“Shame on Shane” by Levena

“Shame on Shane”

Birdie, a young rebellious teen, ran up to the Davison’s front door and knocked on it. Great Aunt Martha had been waiting for her.  Birdie made a habit of making Aunt Martha late. Even getting ready to go babysit, Birdie never seemed to just get dressed and prepared to leave in a timely matter.

Great Aunt Martha waves Bridget goodbye, and yells from her half opened car window, “Shane has been a naughty boy today Birdie, do not let him cause trouble all day, I will be home around 7pm, please have Shane ready for bed by then.”

“I didn’t think you were going to make it girl!” Aunt Martha yelled.

Birdie giggled, it was Gabby Aunt Martha; she wouldn’t get out of the bathroom so I could get ready. Birdie apologized to Aunt Martha, turning and going into the house making sure she rolled her eyes as soon as she knew Aunt Martha could not see her. Although, Birdie would never know, that Aunt Martha also rolled her eyes; she felt angry at the thought of her niece being such a rude young lady, with no sense of being timely for the benefit of others

“I have a feeling a certain red curly top, is lying to Aunt Martha, said the voice of Birdies younger cousin Shane.

Young Shane laughed, “Birdie. Don’t lie I will tell on you.”

“I’m not lying,” Birdie snarled. She ran past Shane and jumped onto the couch. She smiled a little bit and turned the channel on the TV, “were going to watch grown-up shows now Shane, no more of that stupid Ninja Turtles.”

Shane shook his head and laughed, unable to stay the innocent adorable child he should have been, and snarled at Birdie.

“The Ninja Turtles are not STUPID Birdie.”

“It’s my favorite show, your stupid, and your make-up makes you look like one of my daddies jezebels.”

“Can we…um…can we play outside today Birdie?” Shane changed subjects.

Birdie smiled, she should have took the comment from Shane as an insulting offensive regard to her women sexuality, but she didn’t; it was fine with her. Birdie was interested in the immoral women her Uncle brought home anyways, and if she looked like one, then she was doing the correct things in her mind.

“Of course we can play outside.” Birdie said.

“You go on out in the backyard, and I’ll grab us some drinks, okay?”

Shane nodded, and darted outside. Once he was out there he went over to the tree and climbed up giggling. He wanted to see if Birdie would be able to find him.

Birdie fixes two glasses of lemonade and walked outside. She didn’t see Shane and begins looking around.

“Shane, Come on out. This isn’t funny.” Birdie yelled in an annoyed voice.

Birdie tried really hard not to get madder and madder, while she was looking for Shane. Birdie being only thirteen, and in charge of her young cousin, was making it hard for her not to start too panic. Not being able to find him in the back yard, was not of game of ‘hide and seek” Birdie would think was fun or funny.

“Shane Davison! Tell me where you are now! This isn’t funny!” Birdie could feel her fretfulness begin to start, wondering how she is going to explain to her Aunt Martha that she lost her little cousin.

Shane rolled his eyes, with how fast it took Birdie to start to panic about where someone had gone to.

“I’m up here poopie-head.” Shane said with a giggle. He thought it was pretty funny.

“You’re not very good at playing hide and seek Birdie.”

“Shane! Get down from there young man, before you get hurt! You don’t need to be climbing trees without an adult around!” Birdie yelled at him.

“Aww, but I was just having a little fun,” Shane said. He swung himself down from the tree and landed on the ground; running to grab the lemonade Birdie had brought out.

“ Aunt Martha lets me climb in the trees all the time.”

“Shane, I know better than that. Not when no one else is around.”

“What if you had fallen and gotten hurt while I was gone?”

“I’m a really good tree climber Birdie.” Shane informed trying very hard to use his older male tone to his young babyish male voice.

“I wasn’t going to fall out of the tree. Only babies fall down.”

Birdie shakes her head. “Shane, anyone can slip and fall, or step on a bad branch. You’ve got to learn to stop pushing the limits; just because you think you can handle it.”

“We have these rules for a reason.” Birdie scolded.

“Last time I climbed in a tree Aunt Martha didn’t get mad at me.” Shane told Birdie in the snottiest boyish tone he could muster up.

Shane gulped on his lemonade, and added once again, “Besides I’m not a baby.”

“Shane, I think that’s enough talking about it. You have to learn to obey the rules.”

“Even if Great Aunt Martha does let you climb alone, and I don’t think she does, you have to stop trying to trick people.”

“Go back into the house and find yourself a corner young man.”

Shane frowns, and starts to mumble, “Well Aunt Martha lets me climb in the trees, and Aunt Martha is my bigger boss, so she’s more in charge of me than you.” Shane took another gulp of his lemonade and refused to move.

“Now, Shane, you know I’m in charge when Aunt Martha is not here.”

“Fine, I will call Aunt Martha, and tell her she needs to come home right now, because you are not listening to me, and climbing trees to hide.” Birdie drank her lemonade until it was half gone, then she stared at Shane, waiting for him to comply.

“Birdie, that’s not an option.” Shane said mocking at Birdie.

“Aunt Martha is in her knitting class and she won’t answer her phone.”

“You have until 3 to move. One……” Birdie started counting at the top of her squeakish young girlish voice.

Shane, being his normal self, stood there. He never liked being told what to do no matter who it was that was telling him what to do.

“One” he mocked Birdie again. When Shane was in trouble, he always had a tendency of getting sassier and a little bratty.

Bridget walks over and picks up Shane, carries him into the kitchen and deposits him into a corner.

“Owwie!” Shane frowned. “You didn’t even reach three yet snapped Shane. Then he pulled a typical Shane, and ducked out of the corner running past Birdie, and headed straight upstairs to hide.

“You were mocking me Shane,” Birdie explains as she takes off after Shane. Birdie catches him at the top of the steps.

“I guess we’ll just have corner time after your spanking,” Birdie states.

“No, because I’m not getting a spanking from you Birdie.”  Shane simply said. He tried to slip past Birdie’s arm, and continue running from her.

“I’m going to go play with my turtle figurines. Just leave me alone.”

“Shane! Do you want me to call Aunt Martha in class?” Birdie spoke with a stern teenage voice.

“I don’t think she’d be very happy to hear all this, or I can call Uncle Tommy at work, or you could just calm down though.”

“One way or another, you ARE getting a spanking” Birdie concluded.

“I don’t care if you call Great Aunt Martha, or Uncle Tommy. I’m not getting a spanking.”

Shane started crying. He tried to calm down as he added, “Besides Uncle Tommy won’t care, because he loves me, and Great Aunt Martha probably won’t even answer her phone.”

Shane sits on the sofa.

“Shane, if you’re honest with yourself, you know Aunt Martha will spank you. She might not come home right now, but later she will.”

“Whatever, if you want to wait for Auntie to spank you then fine.”

“Well then, I want a spanking later!” Shane insisted.

“I don’t want one right now. I want to go outside and play in the trees.” Shane tried to get past Birdie again.

“We’re not going outside to play until after your spanking,” Birdie says firmly

“But I’m not getting a spanking!” He told Birdie firmly and frustrated back at her.

“Alright Shane, whatever you say, but were not going outside, so go play in your room until Aunt Martha comes home from knitting class.”

Aunt Martha arrived a few hours later, and Shane watched his older cousin from the top of the staircase, tell his aunt all about his bad and troubled behaviors, how he climbed the tree, and was talking back, mocking her when she talked about following the rules and the importance of them.

“Great Aunt Martha sneers looking straight up the staircase, looking at young Shane.

“I’m not arguing with that young man at all anymore.” Aunt Martha says marching straight up the stairs and snatching Shane by his ear and dragging him into his room decorated in Ninja Turtles and Lego’s.

Aunt Martha turns Shane upside down, and over her knees with a swiftly one handed motion, places him over her lap and pulls his shorts and panties down. She gets a firm hold on his waist and begins spanking Shane’s bottom with a heavy wooden hairbrush, firmly and with a lot of strength.

“Owwie Aunt Martha, Stop it!” Shane started crying right away. He squirmed on Aunt Martha’s lap and begs for her to set him free.

Aunt Martha tightens her hold and continues spanking his little bottom. Shane started to kick his legs violently.  Tears pouring down his cheeks already, trying to cover his bottom with his little hands to stop the vicious blows of his Aunt beating.

Aunt Martha quickly pins his little hands back and delivers 5 sharp smacks to his sit spots and thighs.

“No covering Shane” Aunt Martha says delivering swats harder than the first ones

“No more Shane screams, I will listen Aunt Martha!” Shane continued to shriek and yelp. The fire was beginning to build up in his bottom, and his bottom was definitely starting to feel very uncomfortable from the walloping he was getting.

Aunt Martha continues spanking another minute or two until Shane’s bottom is blushing bright pink, she snickers and grabs a hold of Shane other wrist, and then pins that one too.

“Stooooopppppp!” Shane howled. His poor bottom was hurting, throbbing. He tried to push himself off of Great Aunt Martha’s lap, but failed of course.

Shane shakes his head, wishing and screaming for his aunt to stop spanking his little ass. She concentrates on his sit spots and thighs, turning them the same hue as his bottom

“Ow! Owwieeeeee!” Shane continued to cry, “N-no no more!” He kept kicking his legs, squirming his tiny hips from left to right in a futile attempt to get away from Great Aunt Martha’s hairbrush.

Aunt Martha lands ten cruel hard spanks, and then starts rubbing Shanes back.

“Calm down Shane.” Aunt Martha says. “It’s just beginning and you are already sobbing.

The split second Aunt Martha had Shane calming down by rubbing his back she reached out and pinched Shane’s inner thigh angrily and very hard, refusing to let go of the skin she had in between her fingers.

Shane screamed with his soul, tears running down his cheeks. While Aunt Martha other free hand continued to rub his burning bottom fiercely.

“You ill-disciplined little boy, how many times does Great Aunt Martha have to spank you till you decide to conduct yourself like a good little fella.”

“Well I guess maybe we should administer some wholesome Victorian discipline; maybe young man something will imprint it into your mind.” Aunt Martha chuckled under her breath. Shane felt the normal erieee feeling, and as Aunt Martha rubbed his bottom, she moved her hands and started to rub his sack that held his little peanuts of pleasure. Aunt Martha rubbed harder moving her hand nearer and nearer to his bottom hole.

Shane could feel his small expender getting tickly and he started to rub and grind on Aunt Martha’s knee, she grabbed the hairbrush and started to whack Shane’s ass harder and harder. You could see that the purple little bruises were forming all over his tiny not so smart bottom anymore.

After about 4 good minutes of the same repeated whaps and slaps, Shane was nothing more than a little shameful boy gasping for air, begging and sobbing for it to be all over. When Aunt Martha did stop spanking she reached under and grabbed his peanuts again and rolled them around in her hand, rubbing and soothing Shane ass with the other hand.

“The spanking is over, shhhh, it is all over young man.” Aunt Martha keep her firm grip on Shanes sack, and she rubbed the fire in his bottom with her other hand, she grabbed his two bottom cheeks unexpected and pulled them apart quick and hard, sending Shane screaming again.

“NOOOOooooo, Auntie, noooo.” Shanes screaming continued as he felt his auntie’s hair brush handle enters his little darker hole, he felt meekness, and between the sore bottom cheeks his aunt had just grabbed, and then spread, she was now shoving of a large round hairbrush handle up it.

His screaming didn’t stop the punishment, and never would his begging for it to stop actually work. Shane’s little body would just lay there and go limp over his Aunt Martha’s knees, and take the bum hole thrashing she was giving him.

He would crave when she is done with his naughty little bottom, she would be able to have some time to rub him and scold him, with a little less pain, and a little more on the tender side.

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