“Lady Jayne’s Justice”

Lady Jayne’s justice

It was hot working; the sun beat down on the large window panes of the conservatory, where Penny was cleaning. Lady Jayne had gone to visit friends that afternoon and left orders that, the floor was swept and washed by the time she returned later in the evening. Penny was hot and irritated to be left behind, working in the hot environment of the large conservatory, her uniform stuck to her in an uncomfortable manner, as the hot sun beat down on her through the glass roof.

Household tasks such as these were reserved for punishments; Lady Jayne was displeased by her maid’s attitude, and lack of attention to her tasks. A large puddle spread across the centre of the terracotta tiles, Penny mopped the sweat from her face and pouted. The rebellious girl removed her stockings and suspenders hoping that with her legs bare, that she might feel a little cooler.

Penny went out to sit on the lawn leaving her stocking strewn on the oval glass-topped table and her shoe on a windowsill the long sharp stiletto heel pointing to the long splintered crack spider webbing as evidence that the shoe had thrown in temper. Penny left the cooling breeze which she had been enjoying and continued to sweep not bothering to move the heavy furniture, why would anyone bother to look behind it! Flicking piles of dirt into the corner and behind a large potted palm next the open French doors.

Quickly passing her feather duster over the surfaces Penny lazily daydreamed of a long cooling swim in the pool before Lady Jayne returned home. Her mouth was dry and she felt dizzy from the heat, so Penny walked through the lounge and took can of lemonade from the drinks fridge in the bar, and sat on a large white leather sofa and stretched her legs to rest.

Inside the large spacious lounge, it felt cooler; Penny glanced over the magazines on the coffee table, which had yet to be read, as they belonged to her Mistress. Penny padded out to the kitchen her muddy wet footprints trailed behind her. The naughty girl took a large bottle of chilled white wine from the fridge, picked up a glass, and padded up the stairs.

Penny wandered into Lady Jayne’s bedroom, ignoring the unmade bed and made her way to the dressing table, and searched the draws carelessly searching through the contents, looking for the key to the swimming pool. Lady Jayne kept the pool locked as she had forbidden Penny to use it, as she had grounded her for insolence but it was hot and the water so inviting. Penny stomped her feet in annoyance as she realized her Mistress had taken the key with her, the stroppy girl left the room and walked across the room and slammed the bedroom door.

She opened the window and lay on her mistress’s bed to listen to music, and drink the wine, the naughty girl started to relax and she slipped off to sleep soothed by the cool breeze wafting over her body.

Jayne stepped through the front door, glad to be home, and thinking of spending some quality time with her naughty girl, she had missed her company but felt that after her temper tantrum the evening before it was justified. Closing the door blocking out the heat, feeling the coolness of a gentle breeze coming in through the open lounge door; she smiled as she hung her bag in the hall cupboard and wearily entered the room.

Jayne stood in the doorway a look of dismay on her beautiful face. Slowly her eyes travelled across the carpet, and out into the conservatory her colour rising with her anger as she noted the damaged window and stained floor tiles. Lady Jayne turned towards the stairs to find Penny, following the soft music towards her bedroom. Just as she placed her hand on the doorknob, Jayne stopped, and took a calming breath.

The bedroom door opened with a bang, and Jayne marched in and stood looking at Penny sleeping on the bed, her expression showing her anger. The girl was sleeping on her side facing away from Jayne, her white panties peaking from beneath her short black skirt, Jayne looked at her naughty maid as she knelt on her bed and slipped her hand under the girls hip, curled her fingers up and tugged firmly, flipping Penny onto her tummy.

The sudden movement woke the sleeping girl, who realized all too late how much trouble she was in as Jayne smoothed her fingertips slowly up the back of Penny’s legs stopping as she reached Penny’s plump bottom. Her bottom twitched as Penny felt her Mistress flip her skirt up uncovering her panties and pressed her hand firmly down on the small of her back, immobilizing her.

Long sharp painted nails, traced the hem of Penny’s panties, dipping down between her legs and teasing her pussy and along the centre of her tingling bottom, lulled by the pleasure Penny kept her position. Jayne slipped her hand back between the maid’s legs and slapped her forcing the legs to part, then rested her firm hand on Penny’s bottom.

Loud hard smacks pounded Penny’s bottom she wriggled trying to protect herself as Lady Jayne spanked her. Landing twelve stinging smacks then Jayne stood up, and almost dragged the naughty girl off her bed, and propelled her towards the bathroom door. Commanding the girl to part her legs wide arch her back sticking out her bottom and rest the tip of her nose on the wall, whilst she went to set up her punishment.

Penny stood in this uncomfortable position whimpering about her stinging bottom, listening to her Mistress walking into the master bedroom, opening draws and cupboards, pulling the dressing table stool into the centre of the room. Penny heard the bath running in the on-suite bathroom, and her Mistress sternly calling her to enter!

Penny padded into the room, rubbing her stinging cheeks and pouting, tears welling in her eyes at the unyielding expression on Jayne’s face. Lady Jayne snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor in front of her feet, and commanded her maid to kneel. Penny ran to her Mistress, and dropped quickly to keel as ordered.

Lady Jayne stood looking angrily down at her girl, and demanded an explanation for the mess in which the naughty girl left her home, the marks on the carpet and the broken window. Penny looked up at Lady Jayne, tears trickling down her cheeks, unable to reply. Lady Jayne glared at her and commanded the maid to strip, and stand up, her eyes examining the young girl’s nubile body sternly.

Reaching forwards, Jayne gripped Penny’s ear and marched her to the bath, and told her to climb in and sit. Penny started to cry as her feet entered the water, the coldness shooting up her legs, and into her pussy as Jayne compelled her to sit with a splash. Jayne knelt on the floor and pressed her hand on Penny’s chest firmly forcing her to lie back letting the cold-water rise to her chin. The girl was gasping in shock, as her hot skin was suddenly chilled.

Jayne gripped hold of Penny’s ankles, lifted her legs, and placed her feet flat on the rim of the bath telling her to keep her position thus ensuring that Penny’s whole body was submerged with only her face above the cold water. Lady Jayne place a large towel on in the centre of her bedroom and set the spanking chair on it, she took her time selecting her implements and placed them on the floor next to the chair, before returning to Penny. Pulling the plug out and allowing the rippling water to drain Jayne grasped Penny’s’ left ankle and hoisted her high, then delivered a single stinging smack to the back of the knee before allowing her maid to sit up.

The girl whined as she was commanded to climb out of the bath and follow her Mistress to the bedroom. No time given for her to dry herself, so she was feeling chilled and miserable aching to sooth her burning leg, but not daring. Lady Jayne was sitting facing her, her full lips pressed firmly together, a true sign of her anger, as Penny timidly walked to stand beside her mistress.

Standing and swiftly crossing the carpet Lady Jayne walked around the girl, occasionally reaching out and caressing her soft smooth skin watching as the girl tensed expecting pain, with each contact goose bumps raised across her damp skin. Jayne took hold of Penny’s left nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed it firmly watching Penny’s anguished expression as she toyed with it. She ran her long painted nails over the girl’s right breast, flicking the nipple sharply.

Lady Jayne manipulated the nipples making them sore helping then to harden taking each into her warm mouth and suckling it. Taking the clamps from her pocket Penny watched in horror and her Mistress pulled each nipple then swiftly snapped on the tight clamps, Penny could only whimper unable to pull away from the surge of pain.

Lady Jayne returned to her chair, as she sat down she placed her feet wide apart, and pointed to the floor between them, Penny quickly took her position keeping her eyes averted unwilling to see the disappointment in her mistress’s eyes. Lady Jayne patted her right thigh and indicated that Penny bend over and lay across it swiftly folding her arm across the girls back and clamping her legs around Penny’s ensuring an unobstructed aim once the spanking began.

Penny winced sharply as Lady Jayne started to smack her cold wet bottom, striking her cheeks rhythmically peppering her skin and watching as her hand left welts with each smack. Both cheeks began to pink up and Lady Jayne exerted more force, loud cracking slaps burned as Penny started to whine and wriggle.

Lady Jayne always started her warm up with moderate sharp swats and gradually built up covering Penny pale bottom until the skin was bright pink. The ways she was pinned meant the each time Penny tried to pull her bottom free her clamped breasts brushed against Jayne thigh making her nipples very sore. The warm up spanking lasted for five minutes, until Jayne felt her hand begin to sting, she allowed the girl to slips to the floor to her knees.

Compelling the naughty girl to move back and face her, Lady Jayne started the tease her nipples knocking the clamps and tugging them lifting her breasts and stretching her nipples taut. Penny was ordered to remove the clamps and swap then round, as Jayne knew how painful it would be to remove the tight teeth of the clamps and then have to reattached them Penny gingerly unclasped the clamps. Jayne took hold of Penny’s tender nipples and pinched hard, making her yelp pulling her to stand using her nipples and sternly ordering the girl to replace the clamps.

Lady Jayne ran her soft skinned hands up the insides of Penny’s legs and started caressing her pussy lovingly, pushing in to the folds testing her moist flesh. Jayne told Penny to take hold of the clamps and pull to stretch her nipples and hold them in position, as she teased the girls’ pussy in her hand, running her finger over the girl’s clit feeling her tremble and shudder.

Suddenly Lady Jayne slapped Penny’s hands sharply knocking them jerking the claps as her hands let go, then Jayne removed the clamps and dropped them to the floor. Commanded the girl to stand legs wide apart hands on head and wait. Penny watched Lady Jayne walking to the bathroom and filling a mist spray with cold water, and then returned to her seat, she adjusted the nozzle to emit the water in a stream and aimed at Penny’s red sore nipples.

The jet of cold water hit her nipples accurately so cold it felt hot as the water hit the punished flesh, and trickled down her body running freely into her pussy and down her legs Penny tried to twist her sore breast out of aim but Jayne kept the stream flowing wetting the towel beneath her feet.

Lady Jayne pulled Penny to her facing the same way as she was, hooked her hand behind the girl’s neck and firmly pushed her over one knee once her head was almost touching the floor she placed her leg over Penny’s shoulders pinning her in place.

Lady Jayne had both arms free to manage the girl as she wished; she pulled her legs wide apart and told Penny to keep them still her toes touching the towel, her pussy on display. Jayne cover Penny’s bottom with water from the mist spray, and reach down to pick up a leather paddle, thick teardrop shaped leather the surface of which covered the naughty girl’s cheeks, and firmly gripped it wooden handle.

Jayne struck Penny’s left buttock hard repeatedly stopping only to wet her skin after every swat, pain burned into the girls flesh as the punishment continued, landing twelve hard strokes, then spraying her right cheek delivered a further twelve harsh strokes, before putting the paddle down.

Sharp tipped nails dragged across her punished bottom tracing the welts amplify the pain; Penny yelped pitifully and tried to wriggle free. Lady Jayne was lecturing Penny about her naughtiness as she continued to scratch her nails firmly over the girl’s red and welted cheeks then started to run her finger into Penny’s crack slowly marking a tingling line towards her exposed pussy, and back again.

Penny watched tearfully as Lady Jayne picked up her heavy leather soled carpet slipper, and began to spank the backs of her legs, stinging her tender skin of her inner thighs. Administering twenty-four hard fast strokes, as she watch the maid’s buttocks turning a deeper shade of red, landing two final whacks dead centre of her cheeks Lady Jayne lift her leg and allowed Penny to slip to the floor.

Penny lay sobbing and rubbing her bottom, Lady Jayne walked from the room, and returned with a wooden stool, pulling it in the centre of the bathroom, and commanded her maid to sit on it knees wide open displaying her pussy and hands on her head. The hard wood pressed painfully to her bottom, and the discomfort of the position made poor Penny sob, her mistress was unmoved and continued to tidy up and replace the spanking chair in the centre of the bedroom.

After sitting on the stool for ten minutes, Lady Jayne called the girl into the bedroom, and told her to stand next to the spanking chair, on which her mistress sat. This time Penny was place over Jayne legs, tugged into position, taking her wrists and forcing them up her back, and pinned her. Lotion was applied cooling her cheeks ensuing her skin was moist heightening the sting as she was spanked.

Lady Jayne selected a round paddle, made of oak and looked like a table tennis bat, but with eight holes bored into it, and started to work sharp stinging swats over Penny’s sit spots, gradually increasing her force as the naughty girl howled and pleading for her to stop and kicking her legs wildly. Penny hated the paddle it hurt worse than any other did, and her mistress knew it.

Lady Jayne let go of Penny’s wrists and allowed her to stand, giving her time to calm down, and then told the crying girl to get to her bed and stay there, until morning.


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