Daddy raped my ass!

“Young lady, you will put that butt plug in and leave it in until I get home.”

I whined, “But Daddy…”

“No buts, young lady. Daddy is reminding you who you deal with when you are naughty. Plug up, now!”

With a resigned sigh I grabbed the larger-than-comfortable butt plug and lube, “ok, ok, I’ll put it in now.”

“Good girl. Film it for Daddy and send me the video.”

I blushed a deep crimson, “Yes Daddy.” I hung up and sighed. What did I get myself into?! I knew I had to get moving or Daddy would be angry. I hurriedly prepped my phone to record, lowered my pants and panties, lubed up the plug and hit the record button.

I quickly worked the plug in. It was small enough to fit with some effort but large enough to keep me very aware that my ass was hosting an invader. I pulled my pants and panties up with a blush.

Embarrassed and ashamed, I sent the video to Daddy. He knew me well and showed it as he told me to sit in the hard wooden chair. Leaving a loop hole like not telling me to sit would mean I would stand and not be as phased by the plug.

For 45 minutes I sat on the wooden chair. By the time Daddy was home I was squirming in arousal and pain.

“Can I take it out now?”

He smirked, “What, no hi Daddy?”

I flashed him an annoyed look, “Daddy,” I growled, “it hurts.”

“Discipline is supposed to hurt. I see that 45 minutes of being plugged did nothing for your bratty attitude, huh? Well, lucky for you Daddy knows how to take care of that.”

He grabbed my hair and threw me face first over the bed. My hands went out to brace myself and a gasp escaped my lips. Before I could utter a word, Daddy ripped my pants and panties down to my knees, he had his fly unzipped and he pulled the plug out from my ass.

I cried out in pain at the unexpected roughness. I felt his cock pressed at my newly stretched hole, “Daddy, please, no! It hurts so much. Noooo!”

My pleas fell on deaf ears. He pushed his cock into my ass roughly and began thrusting into me. Tears sprang to my eyes. My ass had no time to adjust, no extra lube and he was being so vicious.

Daddy scolded, “I told you to obey me. Daddy owns you. Every single inch of you.” he punctuated his words with hard thrusts into my abused ass.

“Please Daddy! This isn’t fun anymore. It hurts, stop!” I clenched the covers in my fists tightly, but it didn’t help.

I heard his mouth turn into a sneer as he continued, “Naughty girls don’t get lube while their Daddies fuck them in the ass and they certainly don’t get to tell Daddy to stop.”

The tears flowed freely down my face as I realized that Daddy wasn’t going to stop until he was done. I sobbed and begged, but it did no good. Daddy was raping my ass.

His moans turned to grunts and his pace quickened. Daddy grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. The fucker wanted to hear me cry. My sobs and whimpers set him off. He pumped and I felt his cock swell inside me. His orgasm ripped through his body and flooded mine. His fluid warmed my ravaged ass as he came deep inside me.

I felt him pull out of me unceremoniously, he zipped his fly back up and he cleared his throat, “Go clean yourself up and get back here.”

I lay face down on the bed crying. My tears soaked the covers beneath me. I stayed there until my sobs had subsided and was just the occasional body shaking breath before I made my way to the bathroom.

I gingerly cleaned myself up, wiping away the blood and Daddy’s cum.

I returned to stand in front of Daddy with a sniffle. “You know Daddy hates to have to do that to you, but sometimes you just need to be reminded that your holes belong to Daddy. Even if you fight or resist, Daddy *will* take what is his anyways. Do you understand me, little girl?”

I stared at the floor and nodded. He lifted my chin with his forefinger and thumb so I had to look him in the eyes, “What was that, little girl?”

“Yes Daddy,” I murmured with a blush. His eyes were sparkling and the cruelness was gone from his face. He pulled me in for a hug and kissed the top of my head.

“Thank you Daddy,” I whispered into his chest.

“Thank you for what?” I heard the smile in his voice return. I tried to hide deeper into him as I blushed hard, “Thank you for raping me. I really can’t believe we finally did that.”

“Did you like that, little girl? Did you like Daddy taking your ass with no regards for your wants?”

I snuggled into him more blushing so hard it hurt, “Yes Daddy. Can we do that again sometime after my ass is healed, please?”

He chuckled, “All in good time.”


Help Help I am Drowning!


Jim B was spending the summer of 1957 working at the beach, as a life guard. It was how he was going to afford his second year at university. He was 20 and enjoyed his work immensely. His 17 year old sister was spending two weeks up at their parent’s cottage. Their parents had left Penny alone for the day, while they went shopping in town. Penny was at the beach that her older brother was working at.

She was in the water with her best friend, or at least her newest friend, Katie. They had met just one week earlier.

Penny looked at up at her brother, sitting up in his life guard chair, high above the others around him. He was talking with a woman. “Katie look at my brother, he’s not even looking at the beach. I bet that he wouldn’t even know if I was drowning.”

Katie looks at the life guard. “Oh I think he knows what he’s doing. I was talking with him before you came and he seems to be quite attentive.”

Penny starts to flop around in the water. “Help, Help. I’m drowning. She goes under and holds her breath for 20 seconds then comes up again. “Help. Help.” Down she goes again.

Penny feels herself being lifted up and carried to the beach. Jim puts her down on her back and starts to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation. Penny pushes him away. “I’m okay, I’m okay. Get off me you big lunk.”

Penny was lying on her stomach and Jim was pushing on her back to try and get the water out of her lungs.

Jim stands up. “Good you’re okay. Boy was that close.”

Katie standing there beside Jim looks down at Penny. “See I said he’d be able to rescue you if you where drowning.”

Jim looks at Katie, then at his baby sister. “You faked a drowning to see if I could do my job.”

Jim bends and picks up his sister and carries her over to a seat, made out of a cut up log. As he is carrying Penny she struggles and screeches. “Let me go, you oaf. I can walk.”

He sits down on the seat. “There’s one other thing I’m quite capable of doing besides rescuing you if you drown. That being, take over for dad while him and mom are away for the day.”

At this point Penny realizes just what’s about to happen to herself. She’s lying over his knee. Her father has done this on more than one instance, but not in a number of years. “No wait Jim, you don’t have the right.”

He pulls down the bottom of her new bikini, baring her backside. “Noooooo.”

At this point Penny sees their father and mother walking along the beach. “Daddy, oh daddy. Stop him. He’s killing me.”

Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO.”

At this point Jim sees their parents standing there in front of him and Penny. He stops the spanking. Their mother asks. “Just what do you think you’re doing young man?”

Jim looks to his father. “Penny faked drowning and she distracted me from doing my job.”

“Oh she did, in that case go right ahead and give her what I’d have given her.”

Swat. “OOOOOO. Daaaaaddy” Swat. “OOOOOO.”

Penny screeched for her father to stop it, not condone it. Bernice, Penny’s mother turns to her husband. “Jack, stop him. It isn’t right for Penny to be spanked like that by Jim.”

Jack looks at his wife and gives her that look that says. “Hush woman or you might find yourself in that exact same position. Bernice shuts up and lowers her head. There’s a tear in her eye as she hears her daughter getting her bare ass tanned.

Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO. Stop this, this second.” Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO. Let me down. It hurts to much.” Swat. “OOOOOO. I don’t like it. Stop it right now.” Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO.”

Penny was screeching her head off and she had started to cry. “Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo.”

Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO.”

Jim through with spanking his baby sister lets her go. Penny shots up off his knee and immediately pulls up her bikini bottom. She looks to her father and stamps her foot. “Daddy, that was just awful.”

Jack turns his daughter towards their cottage and swats her on the backside with a wooden toy shovel that he was carrying for Zelda, there 10 year old daughter. “Get to your room young lady. I’ll be up at supper to have a little talk with you.”

Off Penny runs still crying. Katie starts after her. “Katie Rodriguez, you stay here. She’ll be staying in her room by herself.”

Katie stops and watches as Penny runs up the beach and goes into her parent’s cottage.

Jim climbs back into his life guard platform. Zelda looks up at her mother. “Mommy was Penny a bad girl. Is that why Jimmy spanked her.”

Jack, Bernice and Zelda turn and go down the beach a little. “Yes Zelda, Penny was very bad for pretending to drown and that’s why Jim spanked her. You had better behave, for this is his beach and he might have to spank you.”

Zelda ran into the water. “I’ll behave mummy. That looked real painful for Penny.”

As Bernice was bent over putting down the blanket, her husband patted her behind. “I hope you behave also Bernice, for this is Jim’s beach and I won’t want to see him spank his mother.”

Bernice didn’t say a word, for she didn’t know if her husband was kidding or not.

“Your a Whore my friend”

“Come with me please” thats a hot leather belt



The blond-haired girl emerged from the building that housed the headmaster’s office. She headed across the quadrangle, the central square around which most of the school buildings were located. She was walking slowly with a peculiar stiff-legged gait. Her fists were tightly clenched and her arms were held tensely by her side. Her breathing was heavy and irregular. Closer inspection would have revealed a reddened face and puffy, red-rimmed eyes, the result of recent tears. She appeared to be struggling to control herself. It was clear that she had just been through a traumatic incident.

Conscious that she was in danger of becoming the centre of attention in the busy thoroughfare she kept her head down and increased her pace. A few of her fellow 6th formers were minded to ask what the matter was but were discouraged by her obvious disinclination to stop and talk. And a few seconds later she disappeared into the girls’ dormitory block and the opportunity was lost.

The boy in the upstairs store-room of the biology block on the other side of the school was also suffering from heavy and irregular breathing. In his case, however, the reason was obvious. For he could have been observed adjusting his underclothing,  his zip and wiping his hands on a piece of tissue paper.

His state and hers were in fact the consequence of one and the same event – an interesting example of the saying “one man’s meat is another’s poison”. She may have been unaware of him, but he knew precisely what was troubling her. He had seen it all.

The window of the storeroom was the only place on the school premises which gave a clear line of sight into the headmaster’s study. He had realised this some months ago when he had been helping prepare some equipment for a biology field trip. He had idly picked up a pair of powerful binoculars and, training them on the head’s window, had been amazed at how clearly he could see inside despite the not inconsiderable separation of the buildings.

He had thought little more of it at the time, but events earlier in the day in question had woken him up to the possibilities. The girl, also an 18 year old, was from his form. She had happened to be chatting to him when the message had arrived that the headmaster wanted to see her that evening. When asked she said it was nothing terribly serious, probably just something to do with her having been late back into school the previous night. And there the subject was dropped.

It was during the course of the afternoon that he realised that actually this was likely to be a matter that the headmaster would take very seriously indeed. Ensuring pupils’ safety was known to be one of his primary concerns Only the previous week he had been overheard to say that the 10 o’clock curfew needed to be enforced more rigidly.

The more he thought about it the more he felt that the girl, despite her dismissive attitude, could be in deep water. And slowly the idea built up in him that this could be one of those rare occasions when the headmaster would feel that only the school’s ultimate deterrent would be appropriate. Despite himself he could feel his excitement rise. It was only an outside chance that she would be caned – he was unaware that a girl ever had been – but what a provocative thought!

He knew that the headmaster was reluctant to use the cane but, having decided to do so, made very sure that a salutary lesson was delivered and laid every stroke on with the full force of his arm. The boy was now starting to feel guilty at willing a caning to happen – he had no wish for the girl to suffer as he knew she would. But he could not help himself. For there was something else too. What really excited him was the school’s policy that, in order to enhance the effect of the cane, only that protection necessary for decency was permitted. He forced his mind to work step by step through the consequences of this policy. The cane was applied directly to boys’ underpants. The school made a point of treating girls exactly like boys. Therefore a girl who was to be caned would be made to present herself with knickers exposed. The reasoning was inexorable.

His excitement heightened as he imagined this particular girl in that predicament. For she was a very prim and proper young lady. With many of the other girls it was not unusual when sitting opposite them to see a flash of white underneath their dresses perhaps when they crossed or uncrossed their legs. Or to see a glimpse of brassiere when they bent forward. But not her. She always took great care to reveal nothing to the prying eye.

Would she really be caned? Who could say. But if she were to be, oh to be a witness! It was at this point that he remembered the biology store-room………………

He saw the girl enter the room, advance a few steps forward towards the window and then turn side on. He could not see it but he could tell she was now standing in front of the headmaster’s desk. Presumably the head himself was seated the other side of it. He focused the binoculars on her face. Clearly, a conversation was going on but what was being said was he of course could not make out. He could, however, see that she was becoming increasingly agitated. Then, a few seconds later, her eyes were no longer straight ahead but appeared to be following someone’s movements. Presumably the head had risen from his seat. The agitation then become more pronounced. She was shaking her head violently from side to side and he thought he could lip read the words “please, no!”

Perhaps 10 seconds passed and then she slowly started to take off her jacket. The boy’s heart literally skipped a beat and he began to harden in anticipation. Why else would she do this if not to prepare for being caned? And as if on cue the headmaster now came into view brandishing in front of him that very implement. Would he treat her exactly like a boy? And if he did how much of this would he be able to see?

Her jacket was now off and she was left wearing the blue dress that formed one of the options for school summer wear. Time stood still. His heart started to sink. If she simply bent over facing the way she was, then he was not going to get much of a view.

But what was happening? She was not bending over. Instead her hands had disappeared behind her back and ………… Of course, he should have known! The head was a great stickler for neatness. Boys always had to remove, not merely lower, their trousers. She, therefore, was being required to take her dress completely off!! He watched transfixed. She undid the zip and reluctantly slid her arms out of the sleeves. A white brassiere came into view as she did so. At first glance it appeared to be of the half cup design. Certainly a swell of upper breasts was plainly visible. She then quickly lowered the dress to the floor, stepped out of it and quickly held it up in front of her.

He was by now totally rigid with excitement and put down the binoculars while he eased his organ out. When he focused on the room again, he saw that she had turned, had walked to the back of the room and was hanging the dress on a coat stand. He now had his first sight of her knickers. They were just ordinary white briefs with a high cut design. She was a slim girl with almost boyish buttocks that were only perhaps half covered because of the V-shape of the knickers. They would offer little protection. The tip of the cane would almost certainly be striking bare flesh.

On the headmaster’s instructions she walked back to her original spot, and, facing the window, she leaned forward and clasped her ankles. What he now saw through the binocular lens was immensely provocative. She was bent over facing towards him. Her head was up so that he could clearly see the expression on her face. And, given that his vantage point was one story higher than the head’s office, he had a clear view of her bare back with just the thin strap of the bra crossing it and above that the waistband of the knickers. The strain of bending over had caused them to ride down slightly so that he had just a tantalising glimpse of the area where the buttocks start to form.

The headmaster walked back to the far side of the room, perhaps 10 feet behind her. My God, he’s going to give her the full treatment, went through his mind. And so it proved to be. The head skipped rhythmically forward, the cane was raised and came slicing down. The boy could not hear the impact but there was no doubting its effect. Her face contorted, her hand jerked away from her ankles and she half stood up gasping and shoulders heaving. After perhaps 20 seconds she bent over again with a fearful backward glance towards the headmaster.

This scene was repeated twice more, but on the fourth stroke her control, such as it was, broke. She leaped up and danced around the room, breasts furiously bouncing inside her bra, and hands clasped to her backside. Eventually she moved to resume her position, but the head must have said something for she stood up and turned to face him.

Now her back was towards the boy, and for the first time he was able to see the effect that the cane had. Four welts stood out on her white skin either side of her knickers, a dull red on the left hand side but almost scarlet to the right, the side where the end of the cane had struck. The boy was pleased of the respite while the headmaster lectured her. It was an opportunity to get back his own control and prepare himself to watch the next, presumably final instalment of the caning.

Eventually, she bent over again, and the headmaster resumed his position too. The fifth stroke was delivered, her head jerked upwards and her face screwed up. For a second she managed to remain in position, but then her hands flew back again and she jumped up. Another 10 seconds passed and again she turned to face the headmaster who appeared to be lecturing her. She probably was not even aware of what her hands were doing, but they were now in fact inside her knickers, directly massaging the affected areas. As a consequence the waistband had further eased itself downwards so that most of her buttocks were visible in the centre of the binocular’s field of vision.

Whatever might have happened after that – presumably she received a sixth and final stroke – the boy could not say. For at this point he found himself having to give full attention to what was happening to himself. When he was next able to revert his attention to the study, he saw the headmaster in the throes of leaving the room, leaving her to recover herself as best she could. One more tantalising view of her in her underwear and then the dress was being put back on again. Eventually she left the room too.

And so it was perhaps half a minute later that he saw through the binoculars the sight that had momentarily caught the attention of others in the quadrangle. A blond-haired girl emerging from the building that housed the headmaster’s office and walking slowly with a peculiar stiff-legged gait

“A schoolgirl caning, Jen’s behaviors.

Jen was due to leave school in two months time. She did not like school and as a sixth former did not make life easy for her teachers. The school rules did not allow serious punishment to sixth formers so Jen thought she could get away with anything.

Jen was at home one evening and was playing music with two of her girl friends from school in her bedroom.. Jen had just got out of the shower and was dressed in her very smart-looking bathrobe and nothing else.. Jens mum shouted up to her daughter to tell her she had a visitor. Jen came down grumbling to be met by her headmistress holding a punishment cane. Jen asked what this was all about.

Her mother said that the school had phoned home to complain about Jen’s behaviour at school and had asked her mum to help. The head and Jens mum agreed that Jen needed discipline. The head was not happy to give her detention since she simply hadn’t turned up when this was given before. Lines had the same impact. Jen a couple of weeks before had been ordered by a teacher to write out 100 times ” I must behave better at school and stop disrupting class”. Jen had not done these lines.

The next statement by her mum shocked Jen. Her mum had asked the head whether it was possible for Jen to be given the cane. The head said the school rules did not permit this. However her mum asked if Jen could be caned out of school by the head. The head checked the rules and there was nothing that would stop this if the parents agreed. So her mum said to Jen that the head had called to cane Jen. Jen thought this was a joke and started to go back up stairs, Her mother shouted that Jen was to come back to her this minute. Jen started to worry since she had not heard her mum raise her voice like this for a long time. The only person Jen was scared of was her mum when she shouted like this. In the past when in this mood her mum always spanked Jen walked to her mum and tried the humble approach. She said she would not misbehave at school and would do the lines. Her mother shouted that it was too late for this and a caning was the only action possible. Jen then tried the pleading approach. She pleaded not to be caned but again her mum said that she was to come to her and remove her bathrobe. Jen protested saying that she had nothing on under this robe but her mum said she knew this but that she was to be caned across her bare bottom. Jen desperation was made worse by the fact that her two friends hearing her mum shout had come out of the bedroom to see what was going on. The mum said to Jen’s two friends that they should come down the stairs since they could watch Jen being caned. The girls didn’t know what else to do so did as her mum had suggested. Jen was still pleading but to no avail.

Her mum started to get really upset and Jen knew now that she was not going to be able to avoid this very embarrassing caning. Jen asked if her friends could be told to go home but her mum shouted no ! Jen moved close to her mum and made one last attempt to save herself but her mum said ‘strip now’. Jen resigned herself to her fate and removed her bathrobe putting her hands across certain parts of her body.. Even this was stopped when her mum ordered her to place her hands on her head. Jen did as told. Her mum ordered her to apologise to the head for her bad behaviour and to ask for the head to give her ‘six of the best’ with the cane across her bare bottom. Jen did as told. The head said that she would be pleased to cane her and would use much force. Jen waited for the instruction to bend over and touch her toes and her mum soon ordered this. Jen was told to turn her back to her friends who by now were sat down fascinated by what was happening to their previously very tough friend. Jen did as told and bent over to touch her toes. Her bum was now facing her friends and she realised that they were to get a good view of the caning that was about to happen. Her mum gave one more instruction which was not to move between cane strokes not even to rub her bum. If she moved in any way the cane stroke would be given again. Jen nodded that she understood

The head moved behind Jen and swished the cane through the air. Jen closed her eyes tight shut. Seconds late there was a ‘swish’ noise followed by a loud ‘thwack’ followed by a loud yell from Jen. The first cane stroke had landed hard on Jens bottom. Jen wanted to run away but the fear of her mum made her remain in position. The second stroke then landed with the same noise levels only with a louder yell from Jen. She was starting to breathe very deeply. The third stroke landed. The pain was immense. Jen realised that this stroke had landed across where a previous cane stroke had landed. Jen started to cry and pleaded for no more cane strokes. Her mum told her to stop being a baby. The fourth and fifth strokes landed quite quickly and Jen couldn’t help herself and grabbed her angry bum with her hands and rubbed hard. Her mum told Jen that she was silly and would now get that cane stroke again. Jen now realised that nothing would stop this massive caning and she did her best to remain still.

Stroke five was delivered again The head now knowing that she had Jen exactly how she wanted her asked if she could deliver stroke six in a different way. She moved back six paces and asked her mum if she could run at Jen and cane her on the move. He mum said lets ask Jen if she wants the head to run at her for the last stroke. Jen knew she had no choice and mumbled that she would like the head to run at her and cane her this way,. Her mum playing the embarrassment idea well said that no one could hear Jen and would she speak louder. Jen spoke loudly and asked the head to run at her and cane her with all her might. The head said we always try to please our girls so it will be a pleasure. The head ran at Jen and brought the cane down with massive force across Jens bottom. Jen yelled loudly and felt that her skin must be broken. Jen started to get up but her mum aid ‘have you been told that you can get up ?’. Jen didn’t answer but got back down again and touched her toes. She realised what was going to happen now – she was going to be given yet another extra stroke of the cane. Her mum told the head to give one more stroke and the head delightfully did as told. Her mum then told Jen she could stand up and was to thank the head for this caning which she did deserve. Jen did as ordered.

Jen was told she could go to her room and that her friends were to go home. Jen checked her bum but the skin was not broken. Jen thought the head must have great skill at caning people. Jen had one more embarrassment to face when she returned to school. That was that she was to come before the daily morning assembly of all the girls and announce that she had been caned by the head at Jens home the night before. She did as told and thanked the head for trying to sort out her bad behaviour by giving her eight strokes of the cane on her bare bottom.. Many of the girls giggled since many of them felt that Jen was a bully anyway and got what she deserved.

“If one don’t hurt, the other one will!”, By Levena

Dirty Ice Cream

Matt being raised in Southern Georgia was used to getting paddled in school, but this one sticks in his mind as though it happened yesterday.

Matt had got padded twice the same day. He was in the fourth grade and everyone was working on spelling. All of a sudden there was a loud noise outside the classroom, so everyone turned around to see what had happened outside the windows. The teacher Mrs. Allen told everyone to turn back around, and said they were bringing in extra mobile trailer, to set up as classrooms, for the over flow of students coming up over the next few years.

Well, everyone kept turning around and she finally told everyone, that the next person she saw turning around was going to be taken to the office and given a paddling. Well Matt turned around and Mrs. Allen saw it.

She called Matt’s name and…

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