My neighbors humilation

My slutty neighbor’s wife thinks he’s totally straight. Of course, she’s a stupid blonde. He leaves the blinds open so I can watch when he’s fucking her. Hey, she’s a trophy and I’d return the favor, so try not to judge.

But he likes getting kinky when she’s out with her friends, and he comes over for some ball busting and ass play. Ha, one time I even tied his balls to a doorknob and made him stand on his tiptoes while my cousin Sammie sucked his cock. Better yet, when he started to come, I slammed the door and made him scream like a bitch.

Then I made him stand there crying while she sucked my dick. But I don’t fuck him. I ain’t about that shit. I have a collection of dildos that I use to abuse him. And I make him beg me to shove them up his ass. Sometimes, Sammie’s sister Elena comes with her, and I let them gang bang him with strap ons.

One time, Elena made him eat her pussy while Sammie fucked him with a porn star dildo and I fucked her up the ass. Talk about a fucking pile up; that was a good one, even though Sammie said her ass hurt for days. I’m pretty sure she was lying, cause I know uncle Larry is tapping that shit. She’s eighteen and his stepdaughter, so it’s all good.

Would you believe this guy stood there for fifteen minutes while Sammie and Elena took turns kicking his balls? But that’s another story. I used a rubber glove and fisted his ass while they kicked. It was fun for all of us, even him.

Anyway, one day I was swatting his balls with a stick and I decided to make him beg me to fuck him. He did. He was all like, “Please fuck me, Master.” And I just kept swatting his balls and watching him cry. But he kept begging.

So I had Sammie jerk him off to a ruined orgasm. Then she rubbed the cum all over his asshole while I got the dildo, it was a porn star dildo that was huge. Only I didn’t know at that time he was an anal virgin. I made Sammie tie his mouth with a gag made out of her bra and I slammed it in.

Good thing he had the gag in cause he screamed. And I laughed and kept pounding it in until he fell on his stomach and tried to close his legs. So I drug him to the bathroom and tied him in a kneeling position over the toilet. I asked if he was going to be a good slut and he nodded. So I rammed it back in with no lube and he just took it all, still crying like a little bitch and I let Sammie stand over him and piss down his ass crack to lube him up.” When my arms got tired, I let Sammie strap on the dildo and she fucked him for like, an hour. Seriously. He took it up the ass for an hour.

Then I took him off the toilet and hogtied him on the bathroom floor. We got the duct tape and taped his eyes open so he could watch Sammie suck my dick. When I came, it was on the bathroom floor, and I made him lick it up.

I walked behind him and saw that his ass was a little bloody, so I told him I’d clean it up. I pissed in his ass crack while he was crying, squirming and licking my cum off the bathroom floor.

It’s good to have slutty neighbors. If you want, you can come over and fuck mine. He likes it now.

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