bath floor and walked naked to her bed, still sniffling slightly. The pain in her backside was almost unbearable as she walked. Reaching her king size canopy bed she reached under a pillow and pulled out her night shirt. Quickly she pulled it on over her head and quickly dismissed any thought of putting on panties. Her curiosity was once again getting the best of her and so, she headed back downstairs to her computer. Nothing was making sense tonight and she couldn’t help thinking that the web page with that disturbing video might hold the key.

Standing in front of her computer she called up the video web page. This time she studied it more carefully. The top of the page had bold black text centered above the video image. It read, “Melanie’s been a naughty girl. Just push play and you’ll help make sure Melanie learns her lesson well.” At the bottom of the page was a counter with small text above it reading, “Melanie’s been punished:” The counter read, “002.”

The coincidence was unmistakable. Twice she had felt the stinging in her rear and two the counter read. “How is this possible? Why is this happening?” Melanie’s brain pondered. She then decided to log back into her instant messenger and see if Robert E was still on. She bit her lip as she waited the seconds for the program to load and log her in. She quickly pulled up a window and sent a quick message to Robert E.

“Are you still there? -Mel69.”

She waited nervously both hoping he was still logged in and wondering what she would say if he was. A minute became two and then five and still no reply. Suddenly, the pain came again. She nearly lost her balance as it seemed she could feel the full force of the ghostly strap against her body. She leaned forward on her desk grabbing the near edge and holding on as the onslaught continued. New tears dripped from her eyes and she cried out unable to absorb the pain in silence. “Please, no more!” She pleaded with the computer screen. There was no reply except the continued beating of her tender flesh. When the third installment ended she was openly crying and fell to the floor rolling onto her side and grasping her bottom as though her hands could assuage the pain. Without anytime for recovery the painful lashes started again and even though her hands were grasping her swollen mounds it made no difference. The ghostly strap never missed its target.

Melanie screamed and cried and begged and pleaded. All was useless, but she could not help but try. It seemed as soon as one session was ending another was beginning. Her tortured flesh was an inferno of pain and for some reason she couldn’t help but think of all the poor men she had taunted on the internet. Never in her life had she felt such pain and at the same time she felt the emotional release and tears caused by the pain to be cleansing her soul. “Baptized by fire.” She thought and would have laughed if not for the pain.

Long minutes later she was finally able to rise from the floor. She wiped away tears only to drop more from her large green eyes. She focused on the computer screen and saw that the page was refreshing itself and the counter at the bottom jumper from its previous reading to a new one of, “007.” “Why is this happening to me?” She shouted to the air.

Frustrated and unable to reason out the impossible circumstance, she logged off and shut the computer down in hopes that the small act of powering it off would somehow sever the connection between her and the video. Still free from further chastisement she decided to return to her bed and try to rub some lotion into her rear inferno.

The climbing of the stairs was difficult. Each step stretched her tender flesh and she freely cried out in pain as the need arose. She stumbled into her master suite and headed straight for her medicine cabinet. Inside she grabbed her bottle of lotion and then threw herself face down upon her bed. She pulled her nightshirt off and threw it off to the side. She carefully filled her right palm with lotion and then reached back and started to gently rub it in.

Almost immediately, a new strapping session began. “No! Please! Its not fair!” She cried out. Laying flat on her stomach, she kicked her legs and screamed into the pillow at her head. When the latest session concluded she reach again for the lotion and even as she wrapped her hands around it a new wave of attack began. She threw the bottle across the room and into the wall in anger. Again she buried her face in her pillow and screamed and kicked and cried.
And so the night went. Never more than a moment’s respite and her punishment began again. She squirmed and screamed. She begged and pleaded. She promised to be good and cried for mercy. None of it changed her punishment, but she felt somehow better for it. Melanie eventually surrendered to the pain and punishment. She accepted that this was her penance for all the naughty things she had done. Punishment for the teasing and meanness she had so often been guilty of.

After a long, sleepless night of agony, Melanie slowly made her way downstairs to her computer. She finally stopped crying, but every step is painful. The swelling in her buttocks has caused her to feel stiff and sore with even the slightest of movements. She turns the computer on and waits for it to load up. Finally ready, she stands, unable to think of sitting, and loads the video page. The message is different now and reads, “Thanks for helping punish naughty Melanie. This session has ended for now. Please, check back later to see if she still needs help learning her lesson.” At the bottom of the page she noticed the counter read “Melanie’s been punished 238 times.”

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