My mom the cougar.

The following story is true and took place in the summer of 2008. At the time of the incident, I was 24, mom 44. My parents were divorced 7 years ago, since then, mom has taken a particular liking to men in their early 20’s. She prefers to go back to their house if she can, but occasionally brings them home if she’s going to be alone or they don’t have their own place.

On Saturday nights Mom always goes out to a local sports bar to meet younger men, now mom is what you call a MILF, about 5’6″ tall brunette, slim, not busty but not small either, she looks her age. On this night, I was going to spend the evening at my girlfriends house and told mom that I wouldn’t be home. At about 12:15 am my girlfriend, who wasn’t feeling well, got sick, so I decided to drive home, when I arrived, I noticed mom was home and that there was a red car in the driveway. Mom had company.

The house is laid out with her bedroom, upstairs, in back of house, so she didn’t see me pull up, next to her is my sisters old room, now a sewing room. I’m below my sisters room. I snuck in the house as quietly as I could and decided to go right to bed. I laid there for 20 minutes or so trying to fall asleep, noticing an occasional bump coming from upstairs, so, being voyeuristic, I decided to check it out. I quietly snuck upstairs into my sisters room, sat on the floor and put my ear to the wall. I could hear the sound of the bed squeaking and mom softly moaning. There was no doubt, mom was having sex. The bed squeak would speed up and slow down, I think she was on top because I believe I heard him say “Ride me baby”. This went on about 10 minutes or so with them both softly moaning on occasion . I was actually getting bored and about to go downstairs when, suddenly they stopped, I though “Oh no, busted” but decided not to move. Someone got up and used bathroom across hall, then went back in room. I decided to stay put and see if they were done.

About 30 seconds later I heard bed squeaking again, this time with a light, yet steady tapping noise from the headboard hitting the wall. I could hear mom “Mmmm Mmmmm”. This went on about 5 minutes when, shockingly, they decided to really ramp it up. Suddenly , I could hear skin slapping and the headboard was banging off the wall, getting faster and louder. They were both quite vocal too.

” You like this, don’t you” he said ” Yes baby” mom said. Then it got crazy, rapping fire skin slapping, and the headboard pounding off the wall. This guy was fucking my mothers brains out doggie style. “Oh God” mom moaned “Fuck me” . All of a sudden, mom got real dirty “Oh yes baby, fuck me harder…do it….fuck it”. He must have been young, this went on a good 15 minutes. He was moaning but mom just, well…lost it. “GOD YES….BABY….FUCK ME” amongst the sounds of fast, rhythmic skin slapping. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” she screams “OH FUCK…FUCK”. Then I heard her say “Push my body flat on the bed” and then this guy went to town.

Now I’m sitting there, listening, and though it was my mother, I was rock hard, stroking my cock, very horny, but feeling somewhat guilty. The whole time, these two are in the middle of a wild Fuck-a-thon. Now the headboard is pounding off the wall, he’s moaning and mom’s almost in tears “Oh Hohohoho, YES” she screams “BABY”. HIS moaning gets louder, I realize he’s getting close, But she’s already there ” Ah..Shit… I’m gonna cum” she says 10 seconds later she does ” I’m CUMMING, OH GOD, IM CUMMING” in this shreaking almost childish voice. Then a drum roll skin slap, he lets out a loud moan “AHHHHHHHHHH”. I don’t know if he came in her or on her, but he obviously came very hard. So did I, right in my T-Shirt. He left around 2am.

I don’t know how I should feel. It was great sex but it was my mom. Should I be angry at him, or happy for her. I think she know I heard her but has never mentioned it. So there it is. Obviously, Mom’s a Cougar who LOVES to fuck.

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