(ff/b spanking, bare bottom, strap & paddle, moderate embarrassment, military school discipline)


It was 7:02 p.m., a mere two minutes into ‘Message Night,’ when there was a tentative knock on the barracks room door of Susanna Trantor and Katherine Krypton, sixteen-year-old second-class cadets at the Hippolyta Coeducational Military Academy.

“State your business,” Katherine called out briskly, from her seat on the swivel chair to her desk. She was a pert-looking light brunette, possessing a well-shaped feminine body of medium height, wearing the Prussian blue academic uniform of the Academe

The door opened slightly to reveal an anxious twelve-year-old boy, August Coruscant by name, who wore the masculine version of the same uniform. He was two inches shorter than Katherine, somewhat stocky in build, with reddish-brown, close-cropped hair and a round face speckled with freckles.

“New Cadet Coruscant here to deliver a message to Cadet Captain Trantor,” the boy stated, obviously quite nervous as his body was shaking.

Susanna rose to her feet from the twin bed she’d been sitting on, straightening out the covers as she did so. “Come in then, Mister Coruscant, let’s hear your message.” She was a statuesque young woman, four inches taller than her roommate, slim and athletic yet still possessing a sweetly-rounded figure, with black hair and crystal blue eyes; August would’ve found her intimidating even without the four chevrons and one stripe on her uniform sleeves, which indicated her rank.

The boy took three steps into the room, stood at attention and swallowed hard before speaking. “Ma’am, this is a message from…uhhhh…Cadet Sergeant Trantor, leader of the Second Squad…”

Susanna chuckled. “Do you mean that brat of a little sister of mine?” she demanded, referring to her fifteen-year-old sibling.

“Ummmm, yes, ma’am, I believe she’s your sister,” he replied stiffly.

Spinning her chair around, Katherine stood up and addressed the new cadet. “You only ‘believe’ that, New Cadet Coruscant, so why don’t you know it for sure? Are you unclear about the command structure of Third Company?”

August shook his head. “No, ma’am, not at all.”

The brunette strode over to face him, her feet apart and her hands on her hips. “Let’s hope not, Mister Coruscant. I’ve always thought that it’s a mistake to give male new cadets their first two weeks free from physical discipline by us young women, who know exactly what you little reprobates need to get your minds focused…Do you know what I’m referring to, new cadet?”

The boy blanched. “Ah-I’m not certain, ma’am.”

“What she’s talking about,” Susanna told him, “Is you male new cadets having crimson red, sore, stinging-hot posteriors, pretty much all the time. Do you know how we ladies of the top four classes intend to accomplish that objective, Mister Coruscant?”

“Cuh-Corporal puh-punishment, ma’am,” he stammered.

Katherine snickered. “Full sentences, new cadet, you must reply to a higher-ranking cadet’s questions with full sentences. That’s two demerits for you, Mister Coruscant, but your answer is correct. Specifically, you’re going to be spanked very intensely with wooden paddles and rubber straps, from this evening onward. Do you know why all masculine underwear at Hippolyta Coed is seatless, young man?”

August licked his lips. “Yes, ma’am.”

“I’m certain that we’ll be demonstrating that to you immediately, new cadet, because knowing my dear sister you’re about to be disrespectful to me.” Susanna smiled knowingly. “Go ahead, give me the message.”

He looked faint, but nonetheless obeyed the order. “Cadet Sergeant Trantor says that you should go down to the Saint Joan quadrangle, strip off your clothing and dance in the…nude…to entertain…the new cadets…tonight.” His body shuddered.

“Is that all?” the cadet captain demanded.

“No, ma’am,” the twelve-year-old replied. “She also says that you deserve a reward for doing a strip tease like that for all the boys, so Cadet Lieutenant Krypton should also go down to the quadrangle and…uhhhh…lick your pussy for you, she says.”

“Ahhhh, very well, I get what you’re telling me, Mister Coruscant.” Susanna addressed her roommate. “He was quite disrespectful to both of us, Kath, wasn’t he? So which does he need, a good paddling or a hard strapping?”

The cadet lieutenant grinned. “Both, obviously, since he insulted each of us. Why don’t I warm him up nicely with my school strap, then you can give him a long session with your Spencer paddle?”

Her roommate nodded. “Yes, you’re correct—that’s why you’re such a terrific executive officer, you see all the possibilities.” She gazed downward at the trembling boy. “New Cadet Coruscant, place both of my pillows and one of Cadet Lieutenant Krypton’s on the end of my bed, then lower your trousers to your knees and bend way forward over the pillows—I want to see your naked buttcheeks sticking up high for the treatment they’re going to receive from us. She stepped forward and smacked him on the seat of his uniform trousers with her right palm. “Move it, mister!”

“Yes, ma’am.” The boy was quaking with trepidation, but he nonetheless obeyed his orders immediately, understanding that hesitation would result in additional punishment. Within thirty seconds, his plump posterior was fully revealed by the neatly-hemmed, seatless navy blue briefs he was wearing, with both of its cheeks upturned over three pillows, nicely presented for extensive chastisement. Meanwhile, both females had armed themselves with their respective instruments of corporal correction.

Katherine smirked at the new cadet’s discomfiture. “Mister Coruscant, I have good news and bad news for you, so which would you like first?”

He swallowed hard. “Ahhhh, the good, ma’am.”

Her chuckle sounded like a bell chime. “Just like a guy, wanting to avoid anything negative…Okay, you’re lucky because your chubby caboose really is quite cute, in a decidedly spankable way. If it’s still that attractive when you’re around eighteen years old, plenty of teenaged girls are going to be eager to get their hands on it, one way or another.”

“The bad news, Mister Coruscant, covers the time period before that happens,” Susanna noted cheerily. “You have a rear end that’s ideal for taking plenty of ass-thrashing punishment, which means that you’ll end up getting it bared and blistered on a very regular basis. I’m so looking forward to walloping it with my paddle, as soon as Cadet Lieutenant Krypton has heated it up with her strap, and I’m guessing that most of the other female cadets in the top four classes will feel the exact same way. In other words, young man, you’d better prepare yourself for six long, sore-seated years at this military institution…Is that clear to you, Mister Coruscant?”

The youngster shivered. “Yes, ma’am, it is.”

Taking a stance to August’s left, facing his naked hip, the cadet lieutenant measured the distance to his twitching buttcheeks for a full-length swing with her black rubber strap, which was twenty-four inches long including its scarlet corrugated-leather handle. “You’re allowed to yelp, cry and even howl, Mister Coruscant, and I quite expect those bare buns of yours to dance while I’m strapping them. However, your body must stay pressed flat against the bed, your feet in continuous contact with the floor and your exposed ass sticking upward—violation of these protocols will result in a longer, harder whomping, so you’d better maintain self-control.” Grinning she lifted the semi-flexible punitive implement over her right shoulder. “Ready for a good bare-bottom blistering, young man?” she demanded.

He blanched. “Yeh-Yes, ma’am, but please not too hard.”

The other girl tittered. “You might as well wish for the moon.”

Then Katherine enthusiastically and expertly administered a lengthy, thorough strapping atop her victim’s fully-rounded twin buttocks, gleefully turning their coloration from white to bright pink, then to rosy red and finally to a brilliantly glowing deep crimson. Although he somehow managed to maintain his derriere’s temptingly outthrust and wide-open position with only minor miscues, the boy was hardly brave in enduring his chastisement, very quickly being reduced to flowing tears accompanied by sobs and wails; as his disciplinarian had predicted, his stinging, blazing buttocks squirmed in a desperate but futile effort to avoid the strap’s searing strokes, which were heavily focused on the fatty ‘sit spots’ just above his thighcreases.

He’ll remember this butt-whipping every time he sits down for the next three days, she thought to herself with smug satisfaction. That bare behind of his truly is doing a devilish dance for me!

By the time that his strapping was finally concluded, seven minutes after it had begun, August had taken seventy-two searing licks and was blubbering helplessly. His two superiors allowed him two minutes to regain a modicum of composure before his recent chastiser addressed him.

“Mister Coruscant, now you’ll need to thank me for strapping your naked hiney so effectively,” she instructed her spankee, gently placing her left hand on the small of his back as he sniffled.

His torso was still trembling slightly. “Thuh-Thank you f-for spah-spanking my n-naked high-ney so eeee-fectiveluh-ley, ma’am,” he stammered.

“She said ‘strapping’ rather than ‘spanking,’ young man,” Susanna pointed out, “But since this is your first taste of corporal correction from us, we’ll let it go—this time only.” She moved into her executive officer’s former position, hefting the sturdy, multi-holed oaken fanny-whacker in her right hand, as the smiling girl took four steps sideways to her right, then turned to face the preteen’s fiery-looking posterior.

“Damn it all, I’ve really given you some seriously sore spots to work over with that paddle,” she informed her roommate. “You should have no trouble making him howl like a banshee, Susie.”

The cadet captain licked her lips. “That’s the whole idea, Kath, isn’t it” She addressed her anxious visitor. “The same punishment protocols are in effect for this paddling you’re about to undergo, Mister Coruscant, so keep your body flat, your shining hind end pointing at the ceiling and your feet on the floor. Your bare bottom danced quite nicely under the strap, so I’ll be expecting it to put on an equally amusing performance while I’m whacking away at it…Are you ready to go another round now, young man?”

He had no actual choice to make, of course. “Yes, ma’am.”

August was promptly walloped via his company commander’s strenuous application of her half-inch-thick oakwood implement to his unprotected posterior, a chastisement even more emphatic than he’d been given via her roommate’s fearsome strap, with his reactions being quite similar yet more pronounced, until he found himself merely moaning over the final ninety seconds of his eight-minute paddling—even the frantic shifting of his hips lessened greatly, until his buttocks were simply absorbing, without much response, the steady crisp cracking of the hardwood’s smooth striking surface across their magenta-hued underswells.

“That should do you adequately for the moment, Mister Coruscant,” his spankmistress informed him briskly. “I took my time, so you only got yourself sixty-four swats, but after all you’ll surely be receiving several more blisterings before ‘Message Night’ is over with—we can save the serious ass-thrashings for other times, when your chubby caboose isn’t in such demand.” After left-handedly massaging his upper back for thirty seconds, she tapped his enflamed hindquarters with the fanny-whacker. “Okay, let’s hear my ‘thank you,’ then you can rise and pull up your pants.”

Her whimpering spankee, teardrops still trickling down his flushed facial cheeks, obeyed her command. “Th-Thank yuh-you for spah-annking my nay-naked hiney so effect-tuh-tively, muh-ma’am.”

Susanna hung the Spencer paddle back on its hook above her desk, at a parallel level to the school strap hanging over the other one, then turned to address the boy. “That was adequate, but you’ll have to stop acting like such a crybaby, young man, or your female superiors won’t respect you while they’re dishing out your discipline…Okay, stand up and get yourself into proper uniform, then you’re going to deliver my return message to your brat of a squad leader.”

Moments later, standing at attention with his rearward modesty restored but his behind blazing, while the two girls were seated on their swivel chairs, he verbalized the short statement which he’d memorized: “Cadet Sergeant Trantor’s instructions from the company commander are to clean out the asshole of her slutty roommate, Cadet Corporal Caladan, with her twelve-inch tongue, making it shine for parade inspection.”

Katherine chortled. “Yes, that ought to do nicely…Don’t forget to also tell both of them that they’re allowed to blister your bare bottom only if they’re truly offended by the message.”

The youngster shivered. “Yes, ma’am…But won’t they be offended, ma’am?”

She waved her hand airily. “Probably, but they can’t really swing their implements with any authority, you’ll hardly feel it, Mister Coruscant—I don’t care if they are the school’s number-one doubles team in tennis.”

“One other order, young man,” the cadet captain said calmly. “You’re to report back here at eleven-forty hours every Tuesday and Friday, for over-the-knee sessions with our hairbrushes—Cadet Lieutenant Krypton’s on Tuesdays and mine on Fridays. You should fit sweetly across our laps, and getting your exposed asscheeks smacked in such a childish manner will help you learn humility. These will be educational sessions rather than strictly disciplinary ones, because we’re taking a personal interest in your cadet career here at Hippolyta Coed…Do you understand your instructions, Mister Coruscant?”

He sighed glumly. It’s going to be a challenging next couple of years, he thought. “Yes, ma’am.”

Her face dimpled in delight. I just love this place, she told herself. “Then you’re dismissed to report to your squad leader, mister!”

The boy saluted sharply. “Good evening, ma’am.” As he turned and exited the room, he walked tentatively, his nether moons obviously hurting him.

Katherine grinned broadly. “It’s going to be tough on him, his rear end is simply so sweetly-rounded and spankable.”

Her roommate nodded. “Still, we’ve walloped him first, which means that we have first claim on that plump little rump of his—assuming that he survives what Bettina and Molly Lou will be unleashing on his bare buns in the immediate future.”

There was a knock at the open doorway. Looking in that direction, the young ladies observed another uniformed twelve-year-old new cadet, a slim, black-haired one with dark Latin looks.

“State your business,” Susanna directed him, swinging her chair seat around to face the flustered preteen.

His voice quavered. “New Cadet Bajor here to deliver a message to Cadet Lieutenant Krypton…”

{The End}

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