“Late Again”

Late again

Ashleigh stood at the corner waiting impatiently, Carla was late again, and as he looked into the darkening sky he blinked involuntarily as he felt large wet raindrops hit him in the face as the rain began to splat across the pavement. He would give the girl a few more minutes before calling her; after all, he wanted to be fair.

Carla was always late and he had warned her on their last date, that he would not accept her lack of punctuality any more, he wondered if she though he was joking when he told her what would happen. Ashleigh started to tap his foot showing his impatience he hated to be kept waiting.

The bus seemed to stay waiting the lights for an eternity, Carla nibbled on her lower lip watching the fast falling raindrops cascading down the window. She knew when she arrived he was going to be cross, she had meant to leave work on time, it wasn’t her fault that Kate had wanted to talk and they got caught up in conversation. She wriggled in the seat remembering Ashleigh’s expression when she used this excuse last time, maybe she could tell him something else!

At last the bus jerked forwards tyres splashing in the puddles as they slowly made their way to the next stop, her stop, Carla wondered what he meant when Ashleigh informed her that he would make sure she didn’t want to be later ever again, his tone had sent shivers down her spine, and left her bottom tingling. As the bus lurched forward creeping languidly along the high street Carla caught sight of Ashleigh huddled looking extremely wet in the shop door way.

The bus pulled up and Ashleigh scowled watching Carla as she sprang down the steps, jumped into his arms and kissed him full on the lips, Ashleigh gripped the naughty girl firmly around her waist and landed a hard slap to her skirt covered bottom, muttering grimly in to her ear“just you wait I’ll make sure this never happens again.” Carla was forced back onto the bus and felt Ashleigh climb on board also. She let him get the tickets and then followed him to the back and sat down.

Ashleigh spent the journey telling her off ensuring the other passengers were able to hear, no matter how hard poor Carla tried to make him stop. The bus stopped at the park and Ashleigh escorted her firmly past the passengers towards the exit, landing a hard smack on her bottom as she stepped onto the path. Carla was not happy to be made to such a fool but knew better by now than to comment. They walked though the rain as Carla tried to work out just how she was going to get out of this trouble.

Other than to berate her Ashleigh walked in silence considering how to deal with Carla once they got home. Once they had arrived at the house and Ashleigh had unlocked the front door and instructed Carla to enter, they removed their wet coats, and hung them in the entrance.

Ashleigh led the tepid girl towards the lounge and instructed her to sit on the armchair informing her that he would be a while sorting things out. As Carla sat warming her hands at the open fire she continued to consider possible excuses for her tardiness, as she listened to the sound of Ashleigh moving around in the room above her, it felt as if her heart did it back flip as she heard his descending footfalls on the stairs.

Carla let out a whimper of dismay as Ashleigh entered the room carrying a large carpet slipper and a hairbrush and placed them on the coffee table. Without looking at Carla, Ashleigh turned around and left the room, she heard him enter the dining room and a chair being scraped across the carpet. At hearing this sound, poor Carla knew that there was nothing she could do other than accept that she had earned the punishment that she now faced.

Ashley had changed out of his wet clothes and was dressed in jeans and tee-shirt he looked handsome as he sternly positioned the armless chair in front of the coffee table and sat down. In her stress, Carla had not realised that she was going to be soundly spanked although she knew this was going to be painful on a deeper level she yearned to feel his firm hand on her flesh.

Carla sat rooted in her chair, watching Ashleigh prepare to deal with her, and gasped as she was beckoned to him and made to stand facing his knees as Ashleigh scolded her as if she was a naughty little girl. He gave her no chance to lie to him to try to make up a plausible excuse for her lateness, merely reprimanded her behaviour. Ashleigh began to unfasten her jeans he slapped her hands sharply when she tried to stop him, making her whimper.

Guiding the girl to stand at his side, Ashleigh placed his hand on the small of her back forcing her to lie over his lap and pressed her firmly in place. Running his fingertips across her milky white cheeks loving the way she twitches and wriggling in a most appealing fashion. As Ashleigh continued to tease the naughty girl, he tugged her into a better position, placing her sexy bottom higher.

Carla let out a howl as Ashleigh suddenly stopped caressing her and landed a hard smack to her left cheek, just to the left of her sit spot. Not giving her time to react Ashleigh continued to land sharp stinging slaps covering her now tender bottom. Carla wriggles and whimpered trying to escape the smarting pain and growing heat, but Ashleigh just pressed down more firmly and smacked harder informing Carla that she had been warned and now was going to be made to behave herself.

Ashleigh never raised his voice at these times, there was no need the ice in his tone conveyed his displeasure. Carla knew that the more she fought the punishment the worse it would be, but as the spanking picked up in its pace she was unable to keep from trying to defend herself.

Ashleigh stopped smacking her and rested his firm strong hand on her pink cheeks and instructed poor Carla that she must choose which of the implements he would continue with, she was appalled and just lay in position mutinously pouting saying that she had been spanked enough! Ashleigh’s reaction was instant he reached over and landed two hard smacks to the backs of Carla’s legs leaving red hand prints and making the naughty girl squeal in shock.

Resignedly Carla handed Ashleigh the wood-backed paddle shaped hairbrush crying quietly as Ashleigh took the brush and began to smooth the cool wooden surface over her sore bottom. As Ashleigh lifted the brush and took aim, he informed Carla that she must accept twelve strokes from the brush and then the slipper.

This was not good news as the hard strokes began to rain down on her tender flesh the brush cracked loudly as it bounded across her bottom making poor Carla howl and beg for the punishment to end, promising that she would do better in future. Ashleigh continued to administer the prescribed strokes firmly covering the girl’s wriggling bottom, ensuring that the brush came into contact with her entire bottom.

By the time the twelfth stroke cracked across Carla’s red sore bottom she was sobbing, her legs kicking wildly so much that she did not notice that Ashleigh had put the brush back on the table. As her cries calmed Ashleigh helped Carla stand up and led her to the sofa and ordered her to bend over the back with her hips hanging over the top, her hands flat on the seat in front of her.

This position left Carla feeling very vulnerable with no way to get her tender bottom out of range once the slipper started to hit her bottom. Ashleigh instructed Carla that she must place her legs wide apart and rest the tips of her toes on two cushions and keep them in position.

Ashleigh stood back watching Carla and admiring his handiwork, running his fingertips over the welts and handprints, and then left her to wait until he was ready. Ashleigh collected the hairbrush and chair and took them out of the room to put them away, as he re-entered the lounge Ashleigh stood looking at the prone body of his naughty girl and smiled, picked up the slipper and started to tap Carla’s pink cheeks with its leather sole, and ran his thumbnail along the crack of her bottom just to see her cheeks twitch. He placed the slipper on the crown of her bottom then left her to whimper as he took a seat and started to read his evening paper.

Every now and then Ashleigh walked over to Carla and took the slipper tapping her bottom firmly with the slipper or stroking her skin then returned to his paper, when she started to complain at this treatment Ashleigh sternly walked across the room and removed the slipper as he stood next to her and started to spank her pink cheeks hard. Ashleigh continued to smack hard for about five minutes, then started to slap the insides of her legs sharply using his fingertips. Once Ashleigh felt that her skin was tender enough he informed the cheeky girl who once more she must wait until he was ready to slipper her, each time she complained he would spank her, hard.

After and hour Ashleigh walked over to Carla took hold of the slipper and helped her to stand, and instructed her to stand in front of the fire bend over and hold onto her ankles. Just as the girl got into position, she felt Ashley stand next to her and wrap his arm around her waist firmly and the cool leather sole of his carpet slipper smoothed over her pink bottom.

Without further delay Ashleigh brought the slipper down sharply dead centre of Carla’s bottom in fast succession the slipper speed it painful path over her flesh leaving the girl howling in distress. She had counted ten hard strokes and knew that each had been hard enough to leave a red welt, Ashleigh kept Carla pinned under his arm but placed his foot on top of the coffee table and tugged her over his thigh. With her feet lifted off the floor, Carla was left to dangle, as she cried not daring to complain.


Forcing Carla to open her legs and ordered her to keep them like that Ashleigh positioned the slipper to cover her left sit spot and the top of her left leg, then delivered a sharp swat making Carla sob and she felt him holding her tightly. Ashleigh let Carla stand, but made her turn to face his other side and hauled her back into position over his thigh and took aim on her right cheek delivering the final hard swat as a painful twin to the last.

The girl howled as the heat burned into her flesh, keeping her in position over his thigh Ashleigh began to smack Carla’s bottom hard covering her bottom completely as he lectured her as to her tardiness and informed her should this happen again without a very good reason the spanking she would face would be far harsher than the one he was administering now.

Carla knew that Ashleigh would be true to his words, and promised to be more thoughtful and if things over ran that she would call him. Ashleigh allowed to tearful girl to stand and held her close, stroking her sore bottom gently. Once she had calmed down Ashleigh ordered that she stand facing the corner until her bottom was once more creamy white, to help her to remember how unpleasant it was to be kept waiting.

Leaving the room and closing the door, Ashleigh went into the kitchen to make their meal and plan how he would enjoy the rest of the evening with the girl he loved.





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