Marika “a clerk’s wife” by Levena

MARIKA “the clerk’s wife”

Marco Favatos, Marika’s husband, is employed as a clerk in professor Claudatos’ office.
Professor Claudatos is University professor at the prestige college; where he is the dean over the departments of pathology and endocrinology.
He is a smart, elegant man in his late forties and could be described as a seductive kind of man, if you could surpass his stiffness and his very rigid demeanor. His serious and stern actions made others feel as though the professor was unapproachable and even at times standoffs and unfriendly.
People would blame professor Claudatos for being extremely snobbish, arrogant and difficult in his relationship with others. The medical degrees that hung on the walls of his office would make anyone entering admire the knowledge he held within his brain of diseases and ill-health.
In the same ways Professor Claudatos was admired for his knowledge of how,a human body functions; he was known by his employees, as a “professionally cold authoritarian”, who held no tolerance for stupidity and un accomplished work.
He is quite demanding, and wants everything in perfect order; at all times. He doesn’t accept mistakes and shows little concern for shy or repentant emotions from others.
He is a good man however; his human aspects are generous, even if his social likeness falls short. He cares for people, or he would have not wanted to help cure them of their ill-health. He cares for those who work near him; and insures they don’t fall short of their abilities and work ethics.
Marika, Marco Favatos wife; was complaining to her husband about some pain she was experiencing in her left thigh. She complained about the pain for nearly a week. When the pain continued, Marika complained again; and pleaded for her husband to “please find a respected doctor she could consult with.”
Being rather reluctant, for fear that Marco would disturb his boss with questions of who might be able to help figure out; his wife’s phantom pains; he decided to ask for advice from the professor and risk annoying him.
It was a Friday; Marco had some mail to deliver to Professor Claudatos.
On the way to the professor’s personal office, Marco decided if the professor was in his office; he would ask him for a good respectful doctor; that was practicing in the local area. If there might be someone able to take a look at his wife?
Marco was lucky and the professor was in his office.
“Professor, I was wondering if, I could bother you with a quick question.’ Marco asked in a rather modest voice for a man.
“Of course Marco, “What is it now?” “Is everything okay?”
“Well it is my wife; she feels mysterious pains in her leg; and she doesn’t’ sleep well; something like that”
“Never mind Marco; bring her to me and I examine her to find out her problems myself”.
“But professor, I never intended to bother you with my wife’s problems. I just wanted your advice.”
“Then take my advice Marco.” “I am the proper doctor!” I teach students now, and only use my doctorial knowledge with people I otherwise like.”
“I will examine your wife with in the coming days; my secretary will call you with the day and time.” Professor Claudatos said, while waving his hand for Marco to please leave.
“But Professor, are you sure?” Marco really did not the professor to think he was looking for a free evaluation of his wife complaints.
“No but! Return to your work now!” Professor Claudatos said.
“Of course I am sure; I wouldn’t say it was if it wasn’t.”
Marcos told Marika about his conversation with professor Claudatos.
She felt somewhat shocked. She didn’t like the thought of professor examining her. She would feel odd if she had to get undressed in front of Marco’s boss anyways.
“The professor himself said that he would see me?” Marika said in shock. “Oh dear, I am not for sure I like that Marco.”
“What is the matter with you Marika?” Marco said with angered annoyance. “Hundreds of people would love to arrange an appointment with the professor; it would take them weeks or even months to be able to visit and consult with such a profound Pathologist; and instead of showing your enthusiasm you say, Oh dear?”
“You are right, I know, but” Marika lowered her head.
“What?” Marco demanded.
“I feel scared, what will he ask; and what will he do?” “The idea of being examined by the professor frightens me Marco”
“Nonsense Marika, you are acting as though he is a mad scientist!” “Why in heavens would you be fearful of such a distinguished educator professor?” “He holds more knowledge then a two-bit doctor out of the phone book.”

A few days later professor Claudatos secretary calls Marcos into her office.
“Tomorrow at 6, the professor would like for you to bring your wife by his home”. She handed Marco a piece of paper.
“Bring her to his home?” Marco asked surprised.
“Yes.” “He has some spare time to listen and examine her”.
“But, that would be a big annoyance for him?”
“Take her there tomorrow at 6 sharp!” The secretary said quietly. “Do what the professor says”

Once again Marika felt shocked, even terrified, when Marco told her of the visit to the professor’s home office.
“Oh dear, he wants to see me at his home? I do not like this, Oh dear. I feel tremendously nervous, and need to go potty Marco.” “This is unpleasant.”
“Stop it Marika. Stop the nonsense”. Marco said with control.
“I feel scared though Marco and my tummy feels kind of woozy”
“What are you scared of silly woman?” “The Professor might be stern but he doesn’t bite”.
“Yes, but I will feel totally humbled in front of him; and if he asks to examine me?” “I think “Oh Dear my tummy is starting to hurt worse.” “We should discuss something else Marco.”
“What do you mean “IF” he asks to examine you?” Marco stated appalled that Marika asked such a stupid question.
“Of course he will examine you!” “I swear Marika what is wrong with you?”
“You act as thou I should ask the professor, for a referral to a psychologist”
“Marco it is very unsettling to me to have to go to some one’s home, “a professor’s home” and be examined.”
“You are being ridiculous indeed!”
“How would he examine me, in the middle of his TV room?”
“Stop it woman! I have had enough of your girlish inanity!”
“How would he examine me, where will he examine me?”
“You are complaining and worrying about senseless details.”
“He will examine you the way all doctors examine their patients.”
“Oh dear, I will die of shame.” Marika said covering her face.
“I will feel scared to death in front of him; and you Marco act hard-hearted towards me.
“Nonsense Marika, I act this way because, you are acting foolish and without appreciation to neither me nor the professor!”
“But Marco, if he asks me to disrobe I will feel embarrassed.” Marika said removing her hands from her face.
“Your craziness is endless; of course he will ask you to disrobe.”
“Have you ever seen a doctor examining over some ones clothes?”
“So, I will have to disrobe; Oh dear! I do not think I want to see the professor Marco?” Marika started to fumble with her fingers.
“Maybe, I will live with the pain; and if it kills me then fine.”
“I thought you would be able to find somebody we didn’t know Marco?”
“He is your boss!”
Marco was at his wits ends with Marika. He had asked for a referral and got the best one. The professor! How better could that be? Marika was acting foolish and Marco did not want to hear anymore of her girlish babble.
“Stop it!” Marco said. “Or you will see the professor with a sore bum, for acting like a little unwise girl.”
Marika walks away; the thought of even a full exam is humiliating enough.
Later that evening Marika decides talking to one her girlfriends, would be more satisfying to her emotional distress. When Megan called that evening; Marika decided to ask her about how she would feel, if faced with the situation.
“Well Marco got me an appointment to see a Pathologist, maybe I will finally get an answer to the pain that seems to come and go in my leg.” Marika said conversing with Megan that evening on the phone.
“Well that’s good, Marika.” Who are you going to see?” Megan replied.
“Professor Claudatos”, answered Marika.
“Goodness Marika, I thought he only taught at the University now?”
“Nope, looks like he will do favors for his employees, if they’re willing to have the nerve to ask.” Marika said with a little despair to her tone.
“Well he is a good doctor also Marika.” Megan said.
“I know Megan, but I feel uneasy going to the professor home to be evaluated.” “I fear he will examine me right there in his home.”
“Examine you; well Marika he is going to have to examine you.”
“No, I mean examine me Megan?” “You know?”
“OH, Dear Marika that would be dreadful.” “I understand.” Megan replied gloomy.
“I wouldn’t worry about it Marika he will just examine you for what might be causing you the pain “
“Oh; I assume you are correct Megan, I am just petrified of a full examine.” I do not want the professor “Marco boss”, to examine me in any forbidden cavity.” “The whole process makes me nervous.”
“Try not to think of it Marika; it will be alright. Professor Claudatos is an exceptional professional.” “I feel you have nothing to worry about.” Megan said with support.
“Thank you Megan; Marco was so cold and angry.” “He claims, I do not appreciate the fact the professor will take his own personal time to hear my complaints; and I act foolish as a little girl.”
“Oh dear my stomach ache is returning.” “I will take your advice Megan; and concentrate on Professor Claudatos “the professional” and not Marco’s boss, the cold impersonal gentlemen who sits with us at the Christmas Party.”
Marika hangs up with Megan and returns to her room; where she decides to take bath and let her mind forget about the degrading situation a full examination could entail from the professor.”
Marika stayed extremely quiet that night; and all the next day. Marco threat of spanking her was usually always enough to stop her complaining; and do what her husband said to do.
They arrived by driving up a long driveway ending in front of a massive red brick home-built in the early nineteen-hundreds. The long driveway seemed like Marika’s road to crushing disgrace; and leading to mortifying results.

A rather short Korean man answered the doorbell. He stood barely five foot tall; wore a dark-colored suit and spoke fast. The Korean butler escorted Marika and Marco to the leaving room; telling them to wait for the professor to come.
“His butler seems to be as cold and unfriendly as the professor.” Marika remarked.
“I would assume for the last seventeen years, looking after little girlish attitudes, “like the one you are portraying right now Marika; would make any man stone cold and inflexible.”
Marika sat nervously on a flat chair, feeling visibly uncomfortable and anxious, she would sigh every few minutes that would pass and the professor would not arrive. Her heart pounded to the rhythm of a silent “Oh Dear, Oh No!”
Marcos kept on glancing at Marika angrily. Marika’s body could not help but sigh in restlessness every couple of minutes. She felt panicked from head to toe, and her fright was written over Marika’s face.
Professor Claudatos appears from behind Marco and Marika scaring Marika and making her jump and make an awful embarrassing mournful cry.”
Marcos and Marika jump up hastily. Marco hasty jump was his proper use to the behavior when he was around his rather ridged boss. Marika, well she just now felt sicker.
The professor greets them coldly with a wave of his head; and put forth his right arm extending his hand towards Marika to greet her.
“My wife Marika.” Marcos introduces.
“Yes Marco, I do remember your wife; from the Christmas Party this winter.” Professor Claudatos says pokerfaced.
He gives her an intrusive glance.
“Okay… Please come with me in my office Marika. Marco go ahead and relax in there.” Professor Claudatos said directing his rather thin looking walking stick towards a more comfortable looking room with a TV in it.
“I will speak with you when I am done examining Marika.”
Marika’s anxiety reached her highest level, and she reaches for her husband’s hand as a little girl would reach for her fathers’ arm if, terrified of darkness. Marco gives Marika an extremely disagreeable and hostile look.
“Marika follow me now young lady”. The professor says as he starts walking back down the hallway he magically appeared out of moment earlier. Scaring Marika and making the sensation of maybe needing a bathroom even sooner than she thought.
They enter the office, professor Claudatos shuts the door, sits behind his desk and asks Marika to take a seat facing him.
He starts fumbling with his papers for several minutes, ignoring Marika’s presence.
Marika set down in the oversize brown leather chair and bowed her head; as though she was back in the headmaster’s office, for an infraction she admitted to.
She continued to feel extremely uneasiness, keeping her head bowed, clenching her fists nervously. She could even feel herself start to rock with restlessness.
Professor Claudatos stops fumbling with his papers; looks up and addresses Marika.
“Marika, what exactly is the problem you keep complaining to your husband about?”
“Well I, I sometimes get pain in my left leg, but then sometimes it is in my right. I do not sleep when the pain is there. I well I, do not know because, sometimes my legs hurt during the day, but then some at nights I feel no paint.” I bought some herbal cream and well; Oh Dear well it just gave me awful hives” Marika tried to find the proper words to explain her case but she must have failed short. She felt so embarrassed she could only mumble some confused phrases. Then she even told on herself about the herbal cream; Marco told her not to buy two months ago.
Professor Claudatos is annoyed and urges her to try to be more specific.
“Well it it, hurts like when, well oh right, right on this side, and well sometimes it will oh hurt right here.” Marika said while feeling her cheeks getting redder; she points to her left upper thigh and then turning her finger to point to her lower back. She tried so hard to explain how the pain always seems to come and go, but that there is enough pain to disturb her life. It seems like the more Marika tried to explain; the more she felt perplexed and confused with her own words.
Professor Claudatos looked at Marika indifferently; not giving any indication, to whether he understood anything she had just tried to explain.
All of a sudden the Korean butler opens a different door, entering into the professors office; and asks, if he would like a fresh cup of coffee or tea.
The professor answers hastily, “yes” because, the phone starts to ring.
He answers the phone.
“Yes, yes. I hear what you say, but be brief; I have my clerks wife in here to be examined!” Professor Claudatos says, to an unknown person; Marika didn’t know on the other end of his phone line.
Marika sinks in her chair and gets even more flushed with humiliation.
“Please hold for a minute.” The professor says, as he puts the phone on hold and addresses Marika, pointing and showing her with the wave of his hand over to a brown leather couch in the far corner of the office..
“Oh dear I!” Marika cried under her breath.
“Go over to the couch young lady and get yourself prepared. I will examine you as soon as I am done with this phone conversation.”

Marika stands up red-hot faced and dares to ask:
“What, what shall I have to do to prepare?”
The professor looked at Marika and shook his head with annoyance. “Marika it is apparent you act like a little girl right now, with your awkwardness to an exam, but you are making yourself look senseless young lady.” “You have to take off your clothes. That’s what you have to do.” “Now please go prepare, so I can finish this conversation.
Professor Claudatos continued his phone conversation.
Marika was ready to faint; her trembling feet moved towards the leather couch. She wanted to vomit. Her stomach ached as though it would just spew all over. Her legs shook with the feeling of shame as she walked towards the leather couch.
Marika knew it wasn’t shameful to be examined, however this was Marco’s boss; and this was not a doctor’s office, but the house of a professor.
It took incredible strength for Marika not to burst into tears with humiliation. She anticipated he was going to ask her to undress; how far would she have to undress?
Marika reaches the couch and stands frozen looking at the professor as he talks on the phone. Her forehead felt sweaty. Marika had worn her hair back; long-sleeved brown cotton knit blouse with pleated skirt; that feel well below her knees.
She reached for the bottom button of her brown blouse with trembling fingers. As Marika slowly undid each button she could not help but chew on her bottom lip rather hard; and eternally whine with embarrassment.
Marika took a hold of her pleaded skirt and reluctantly started un fastening it.
She bites her lip harder and finally releases her grip of the waistband letting the skirt fall to the floor leaving her standing in her cotton white petticoat feeling even more mortified and extremely awful.
All of sudden the Korean butler enters the room with a cup of coffee; and places it on the professor’s desk. He glances up at Marika and makes eye contact.
Marika crosses her hands over her bosom in appalling embarrassment.
“Do you want something to eat Sir?” asks the butler.
“Yes, bring me some toast please it will go with my coffee.” replies the professor.
The Korean butler starts retreating from the professor’s office; slowing his walk and taking one more glance at Marika’s semi-nude body.
Marika looked at the butler with fire in her eyes. She was angry. How dare he come through that door and not only look at her once, but twice. He needed to remove himself faster than that; and well the professor continues to show rigid and uncaring actions, by letting his butler enter the room where he had just instructed a lady to prepare herself for an exam.
Marika was dreadfully ill to her stomach; and could not help but start to form hot tears in the corner of her eyes.
Professor Claudatos took a sip of his coffee; and spook hastily into his phone receiver.
“Listen, I cannot talk any longer. I will take a note of our conversation; and we will discuss the whole matter tomorrow after the lunch hour.” The professor hangs up the phone and sips his hot coffee once more. He picks up his pen and is ready to write down some notes, but suddenly raises his head and gives a look at Marika. He sees her still on her petticoat and cries out waving his hand.
”Marika, stop fumbling with your gold rope and procrastinating; please finish getting undress and go stand by that couch.” Professor Claudatos said displeased. Then went back to hastily writing down his notes while Marika stands there feeling more shamed for not being properly undressed and dawdling about.
“Yes Sir,” Marika replied back to the professor bowing her head down and to the right.
Marika reached for the straps of her petticoat; bit her lip and started removing them from her shoulders. As the white cotton petticoat slid down over her breast and landed around her waist. She flushed all over her posterior; and continued to finish sliding the petticoat down off her waist and letting it fall to the floor. Marika reached down, picked it up; folded it and placed it on top of her blouse and skit.
She stands by the couch and waits; bowing her head and playing nervously with her golden necklace.
Never before has Marika felt this embarrassment. Her breathing was erratic and shallow. She was so ashamed and felt as though she would faint at any moment.

Professor Claudatos stands up, picks up his stethoscope and approaches Marika.
He stands facing her and his gaze penetrates her semi-nude body.
For several moments he stays silent moving his gaze from her head to her toes and vice versa.
He makes a grimace on his face and speaks.
“Didn’t I tell you to get undressed young lady?”
Marika mumbles trembling trying to avoid his gaze.
I…Me, I do I have to undress more?” Marika said with the horrible anticipation Professor Claudatos would scold her again for asking the question.
He shakes his head with disapproval.
“Tsss. tsss… Why are you so nervous? Try to relax!”
“But… But… No… I am ” Marika tried to utter out of her mouth.
“Do relax! It is only a simple examination. You don’t have to be so nervous”. The professor replied back to the mumbles.
“Yeeeessss, but I. yes…I know, but I am nervous.” Marika tried to explain.
“Come on stop it Marika, that is nonsense, you need to relax and get yourself undressed.”
“Oh… Do I have to take off my brassiere?” pleaded Marika.
Professor Claudatos once again shook his head unsympathetically.
“Yes. You ought to take off your brassiere; and if you do not stop this girlish act Marika; I will have to ask Marco to come correct your disobedient behavior”.
She knows that she has to obey…
She turns her back and unclasp her brassiere.
She doesn’t remove it but keeps it lowered with her back continuously turned to the professor.
At that very moment the Korean butler re-enters the room bringing the professors toast in.
Marika turns her head, sees the butler and trembles holding her brassiere tight to her chest.
“Professor Claudatos would you like anything on your toast?” asks the butler.
“Yes, peanut butter, why did you not ask that in the first place stupid.”
The Korean butler bends his head and leaves the room.
“Stupid” murmurs the professor.
Professor Claudatos turns to Marika.
“Now back to you Marika. Drop off your brassiere. Let your breasts free. Stop being so shy; and remove the rest of your clothing!”
“The the rest of my of what?” Marika wailed.
Marika can’t believe it.
“Yes, the rest of them”.
“Even my panties?” Marika said timidly gulping with a girlish cry.
“ALL of THEM, I said! I need you totally nude for a proper examination, I guess I will get Marco to come help me make you understand.”
“Nooo, NO! Marika wept.
Marika lets her brassiere fall down; and her breast stood visible for the professor. Marika reached to start removing her last garment, “her white panties”; and shuddered with stomach pain from her uneasiness. Marika placed her panties and brassiere, on top of her petticoat; and stood cold nude embarrassed and she wanted to go home.
Marika covered her face and stood still, to make matters worse, the reappearance of the rude Korean butler made Marika gasped loudly; she tried desperately to cover her breasts with one arm, and her private part with her other hand to save herself from even a little amount of embarrassment.
“Place the toast over on my desk and leave immediately!” The professor says punitively
The butler hurriedly obeys, but not before giving another disrespectful eye glance in the direction of Marika’s trembling nude body, that she so desperately was trying to cover.

Completely nude, and bursting with apprehensive feelings; Marika waits for the professor to start his examination.
“He is gone Marika, place your arms down your to your sides now.”
Marika does what the professor tells her to do and waits for the touch of his rigid hands to her humiliated shaking body. His hands did feel warm when he first reached and touch Marika’s neck to feel her glands.
Professor Claudatos ran his large hands down over Marika’s shoulders.
“Lift your arms up over your head Marika.”
Slowly Marika lifted both arms and lifted them up so she was standing naked reaching for the ceiling.
Professor Claudatos ran his fingers under her armpits, making sure he checked the glands presented there.
Marika felt the professors grip her right breast. He cupped her breast with one hand why he moved his hand around the circumference of her breast. Pinching the break nipple to make sure there were no infections in the breast glands. He then moved on to the left.
Marika’s chest heaved in and out.
“Marika relax, you are going to hyper-ventilate.” The professor scolded again.
“Now lie down on my couch please.” “We’ll start with the front, so lie on your back”
Marika screamed cried inside. Her belly waved with turmoil like the sea. Over, and over again the waves of hot humiliation crashed over Marika’s entire body. She was going to faint if she didn’t lie down, so she did quickly, and closed her eyes tight.
“Good, now let’s check make sure your belly is soft and your glands are secreting alright down here.” Professor Claudatos said while immediately placing both hands on Marika’s stomach and starting to press down.
Marika winces and weeps silently. Her shudders however, are felt by the professor’s hands; he completely stays indifferent not speaking, but pressing into Marika’s stomach and then slowly, and gently, pushing down into her pelvis.
Marika feels the professor move and opens her eyes for a brief second. The professor makes eye contact with Marika as he positions the white glove over his hand. She shies away and returns to closing her eyes. This time however, tighter than before. Marika did not like that, “why did, I open my eyes, she thought?” It was now, Marika realized the next two steps to a full examination would be humiliating, the answer was yes, and the professor was going to fully examine her. Look, and feel, for anything alarming in her sequestered secretive openings.
The professor’s fingers retouched Marika’s body, making her flinch with anticipation of his more private touch. Marika feels the professor take his two large fingers and gently opens Marika’s upper part of her labium, so he could see her Bartholin gland.
“You seem rather wet on the outside Marika; your gland here seems to be working fine, roll over young lady.” The professor said coldly.
Marika brought her hands over her face and did started crying underneath them quietly. She set up, without removing her hands from her face, and gently twisted herself towards the back of the couch, flipping herself over on to her stomach.
“NO, No girl, bring your bottom up, get up on your limbs properly.” The professor said, as he tapped Marika’s bottom with three quick slaps.
Marika did as she was told, and within seconds the professor inserted his long pointer and index fingers right into Marika dark cavity. Marika gulped and cried at the humiliating shameful exam causing her body to shudder with the embarrassment. The professor moved and twisted his fingers about inside Marika’s anus, to make sure all was fine. Marika cried hot tears and bowed her head in shameful pain.
“We are finished, you may get dressed Marika.” The professor again taps Marika bum three more times letting her know he had completed her exam.
Burning all over Marika hurriedly picks up her clothes and starts dressing herself.
“I will go speak with Marco, when you are done dressing, go to the restroom and come have a seat back on my couch.”
Professor Claudatos opens the door and leaves Marika standing inside his office, still half nude, trying desperately to get dressed fast.
“So, I examined her and she basically looks in good shape Marco; I will prescribe some medicine, and I want to see her again in a few weeks’ time.”
“The professor said you seemed in good health Marika, he says another visit in a couple of weeks, after you have taken those pills for a couple of weeks.” Marco said starting a conversation with Marika on their drive home.
“How was the professor? Did he take good care of you?”
“Well Marco.” Marika snapped. “He is the professor right, “the best” you claim.”
“Of course he took care of me.”
“I am pleased to hear that you are satisfied.” Marco said.
“Satisfied… umphhhh…. Yes I would guess you’d see it that way Marco.” Marika sighed.
“You were afraid of him… It was stupid of you!” Marco said with resentment.
“I am still afraid of him!” Marika snapped back at him again.
“The terrible embarrassment I had to suffer.” Marika said almost ready to cry hot tears again.
“Nonsense, fear and embarrassment should be the farthest from your mind girl.”
“The important thing is that he took good care of you.”
“He is so… so austere and so… so bossy…I don’t want him to examine me again Marco”.
“He is austere because he is exceptional. A great physician Marika; and you will go to be examined again, just as he has asked you to do so”.
“Marco, I can’t, I felt so ashamed. That was a torment for me.”
“Ashamed, Marika your words are bullshit!”
“How is it possible to feel embarrassed, and ashamed for a simple medical examination?”
“He obliged me to get undressed”
“We already discussed that previously. For a medical examination you have to get undressed. It’s the rule Marika”.
“I know, but it, ohh, never mind Marco”
“Why in the hell your mind considers that he would examine you over your clothes, is just absurd.”
“No, I don’t say that, but it was different with the professor, Marco.”
“What was different?”
“His authoritarian style, he is a professor, and I am in his house.”
“He had me naked touching and fingering all over my body”
“Touching Marika, I think you mean examining yet again.”
“Okay, examining, but I was naked and ready to faint.”
“Nonsense… You exaggerate things as always!”
“No, I don’t exaggerate Marco, Apart from the fact that his butler entered in the room, and saw me naked…Oh my god, I still tremble.”
“Yes, I saw him entering.”
“Three times!” Marika said with hast.
“Come on now, so what? It was so quick, that he wouldn’t have time to see anything”.
“Can’t you understand Marco? I was totally nude the third time he entered the room!”
“Totally nude?”
“Yes, totally nude!”
“Did you have to take off your panties too?”
“Brassiere, panties, everything I say! ALL he ordered me. I was nude Marco”
“Well, a professor is a thorough physician, he has way of examining. One should not question it; and it was a great favor on his part, to even consider examining you”.
“ I know, but still Marco, do I really have to go back?”
“Yes Marika, stop that bullshit, you will go back like the professor has a

"Marika "a clerks's wife"
Marika "a clerks wife"

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