My friends call me “peaches”. (DIC – AS)

hey in real life I am 19 and this is a story I wrote about a year

Hello my name is Savannah when I am 14. my friends call me “peaches” I
belong to a family who homeschools in a small town in georgia. my dad
owns his own tax office where I go to in the afternoon after school.
my job is to shredd the confidental documents that build up in a
business like my dad’s. he is an enrolled agent which is someone who
goes to a tax audit with you to take care of the trouble you have
gotten yourself into. anyway one day shortly after my 14th birthday I
went down to the office full of anticapation because he had just
bought a brand new paper shredder and I couldn’t wait to try it out.
When I got there he showed me how to use it and told me it could only
take 20 pages at once so not to overload it, it was a very expensive
machine and he did not want me to wear out the motor too quickly. I
demonstrate once to him that I knew how to use it and once I showed
him I understood the safe guards and such he left me alone. well I had
gotten my schoolwork done early that day so I would have as much time
as possible to play with my new “toy” so it was only 10:30 in the
morning. I got to work and had shredd most of the stack that had been
waiting for me. well at noon I went and heated up the lunch that I had
brought and went back to the back room that was more or less my
“office” and I was sitting in the chair and looked at the paper
shredder and had what I thought was a brillant idea. I figured hey the
metal spoon in my hand is not as thick as 20 pages of paper so I
wonder if it could shredd the spoon? now looking back I should have
known at my age that this was a mistake but I turned on the machine
and after waiting for it to warm up I stuck in the spoon. The First
thing that happened was the metal cutting part of the shredder started
making this horrible noise. just as I go to turn it off it starts to
spark and one of the sparks catch the paper dust that had acclumated
and caught the entire thing on fire. I unplugg the machine as quickly
as I could but it was too late the flames had set off the fire
sprinkler system in the entire building drenching everything in the
entire set of offices with water. I go and hit the button that turns
off the system but it was more or less too late. my dad comes out of
his office soaking wet with the client he had been meeting with. he
told the client he would call him back and my dad grabbed my by my ear
and pulled me into his office. he demands to know what happened and
as I told him he just seems to get madder and madder. he starts to
lecture me about responsability and orders me to bare my bottom. I
start to cry as I beg him not to whip me but he orders me to bare my
bottom or else so my hand goes to my skirt which i unbutton and take
off. then I proceed to take off my panties and I stand there bare
bottom with my hands in front of my private area. he then tells me to
lay my top half across his desk so that I am on tippey toes. I do so
as he starts to free his belt from it’s loops. I continue to beg him
for mercy but I get no reply. he doubles the belt over and asks me if
I know why I am bout to get a whipping. I say yes and tell him it was
because I did something that I should not have done and not only cost
him money in the machine but with the water damage as well. nodding
yes he proceeds to raise the belt and SWISH!!!! SWISH!!! SWISH!!!! he
gives me three quick lashes with the belt across the top of my bottom.
I gasp upon impact forgetting how much the belt hurt from my father.
he never lectures while he punishes because we know what we did wrong.
SWISH!!! SWISH!! SWISH!!! these three are harder then the first and I
start to drum my feet against the side of the desk as I use all the
strength I have to hold on to the desk. he continues to whip me
turning my bottom into a stinging ball of fire. SWISH!! SWISH!!
SWISH!!! SWISH!!! about one lash every couple of seconds. I start to
bawl and beg him to stop but all i get for a response is SWISH!!!
SWISH!! SWISH!!! this has got to be the hardest whipping i have ever
gotten i think as the lashes continue to reign down upon already
whipped flesh SWISH!!! SWISH!! SWISH!! SWISH!!!! I am crying as hard
as I can and blubbering that I will be good. but once again the only
response i get is the continueing of my whipping this time on my upper
thighs SWISH!! SWISH!! SWISH!! SWISH!!! I try to stand up but he just
puts his hand on my back and pushes me back down. he holds one hand on
my back as he continues to reign down lashes. SWISH!!! SWISH!! SWISH!!
SWISH!! i notice that he is back to whipping my sore bottom I swear it
has started to blister. SWISH!!!! SWISH!!! SWISH!! SWISH!! SWISH!!!
finally he is done and I am told to kneel with my nose pressed into
the corner with my hands on my head and I am not allowed to rub my
sore bottom. after I am like this for about ten minutes I am told to
go intothe bathroom and clean myself up and that mom is on her way to
pick me up. I stand up and run into my dad’s personal bathroom and
close the door. I glance into the mirrior and sure enough my bottom
was an ugly purple and had bruises and blisters all over my bottom. my
upper thighs were not a pretty sight either. I take a wash cloth and
wet it and put it on my sore bottom to cool it off but it doesn’t work
that well so I give up and just wash my face. I enter the office again
and I try to put on my panties but I can’t it hurts to much. so I put
on the skirt and put the panties into the side pocket of the skirt.
once my mom comes to pick me up I climb into the car and try to sit on
the seat but gasp and stand up hitting my head on the roof of the car.
I beg my mom to let me lie across the back seat but she orders me to
sit and so i sit as softly as I can but it is the longest trip home I
can remember. once inside I go straight to bed and sleep for a good 7
hours before I wake up for dinner.

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