Mommy’s Chevy Blazer. (DIC-AS)

Disclaimer: These stories are purely fictional. I do not condone the spanking of children nor the non consensual spanking of adults.

On Wednesday afternoon Tammy Summers and her best friend Denise Harris were sitting in the back seat of Denise’s Mommy’s Chevy Blazer, the girls haven’t been spanked in over a week, but their good fortune will soon be at an end.

The story begins on Sunday July 4. The girls were very excited. This was Independence Day; to them it meant parades, fireworks and hot dogs. Add church to that is also a triple threat, which they must wade through.

The girls were on their best behavior during mass. Their friends Timmy, Mark and Julie were not so fortunate. Timmy and Mark were taken to the “Spanking Room” by their Mommies for a sound spanking. Julie was dragged kicking and screaming by her Daddy outside to their car where she received a paddling. Unlike the Boys they did not return to their seats.

After the pancake breakfast, they both took a short nap until it was time to go to the parade route. It was a short walk to their Tammy’s cousin’s house. The parade would go right in front of their house. The girls were very playful and aggressive going after the candy the parade marchers were giving. Both girls were warned several times to settle down, but their mothers, knowing the situation, gave them a wide berth. Tammy and Denise know the line that their Mommies drew and they did not cross it. Not so with four year old Aaron Wells, despite warnings from his Mommy, he continued wandering into the street. Finally his Mommy had enough and grabbed him, pulled down his shorts and gave his bare bottom four hard spanks.

After the parade, they stayed at Tammy’s cousins for a cookout and games. After night fall, they drove to the lake front for the fireworks there. Again Tammy and Denise had a lot of fun and well behaved at the same time. At home Tammy’s Mom was so proud of her that she told her that they would take her and Denise to the beach.

The next morning Tammy was awakened by a big bang. Tammy looked out the window, and even though it was daytime, the sky was dark as night and it was raining. Tammy started to cry. She walked into the kitchen and through her sobs, “Mommy, we are not going to the beach today are we?” Tammy’s Mom swooped Denise up in her arms and said, No honey we’re not.” Tammy was devastated by the recent turn of events. Her Mommy sensed this, and made Tammy’s favorite breakfast, French toast.

The scene was similar at Denise’s house, save for the waffles.

Tuesday was the same as Monday, but as Wednesday broke, Tammy was not awakened by thunder, but by the sounds is robin’s nesting outside her window. Tammy also saw sunshine. She was so excited that she started dance all over the upstairs of her home. Getting into her swimsuit, shorts and T-shirt she ran downstairs. “Whoa! Where are you headed?” Tammy points to the door, “To the car.” Tammy froze and started to doubt. Did Mommy forget the trip to the beach? “Mommy we are going to the beach today?” Tammy’s Mom pointed to the clock, “It’s only seven, honey, and we’ll leave at eleven.”

The day at the beach was filled with fun. The girls built sand castles, Swam in Lake Michigan and even took a short nature hike with their Mommies in tow. Lunch consisted of bologna sandwiches, fruit, chips and pop. The girls were on their best behavior all day.

At three, the Moms sensed the girls were getting played out and decided it was time to go home. All four girls were looking forward to stopping at the ice cream shop on the way home for a treat.

As soon as Denise was buckled in the back seat, she drifted off to sleep. Tammy was not so lucky. She was a little cranky and let everyone know it. She was talking out loud in her whiney voice, demanding this and that. She went so far as to kick the seat in front of her. She even pushed Denise from time to time as to waken her. Her Mommy sensed that she was tired, tried to settle her down. Then getting more irritated by the minute, she threatened Tammy with a spanking.

For about five minutes all was quiet until Tammy’s sandal flew to the front of the car just missing Tammy’s Mom and hitting the windshield.

Faster than you can say “Tammy is in for it now,” Denise’s Mom pulled into a rest area. Tammy was being pulled from the car by her Mom. She was put over Mom’s shoulder and with every step; she got a spank her sandal. There were several cars nearby and everyone got a good eyeful.

Tammy’s Mom had several options, there was an empty picnic table, a wooden railing was the right diameter and height and the ladies room in the visitor’s center. She chooses the latter.

As soon as they were inside the outer room, Tammy was placed face down over her Mommies lap and had her shorts and underpants removed. “Tammy, you behavior in the car was terrible.” SPANK! SPANK! SPAN K! SPANK! SPANK! Tammy was being spanked soundly by the sandal she threw in the car. “This should be on your foot, young lady.” SPANK! SPANK! SPAN K! SPANK! SPANK! “But, you do not seem to want it anymore.” SPANK! SPANK! SPAN K! SPANK! SPANK!

Several women came in and out. Some shielded their eyes and walked quickly, others could not help to stop and stare. An older woman with her grandson in tow, warned, “that con be you, Robby, if you don’t straighten out.”

Tammy’s Mom ignored all the foot traffic and kept spanking. SPANK! SPANK! SPAN K! SPANK! SPANK!

After what seemed like forever she dropped the sandal tom the floor and gave Tammy five more, SPANK! SPANK! SPAN K! SPANK! SPANK! , on the sit spots with her bare hand.

Helping Tammy to her feet, a small crowd watched Tammy do the post spanking polka. Helping Tammy get dressed, Tammy was carried to the car and told there was more where that came from if she didn’t behave.

Tammy was an angel for the rest of the day. Be it safe to say, she ate her ice cream cone standing up.

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