A chasity belt.


Eunice McGregor was Horace Barnes mistress. He paid for her apartment and expects loyalty on her part. As Horace walked down the corridor on Eunice’s apartment building floor, he saw a young man come out of Eunice’s apartment.

As the man walked towards Horace, Horace could see that the man’s fly was open and he had a hard on under his pants. He shook his head, but said nothing to the man. Horace stopped and saw the man get on the elevator.

Knocking on the door, Eunice quickly came to the door. “Grant, did you forget something.”

Opening the door, Eunice saw that it wasn’t Grant but Horace, her sugar daddy. “Oh Horace, hello.” She put her arms around his neck and surreptitiously looked down the hallway to make sure that Grant was gone.

Horace removed Eunice’s arms from around his neck. “Just who is Grant, my dear and what exactly was he doing in your apartment?”

Eunice kissed Horace. “He was trying to sell me magazines, that’s all.”

Horace put his hand under her chin. “Now Eunice, you know what happens to young ladies who lie to daddy don’t you.”

Her hand goes over her ass. “Yes I thought so. He’s a lover isn’t he? You know what I said about having men up to your apartment.”

She steps back; her hand is still over her backside. “No, I don’t remember Horace. I truly don’t.”

Horace goes into the apartment and Eunice closes the front door. Horace puts a bag he’s carrying on a table. Eunice runs up to him and kisses him again. She wants to get his mind off of Grant and onto her.

Eunice puts her hand up on the bag. “Is this a gift for me Horace?”

Horace puts his hand into the bag. “No it wasn’t my dear, but I think under the circumstances it will be now. It was a toy for my 6 year old daughter Kelly. But as I said I think it’ll to you a world of good. So now it’s yours.”

She sticks her hand in the bag and pulls out a paddle ball paddle. She looks at it quizzically. “I think I’m a bit too old for this. Your daughter wouldn’t be, but I think I am.”

Horace takes it from her. “Not the way I’m going to be using it Eunice.”

He pulls her over to the couch and sits down. Pulling her over his knee. “Horace, no, what are you doing?”

She tries to stand up. His right hand goes over her waist. “Oh please Horace. Let me explain about Grant. I can explain, I truly can.”

He slides her dress above her waist. She looks back at him. Tears in her eyes.

Her frilly panties remain up. Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO. Stop. Oh my stop this humiliation.” Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO.”

Horace stops paddling her panties. She looks back at him “I don’t mind you pinging me – But the pongs bother me.”

He puts his fingers into her panties and down they come. “Noooooo, please Horace. I’m truly sorry. It won’t happen again.”

Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO. Stop, Stop, Stoooooop.” Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO.”

With each swat, Eunice screams out in pain. Tears running down her checks. Now not only doesn’t she like the pings, but the pongs are killing her ass.

Swat. “OOOOOO.”

“Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo.”

Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO.” Swat. “OOOOOO.”

Horace stops paddling Eunice and lets her up off his knee. She’s crying still. He pulls her over into a corner of the room. “You’ll stand her until I say you can leave. I’m going out to get you something, if you move for any reason other than to answer the door I’ll use this one you again.”

He holds the paddle ball paddle up in the air. She doesn’t answer him. Swat. “OOOOOO.”

“Do you understand me young lady.”

Standing there in the corner with her head bowed she answers. “Yes Horace.”

Horace puts the paddle ball paddle down on the table and leaves. Eunice stands there for 30 minutes. Then she hears a knock on the door and answers it. It’s Horace, he’s got another bad in his hands. Horace what’s that.”

“A chastity belt.” He takes a chastity belt out of the bag.”

Eunice recognizes the chastity belt as soon as she sees it come out of the bag. “Oh my god Horace, you’re not going to make me wear that thing.”

Well Eunice did have to wear the belt, she wore it for six months before it was removed She went through hell, but she did love Horace so put up with it. She’d marry Horace if he wasn’t already married. But he was happily married. He only had her on the side, because his wife didn’t like spankings.

“I am having one of your smokes”

Lorie was sitting on her parent’s bed having a cigarette; she had been told that she wasn’t to smoke, ever. But it was 1955 and Lorie at 19 thought that she was quite old enough to smoke and do as she liked. She was an adult after all, or at least she thought so. As for her parents thinking so, that was another story. Her mother secretly smoked and if her father ever found out the Beth, Lorie’s mother did smoke she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week, if she was lucky.

Beth was out at her afternoon bridge club. She wouldn’t be home for a couple of hour. The door flew open and there stood Beth. “Lorie Gardner, just what do you think you’re doing?”

Lorie looks to her mother. “I think I’m having one of your smokes. What does it look like I’m doing?”

Beth walks over to her and snatches it from her mouth, going into the bathroom and flushing it down the toilet. Coming back out of the bathroom, Beth confronts her daughter. “Lorie just what do you think your father would do to you if he caught you smoking.”

Lorie stands up. “Mother he’s not going to catch me smoking.”

“And just what if I tell him what I just caught you doing.”

Lorie puts her hands on her hips. “Just what are you going to tell him? That you caught me smoking one of your cigs. I think it’d be you that catches hell from daddy, not me. Maybe I just might tell him about your sneaking a smoke when he’s at work.”

“You’ll what.”

“I think I just might tell him about your smoking.” Beth goes over to the closet and emerges with a ping pong paddle. The very same ping pong paddle that Beth had used on her backside when Henry her husband, had caught her smoking three years ago.

“Mother, are you getting that paddle ready for daddy to paddle you when he gets home.”

Beth sat down on the edge of the bed. “No darling, I’m going to use my parental authority on you and paddle that cheeky backside of yours.”

Beth reaches out and pulls Lorie over her knee. “M, mother, no wait. I’ll tell daddy.”

“If your father ever finds out about those cigarettes of that I smoke, I’ll get his razor strap and use it on you next time. You just see if I don’t.”

Beth raises her daughters dress and lowers her panties. “Mama no, wait. I’ll never tell him I won’t.”

Lorie tries to get up off her mother’s knee. Beth puts her hand over her waist and pushes her back down. Whap. As the ping pong paddle makes contact with Lorie’s butt, the pain shoots through her ass and up her spin. Her back arches and Lorie’s eyes bulge out from her head. “Yeeeeeeowch.”

Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch.” Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch. Mummy, oh mummy. Noooooo” Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch.” Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch. I promise never to smoke again. I’ll behave. I truly will.”

Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch.” Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch.” Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch.”

Three swats come in quick succession. Lorie is crying now. “Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo.”

Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch.” Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch.”

She is struggling as the ping pong paddle reddens her ass cherry red. The pain is more than she can stand. She lays there and screeches out as the paddle makes contact with her ass cheeks.

Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch.” Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch.” Whap. “Yeeeeeeowch.”

Beth finishes the spanking and releases Lorie. Lorie only lays there for a few minutes and blubbers. Her ass muscles throbbing in pain. Beth eventually helps her daughter to her feet. Lorie stands there and sniffles. Rubbing her ass.

Her panties and around her ankles, Beth helps Lorie out of them and hands them to her. Get to your room young lady. If I or your father hear anything more of this you’ll get his razor strap used on the backside of yours. “Yes mummy.”

Lorie then goes to her room. Rubbing her backside and sniffling as she does. Plotting just how she’s going to get revenge on her mother for spanking her.

Teen Girl Spanked

Teen Girl Spanked  

Several years ago there was a men’s magazine on the magazine racks called Mr. Magazine. At the front there was a “Letters to the Editor” section which featured letters of varying subject matter. Although this magazine did not have spanking as its main theme, each month the Letters to the Editor would contain at least one letter addressing the subject of spanking, some issues might contain two or more such letters in the section. The magazine was published starting in the late 50’s and lasted into the early 80’s. I remember seeing it still in existence in the early 80’s. I discovered Mr. Magazine in the early 70’s and read just about every issue’s spanking letters. Some of you may remember this publication as well. Most of the letters dealt with the corporal punishment of teenage girls. I thought it would be fun to re – produce one of the letters I found most interesting and still remember well enough to capture most of the details. This letter was entitled “Teen Girl Spanked” and appears below in much the same format as it appeared in the issue I initially read it in which, to the best of my memory appeared in 1973.

Dear Editor, After having read the interesting letter submitted by Mrs. J last month regarding the discipline of their teenage daughter I thought I would write in and share one of our recent experiences regarding our own daughter. Sherry is currently fifteen years of age and for the most part is well-behaved. This, we believe, is because my husband and I agreed from the beginning that Sherry would be raised with the notion that miss – behavior brings with it serious consequences. Since my husband and I were both raised with corporal punishment and we both turned out fine we decided that our daughter would be raised likewise. Most of Sherry’s spankings have been administered by me and they typically take place in the living room. Sherry is an only child so the need to punish her in the privacy of her bedroom is not a particular issue in our household. When I punish Sherry it is typically with an old-fashioned wooden hairbrush and it is applied firmly to her on her bare bottom.

My husband also punishes Sherry but typically he only punishes for more serious offences like the one I am about to share now. When my husband punishes Sherry it is with a wooden paddle fashioned out of white ash. A friend of his has a woodworking shop and when Sherry became a teenager he decided that her punishment sessions would no longer be carried out by hand. Since many of the schools employ the paddle my husband decided that this would be how our daughter would be punished at home for more serious offences. The paddle measures about 2 foot long by about 3 ½ inches wide and is about 3/8 of an inch thick. WE decided not to have the customary holes drilled through it so it remained solid. Even without the holes, from Sherry’s response as it is being applied, it gets the job done.

Well, one afternoon just a week or so back Sherry arrived home with a notice home from school. It seems that she and another girl were caught cheating on a history exam. WE have always been pretty strict on Sherry keeping up with her studies and it was not clear why she would feel the need to cheat but she actually admitted it herself that she did. When my husband arrived home from work that evening I presented him with the notice which he read then signed underneath my own signature. Sherry was up in her bedroom and was called down to the living room. Her father was quite calm and explained to Sherry that her behavior was considered quite serious and that as punishment she was to be given ten sound swats with the paddle before going to bed. Sherry was not surprised at the sentence given to her but you could clearly see in her eyes she was not at all pleased. After dinner Sherry was sent back up to her room to finish her homework although I would have to admit I myself would find it quite difficult to concentrate realizing what was coming just before bed.

Sherry’s bed time is 10:00 pm on a school night and this happened to be a Wednesday night. At 9:30 Sherry was called down to the living room. When she arrived she was instructed to take a seat. Again her father lectured her on the ills of cheating and informed her that because of the seriousness of this situation she would be paddled fully unclothed. This was completely for the purpose of adding some extra humiliation and to make Sherry remember the next time she might contemplate pulling such a stunt. My husband went on to inform our daughter that he intended to make each and every swat count. With that Sherry was instructed to undress. Although some might find this procedure somewhat drastic, let me point out that in our household all paddling’s especially for serious offences were administered to Sherry fully unclothed.

Now, fully unclothed Sherry stood facing her father and I as my husband picked up the wooden paddle. You could see tears beginning to well up in Sherry’s eyes as my husband instructed her to turn around and place her hands upon her thighs. Sherry was now ready to receive her punishment. Her father calmly asked her if she was ready. Following her answer of yes he once again announced ten swats would be applied. With that my husband rested the paddle gently upon both cheeks of Sherry’s pudgy bare bottom then with appropriate force applied the first swat of the paddle to Sherry’s bare backside. Instantly a three-inch wide paddle mark appeared across both cheeks. He took aim and applied the second swat. My husband is quite skilled at applying the paddle and by the third blistering swat, tears were pouring down Sherry’s face. My husband applied all ten swats and although the tears were flowing and Sherry was sobbing steadily as the paddle was being applied she managed to stay in position. You see we have another household rule, if Sherry tries to interrupt the punishment by reaching back before her punishment is complete, the punishment will be carried out again once the initial punishment is completed. Sherry learned this the hard way once a couple of years back but that is another story.

Once the punishment is completed, Sherry is allowed to gather up her clothes and return to her room. Let me just say in closing that we believe that our methods work very well. It does seem that with Sherry getting older the paddle is seeing less use. This is exactly why her punishment sessions are carried out the way they are. I would certainly welcome any comments back.

Sincerely, Mrs. M. North Carolina



“The Naughty just got Naughtier”, new part. by Levana, and Widget Gidget

Susie and Uncle Dave

“Oh” whispered Susie’s mom, “don’t forget, if Susie is naughty, you will find what you need in our bedroom. We are off to our club. Back about midnight. Susie has been looking forward to tonight. I wonder why.” She winked at Uncle Dave. Susie’s parents left.

“Come and sit on my lap, Susie, my angel” said Uncle. Susie lost no time in obeying. Dave admired and stroked her long reddish hair, holding her head against his. She turned her pretty hazel eyes on Uncle Dave and asked “Are we going to do something new, tonight, Uncle?” “I want to watch ‘Business Weekly’. It is an hour-long. Then we’ll see” he replied. Susie slid onto the sofa. “Ok. What is it about? Action?”

After 5 minutes of ‘Business Weekly’, Susie shouted “This is boring. Put on MTV. “Honey – patience. In an hour.” She leapt from the sofa. “You are no fun anymore” and stuck out her tongue. Dave ignored it.

20 minutes later, Susie came out of her room. “Would you like a beer, Uncle?” She poured the beer and took it to the table in front of the sofa. Uncle watched her provocative movements in her red dress which was full below her waist and tight round her chest and budding breasts. She snuggled up to Uncle. For an 11 year-old, Susie was a sensual little girl.

After what seemed hours to Susie, the program ended. She tipped the remains of the beer into Uncle’s lap. “Now you’ll have to take off your slacks, Uncle. Sorry.” “And you will get that dress off.” replied Uncle. Susie peeled it off enthusiastically. “Panties!” barked Uncle.

She stood naked as he sat on the sofa, patting his lap. She laid across Uncle’s lap.

Dave spanked her hard, his cock strengthening against her bald pus. “Do you like beer, angel?” asked Uncle Dave. “Oh, yes, Uncle. Can I have some?” “The beer you spilled on me came right through my slacks. Lick the rest off.” Susie knew what to do.

She giggled looking at her uncle with his wet crotch.

“Let me help you.” She started flapping her tongue and tugging downwards at her Uncle’s pants.

“This stupid belt, Uncle, just gets in the way, especially when you need to get your pants off fast.”

Susie giggled again, and ran for the kitchen sticking her tongue out yet again at her uncle.

“MTV Rules, and Uncles who watch Business weekly drool.” Susie laughed loudly. She was funny – to herself at least.

Dave strode to the kitchen, cornered Susie and pulled his belt off. “You want something new, angel? I think you might like the surprise I have for you.” He dragged her into her parents’ room.

“Ok, Susie, you have been insolent and impatient. For that, you will be belted, and then I want your angel face.” Uncle threw her over the bed, stripped and felt his cock swell. He loved punishing her. He belted Susie 12 times on her peachy buttocks before letting her up. Tears ran down her cheeks as uncle comforted her.

When she had calmed down, Dave directed her face to his tumescent member. “All the way down, angel. Swallow it.” Holding her head, he pressed Susie’s mouth over his cock, loving the sensations of her tongue, then her throat. Susie gagged, coughing and choking. Dave loved it. “One more, angel. Swallow.” She lasted longer this time. Dave was in ecstasy thinking of what he was going to do to her next.

Dave rose and opened the wardrobe. His sister-in-law had shown and explained everything to him. “Take a look in there, angel. See anything new?” Dave asked. Angel looked in. “Butterflies, a cane, a tube of KY jelly, and a kind of ironing board thing.” She said.

“Bring me the jelly and butterflies.” said Dave. She brought them to him. “Do I put the butterflies in my hair, Uncle?” Laughing, Uncle smeared Susie’s breast buds with the jelly, then slipped the rubber tubes onto her nipples. “Oh, Uncle, I like that.” Uncle put his lips to the valves and sucked out the air from both. “It tingles, Uncle.” “Angel, I will take them off as you are orgasmic. I’m told the pain is exquisite. Now, lower the board from the wardrobe, and bring the cane.”

Susie handed Uncle the cane. He explained that it was made of balsa wood, so light, and left very small marks, but stung. She looked intrigued. “Now lower the table.” said Dave. Susie complied and the table was to be seen.

It was a padded bench, Y-shaped at both ends. In the wardrobe, from where it was stored, a mirror was revealed. Susie could watch her punishment. Above the outer Y there was, a dildo and above that, a bump. Dave was close to coming as she inspected the bench. Wrist and ankle cuffs were adjustable.

Uncle Dave pulled her butterfly nipples to the bench, Susie looked at the dildo. “It’s too big, Uncle Dave. Please.” “Look in the wardrobe again, angel,” said Dave. Susie came back with a smaller dildo – just her size. Her mother had pointed it out to her brother-in-law, Uncle Dave who replaced the larger dildo with the smaller. Uncle Dave covered her naked body with kisses. He smeared jelly on the dildo. Rub me, and tell me if you are going to behave well in future.

“Oh, yes, Uncle. I will.” “Good girl. Now get on the bench.” Susie straddled the bench, guiding the dildo into her young cunt. “What is the bump for, Uncle?” “Lean forward, angel,” said Uncle Dave. Susie did and felt the bump on her clit. She squirmed on it. Dave switched on the vibrator for 15 seconds. “You will get that after each of the first 5 strokes of the cane, angel,” promised Dave.

Uncle Dave secured the four cuffs before raising the cane. He slashed it on Susie’s peachy butt. How she squirmed and cried. Dave’s cock throbbed as he brought the cane down. True to his word, he switched on the vibrator after each of the first 5 strokes always asking, when he turned it off, if Susie wanted more. His excitement grew. He went to Susie’s head and smoothed her hair. “Swallow it angel, then you’ll have some fun.”

He thrust his throbbing cock into her mouth, loving the sensation of the tears running onto his belly and Susie gagging. When he was close to coming, Dave withdrew and stroked Susie’s peaches. He raised the cane. “Last one, then time for fun.” He caned hard, loving it.

Dave turned on the vibrator. Susie humped and humped. Dave got between her legs, pulled her ass apart and plunged his cock deep inside her. He humped in time with Susie. They came together. “Faster uncle – harder” cried Susie.

When Carol and Andy (sister-in-law and brother) came home, Carol asked if Susie had been good. “Did you use anything in our room?” “Everything” replied Dave.

“I’d love to have seen it. Tomorrow, Andy has work, and Susie has school. Come for morning coffee.” said Carol.

When arriving for coffee the next morning, Uncle Dave was greeted by his sister-in-law’s, sister, “Aunt Jean”, and her young nephew little Davey.

Little Davey, was a torrent fucker, and never listened to anything or anyone, and was always teasing Susie. Which seemed to piss off Uncle Dave, but he usually let it go until today. For some reason Uncle Dave, didn’t feel like messing with the lad, and instead decided to give him a little show to remember.

And Aunt Jean was always game for a little fun with the young.

Susie had just begun walking across the kitchen with her plate of eggs and salsa, when Uncle Dave, Aunt Jean and little Davey walked into the kitchen.

Carol had just served them to Susie and she had been walking carefully with the piping hot eggs, and that dang little Davey ran right up and hit the bottom of the plate sending the hot eggs up into the air, landing all over Susie’s red hair.

Susie screamed, as though the eggs had scorched her head, Susie knew how to work the drama, and really just wanted to get the little torrent fucker Davey in trouble.

She continued the screaming and acting.

“Aunt Jean, Aunt Jean, that boy is ill-disciplined, he is corrupt.” Susie shrieked in her girlish high-pitched voice.

“OHH, Uncle Dave did you see it?”

“You saw it, didn’t you see that monster?” Susie asked staring at her Uncle.

“Yes my Susie, I saw it!” Uncle Dave replied.

“You should get that lad under control, Jean.” Uncle Dave continued speaking in a disturbed tone.

Aunt Jean sternly walks up to the little monster and snags Davey by his tiny ear.

Little Davey yelped!

Aunt Jean drags little Davey down the hall and disappears into Andy and Carol’s bedroom.

Andy jumps out of bed anxious and with his cock stuck up to the sky, he stands.

“About time”

Everyone else had followed.

Susie had run alongside Davey so she could stick her tongue out at him.

Should’ve behaved, Should have behaved, Susie chanted in her dainty little girlie singing voice, and giggled as she skipped in front of everyone.

She would get front row for most of this show.

Uncle Dave had a few things in mind; Miss Drama queen is not going to be that lucky.

“Give him the tawse hard Aunt Jean”, Susie sings, “give it to him good.”

Davey tries hard to resisted the pulling of his ear It hurt, and he was furious with Susie, just fed up with her stupid drama acts.

Davey always seemed to find himself on the worse end of the punishment pole, and that damn little Susie was always around causing them punishments.

He did flip her eggs in the air; Although Susie did turn the hot water off on Davey’s shower the other day.

“Oh, and put itching powder in his undies.”

Aunt Jean enjoyed having to punish her naughty nephew little Davey, and if her naughty little sexual niece Susie was the one prompting it all, then all the better for everyone, is how the curvy and big breasted Aunt Jean seen it all.

What delightful fun, and seemed amusing to everyone.

Aunt Jean let go of little Davey ear and he tried quick to get away.

Aunt Carol caught him and picked his scrawny little figure up, and threw him onto the big pillow-top bed.

“Strip him naked Aunt Jean; let’s see the little unruly brat’s pecker.” Susie skipped and jump up on her Uncle Dave’s lap, and ground her bottom and pussy into his right knee.

“Can I watch the show from here?” Susie batted her hazel eyes at her Uncle.


“Sure.” Uncle Dave said, and he pick little Susie up and yanked her yellow panties off and chuckled, “YUP you sure can my little angel, but you will grind your little bald pussy without those in the way.

Susie giggles, and withers and slithers her bald pussy to get her a good spot on her uncle’s knee, she was ready for, “The little Davey show.”

Aunt Jean, grabs little Davey and yanks his pants and undies down, leaving the boy with his bare ass and pecker on display for everyone to see.

Aunt Jean grabs a flip-flop she sees in the corner of Carol’s room, and points it at little Davey, “your little white bottom is going to glow redder than apple, and when I am done with your bottom young man, you will thank me with that little smart ass tongue of yours.

Little Davey had been smarting off a lot lately.

Susie laughs; Uncle Dave picks her up and smacks her ass hard.


More to come, but widget gidget is a lazy ass. he drinks too much beer and its his turn to write the next segment not mine..

It will be coming shortly

Short, but True spanking Story! “A girl can take it just as a boy can”

“A girl can take it just as a boy”

It all begins surprising enough for me in high school football. The athletic program had a long-standing tradition, designed to promote academic excellent. The strict regiment dictated that if you received grades below a C in an academic subject, or even more significantly any grade less than an A in conduct, you were subjected to a severe paddling in front of your fellow athletes. This was before the days of TASK or other test that charted advancement, the paddle was still in wide use, with the exception of girls.

On report card day we would bring our grades to the field house and get in line loudly telling the coach how many  earned  swats and assumed the position grabbing the “bench” , as it was called .The short section of bench in front of the lone locker symbolizing the past generations of players that were no longer with us.  No one ever sit on the bench, but it did have a place during grade day. You were expected to bend over and grab the bench and never let go of the past, no matter how hard the adversity. This difficulty was what gave us tenacity, and built character.

The coaches would do their best to make every swat count, the group counted out loud. There was a lot of pride on the line and most would do everything possible to take the beating, without letting it show. This was sometimes a struggle and these coaches were all former college   athletes themselves.  The bench was something you held on to even if you fell down. If you did let loose of the bench it was time to start all over.

Well the time in question, and the one I remember most, was my junior year when our team manager an extremely good-looking , but tomboyish senior girl received her grades earning   a C in conduct , this would amount to 6 of the hardest  swats.   Conduct was the one thing that there was no excuse for, the coaches considered that a serious offense. If you had anything less than an A in  conduct  it was as if you dishonored the program, and the coaches would really make sure you remembered the day , most receiving the worst , had  black and blue butts and even a little blood  spotting on the team gray shorts . She had been unfairly giving that grade by teacher that hated athletics and drew her in to an open argument in class.

Both of her parents were teachers in the school system, and her father was even a former coach. The coaches were afraid to subject her to the same treatment as the other guys for fear of a charge against them, or hurting her.   The fact she weighed   95 lbs, was a real concern, and was a size 1 maybe.  The answer was to suspend her for 3 games, or what amounted to the rest of the season. This was unbearable to her, as she had been a team manager since she was a freshman and her father had coached. One of the games she would miss was our biggest rivalry, and homecoming.  She had never missed a game in 4 years.

This affair quickly became the talk of the town, and even made the local news.    She demanded that she receive the same treatment as the boys.   The rest of the teams swats were put on hold until this were settled, and the whole affair almost went to court.  Well in the end she got her wish, the school board was afraid if she didn’t equal treatment, the rest of the team could possible suffer the same sentence, a suspension of playing for a part of the season.

The elected president of the school board, at this time was a semi famous women’s rights activist in college, and her decision was that this would be the young girls option, directing that if she chose the paddle she would receive it reasonable as hard, as any other person received, but the coaches were directed to take in to consideration that she was only 95 lbs The school board president, did request a demonstration, from the coaches at the school board meeting.  In a closed session she asked to receive a swat from one of our coaches.

Our team manager showed up wearing the same cotton thin gray athletic shorts as the rest of the team. The line was formed and most of the guys were doing their best to hide the pain.  When it was her turn, she walked across the locker room, smiled at all of us and bent over grabbing hold of the sides of the bench. . She had no idea what was coming next, and in front of the team, consisting of 25 guys, she was told to stay bent over and not let go.    Her dad a former Coach was a big guy and a former college football player, administered her swats per the agreement with the other coaches.  All the other players all offered to take her swats, but that was not going to happen.

She bent over for a long time before her dad drew the paddle back.  The room was silent, and every boy in the room was holding their breath, and also watching her little butt. The paddle swished in a streak towards her, the smack was loud and she was propelled to her knees, never letting go of the bench.

She was shocked, screaming out, and tears were flowing instantly   I’m sure the amount of pain that was shooting from her backside was more than she had expected. She told us later that her father had never spanked her, and neither had her mother, this was her first experience at corporal punishment. The tears were flowing even more as the second, and third swat were just a hard, her father was not giving her any leeway. I can tell you this, he did not spare the paddle, and in fact I believe he laid in to her to make sure that it was not misconstrued as her getting off easer then the rest.

On the 4th swat she was sniveling uncontrollable and each swat her knees would go down to the floor but her grip on the bench never let go. . Her father was even more determined to lay it on her; I suspect he was not happy she brought the bad light to everyone involved. The last swat was traditionally the worst, and this was to be no different. She was crying uncontrollably and we could see on her butt cheeks as the shorts rode up. The results were dark red and bruised. He raised the paddle one last time, and she flinched before the swat, as she stuck her butt back out, and closed her eyes, the paddle came down with a loud crack, she screamed out and was bawling , falling on the ground .

The tradition was that the guys would show off the bruises and bragging about how they never felt it.  She promised to show us, the same, her father was aware of this farther tradition, and stood there as she pulled up her shorts like a thong, her butt was totally black and blue.

Years later, I meet her at a night club, we spending the rest on the night talking about that day. She told me she was slightly sexual excited about the prospects of bending over in front of the team, and the thought of a few swats didn’t seem too bad. She never had a clue that the paddling was going to be that painful. She told me the bruising lasted for almost 2 weeks.

I spent the night with her and that was the first time I ever had a chance to spank a girl, it was nothing extreme, but enough to turn both of us in to spanking people

Mr. Carrot and the Stick (schoolgirl)

Carrot and the stick

Darla tried to keep her breathing slow, to concentrate on keeping her position she knew now that she had fail to pass her exam and worse caught cheating the consequences would be dire. Darla tried to explain but no words came out, she felt sick as her eyes followed the direction of his pointed finger towards the desk and  his curt command to get up to the front of the class.

Her cheeks burning in humiliation as Mr Carrot addressed the class, telling everyone to stop what they were doing and look to the front. The girl looked at the faces of her friends through tear-filled eyes as Mr Carrot informed the class of her disgrace, and his intention to punish her.

Mr Carrot instructed the tearful girl to remove her skirt and panties, fold them and place them on his desk, and then to stand facing the class. Horrified but in the full knowledge that disobedience would just make things worse Darling lowered her skirt and stepped out of it placing it on the desk, but faltered as she hooked her finger in the waistband of her briefs. Unwilling to wait Mr Carrot slapped her legs hard and yanked them down to her knees, and slapping her legs instructed her to step out of them, before spinning her around to face the class.

Darling cringed under the scrutiny of her class mates she watched Mr Carrot open the cupboard and retrieve his cane before returning to the desk and placing the cane on it. Then Mr Carrot collected his chair, slowly dragged it around to the front of his desk and then sat down. Mr Carrot reached out and firmly grasped Darla’s wrist, sternly compelling the naughty girl to stand in front of his knees her full pale bottom facing the watching students. In a swift movement Darla found herself tugged over his lap and felt the material of his jacket scratch her exposed skin as she tried to wriggle free, even then knowing it was impossible.

Darla was commanded to spread her legs wide and keep her legs straight as Mr Carrot laid his rough skinned palm on her cheeks. Horrified to be made to make such a show of herself to her class mates Darla began to whimper. As the spanking started there was silence from the student, loud hard smacks rained down on her bouncing bottom. Mr Carrot always spanked very hard he liked the sound of a ill-disciplined girl crying in pain as he punished her. Concentrating first on her right buttock ensuring he thoroughly warmed her skin before punishment moved to her left cheek, unable to keep quiet under the rain of fire Darla howled pitifully.

Mr Carrot tucked her more firmly under his powerful arm and then began to swat the tender flesh of the naughty girl’s sit spots lifting his hand to shoulder height before administering each smack. Darla knew she faced a severe thrashing and had no choice in submitting to Mr Carrot’s administration of it but this knowledge just made the spanking harder to cope with.

Her legs sprang up as she tried to fend off the painful smacks as she sobbed in horror. Mr Carrot stopped smacking her and told the girl to stand up, and bend over the desk. Darla tearfully complied her eyes following Mr Carrot as he walked around the desk and opened the draw and withdrew his long flexible ruler gripping if firmly he tapped it on his palm looking at her menacingly. Two students from the front row were called forward and told to stand behind the desk and hold Darla’s wrists pinning her in place. The moment the girl was held in place she felt the wooden ruler caress her sore bottom.

Mr Carrot administered the first sharp stroke across the centre of her bottom as she gasped trying to cope with the fire another mighty swat cracked just above the last as the ruler travelled along the crack of her bottom it left its burning imprint and the girl screamed, once the full twelve strokes had been administered the students returned to their seats. Darla tried to sooth the throbbing pain in her bottom her fingers running over the uneven flesh as she felt the welts rising.

Mr Carrot dispassionately told Darla to keep her position and to stop rubbing her bottom; he would get back to her with the cane when he was ready! As a reinforcement of his authority Mr Carrot swatted Darla’s inner thighs with the ruler insisting her legs were wide apart displaying her most humiliatingly to the class.

As the minutes passed Darla’s sobs diminish and the throbbing in her bottom lessened but her horror mounted with each tick of the clock dreading the moment when Mr Carrot took up position beside her to administer her twenty-four strokes with his cane to her already tenderized flesh.

After making the girl wait for an hour Mr Carrot once more instructed the students to stop working and look to the front, these words had the hairs on her skin stand on edge in stress. Mr Carrot stood to Darla’s left and tapped the tip of his cane on her right buttock, testing his position and then lifted it. Darla arched her back as the cane whistled through the air and cracked high up on her cheek, in fast succession six red welts showed the accuracy of which they had been delivered. Mr Carrot then took position on Darla’s right side and repeated the same painful line of fire; Darla was sobbing and her legs kicking but managed to keep her place over the desk.

Once again two students were called to the desk and instructed to kneel on the floor and grasp Darla’s ankles and hold her legs wide apart, and told not to let her move. Tapping the tip of the cane to the inside of Darla’s right thigh just above the back of her knee, and flicking his wrists sharply he made the cane travel up the inside of her thighs to the top. Ignoring her howls of distress Mr Carrot took position on her others side and caned Darla’s left inner thigh administering six strokes to each side.

Once done Mr Carrot traced his fingers over her welts enjoying her yelps of pain as he invited each of her class mates to come and inspect the damage. They each came to the sobbing girl to felt her welts and understand what happened to student in this college who showed disrespect and cheated on exams.
Once the class had filed passed, and touched her tender flesh and looked upon her immodesty they returned to their seats, only then Mr Carrot allowed Darla to stand and instructed that she go stand in the corner on display for the duration of the day.