“Straight up just Naughty” by Widget Gidget

“A Family Affair”

Carol came home furious. “That brat Kyla has been messing with my private things. Dildo, make up.”

Carol hated all three of her family – Mickey, Kyla and Nate. Being so angry aroused her sexually, and she started to think how it would be to get Kyla naked and helpless. “Thrash her for me please” she said to Mickey.

Mickey knew his wife well and knew what she wanted. He liked most of it too. “Very well, I’ll get her into our room.”

Carol went to shower and change.

Mickey went to Kyla’s room and entered. He looked around and found Carol’s make up. He shook Kyla awake.

“Get up, you brat. You are due for a thrashing. And bring the dildo.” She knew better than to resist, took the dildo from her pillow and, in her white nightie, ran ahead of her father to their room.

Carol had changed into a black bustier that pushed her tits up, but left the nipples exposed. From the fringe were straps to hold up sheer stockings. She wore black as night heels and was sitting in an armless chair, sideways on to the bed. “Get her nightie off – right off.”

Mickey tore the garment off Kyla exposing her young glories. “Give your mother the vibrator, you thief!” Kyla walked, weeping, to her mother and handed her the dildo. “I’m sorry.” Carol grinned and pulled her over her knee. “I’ll warm her up, Mickey.” She spanked the girl hard for 20 seconds until Kyla was screaming and then passed her to Mickey.

Of course, Nate heard all the commotion, and tiptoed to his parents’ room. They had left the door ajar. He could hear his father spanking Kyla and her screams, and he could see his mother’s attire. Carol glanced at the door and saw Nate fumbling with his pyjama bottoms, getting his cock out. She decided to wait a minute. Kyla was shrieking and Carol jumped up and grabbed the spying boy, dragging him into the room. “Spying, you brat, and with a hard cock. You want to see and taste more of me again?”

Nate nodded, knowing what was coming. She pulled him over her lap. “Watch Kyla while I wank you.”

Kyla was screaming and writhing, showing her cunt and butthole. Carol wanked him harder. Mickey stopped spanking Kyla and undressed, pulling his belt through his pant loops.

He placed Kyla over the arm of the sofa, her glories showing to all and delivered 12 hard strokes of the belt. Well’s cock was tumescent as he thrashed. She screamed and writhed.

Let’s go to the bedroom, shall we, said Mickey to Carol , as he finished thrashing Kyla. Bring the kids – you still have to spank Nate.

Carol got them by their ears to the bedroom, lay back on the bed and forced Nate’s face between her stocking tops. He quickly found the spot and licked.

“Suck Daddie’s cock, or I’ll cane you” said Carol to Kyla, bucking on Nate’s face.

Mickey took Kyla’s lips and face-fucked her. Carol pulled Nate over her knee and spanked him, feeling her arousal and his.

Mickey formed them in a ring, standing- Kyla, Nate, Carol, Mickey. Kyla wanked Nate, he wanked Carol’s pussy, she wanked Mickey and he wanked Kyla’s bald pussy.

When all were close to coming, Mickey suggested that he stay with Kyla and Carol take Nate to the spare room.

When Kyla and Mickey were alone, Mickey tuned her on her front, belted her a few times, then slipped a finger on her clit, rubbing it hard. He then pulled Kyla’s red cheeks apart and rammed his large cock into her butt.

“Oh, Daddy, Daddy. Do it. I’m coming” cried Kyla.

Meanwhile, in the spare room, Carol reached into Nate’s pyjama slit and stroked him stiff. “You liked watching Kyla. Kyla is going to watch you getting it. You like being wanked – I can tell.” She pulled him to the other room and said “Kyla, come and help while I punish Nate. Daddy can do without you for a while.”

In the spare room, Carol told them “We’ll start with Nate in his pyjamas licking me as you spank him.” She lay back and crammed Nate’s face into her pus .Kyla was quick to start spanking his covered cheeks. He bucked and gasped.

“I want him howling” said Carol. “Do you want to wank him a little – naked?” She went to fetch a tawse – 2-pronged. “Undress him and get him hard.” she ordered Kyla. “Do you want him to lick you as I tawse him, little one?” Carol’s pussy was dripping with excitement. She tied Nate’s wrists together and to the bed end. Taking Nate by his hard cock she rubbed it hard and fast.

Carol turned him over. “Get your pus on his face, Kyla” Kyla stripped off her nightie and got her pus under Nate”s face. She bucked but Nate did not lick.

Carol reached below Nate and stroked him. “ Lick or I’ll give you 12 strokes!” Nate licked. “Tell me if he is not satisfactory, Kyla.”

Kyla bucked as Carol tawsed Nate’s butt 3 times. Tears ran down his cheeks. His sister screamed as she came on his face – coming and coming.

Carol and Kyla changed places. “Tawse him slowly, Kyla. Now you lick harder, Nate.”

Carol bucked and stood up before she orgasmed. “Nate, fetch the cane from the wardrobe!” He presented it to her. “Please not the cane, mummy” he pleaded. Carol laid the cane on the bed. She wanked Nate hard and fast. “Get on the floor, you two” indicating Kyla and Nate. Mickey re-entered, erect.

He watched as Carol placed them in a 69, with Kyla on top. Picking up the cane, Mickey took Carol to their bedroom. He tied Carol to the bed , face down. “Leave the kids to have their fun. I am going to thrash you.” Said Mickey. He sat between Carol’s arms, pulled open her mouth and fucked her face.

Mickey moved to better cane her. Mickey loved the moments before he thrashed Carol. It made him very horny. He raised the cane and delivered 3 strokes to Carol’s left peach. “You enjoyed doing the kids, didn’t you?” 3 more to the right.

Carol buck and gasp, but Mickey could feel her orgasm building with his probing fingers. He ram the vibrator up Carol’s cunt, its hot-spots hitting her clit and G-spot.

Carol’s black bustier excites me almost as much as Kyla’s tight ass. Well’s place a pillow under her hips, pull open her cheeks and thrust in.


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