“Marina” by Levena


Marina is a rather charming, 18 years old girl who lives with her mother, and is extremely timid most times, always stays quiet standing withdrawn and shy. Marina lives a somber life, economically restricted; she earns the only other income to go with her mother’s moderate pension, to help pay the bills.
After desperately searching for work Marina is lucky enough to be accepted as a temporary employee in Nikolas Papas private import-export company.
The salary is worthy, and Marina is prepared to put any effort, and determination into maintaining here employment. However, Nikolas Papas, was a demanding, and challenging boss who continuously sought perfection, and was almost never satisfied with any of his employees.
There are three more, older employees working in the company – two men in their thirties and a lady in her mid-forties, but Marina being the youngest, and the most inexperienced would face a lot of trouble.
Two weeks after Marina’s employment begun, Nikolas calls her in his office to express his disapproval.
“Your work is not efficient at all”, says Nikolas in a quite nit-picking manner.
“These orders have been scribbled out, and your penmanship seems untidy and disorganized.”
“Sir, I try my best, but it is a new job for me, and I face the difficulties with all the different codes and columns, and Mary does not want me to waste the order slips, so I just scribble out my mistake, I am sorry.” Marina tries to excuse herself nervously, but fails.
“Well, I don’t know, but if you want to keep this job, you must try harder than this. There are many mistakes throughout these order forms, it makes it problematic for others to read such scrabble.”
“Oh, Sir, please, I do need to retain my job; and I promise, that I will not make such simple mistakes on the orders I write.”
“Hmmm… Okay… I will watch your performance closely young lady for the next few days, and I will make my decision later.”
“I will do my best, Sir, I promise.”
“Hmmm… We shall see…”

Marina discussed the matter with her mother over dinner that evening, she felt uneasy and needed some guidance from the lady she respected most, her mother.
“Try hard my sweetie; we need your salary to cover a lot of our debts”.
“I know it mother, I know…I promised him to try hard”.
Another week passes.
Late in the afternoon, Nikolas calls Marina into his office.
She knocks on his door fearfully, and hears a loud “COME IN”.
She enters to face an irritated boss yet again.
He throws at her a bunch of papers.
“Is that your way of trying harder? You have messed everything up with an important order, which needed to be out yesterday!”
Marina started trembling, she was ready to faint. Her stomach went from having just butterflies, to downright ready to up-chuck in front of Nikolas’s desk.
“I am totally displeased with you Marina. I guess, I will have to try some strict methods on you, and if you continue being incapable of doing your work properly, I will be obliged to dismiss you.”
Marina started sobbing, and with intense reassurance in her meek little voice begged, “Please Sir, no… I will do my work properly. I will continue to try to learn from my mistakes, please Sir”
“You are absent-minded girl. What happens to you? Mary shows you the steps and after, you still make mistakes?”
“Are you in love, acting like an adolescent little girl, thinking lust, and on your tasks?”
“No, no, Sir… There is no man in my life. I live with my mother and my job is important to her as well as me, we have debt to pay.”
“You need discipline girl!”
Marina bows her head, and does everything to hide her scared eyes.
Nikolas stands up, picks up a leather strap from the corner of his desk, and approaches Marina.
“Stretch out your hands young fool”.
Marina obeys, although quite surprised with what was happening.
He raises the strap and brings it forcibly several times over her palms.
“Ouch…oh….. Ouch… Ouch… oh…..Pleeeease…” Marina recoils her fingers into her sting palm, and dances quick steps with her feet. She wails, and shakes her hands with little quick flicks.
The pain is quite stinging and the extreme sensation of needing to go pee, was tough not to feel.
Two more blows.
Marina starts crying, all though wanting her job, and not wanting to displease her mother she stuck her hands back into the air and closed her eyes tight.
“You will cry much more if you don’t decide to work harder and more efficiently.”
Marina fingers retreat yet again, and she shakes only quick and returns her palms upright into the air, only to bring them back down to quickly rub her palms, trying to smooth the pain.
“Sniff…. Snifff, Marian then returns them upright for one more wicked assault to her hands.”
“I warn you young girl!”
“SLAP, much harder than the first 2”
Marina screams, and starts dancing, holding her hands continuous massaging her palms and sniffing.”
“It stings Sir… ohhhh…”
“Of course it stings. It is supposed to sting, it needs to leave an impression on you young lady, you need to get your handwriting and ordering skills flawless to continue employment with me; and next time, it’s your bum that will sting!”
“Ohhh… Sir… Please…”
“Don’t please me! Just try to be more attentive with your work Marina.”
“I will… Sir, I will…”
“Good… Now go home, and if you have any objections on my discipline manners, I advise you not to return tomorrow”.
“Oh, no Sir please, I don’t want to be fired”
“I am not firing you yet, but you ought to be prepared for discipline, if the record of your work continues to be so poor”.
“I will try hard… Really I will.” Marina cried.
“I will watch you closely and next Friday I will evaluate your record. If it remains poor, be prepared for hard punishment!”
Marina left still sobbing, with the head bowed and much frustrated with knowing everyone was outside the door and new what had happened.

“He was extremely cross, and he punished me”, Marina moans to her mother.
“Oh child, Did he beat you?”
“Yes, He used a leather strap over my palms mother.”
“Oh, dear, this must have hurt a lot Marina.”
“It was awful stinging pain, I felt horrible and embarrassed.”
“My poor child, you ought to give much more attention on your work to avoid punishments.”
“I try mother, but it is not easy, and now he threatens me with even worst punishments.”
“Even worst, oh dear Marina you must try harder sweetie.
“He said that he will evaluate my work next Friday, and if he is not satisfied, he will punish me again, harder and over my bum…”
“Well then Marina, try to be brave and obedient. You can’t afford losing the job.”


Just before noon Marina was called in Nikolas office.
She took a big breath and entered timidly.
“As I have promised, I evaluated your work records during the week”, Nikolas announces rather sternly.
“Ohhh” murmurs Marina, anxious to hear the verdict.
“Report here after work, at five o’ clock!”
“Is it… I mean… Do you…Is it okay, or will you… Will I be punished?”
“You need to report at five, and stop asking me questions!” Nikolas went back to his work, waving Marina with his hand to remove her from his office.

The rest of the working day passed with Marina in full tormented anxiety.
She kept on trying to guess what was going to happen, and what her boss would say. She could only think of one order slip that she had a small error on, her handwriting she had been practicing a lot, and really she thought it was quite fair. She was convinced however, that she was due punishment. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked her to report in his office after work. He would punish her for sure, and Marina shuddered at her own thoughts. “What kind of punishment would that be?” “A hard one with that awful leather strap he used on her hands, but instead over her bum, as he had said?”
Marina had a hard time waiting all day; thoughts like these would not leave her mind, “undergoing the humiliation of a spanking while her co-workers were just outside the door.”
“Would it be bare?”
The whole idea was utterly frightful, and Marina would shift back and forth the rest of her day in agony of the words, Nikolas said to her last week.
“She needed discipline, the threat of spanking her bum for not doing better, the sting being much worse to her bum then her hands.” Then five a clock came.

Marina stood in front of Nikolas desk trembling and fidgeting with her fingers.
He opens a file and starts reading, shaking his head in displeasure.
“Tsss…tsss… tsss…”
Marina’s tension rises. She starts to tremble and shake even more.
He closes the file and looks at her grimly.
“I really don’t know what to do with you, girl!”
“No improvement at all tsss, tsss\”
“But, Sir I did do much better?”
He taps his hand over the desk.
“Don’t Sir me! You do need an exemplary punishment!”
Marina bursts into tears.
“I tried my best, Sir.”
“Your best is extremely poor!”
He stands up, opens his drawer and picks up a wide leather paddle.
Marina is scared stiff.
Nikolas shows her the paddle.
“This will teach you a decent lesson Marina!”
She continuous crying and pleading.
“Please, please Sir, no!”
“I promised you a stinging bum if the record of your work continued to be inferior, didn’t I?”
“OH, Sir, No! Don’t spank me with that”
He ignores her pleading.
“The punishment will be on the bare!”
“OHHHH…NOOOOOOOO, no, I do not want to remove my panties of Sir.”
“YES, you will or you will have no job. Remove your panties or leave!”
“Ppppplease, I do not want to lose my job.”
“Well then, take your panties off NOW young lady”
Marina reluctantly performs his order reaching up underneath her brown wool skirt removing her white panties with small pink roses embroidered on butt. Nikolas forcibly makes her bend over the nearby table pinning her little frame to it, by the small of her back, he raises her skirt high up, exposes her bare bum and starts the spanking with the leather paddle, causing Marina to holler in awful pain and humiliation.
The spanking last long and the first smack of the paddle hurt and the last hurt a hundred times worse. Nikolas spanked Marina till she had very little unblemished skin on rear. He even paid close attention to her sit spot and the back of her legs. She hollered and bawled through the whole thing, begging and promising to be better at her performance. Nikolas would stop for a brief second to reprimand and chastise her for her lack of perfection.
Marina returned home that evening in despair. She was in horrible pain and her bottom had never smarted this bad after one of her own mothers spankings.
“What happened?”
“It was even worst from what I expected.” Marina started to cry again and reach around to hold her bum.
“Bad record?” Marina’s mother asked.
“Bad record and bad punishment, mother.”
“Oh, dear, the belt?”
“He used a wide leather paddle this time, it was extremely stinging over my bum, and he spanked me for a long time, and with a lot of strength behind every strike.”
Marina mother kisses her head and starts trying to comfort her.
Marina whimper, and shuffles her discomfort for one foot to the other.
“I still feel the pain… My bum is burning so badly mom, I will not be able to sit all weekend”
“Poor child\”
“He made me remove my panties, and take the spanking on my bare bum.”
“Oh, dear, ohhhhhh Marina how humiliating it must have been.” Her mother says.
“The punishment was on the bare, and it was extremely humiliating mother, I feel so much shame.” Marina continues to whimper while her mother caresses her.
“He is indeed a harsh boss, what did he say afterwards dear?”
“He said that I deserved the punishment, and that he is hoping, that I improve my work even more till next Friday, otherwise I will get another harsh punishment”.

Next Friday was quick to come and Marina found herself again standing in front of Nikolas, awaiting his verdict for another punishment.
“I do not intend to punish you now”, Nickolas said, allowing Marina to feel some hope.
But this was only for a few seconds…
“Your punishment is due for tomorrow morning, your improvement was minimal. You have to report here at 10 am.”
“On Saturday?” Marina piped up and said.
“Yes! Have you any objections?”
NNNnnnnnnnnnoooo…. No, Sir” Marina bows her head and heads for the door. Another punishment guaranteed to be worse than last weeks. Reporting on a Saturday morning of all days was stressful.
“Good! See you at 10 sharp!” Marina heard Nikolas sputter these words as she walked with her head hung down out of his office, grabbing her lunch bag and saying good-bye to her 3 co-workers.
“He does that on purpose to keep you in suspense and anxiety. He is a bastard!”
“I am scared mother; He will beat me again harshly.”
“Be brave my child; don’t let him have any excuse to fire you.”
“I am obedient mother, but I do feel fear and shame!”

Marina entered Nikolas’ office prepared to face her fate, however not without wanting to puke up the breakfast her mother mad her eat. The butterflies were flapping around in her belly, she was hot, flushed in her face and just wanted everything to get done and over.

She had promised to her mother and herself, that she would stand her punishment bravely. However, the sight of her boss holding a long cane made her shiver with apprehension; and she momentarily thought of running away. Running far far away, not even returning to her own home, for fear her mother would be disappointed in the reasons she didn’t take her punishment bravely.

She bites her lips, takes a big breath trying to control her mental panic and keeps on repeating to herself: “I’ ll be brave, I’ ll be brave!”
Nikolas gives her a thorough look before speaking.
“You are ordered in here for punishment. You do know that, don’t you?” He finally says in a heartless somber tone of voice.
“Yes Sir” Marina murmurs.
“You ought to be well-trained, and comply with all my commands at all times.”
Marina nods “yes”.
“If you have any objection to my methods of punishment, you are allowed to leave immediately, and never return in this office”.
“Sir, I am prepared to accept my punishment, but I beg you to show some mercy and not beat me hard with that cane.”
“Do you show any mercy to me for the salary I pay you without deserving it?”
“Please Sir”
“Don’t please me. Just attempt harder!”
“I will Sir, I will.” Marina cried holding her hands over her face.
“I have heard that promise before….hmmmm…. Now, we’ll see how effective the cane can be in teaching you to remember even the insignificant tasks I will command you to know, and to always do right.”
Marina bows her head.
“Okay, let’s proceed then.” Nickolas orders.
Marina gives a bashful look at Nickolas and stares as she does not know what to do next.
“Take of your clothes!”
“My…. Ohhhhh. What?”
“Don’t start disobeying girl. Off with your clothes! That’s the way it will be done”.
Unable to say “no” Marina starts stripping, to expose her full slim girlish body, as she is ordered to do.
She is allowed to keep only her white socks on and she begged for those.
She tries to hide the extreme shame she felt, but her scared expression on her face only showed through. Marina’s heart would bet faster than a freight train, as she finished taking of her bra and draping it over her removed clothing she had placed in a brown leather chair.
Marina heard Nikolas order her to lie on her tummy over a wooden trunk that had looked like a piece of decor in his office, and before Marina could get comfortable in what horrible position she was in the first lick of the cane landed across both butt cheeks.
. Screaming… Screaming…
The feeling of the cane is unbearable.

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