Mrs. Snow has a visitor

> Patty bets her rear end. Mrs. Snow has a visitor
> ________________________________________________
> Continuing down the sidewalk I realized my best friend Ann’s house was
> coming up. I knew her mother spanked hard. I’d seen her in action.
> Ann and I had been spanked by our respective mothers at her house once
> in the past and I knew my mom was no match for hers when it came to
> spanking. Her mom told me more than once that if I was her daughter
> she’d give me a spanking to remember for awhile. Mom never gave her
> spanking rights so I’ve escaped her so far. I wanted to avoid that
> house at all cost and walked quickly past to Mrs. Snow’s house.
> I knew Mrs. Snow didn’t spank because she was pretty vocal about it when
> my mom shared the story of my picking out a souvenir paddle while on
> vacation last summer. Her kids were younger and mom told her she might
> change her mind in time like she did but Mrs. Snow was pretty sure of
> herself and asked for more detail about the vacation. Mom liked to
> share that story with the other mom’s in the neighborhood when she got
> together with them for coffee.
> When I first saw that paddle I was very keen on wanting to know what it
> would feel like to be paddled with it. It had a picture of a boy and a
> girl bent over into a big wooden pickle barrel with the boys jeans
> having a lighter color at his sit spots and the girls panties showing
> under her dress. It said ‘Never spank a child in the face, nature
> provides a better place.’ When I asked Mom to buy it for me she gave me
> this funny look. She knew by that time that I liked birthday spankings
> and even caught Ann and I in a spanking game before so I think she was
> being careful.
> “Are you sure you want this paddle?” Mom asked me in front of the sales
> lady.
> Smiling I nodded yes with a bashful flush of embarrassment as the sales
> lady looked at me curiously.
> Then she said, “I don’t think you know what your getting yourself into,
> Patty. This think will hurt.”
> “It ok, Mom.” I said getting a little annoyed at her. Then the sales
> lady piped into our conversation.
> “Maybe you should give her a sample swat.”
> Mom frowned but then looked at me and smiled.
> “Turn around and stick out your bottom. Hurry up!”
> I did what she said and she gave me a sample swat with it right there in
> the shop in front of the sales lady over my shorts. Some other folks in
> the store looked our way. It made cool whack sound. I was embarrassed
> about it and it stung pretty good but I liked the way it felt making my
> cheeks bounce. In fact I giggled. I thought it was pretty cool because
> it didn’t really hurt afterward. Of course I didn’t know at the time
> what a real spanking with it would be like. I think Mom was just
> teasing me.
> I liked the way the souvenir paddle story amused Mrs. Anderson just
> before she spanked me. She hadn’t heard it yet apparently. As I
> started thinking about Mrs. Anderson again I felt myself blush with a
> temporary heat wave quickly washing over me. She was really nice about
> the whole thing. I felt happy thinking about Mrs. Anderson and decided
> I should visit her again sometime. I wanted to be sure to get that
> babysitting job when I was old enough. I skipped up the walk to Mrs.
> Snow’s door and knocked.
> “Hi Patty. Don’t you look cute today!” she said smiling.
> “Hi Mrs. Snow. Thank you.”
> “What a pretty dress! Are you selling magazines or something for school
> today?” she asked looking at my clip board.
> “No Mrs. Snow. My mom and I made this bet and so I’m going around the
> block with a survey.”
> “Well, let’s have a look, shall we?”
> She took the clip board and read it through. I watched the expressions
> on her face change as she read it. They seemed to go from confusion to
> surprise. Then she curled in her lower lip real quick and her upper
> teeth came down on it as it turned into a tight smile. She got to the
> end and let it out again with a momentary widening of her eyes as if she
> realized something.
> “You know, Patty, as of right now I can still answer no to this survey
> question and will gladly do so.”
> That gave me a feeling of relief and I was still happy realizing I still
> had a 50/50 chance in the long run. Mrs. Snow continued on.
> “I must tell you, though, that I’m beginning to consider other options
> these days as the kids just don’t seem to be responding to the behavior
> modification methods I’ve been using up to now.”
> She said this while she was signing her name.
> “I’ve been talking to some of the other mothers in the neighborhood
> including yours and I’m definitely in the minority on this topic.”
> I wanted to ask her who the rest of the minority was so I could visit
> them for my survey but I kept quiet while she continued.
> “Patty, I baked some chocolate chip cookies this morning and was just
> having coffee and discussing this very topic with one of the neighbors
> when you knocked on my door. Would you like to come in and have some
> milk and cookies?”
> As you can imagine, I lit up like a Christmas Tree at the thought of
> getting another NO signature and having chocolate chip cookies as a
> bonus. I gladly stepped in after responding with a polite “Yes, Mrs.
> Snow” and a big smile. The smell of them filled the air. I followed
> her to the kitchen smiling but when we walked through the doorway I was
> stunned. My mouth dropped open at the site of Ann’s mom sitting there
> at the table sipping coffee. I suddenly had this feeling of dread
> suffocating me like my chest was about to cave in. I was speechless as
> she greeted me.
> “Well, if it isn’t Patty Paddel, all dressed up for Easter which isn’t
> for another week. What brings you here, Patty?”
> As I said, I was speechless with a million thoughts going through my
> mind. Ann’s mom was kind of smug looking and though Ann and I were best
> friends, I knew her mom thought I got away with way too much.
> “What’s the matter, Patty, cat got your tongue?”
> Mrs. Snow was a kinder lady and came to my rescue, although I would
> hardly call it that, as the realization of what was about to happen
> seemed to grip me by the throat.
> “Patty got herself into a bit of trouble at school and at home and
> apparently made a bet with her mother. She’s doing a survey now on the
> very topic we’ve been discussing.” said Mrs. Snow as she handed Ann’s
> mom the clip board. I wanted to scream ‘NO! Don’t give it to her!’ but
> couldn’t and then suddenly I felt sick to my stomach.
> “Oh, really?” she asked as she took it.
> I watched her face intently as she read. She was expressionless at the
> start, then furrowed her eyebrows, then got a smirk that turned into a
> big smile. Her eyes even seemed to sparkle. I felt the blood drain
> from my face as her smile turned almost evil. It was one of those ‘I’ve
> got you now’ looks. She looked at me and winked and then spoke to Mrs.
> Snow.
> “You know, Jane, I think Liz has finally come to her senses with Patty
> here. Considering what we’ve been talking about this might just be an
> opportunity for you to observe first hand what I’ve been trying to
> encourage you to do all along.”
> “How so?” asked Mrs. Snow.
> “Well, it says right here that if you answer yes to the survey question,
> which I most certainly must do to be honest, Patty gets a spanking. Liz
> says to ‘please take the appropriate action indicated herein’ and signs
> it with her ‘full permission’.”
> “Yes, I saw that but it didn’t quite click for me right away since I was
> answering no to that. So you really think it means she givers her full
> permission to spank Patty?”
> “You can be sure I’ll be taking full advantage of this permission and it
> can serve as a demonstration for you.” said Ann’s mom. “It could even
> serve as a deterrent for the kids if you want to call them in to
> observe.”
> “Oh! so you’re going to spank her right here and now?” Suddenly Mrs.
> Snow got animated and I could almost see the light bulb going on over
> her head as she headed for the back door. She seemed genuinely excited
> about the opportunity to see me get spanked right here in her own
> kitchen. She opened the back door and called for her children.
> “Children, I have a surprise for you. Patty Paddel has come over for a
> visit and she and Mrs. Chalmers have a special demonstration for us. I
> have some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for you too so come on in.”
> My feelings of dread turned to butterflies and I felt like I needed to
> pee. I wanted to rush out of there like nobody’s business. My hands
> clutched the material of my dress as I broke out into a sweat looking
> back and forth between the two ladies. Ann’s mom, Mrs. Chalmers, was
> smiling at me when she stood up causing her chair to grind against the
> linoleum as it was pushed back by her legs. I was scared as I watched
> her turn to pick it up and move it to face the middle of the room facing
> the sink. The children, Josh, age 8, Cindy, age 7, and Ben, age 5 came
> through the back door being held open by their mother.
> “Settle down now,” she told them as they came in. “First we’re having
> the demonstration and then the cookies and milk.” she added. “Line up
> there in front of the sink. That’s it.”
> Meanwhile, Ann’s mom came around the table and took my hand. I looked up
> at her pleadingly as she continued smiling at me and gave my hand a
> squeeze. I felt like crying. Mrs. Snow continued explaining to her
> children.
> “You children have been getting a bit more rowdy lately and I’m afraid
> our behavior modification methods have not been getting the results they
> once use to.” she explained to them.
> They didn’t look like they knew what she was talking about but she went
> on anyway as I stood there with Mrs. Chalmers.
> “I’ve been talking to some of the other mothers in the neighborhood and
> it seems the majority have other methods that seem to work quite well.
> Patty and her mother have an agreement that gives Mrs. Chalmers
> permission to demonstrate this method so I want you children to watch
> very closely so you know what may be in store for you when you’re
> behaving badly.”
> Ann’s mom wasted no time after that introduction. She picked up the
> clip board again with one hand and pulled me over to the chair facing
> the children with the other and sat down in it abruptly. This was
> nothing like Mrs. Anderson’s preparation. I was full of fear and
> trepidation as she moved me to stand next to her facing the children.
> They looked at me expectantly. I felt Mrs. Chalmer’s hand behind me
> settling against my bottom and then she handed me the clip board and
> told me to read it out loud.
> I had to sniff before I started. “Dear neighbor, this is a survey. I
> bet my mom that nobody spanks their children anymore. She was going to
> spank me but I said it was cruel and unusual punishment and didn’t
> deserve it for getting a bad grade. So now she’s making me do this
> survey of nine families to find out if anyone still spanks. Please mark
> it Yes or No and sign it with your phone number in case my mom wants to
> call.” I paused wanting to avoid the rest.
> Mrs. Chalmers cut right in addressing the children. “Patty is going to
> find that many families in this neighborhood still spank and I am one of
> them. Your mom may be one of them too before long. Now, Patty, read
> what your mom wrote!” she said sternly as she patted my rear.
> “Dear neighbors, Patty brought home notes from her teacher on two
> occasions for behaving badly in class, was disrespectful at home, and
> did not clean her room as expected. This is in addition to the “D” she
> got in Civics. You should also know that if you answer yes to this
> survey, Patty get’s a spanking. Please take the appropriate action as
> indicated herein.
> With my full permission,
> Elizabeth A. Paddel”
> I started loosing control at this point and had a whining, almost crying
> tone to my voice as I finished knowing what I was in for. I began
> sniffing some more. To leave no doubt in anyone’s mind, Mrs. Chalmers
> made it abundantly clear to the others what would now take place.
> “I answered yes to this survey and so now I’m going to give Patty a much
> deserved spanking. If she were my child she would have gotten four
> spankings, one for each of those bad behaviors. For Patty, this is a
> punishment but for you and your mother it will serve as a demonstration
> so you know what you may be in for if you are naughty in the future.”
> Mrs. Chalmers took the clip board from me and handed it to Mrs. Snow who
> took it smiling. I noticed she was blushing as she looked at it again.
> I just really wanted to get this over with now but Ann’s mom was really
> dragging it out. I think she was doing it on purpose.
> “Did Mrs. Anderson spank you already, Patty?” she asked me.
> “Yes.” I said meekly and sniffed.
> “Well then, let’s have a look and see what kind of job she did, shall
> we?”
> With that, she turned me to face her lap, somewhat roughly reached up
> under my short dress and pulled down my panties bending over to drag
> them all the way to the floor. The children, who were silent and wary
> up to now, started snickering and the youngest one blurted out a
> boisterous guffaw. I felt naked instantly as the blood rushed to my
> face and then to my extremities. She had me step out of them and told
> me to hold them. I bunched them up in my sweaty hand. She looked at me
> one more time with that smile of hers and guided me over her lap. She
> pulled my dress up and held it there with a hand flat on my back. I
> felt her other hand slide up and down alternately over my cheeks and
> upper thighs as she commented.
> “Hmmmm, I don’t really see much indication here that you’ve had a
> spanking, Patty. I know when I spank my Ann there is no question about
> it. I would think you’d at least have a nice pink color back here
> still. You’re not lying to me so I’ll take it easy on you are you,
> Patty?”
> “No, ma’am.” I grunted holding onto the chair legs below. Her thigh was
> pressing against my stomach making it hard for me to breath.
> “Mrs. Anderson’s phone number is on that clip board, Mrs. Snow. Why
> don’t you give her a call to make sure. If Patty’s lying we’ll have to
> add that to her list of offenses.”
> So, now, to add to the embarrassment and humiliation, with my head
> beating to each heart beat, my rear on display, the children wiggling in
> anticipation and giggling, I have to wait like this while Mrs. Snow
> talks to Mrs. Anderson dragging it out even more. I finally just sighed
> and resigned myself to it all. I thought about Ann and decided I would
> be stoic for her.
> “Hi, this is Mrs. Snow down the block. We have Patty over here doing a
> survey and had a question to ask you?”
> I heard some sounds coming from the phone in response and then clearly
> laughing. Mrs. Anderson wouldn’t be laughing about me, would she?
> “Yes, it is kind of funny how she got herself into this.”
> That answered that question. I heard more garbled sound from the
> receiver.
> “I’ll bet she was. She was a little surprised over here too.”
> Then a lengthy response.
> “No, I didn’t. In fact I honestly answered no. The surprise was
> finding Mrs. Chalmers over here having coffee and deciding to take the
> survey.”
> I actually heard “Ohhh, she’ll remember this one.” from the other end of
> the phone. The only clear thing I heard. Apparently Mrs. Chalmer’s
> reputation as a spanker was well known.
> “I’m sure she will. Well, I was just verifying her story since Mrs.
> Chalmers wanted to make sure she wasn’t lying to us.”
> A few more garbled sounds came out.
> “Ok, thanks, bye now.”
> “Well?” asked Mrs Chalmers.
> “Patty was telling the truth. She got a hand spanking on her bare
> bottom from Mrs. Anderson. They had some lemonade afterward so Patty
> had some time to recover.”
> “Ok then, let’s see if we can give Patty something that will last a
> little longer.”
> The feeling of justification and affirmation that I wasn’t lying from
> Mrs. Anderson was short lived as Mrs. Chalmers started spanking me. As
> I said, I wanted to remain stoic but it stung right from the start. The
> children stopped giggling and were frozen in place as my poor little
> rear end got a slapping to be remembered. Clap, clap, clap, went her
> hand on my cheeks. I thought back to when I saw Mrs. Chalmers spank Ann
> at the back door that time for the garden incident and again of Mrs.
> Andersons spanking, comparing them. I got that warm feeling between my
> legs momentarily at the thought as the heat in my bottom spread but it
> quickly gave way to the sting and the pain of the constant spanks to my
> cheeks. She spanked harder.
> “Owwee, ahhhh, owwwwwwww!!!” I yelled as she kept it up. I begged her
> to stop almost continually as I finally started to cry and gyrate over
> her lap. It was so hot back there I started blubbering through my
> pleas. She finally stopped her insistent spanking and I relaxed over
> her lap. I felt her adjusting me thinking I was getting up but she just
> freed up one of her legs to pin me in between them. I saw her lift back
> a foot and remove her sandal as I looked through the wrungs of the
> chair. Her other hand pressed me forward on my upper back and I felt
> her free leg press against the back of my thighs. Then she started
> paddling me hard with her sandal and I screamed.
> It came down so hard and fast. I felt like a thousand bees were
> stinging me and cried and yelled myself almost hoarse until letting go.
> My eyes and nose were dripping onto the floor. I felt some shifting and
> her relaxed hold on me after what seemed like forever realizing that now
> it had stopped. My bottom was hot and throbbing. I wanted to rub it so
> bad. I saw the sandal through my tears being slipped back onto her foot
> and then felt her hand on my bottom. I flinched at her touch.
> “There you go, Patty. A little something to remember me by.” she said
> calmly as she rubbed my bottom. I had no doubt of that. It hurt but
> the rubbing actually helped as I sobbed again.
> “Wow, it looks like her bottom has a Florida sunburn it’s so red.” I
> heard Mrs. Snow say.
> I don’t know why the thought of it hit me out of the blue like it did
> but for some reason I suddenly had a picture in my mind of me riding
> backwards on Rudolph the red nosed reindeer’s back, laying on my stomach
> with my naked butt exposed and shining especially bright for Santa’s
> deliveries in the fog of night. I didn’t even believe in Santa anymore
> but I just knew my glowing butt was burning brighter than Rudolph’s nose
> ever was. A voice cleared the vision.
> “Come over and feel how warm it is.” said Mrs. Chalmers.
> She had apparently addressed the children because I soon felt tiny hands
> exploring my hot bottom cheeks reminding me of the touch after a sunburn
> but they quickly retracted as if they themselves would be burned. I was
> still sniffing and realized I had dropped my panties and had been
> dripping on them as well as the floor. I picked them up and wiped my
> eyes and nose with them. I felt Mrs. Snow caress my bottom next and
> start to talk to her children as she did so.
> “You see, children, this is what could be in store for you when you are
> naughty instead of a time-out or being sent to your room. Is this what
> you want?”
> Three little voices all said ‘no’ or ‘no mom’ repeatedly. I saw them
> shaking there heads.
> “Did it hurt your hand? Is that why you used your sandal to spank her?”
> asked Mrs. Snow.
> “No, not at all, it’s like clapping hard for a long time. You do feel
> it but not as much as the recipient. Why don’t you give it a few slaps
> so you know what it feels like. After all, as long as she’s over my
> knee it’s still the same spanking.”
> I popped my head up with a start at that comment and then felt Mrs. Snow
> start to spank me. She only gave me three slaps on each cheek and they
> felt like a slap on a sunburn making me cringe and tighten up.
> “Those aren’t spanks. Go ahead, give her ten good ones.”
> I started whimpering and moving about again during the ten good ones.
> “You almost have it. Try it one more time with a little more energy.”
> encouraged Mrs. Chalmers.
> I whimpered and jerked and started crying again after that.
> “That’s better. You see the affect it has on her? The sandal was for
> her benefit also. I hear she gets it with a paddle at home. In fact I
> heard she picked it out herself. Isn’t that right Patty? Does the
> paddle hurt more?”
> “Yes ma’am.” I replied to both questions as one.”
> “Mrs. Snow, you don’t have a paddle to finish her off with do you?”
> “Heavens no!” she declared. Hasn’t she had enough now?”
> “Well, I know she’s got more visiting to do so I suppose we could let
> her off now.”
> “Yes, please do. I promised her milk and cookies.” I was thankful for
> Mrs. Snow for that.
> Ann’s mom rubbed a good bit of sting out of my bottom and then helped me
> up. I felt very weak. Mrs. Snow said the milk and cookies would help
> me get my strength back. I didn’t know what to do with my panties as
> they were wet from tears and full of snot now. I looked at Mrs.
> Chalmers and she still had that smile. I couldn’t look into her eyes
> though. She put her hand out and lifted my chin forcing me to.
> “Give us a hug now.” she said more serious now. “You don’t want to have
> an attitude adjustment added to that bottom of yours do you?”
> “No ma’am.” I hugged her begrudgingly and whimpered again as she
> whispered in my ear.
> “Ann will be so proud of you when she hears about this.”
> For some reason that actually helped me feel better. I loved Ann more
> than a sister. I cried onto her mother’s shoulder a little during the
> hug. I felt no remorse for having left a little snot deposit on it. It
> made me smile. After the hug Mrs. Snow got a sandwich bag that she put
> my panties in.
> “You probably don’t feel much like wearing these right now anyway. You
> can take them home and put them in the wash.”
> Then she clipped the bag to my clip board. I ate the cookies standing
> up. Mrs. Snow’s children went to wash up first in the bathroom before
> they could eat any. They were rowdy as ever. Mrs. Snow threatened to
> spank them and they went quiet immediately. I guess the demonstration
> had some impact on them after all.
> There was still an hour to go before lunch after the cookies and milk
> but I didn’t know if I could take another visit before going home,
> especially since I wasn’t wearing panties now. Mrs. Snow and Mrs.
> Chalmers ignored us kids while they continued to talk about spanking.
> Mrs. Chalmers was an expert in that area. I know Ann thought so too. I
> wondered about birthday spankings at their house but was afraid to ask.
> I think Mrs. Snow would give nice birthday spankings. She seemed kinder
> than Mrs. Chalmers. I didn’t want any kind of spankings for a long
> while though. My bottom was still very warm as I was leaving the house.
> Mrs. Snow was right about the cookies and milk giving me more energy but
> I was still feeling a little tired.
> At the last minute, Mrs Snow got out a brown paper lunch bag and put the
> sandwich bag in it with my panties. She said it was just in case
> someone saw me on the way. I thanked her for the milk and cookies and
> she looked a little bit sorry for me.
> “You’re welcome, sweetie.” she told me and gave me a big hug. “I hope
> Mrs. Chalmers wasn’t too hard on you. I do really appreciate the
> demonstration. You were very brave in there. It’ll make a difference
> to my children’s behavior too. If there’s anything I can do for you,
> let me know.”
> Then it hit me like a brick.
> “Well, Mrs. Snow, if you want to help me, could you give me the names of
> any other families on this block that don’t spank?”
> She laughed out loud but then took my clip board and wrote some things
> down on the brown paper bag clipped to it and replied.
> “You can bet your rear end on that, Patty.”
> Then she laughed again. It was kinda funny I have to admit but I wasn’t
> in a laughing mood just then. It did, however, make me smile. I
> thanked her and skipped down her sidewalk feeling the slight breeze cool
> my warm bottom.

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