{Marital spanking, nudity, brief sexual references, artificial humanoid bodies, palm, strap-paddle}
Petrov Rassendyll’s consciousness seemed to be swimming through a confusing swirl of colors, which were initially quite dark—jet blacks, charcoal grays and midnight blues.

The last thing he remembered was looking at his attractive wife Jasmine, who was effectively a complete human consciousness contained within an awesome android form, one which was entirely humanoid in spite of its incredible strength, stamina, speed and near-indestructability; she’d been leaning over him while grasping a small spray bottle, then she had pulsed a fine mist directly into his face.

“Trust me, darling,” she’d instructed him reassuringly, then almost immediately he’d fallen into a deep trancelike state.

Since Petrov’s 206-year-old, genetically-enhanced body had been steadily albeit slowly declining toward eventual death over the previous dozen years, he had considered the possibility that his beloved spouse was euthanizing him before he started to suffer from serious physical pain. While ‘gen-en’ humans were significantly stronger, smarter and more durable than their non-enhanced counterparts, their long-postponed deaths from aging were frequently quite excruciating—arguably a trade-off for their extended lifespans.

The swirling colors had become noticeably brighter—cherry red, burnt orange, lemon yellow—while their dazed viewer vaguely remembered electronic connector pads having been attached to his forehead and skull. Finally he regained full consciousness, his eyes blinking open, only to find himself lying on a rectangular padded table in Jasmine’s laboratory. As he sat up slowly, his lifemate entered the expansive room from its doorway to their master bedroom. She appeared to be merely an Amazonian, highly athletic young woman wearing a tight-fitting, royal blue jump suit, a seemingly human female with curly, golden blonde hair, cornflower blue eyes, sweetly smiling lips and a cute, round face. Her facial features, eyes and hair closely matched those which she’d possessed on her small, weak organic body in her early thirties, but she was a veritable superwoman in her artificial form.

“How do you feel, sweetheart?” she demanded, sounding a touch anxious—her voice could convey the full range of human feelings and reactions.

Petrov became aware that he was totally naked. “Well, I should be cool in this place, you keep it heated to only sixty-two degrees farenheit, but I’m not.” His head shook in puzzlement. “In fact, I feel like I was sixty-five again and in my prime, rather than over two centuries old and slowly dying…Have you somehow rejuvenated me, Jasmine?” Since his wife was a stunningly brilliant scientist, in fact the galaxy’s leading expert on robotic-based cybernetics, the question wasn’t entirely far-fetched.

“Come on, darling, I’m not a biologist.” She smiled coyly. “Can’t you make an obvious guess?”

He carefully gazed at his perfectly-developed body, then he swung his bare feet to the floor and stood up. Gazing straight into her shining eyes, Petrov was aware that he was his ladylove’s exact height, although as a ‘gen-en’ human he had been two inches shorter than her six-feet-four-inches of stature. Awareness exploded in his positronic brain. “Damn it all, honey, you did it again, didn’t you? I’m now an android too, that explains me being a bit taller, yet I still seem to have all of my memories and emotions.”

Jasmine chortled. “Yes, it worked again, now you also have a synthetic body, one that’s equal to mine in durability.” Her right hand pointed at the doorway to their bedroom. “Go on in, check yourself out in the full-length mirror.” As her husband followed her suggestion, she briskly smacked his exposed, muscularly-rounded left buttcheek with her right palm.

“Owwwwch!” He jumped forward, amazed at how much the sharp slap had stung his seat. “Ohhhh, that really hurts! I haven’t been walloped by you for ten years, but I don’t remember it smarting that much.”

Her grin was impish. “That’s one of my surprises for you, regarding your brand-spanking-new artificial body, and it seems to be working just as I’d planned.” She gave him a playful wolf-whistle. “That crimson palm print on your bare bottom looks so sexy, I can hardly wait to find out how much color I can put onto it with our flexiplast paddle. Your present posterior has at least double the sensitivity to forceful impacts against it, compared to what your organic one used to have at your physical peak—that’s in terms of both reddening and stinging.”

His eyebrows arched questioningly as he faced her. “Which means exactly what?”

She tittered. “When I spank your naked fanny, it will hurt twice as much, plus it will change color a great deal more quickly and intensely—that’s all, sweetheart. However, I’ve also tripled the actual resiliency of your precious rear, so it can endure three times the punishment without any serious damage, although the soreness afterward will be significantly longer-lasting than before.”

Petrov gulped. “So my wallopings will sting me with double intensity, but they’ll also smart a whole lot longer, huh?”

“Exactly, sweetheart,” his spouse confirmed, “So our spanking-good fun-time will be greatly extended and exceedingly gratifying—plus, of course, you’ll get to squirm while sitting for quite a few days afterward, since your previous accelerated ‘gen-en’ healing factor has been slowed for the skin of your hindquarters. As for the rest of your android body, however, it will match mine in terms of exceptional physical recovery.” Her chuckle pealed softly like a bell chime. “To put it succinctly, you’re the ideal male spankee, dear boy.”

His hand reached back to rub his still-smarting buttock round. “So I can tell, Jasmine. Given how much you’ll be able to make my hiney hurt, I might not be able to stay in position easily. If my strength matches yours, how will you be able to control the struggling I’ll certainly be doing?”

Her grin was diabolical. “Actually, Petrov darling, you’re about ten percent stronger than you were at sixty years old, which was during your physical peak as a ‘gen-en’ human, so you’re the second-strongest humanoid individual in the galaxy—still, that only leaves you around one-third as powerful as I am. I’d been thinking about what Lord Acton once stated, and it struck me that you shouldn’t be too superhuman in your corporal capacity.” Her eyebrows arched. “However, given your recent infirmity as an aged human, even a ‘gen-en’ one, you must now be feeling very strong by comparison, I’d figure.”

The naked artificial man smiled as he flexed his body’s musculature. “Now that you mention it, I do feel terrific.”

Jasmine giggled girlishly. “Here then, let me remind you who’s still the boss when it’s bare-bottom butt-blistering time!”

Moving forward with ultra-swift reflexes, she ducked down, encircled his thighs with her arms and hoisted him over her left shoulder while lifting her torso back up, all of it happening in one smooth, superbly-coordinated movement. One second after that, the woman’s flat, unyielding right palm began very smartly smacking her husband’s upthrust naked buttcheeks at two-second intervals, while her other arm around his waist easily held him in position despite his wriggling.

“Hey, what… [SPLAT!!] Owwww! Are… [WHACK!!] Ohhhh! You… [CRACK!!] Uhhhh! Doing… [SMACK!!] Ouch! Honey?… [WHAP!!] Damn! That… [SPLAT!!] Owwww! Hurts!” After that brief, futile protest, Petrov’s verbal reactions to his stinging seat-slapping degenerated into mere yelps, at which point his wife responded cheerily while continuing to wallop his squirming, reddening rump.

“Petrov darling, I’m spanking your super-sensitive derriere, of course. I know you haven’t been spanked for over a decade, and hardly with significant intensity for two decades, but all that’s going to change, starting right now—I’ve supplied you with an artificial body which is designed for frequent fanny-tanning, so we’re going to start making up for lost time, *tout de suite*.” The powerful female giggled delightedly. “I’ll administer only a couple hundred hand-smacks in this position, then I’ll carry you into our bedroom—first you can check out your brand-spanking-new android body, then we’ll see how effectively my wicked flexiplast paddle can hold your attention, sweetheart.”

Her lifemate was sobbing and howling long before Jasmine stopped cracking her palm across his glowing crimson nether moons, after which he was spirited through the doorway into the master bedroom, whereupon she plopped him forward onto his feet in front of their full-length wall mirror.

His hands reached behind his hips and began to frantically rub his exceedingly sore posterior. “Ohhhhowwww, it burns so much!” the male wailed.

“Wow, no kidding, being soundly spanked makes your bare bottom hurt, huh?” his wife demanded teasingly. “Who’d have thought that, darling?” Her right hand motioned toward the multi-paneled mirror. “Stop that blubbering, save it for your licking with the flexiplast terror in a few minutes, just tell me what you think of your fully-functional synthetic body.”

Still sniffling, Petrov obeyed his instructions, posing at various angles in front of the three-sided reflective surface. His devilishly compelling facial features, midnight blue eyes and fairly short, jet-black hair seemed to have been based on his ‘gen-en’ self at around the age of seventy-five, slightly past his physical prime, but the rest of his masculine android form did appear to match his enhanced human body at its sixty-year mark. His firmly-toned buttock rounds were predictably enflamed to a fiery-hot magenta hue, and his high degree of erotic arousal confirmed his ladylove’s “fully functional” claim.

“It looks and feels terrific, Jasmine honey,” he noted, experiencing a degree of physical capacity beyond what he’d ever enjoyed before, even as a young adult ‘gen-en’ human.

Standing behind him, she nodded appreciatively. “Your sexualized reaction to the mild spanking I gave you demonstrates that your subconscious persona has been transferred to this artificial form, as well as your overt consciousness.” Her grin was rather predatory. “You may believe that it was more than ‘mild,’ honeybun, but once you’re over my loving knee for a flexiplast ass-whipping, you’ll realize that everything is relative.” She stepped forward and touched his tear-streaked left facial cheek. “You were at your best-looking just upon entering middle age, I’ve always felt, so your face reflects that preference on my part.” Her hand dropped to his fiercely smarting behind, squeezing it before pinching his right buttock. “Mmmm, so nicely heated up, but that was simply a friendly little prelude, dear boy—now it’s time for us to become fully reacquainted, spanking-wise.”

He gulped. “Already?”

Gently turning her husband around, the smugly smiling woman looked downward at his groin. “Well, darling, it’s obvious that ‘Long John’ can hardly wait for those plump, sassy twins in the back yard to be thoroughly chastised. Like your previous human body, this synthetic one reacts to what you truly desire in the depths of your psyche.”

His humanoid form shivered, while his tone was plaintive. “It’s really going to hurt, isn’t it?”

Jasmine’s right hand grasped his left one. “It will sear your naughty naked nates like the flames of Hell itself.” She tugged gently. “Come on, you put the ottoman in its proper spot while I retrieve the flexiplast fanny-tanner—we’ve waited such a long time for this, it’s time to test how fully you’ve become my perfect corporal punishment partner.”

“Ummmm, yes, ma’am,” he murmured.

Moments later, the woman had her nude lifemate precisely where she wanted him to be, jackknifed over her left thigh with her right leg pinning down his thighs, its foot hooked under her other ankle, while her left hand pressed his upturned right wrist against the small of his back. Her other hand gripped the slip-proof quasirubber grip of the firm-yet-pliable flexiplast paddle, its wide oval striking surface shining a glossy black, as she raised the sinister-looking punitive implement high over her shoulder.

Her snicker sounded diabolical. “This seat-smacking session will initiate a brand-spanking-new relationship, one of greater depth and intensity than before, between us, mankind’s first two artificial humans. I put considerable effort into making your plump, precious rear into an even more tempting spank-target than it was during your ‘gen-en’ adulthood’s prime, and in all modesty I’ve succeeded.” She chortled. “Oh, this is going to be such awesome fun—here it comes, dear boy…”

THWAACK!! SWAACK!! The flexiplast instrument of corporal correction cracked against each of Petrov’s upthrust and unprotected buttocks in turn, catching them atop their plump, exceedingly tender ‘sit spots, producing frantic reactions from their recipient.

“Oooooh-owwwwch!” He yelped, teardrops already beginning to accumulate in the corners of his eyes again. “It smarts so very much,” he gasped.

Jasmine paused briefly, while smiling smugly. “Yes, doesn’t it?” The implement’s smooth surface patted his quivering asscheeks. “That’s the basic idea, sweetie pie, that I’ll be able to make you bawl like a baby, for an extremely long time, without causing your chubby caboose any true damage. I’m figuring that you can easily take many hundreds of wallops at once without any physical problem—with my totally ambidextrous body, I could easily administer several thousand before wearing both of my arms out, and each of them would hurt your naked hiney twice as much as before.” Her hand raised the paddle skyward once again. “But relax, Petrov dear, we’ll gradually build up to that level—right now you’ll endure a mere three hundred or so, which will be a good test for your android tear ducts, before we engage in other testing.”

Her husband gasped. “With that flexiplast terror? Jasmine honey, I can’t take that many, not as sensitive as my behind feels now.”

Her condescending chuckle was sweetly melodic. “Oh, you can handle much more than a few hundred sizzlers, it’s just that they’ll feel like a bonfire enflaming your bumcheeks. But don’t worry, dear boy, I designed this brand-spanking-new artificial body of yours, so I know its tolerances. Here, let me demonstrate…”

Then she immediately did exactly that, giving her nude spouse the most intensive, searing-hot chastisement which he’d ever received from her, since she was free to plaster his exposed nether moons a full three times as forcefully as ever before, even during his peak physical capacity as a ‘gen-en’ adult.

Jasmine spread the supercharged swats with her wickedly hurtful spanking implement all over the highly sensitive buttock rounds that she’d designed just for her mate, focusing her primary attention on the plump ‘sit spots’ just above his thighcreases, making him howl, squirm and kick shamelessly while his teardrops spattered onto the floor in a steady stream. He reacted to his extensive spanking like an eight-year-old girl, which was precisely the response she had anticipated; with her artificial strength clearly overmatching her spankee’s, she had no difficulty holding him in optimal punishment position in spite of his frenzied flailing of arms and legs.

The new android had been reduced to a steady moaning, with tears still flowing freely down his rosy red facial cheeks, by the time his slyly grinning wife finally concluded his thorough chastisement, then gently helped him climb to his feet.

“Ahhhhowwww,” Petrov blubbered, “Ohhhh, muh-my bee-hind, it’s juh-just…” He voice tailed off into a piteous sobbing.

His chastiser’s blue eyes twinkled. “Throbbing and sizzling more than it’s ever done before, I’d expect.” Her left hand fondled his deeply maroon-hued hindquarters, noting the violet tinge atop his fatty undercheeks. “Hmmmm, I’ll bet it feels like there’s a nuclear firestorm exploding on this chubby caboose, and you can expect serious soreness for the next week or so.” Her smirk was devilish. “Of course, I’ll undoubtedly work over these scorched bumcheeks again much sooner than that, so you’d better get accustomed to them being permanently quite sore.”

Jasmine stood up, then gently turned her lifemate to face her, noting that he was smiling with obvious satisfaction through his continuous sniffling. Embracing him tightly, she gave him a languid, sensuous kiss which he returned passionately for two minutes.

“Whuh-Why do ahh-I feel s-so happy?” he demanded, as fresh teardrops continued to trickle down his face.

She chortled. “Well, honeybun, the more physiological pain you endure on your posterior, provided its being delivered by an attractive woman via spanking activity, the more psychological pleasure you also receive—that’s a key part of your psyche, all of which is now contained within this body. In other words, the more an ass-whipping from me hurts you physically, the greater level of emotional gratification you’ll experience.”

Petrov nodded. “Ummmm, you’re right, sweetheart.”

Her tongue clicked knowingly. “Now as for me, fortunately I feel supremely satisfied via spanking your precious rear with extreme prejudice—so we’re an ideal match as android lovers, me being the one with a clothed, cool and comfortable bottom during our fun-time.” She beamed with delight. “Your plump round rump is much better suited to being bare, fiery hot and throbbing intensely during our spank-play sessions, of course.”
“I suppose so,” Petrov conceded.

His spankmistress kissed him again. “However, now I wish to be naked as well. Please strip me to the buff, sweetie pie, then I’m going to carry you to bed and we’ll check out the erotic functionality of this artificial form of yours.”

His eyes flashed. “With pleasure, honey.” He began to unfasten her jump suit.

Jasmine chortled diabolically. “Of course, you’ll be on the bottom, with our replicated ‘sandpapered stool-top’ directly under your tenderized tushie.” Her eyes sparkled with anticipation. “I’m expecting a totally wild ride, lover boy, especially once you start crying again…”

{The End}

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