Julie’s Angry Mother (F/f) by Mary L. >

Disclaimer: These spankings takes place in an alternate reality, where the
> spanking of naughty children and spouses is a common occurrence. In our
> reality I do not advocate or approve of the spanking of children or the
> non-consensual spanking of adults.
> I welcome all thoughts and comments. I apologize in advance for all
> spelling and grammatical errors.
> Julie’s Angry Mother (F/f) by Mary L.
Julie Flowers and her friends were playing in the
> neighborhood park. As they were playing, they noticed it was getting hotter and
> hotter. That is usual for a mid-August morning.
> They lost track of time, but that was fixed when the church bells started
> playing its special song. All the children thought the Good Lord was
> telling them it was time for lunch. In reality, it was only signaling that is was
> noon.
> *** Rules, regulations and laws are all around us. Some are necessary to
> keep a society civilized and to keep the universe progressing in an orderly
> manner. When adults break the rules, they are subject to fines and/or
> imprisonment. When children break them they are subject to something else all
> together. Julie will soon find that out when she returned home. Which is
> located in a quiet section of the Spanking Zone. ***
> Before going home to lunch, the girls agreed that they would spend the
> afternoon at the town swimming pool. On the five minute walk home all Julie
> was thing about was how to get the attention of Jim Wilson. A very handsome
> and well built lifeguard. Jim being 20 years old, in college and having a
> steady girlfriend were facts Julie ignored.
> Arriving home, thoughts turned to lunch. As soon as she opened the back
> door she spotted her Mom. “Hi Mom.” Julie put one foot through the door.
> “What’s for … OUCH, MA.” Julie’s Mom wasted no time. Holding her right hand
> in a fist she grabbed Julie’s left ear and pinched it between her thumb and
> index finger and yanked her the rest of the way through the door.
> Julie did not have time to finished her question. All she could think
> about was the intense pain in her ear as she was being pulled through the
> kitchen. “NO, Mommy, No.”
> In no time Mrs. Flower’s was at the kitchen table, She pulled out a chair
> sat down and pulled Julie across her lap. Letting go of her middle child’s
> ear. She reached for hems of Julie’s shorts and yanked them down. Then
> grabbing the waistband of her panties they were soon pulled down
> Julie was being pulled towards the kitchen table and she knew that was not
> good. She started to cry. When she saw a hairbrush on the table she
> started to cry louder. Before she could process this she found herself face down
> over her Mommy’s lap and was soon bared for a spanking.
> Julie was soon horrified when she realized that the back door was still
> open and it was lunch time and that her brothers and sisters might be home.
> The last thing she wanted, other than a spanking, was an audience. She
> stopped yelling and grabbed the rungs of the kitchen table and waited.
> “JULIE LOUISE FLOWERS … SPANK, SPANK, SPANK … there are rules in this
> house … SPANK, SPANK, SPANK” After taking the hairbrush off the table,
> The first six came straight down and very hard on the center of Julie’s
> bottom.
> “OUCH” “AWW” “OWW” Julie tried her best to keep her reactions to a minimum
> Convinced those six swats got Julie’s attention, Mrs. Flower’s started to
> scold her child.
> “You are supposed to put your dirty clothes in the clothes hamper,” “JULIE
> “You are supposed to make your bed,” “JULIE LOUISE FLOWERS … SPANK,
> “You are supposed to put your dishes in the sink or dishwasher,” “JULIE
> The hairbrush now landed at the tender junction where bottom met thigh and
> moved towards Julie’s head pushing her bottom cheeks upward towards her
> tailbone. The brush alternated between left and right butt cheeks.
> Julie was now crying loudly against her wishes and her legs were kicking.
> They would be swinging more except for the constrains put on her legs by
> her shorts and panties that were now around her knees.
> Mrs Flower’s tossed the hairbrush on the table. She pulled up her
> daughter’s panties then her shorts and helped Julie to her feet. She looked at door
> connecting there kitchen with the play room and she heard the patter of
> little feet. Smiling she proceeded to finish making lunch. “Hamburger and
> macaroni, Julie.”

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