“Emotional Controllers.” By Levena

“I am PROUD OF MYSELF!”However, on a Friday when checking my inbox. I had an e-mail requesting; I go see Sir George.
“WHAT THE HECK!” I thought. I shuddered, as I read the letter
“I was to be there 2 a clock.” Sir George would see me at 2:15 and. I was to bring all my final grades with me.
“Okay, I thought to myself.” “I did not fail anything, so WHY would he ask to see me?”
The weekend was long and concentrating on school work was hard again, my head raced back and forth on what would or could; I be in trouble for. But finally, Monday at 2 a clock came and; I showed up at the Hermann Conference Center and walked in anxiously and addressed the older lady sitting behind a desk off to the right of the entrance.
“Hi I am here to see Sir George.” I said.
The lady was kind and asked me to have a seat. She pushed a button and said.” Sir, your 2 a clock has arrived”.

“Thank you!” came back out of the speaker sitting on her desk. She went back to doing her work; and I took a seat. Another 15 minutes before my actual meeting time and my fidgeting was getting worse by the minute.
My leg bounced up and down as I uncontrollably pushed my leg that with the ball of my foot. My stomach had gone from a dull ach to a full-blown nausea attack. When all of sudden I heard the door open and Sir George say,
“Come on in Angel let’s get to this.”
“Get to what?” I thought.
Sir George moved his way back around his desk and set in his large brown leather chair. I found myself on the opposite side sitting down in one of the big blue chairs, looking over the enormous desk watching Sir George look at paper work.
“It is such a shame Angel, what happened this semester?” he asked.
“Nothing Sir, I had a good semester.” I said in confusion
“Well, I do have a report here in my hand that says your Completion Ratio has drop below 70%.”
“Let’s see it is 69.47%!” Sir George said.
“I do not know what you mean Sir.” I replied.
“I did not getting less than a 3.5 grade point.” “I do not understand.”
I was shaking and so confused. I instantly had a lump in my throat and the nausea had gotten worse. I was going to stay calm; something was not right.
“Yes I see.” Sir George continued looking at his paperwork.
“The classes you finished were acceptable.” “However, what happened to Calculus?” Sir George asked.
“Why would you have 2 W’s this semester?”
“Sir, I should only have one W, and I withdrew from the Calculus class because, I was having a difficult time with understanding Mr. Shreef, he is an Iranian man and well; I cannot understand him when he speaks.” I started to explain.
“I have no problem solving mathematical problems with its theories; I however could not learn to write the mathematics with his instructions.”
I tried very hard to convince Sir George that it was true. IT WAS! I did not want to fail the class and; I had a very hard time understanding the professor. He was a nice man, I liked him, but I could not understand him enough and would walk out of his class in more of a mathematical fog, by now for sure Sir George could tell the pulsations in my words were intensifying.
“That would be understandable Angel; if you could convince me that, the math Labs and the tutors were all closed and booked for the entire semester; so there for you had no way of finding any help to continue and finish the course.” Sir George continued on with,
“I see right on the notes from Mr. Shreef that, you pushed through his class until the 11 week and then withdrew the last day you could get a W without the professors permission; and without it hurting your Grade Point Average”.
“TSSKT TSSKT young lady, you did not think of your Completion Ratio however.” Sir George shook his head.
“I feel you should have gone to your professor or maybe a Lab to get some help.”
“You had less than 5 weeks to go, and though you were very close to failing you could have finished at least with a passing grade if the initiative was sought out by yourself.” “SHAME” He continued to shake his head
“Explain why the W in Management Online 290?” Sir George then went on to ask.
I felt doomed because, of the W in Calculus when all of a sudden; I remembered that I had online book class; I was supposed to turn in half way through the semester. I froze with absolute fear. What I had done was careless. I had let my own emotions and overstressed put a large strain on what I was supposed to be concentrating on; My Degrees. I felt so ashamed. I did not even know what to say.
“UM, UM, I, Um.” I just burst into tears and trembled with complete panic.
“Um, Um, Oh I for, for. Oh, NO Sir I forgot I had that due this semester.” I bawled.
“Where is your schedule, it tells you what is due in every class every day young lady?” Sir George asked with disgust that Angel’s only excuse for this was; “I I Um forgot”.
“Well young lady the school has suspended your funding and you will have to pay the next two semesters and or until your completion rate has gone above 70%.” Sir George said
“I cannot afford my classes Sir.” “They are over 4,000 dollars for just the next two semesters, and and it does not even count the semester we are in.” I said starting to physically cry.
“OH NO! What have I done?” I put my face into hands.
I felt the adrenaline rising in every cell of my body.
“PLEASE SIR, I cannot have my funding taken away.” I walk with my Degree next spring, if if, I I OHHH I screwed up!” I sobbed.
“You can have the funding back when you address the board committee with your reasons why you dropped below 70%.”He said harsh.
“I will have to spank for you for your W’s.”
“The first W you could have voided altogether if you would have taken more time to study.” “The second W was just down right careless you foolish girl!” Sir George went back to shaking his head with disgust.
Sir George opened the front drawer of his Cherry wood desk, and pulled a long wood handled leather paddle.
“Panties off young lady; and over my desk.” He motioned with the weapon.
As I shook with fear; I thought to myself; I would much rather take a spanking then lose my funding for school.
My chest heaved up and down with the humiliation.
“Oh Sir, pppPlease not my panties?” I pleaded.
“Listen young lady, I do not have this kind of time, the punishment is administered on the bare bum or never mind, and good luck finding your own funding, for the next two semesters”. Sir George said rudely.
I just hung my head and sobbed. “NOO Sir, I need, I need.”
So I took my panties off and somberly placed myself over his desk and waited for the first sting.
I got in the position I was order; and placed myself over his desk and tried to reach for something to hold onto. However, my arms did not reach across so; I was stuck holding my own position.
The first four slaps took my breath away. It stung so bad that even the thought of just asking my parents for the money seemed better off.
“UGHH, OUCHH!” I wanted to get out of the line of fire, but before I knew it that leather tool was slapping my butt again. Sir George slap one cheek than other. Left slap, right slap, and right slap again to turn and slap the left one then twice to match.
It was non-stop assault to my rump, and Sir George seemed like he wasn’t going to ever stop.
I kept lifting my feet up, which would shift my weight back and forth.
“Stay still girl!” Sir George yelled at me.
I was trying to stay still, but. “OWW Sir, I will look for help when I am in need of it.”
“I PROMISE! I will go to the Labs.” “I WILL!” “I WILL!”
“Please Sir it hurts.”
“OWWWieee”! “OWW!” “Noo more pppleease” I continued to beg.
“I assume then,I am paddling you correctly then young lady?” Sir George said quiet unkind.
The paddling continued. Sir George was malicious and would strike one cheek three incredibly hard times and then the other cheek just once then return the blows back against the other cheek again. I couldn’t help but sob loudly and let out a few agonizing cries.
I wept openly and could not help it. It stung and hurt.
I was so uncomfortable; my stomach hurt from pressing into the hard desk and the burning in my bum was considerably painful. I felt so regretful and embarrassed for being spanked like this because; I did not find someone to help me and push myself through Calculus.
I should have doubled check with another adviser.
The last 5 smacks of the unforgiving paddle Sir George had in his hand finally came. They were slow and; I was asked to count each one, apparently some extra humiliation of counting to five was supposed to effective me.
“UGHHH, ONE!” I said loud.
The fourth slap, hurt the worse it hit just below my sit spot on a fresh part of skin; I yelp loudly the number 4.
Number five came down and as I swallowed hard.
I lay across the desk and sobbed.
Sir George walked around his desk and put the corrective tool back in its space.
“Get you panties back on Angel and sit down.” He instructed.
“YEAH right!” I thought.
“Sit down.” “Thanks for the added pain.” I thought to myself.
“I would just prefer to stand and be dismissed.” “Why must I sit NOW?”
However, did as I was told; and grabbed my panties; put them back on over my very red and sore bum and set on it.
It hurt, the heat held between my butt and the chair cushion seemed to make the burn feel hotter.
“OH GOD! How it burned.”
Sir George took a piece of paper out and started writing on it.
“Here is the last two things young lady you will need to do for Hermann Center to reinstate your funding.” Sir George said.
“One.” “A required Apology letter; and statements of why, we should give it back.”
“Due Next Monday.” He said as he continued to write.
“Two. “For your other W, in MANG 290, WHICH WAS FOOLISH GIRL, you carelessly just forgot.”
“I will see you next Monday same time, 8 lashes with my cane.”
“I am sure by the time you leave; you will understand forgetting is not tolerated.” He said with a smirk.
“I cried.”


Walking back home that afternoon was downright painful. I swear, everyone on the street must had known, I’d been spanked. My panties were causing friction between cotton and my skin. If someone needed a flame for their cigarette; my bum could have assisted in lighting it.
As soon as I entered my room, off went my skirt and panties; and I fell flat on my stomach and went back to crying.
How could I have for gotten the book work for 290;
“DUMB!” I thought. My butt hurt badly enough from the paddling I had just received; the thought of next week’s punishment was honestly why; I could not stop myself from bursting into tears.
I must have falling asleep with my sheet barely draped over my bum when Jean, my roommate entered the room.
“Where have you been Angel?” I thought we were going to have an early dinner said Jean.
“Oh Jean I am sorry, Sir George paddled me this afternoon for not finishing Calculus, and I am getting the cane next Monday for not doing the book work in 290.” I said breaking down again.
“OH ANGEL, I am so sorry.” “Why did you not do your work?” Jean asked?
“I just plain forgot it Jean!” “STUPID!” I said loud.
Jean left me alone most of the week after that. She would try to get me to come out to lunch with her and the girls.
I should go do something other than homework and maybe; I would stop thinking of the caning I was going to receive.
I spent the weekend writing the letter that explained the reasons why I fell short with my completion ratio; I was to blame that was simple.
I carefully included my own thoughts of the whole process and how it can be unfair. I assume it wasn’t anyone’s fault by my own, but for some reason; I could not help reflect on how poorly I felt. Oh well, computer systems generate these things and it was going to be, my way of making something less blameable to myself.
Monday seemed so far away yet; so close when that morning arrived. It flew by fast; and I had wished for another week around noon.
Jean and I went to lunch; she was going to go with me to Hermann Center and wait in the lounge, so I had a ride home, and didn’t have to walk after my canning.
At lunch she told me sorry again; and shared a small story of when she had to face Sir George cane several years ago. The story in some way made me feel better. Her bravery let me know that, I could also get through it and then just get back to my regular daily living.
She agreed with me that, making one wait seemed harder than a double spanking in one day
We arrived at 1:55 and went in; told the lady I was there for Sir George; and she instructed for us to take a seat. She informed Sir George that, his 2 a clock was there; and in the same tone the repeated words “Thank You.” commented back.
Again another 15 minutes.
When the door finally opened up and Sir George said, “Come in Angel!” I looked straight at Jean with apprehension.
I could run and not stop. I could just give up my education. Or, I could just get up out of the chair; and get my funding back.
I stood up still looking at Jean. She said, “Angel it is okay, go on.”
I walked back into the office that seemed colder than last week. We repeated the same process as last week. I set in the blue chair on the opposite side of Sir George’s desk.
He set in his chair and asked, “How was last week young lady?”
“I kept myself busy Sir.” I replied.
“Good.” “You’re here for correction on the second W right?”
“Angel forgetting is not an option.” “You should know this by now.” Sir George said shaking his head in disapproval.
“Can I have your letter Please?”
“Yes!” It was the only word I could utter.
I had nothing to say. I handed him my letter. Touching his hand sent shivers down my spine. I was to blame for forgetting; I knew this.
“You will take your clothing off Angel.” “All canning are done nude.” Sir George’s cold and rigid voice said.
“I sure hope you have read the management book; and have only forgotten to write your reflection on its training material.”
“You will be asked a question from the book dear.” “Fail the question; I lick you twice!”
“Answer correct, you get only One Understand?”
All I could do was, bite my lip hard and mutter the word “YES” again. I understood.
OH my goodness; I am so glad I had read the book.
I sure hope I can remember things correct, or at least well enough to pass through a question. It was all on management. I knew this world well.
“Oh please information, do come to me!” I thought.
“Go ahead and get undressed young lady, and please put yourself back over my desk.” He said sharply.
I looked to my right; back towards to my left. My stomach ached badly. I stood up and felt super dizzy.
My heart pounded with the uneasiness; and I was somewhat cold.
“It is cold in here Sir,” I said to Sir George.
“It okay Angel; you will not be cold long.” “Stop stalling please.” replied Sir George.
Humph, my head just hung, as reached for the buttons on my Ivory colored blouse and undid the top button and repeated the same process to the next six.
I watched out the corner of my eyes as Sir George got up and went to the coat closet; he retrieves a very thin looking cane. I removed my blouse from my shoulder; and placed it the blue chair, I was sitting in a moment ago.
I stood there in my white bra; I had bought last year. I liked its delicate light peach lace.
I reached backed and grabbed the button at the top of my skirt. I felt like I was going to faint.
I unzipped the zipper down; and it fell off my hips. I stood froze; heart throbbing so hard you could visibly see my breast quiver. I bent over and picked it up and laid it in the chair with my blouse.
I unfastened the back of my bra; the last thing other than my panties.
I had not figured out how I would not completely faint in embarrassment when it was time to remove them.
I brought the bra straps off my shoulders and tossed it in the chair on top of the other forbidden pieces of clothing; and expose my small breast and immediately crossed my arms over them.
I looked right at Sir George who stood watching my every move. I begged for dignity.
“Please Sir, not my panties too”. I started to cry.
“Okay Angel, place yourself over my desk then!” Sir George said.
I did as Sir George asked of me promptly; so I could at least have my breast hidden.
Even though there was only Sir George and I in the room; it felt like the whole world was watching me with anticipation.
Within seconds, I had regretted asking for dignity because; Sir George took it all away with one quick sweep.
I felt his very massive warm hand push down on the small of back; and yank my white panties down to the floor, and he instructed me to step out of them.
He proceeded to use his left hand and pinned me by my hips down to his desk. He started swatting me with his right hand over and over again. He must have smacked my bottom 25 times or so, before he stopped.
I felt the small amount of heat in my bottom; I closed my eyes to listen to what was going to happen next.
I felt Sir George pick up the thin ivory cane. He took the cane and lightly laid it across the top of my bottom and tapped it very lightly and said,
“Separate your legs a little young lady.”
I slide them a part about another 8 inches and continued to listen for the first question, which Sir George asked within seconds of me placing my feet in the proper place. I guess.
First question, Sir George asked, “the book title and the author please?”

“Emotion Intelligence Developing, “Helping other use People Strategies.” “The author is umm, umm Michael Kravit.”, Angel said with little confidence.
“Thwwwwack” The cane landed.
“FUCK NOOO, SIR!” I jumped and turned around and made eye contact with Sir George, with no shame of other exposed parts; and grab my backside.
“NOOoo, nooo plppplease.”
Sir George just stared back for about 30 seconds then coldly said, “I have your attention.”
“Girl get back in position.” “ Too bad, you had that answer correct and you still managed to earn another lick.”
I gathered my unimaginable state somehow and placed my narrow body back over the desk.
“THWAaaaCK” the cane hit me again. My knees buckled and I screamed inside loudly.
“I, Iii I amm sorrrry SIR.”
“Name the three strategies?” Sir George asked.
I responded rather quickly, only to realize that; the lick would hit without warning. Even before the last vocal sound came from my mouth.
“Think Smart”, “Be Smart”, “Work Smart” “ TTHWACK.” My legs shook with fear that another was coming right behind it to attack. The slash that just landed felt like it cut through my skin.
Hot tears started forming in my eyes.” Nooo waayyy”; “I want the PADDLlllEeee??” I thought, or did; I say it out loud.
“Not today.”
“Listen careful Ange.”, Sir George said.
“Name the five sub components to which you are taught; to use with your staff, or employees; that make up those three strategies you just named?”
“HOLY SHIT!” “UMMM,ummmOHH UMM”, “Optimism is ONE Sir.” I finally said in fear I had a time limit. It was not discussed.
“Flexibility Enhancer” my voice said shaking as bad as my knees.
“OHH, Oww, I I Umm.” “Social Skills and its builders” “ohhhnoo!!”
“High High Perforrrmance.” OH, and Oh and and I finally spouted out.
“I think the last Sir is “Emotional Controllers.” I swallowed.
“THWWACKK” I heard it coming this time; and twisted my hips with the rising emotion of its sting. It hit me not across both butt cheeks but, instead part of the right cheek and side hip.
“FUCKKK OWWW, pppleeeaseee NOOOmorrre.” I cried loudly.
“Good Angel!” Sir George said.” Looks like you at least looked at your books Index.”
“This next question has two parts, first name the meaning to each letter of the STEP model and; what was your score in the books exercise?” Sir George asked.
“SERIOUSLY what the fuck.” “OOh and is oooH mmm, mmm I thinnnk I I Oh, ummm, um.” I stated to muster.
“S is Stable.” “Oh T is Thorough.” “E stands for Emotional.” “and P is for Pusher.”
“AMMM I right Sir.” ‘pleeease amm riggght.”
“Please finish the question Angle.” Sir George reminded.
“OH 3 was my score Sir.”
THWACCCCK”. I gasped so hard I couldn’t help but cough. I could feel the welts getting hotter and growing in intensifying swelling pain. I lifted my feet off the ground and let my upper body lie across the desk as I kicked my feet up and down.
The growth of tears broke; and I could not stop it anymore. I started crying and begged Sir George that I would NEVER FORGET responsibilities of that magnitude.
“PLEeeeASE SIRrrr, I willlll SIrrrrRrRR” I begged.
“I assume at the least; you will remember this spanking the next time you forget any simple, or important to your school assignments and funding!” Sir George commented.
“Okay lets go with question number four Angel.”
“Fill in the blank.” “People who are not emotionally smart waste time on personality conflicts and __?”
“OHhh, funny!” I thought.
“COMPLAINING!” I said with a little sarcastic tone to my voice.
“OWWWWiieee” I know he hit me harder that time; for his own pleasure, of being disturbed with my tone of voice.
I could not help but weep and cry. I wanted the questions to stop; and by far my defenseless bottom receiving the thrashing was getting harder to bear.
I know I heard Sir George chuckle.
“WELL young lady, you are saving yourself a lot of strips to you bottom.” Sir George said. “Glad to know you read your work.”
“Work Smart Strategies are directed towards creating what leadership skill?” He said coldly.
I gulped hard; and answered rather quickly “wiser actions?”
THWACKKKK, THWACKKKK!!! The second thwack was unexpected and I abruptly stood up and grabbed my bottom tight; only to quickly replace myself back into the assaulting position before, I earned another lick for moving.
“OWWW, OWIEEEE!” “STOP plEasEEESEE Sir!!!” I sobbed and sobbed with the humiliating pain.
“Organization! Angel.” “That would have been correct; if the question would have been what Be Smart Strategies concentrated on.” Sir George corrected me.
“Being optimistic helps improve and benefits critical WHAT?” Sir George asked
“THWACCCCKKK!” I swear that fucking cane whistled that time.
“UGHHHHHH, OHHH” oneee more question; I said to myself.
My face was sweating, and the tears continued to pour so much that my breast were even wet from them.
“I WANT TO GO POTTY SIR!” I wept almost begging Sir George.
“Soon Angle, one more question.” Sir George said. “Here it is Angel.”
“According to “The Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina”, research indicated that the biggest reasons leaders and managers fail is because of what?”
I heaved a sigh; and thought with confidence, I would thankfully get one last lick from Sir George cane.
I HURT; and had learned more than just one lesson on forgetting.
I learned a lesson in emotion control.
“Poor interpersonal skills.” I said with a huge inhale of air.
“OWWWIEEEEEEEEEEE OWIEE OWIEEE, iiii mmm ssorryyyiee.” I laid bawling.
I stood up and lightly placed my hands on my bum. I could feel the welts; they burned with sever discomfort.
The tears fell down my breast and onto the floor.
I turned and swallowed hard “I promise; I I am “hiccup” sorry Sir” “Thank “hiccup” YOU; for the the second chance Sir.”
I was thankful for being able me redeem myself in his humiliating way. I guess however, it will be worth it. I was SUPER thankful I did read the book. I will never forget a Management 290 series book course paper again.
Sir George put the cane back in the coat closet and returned to his seat.
“You can get dressed Angel” “Then have a seat.” he said.



“Orange leaf’s and Red Bottoms”

As fall semester ended, Lara and I decided to celebrate by, Friday night out with some friends. We found ourselves a local rock club known for wild nights. That particular evening actually ended when the birds were chirping the next morning.
We had a blast
Lara had met these gentlemen from a local bike club; I always found fun with any company we were partying around.
The music was loud all night long; and people were dancing and head banging till 2am. The club smelt of smoke and the ratio of sober people would have been very low. Lara and I had been welcomed to come over the biker’s clubhouse.
We went. Memories those are stored for decades.
It was Sunday afternoon when either girl opened their eyes and moved about.
“UGH”, Lara said.
“Is that not right”, I replied. “How the heck did we even get back here?”
“Some guy named Burley”, Lara laughed falling of her bed.
“Remember last night when he convinced Nichol to shot drink that whiskey.”
“ I think she had a hard time breathing the rest of the night.” Lara continued to chuckle as she walked into the rest room and crawl into the shower.
“I about pissed my pants.” I said walking behind Lara; and turning to squat my narrow bottom down on the toilet.
“Hurry up in the shower; I need one to, do not use all the hot water.”
“SHUT UP!” Lara said.
So I flushed the toilet and the bitch lost her hot water for 45 seconds.
I set at my computer desk and turned it on. Decided, I might as well check my e-mail; and see if there had been any changes to my last week of the semester. No changes, but huh; there was an e-mail from my advisor.
Dear Angel,
The end of the semester has arrived. Successfully you have finished all the required work and the final exams have been recorded. You will receive all credits. Great Job! Professor Briggs has asked me to remind you, that he would enjoy for you to continue with discussions boards throughout the Christmas break. He has verbally expressed that your presence on the boards; brings good conversation between many students. I encourage you.
I would like to see you Tuesday December 6th at 2:00 a clock in the afternoon to discuss a further matter.
Sir George

“HUH”, I thought. I closed my browser and went for the now empty shower.
It was Monday at lunch when I thought of the letter again.
Lara, I and Jean were having lunch when Jean mentioned, that our friend Deana had gotten a letter from Sir George saying basically the same as mine. Again, I really never thought it was overly odd or anything. I however always had a small amount of anxiety when I was asked to speak with him.
The sun was shining after lunch, so us girls took a long walk along the rivers board walk and talked about the really busy Holidays springing up so fast.
I myself would go home, Lara and Nicole would go back West for two weeks, and Jean would stay there on campus. She had little family and what she did have; she communicated little with.
Tuesday around 1 a clock; I took off on foot and headed for the Herrmann Center. It would take me roughly 35 minutes on foot to get there. I would go the restroom when I arrived; and then let the lady know I was there to see my advisor.
I did just that.
The familiar lady at the desk informed Sir George I was there for my appointment; and I set down to wait to speak to him. I batted back and forth in my head with different reasons; I could be called in to see Sir George.
It was normal to see him in the beginning of all semesters; to get the valid account of all your classes and what professors you would be taking the courses with.
Then usually it was only if, something was going wrong, or you needed help with something; then you could make an appointment on your own.
“Afternoon Angel, come on in young lady.” Sir George said when he opened the door.
“Afternoon Sir.” I replied back.
When I walked through the door I noticed Deana was there. She was sitting in one of the blue chairs. I made brief eye contact, then just to return her eyes back towards the front of Sir George desk.
I set in the blue oversize chair next to Deana and finally confirm she was crying. My stomach immediately sunk.
Sir George handed me a picture. I stared at it for better than a minute before, I brought my eyes up and looked at Deana. Here we were photographed outside the backdoor of the local Rock club we attended Friday night; and I was clearly smoking a joint.
“Who took this?” I asked looking at Deana.
“I don’t know Angel!” Deana replied back starting to cry harder.
“I do not care who took your photo, I am sure you foolish young girls could find out though.” Sir George started speaking,
“Maybe you both could pursue it after you leave here.” Sir George continued with extreme annoyance.
“You’re both getting spanked severely right now though.” “There is a no tolerance drug rule for all students attending school here through Herrmann center.”
“Both you should be completely ashamed of yourselves.” Sir George voice rose with even more fury.
“Deana remove you bottom clothing now!” Sir George soundly spoke.
I swallowed with fear for Deana; and myself. What could be worse than having to be spanked in front of another person; would have to be to hear and visually see someone else get spanked to. Right before you gets one.
Deana stood slowly and untied her tennis shoes and placed them off by the blue chair; then continued on and removed her purple jogging pants, which she had chosen to wear to work out in after her meeting with Sir George. I assume she never thought she would be getting spanked this afternoon either.
“Why did I walk? Damn it.” I thought.
Deana pleaded with Sir George about her undies. I learned the hard way pleading for dignity was not a great idea once before. Sir George humored her and acted as though he would give her a break.
“Get over my desk girl.” he ordered.
Deana wailed she was sorry and that she doesn’t remember smoking any of it.
Sir George could have care less.
“You were standing where it was being passed; it will be considered just as wrong.” He stated as law.
Without another moment, he grabbed a hold of Deana’s white undies, and yanked them forcefully down to her feet.
I heard Deana gasp with embarrassment.
I looked to the ground quickly and tense up with the anticipation of hearing Deana’s first blow and cry.
It was going on forever, and I was already crying myself, Deana had not stopped pleading for the spanking to stop; and Sir George just kept spanking her with his heavy right hand.
He stopped and told Deana not to move.
Deana stayed right where she was. Sir George walked around the desk and opened his bottom left hand drawer. He returned around the desk with old wooden paddle with a woman’s shadow on it.
I did not want to hear anymore, I was next; and was really the one with the joint it in my mouth.
Deana wailed so loud with every extremely hard crack of the paddle she was receiving. The smacks and cracks seemed to last forever and listening to Deana scream with every one of those smacks seemed to torture me.
Only once did Sir George stop so he could correct Deana’s position.
Her bottom was so red and you could tell that Sir George layered at least seven or eight licks to the back of her legs.
When I heard the spanking stop; and Sir George tell Deana to pick up her undies she had kicked half under his desk; I started to immediately bawled. It was my turn; and now my earlier question seemed really unknown,
“I did not know what would be worse?”
“Let’s go Angel!” Sir George motioned his paddle at her. “Your turn, get those pants and undies off please.”
I roared with cries inside. “Not my bottom.” I had to drive home this weekend and walk back to my dorm after this; it was going to hurt like hell to do so. I do not remember smoking weed that night; and why would someone send my photo to my advisor.
“What the hell.”
I stood up on my wobbly legs removed my shoes and reached under my t-shirt for the button to my jeans. I unfastened it and then slid my thumbs inside the waist; and started to lower them. I step out of the jeans and laid them over the chair.
I stared at Deana with all the hope we were going to wake up and were still just passed out somewhere from being drunk.
“Young lady, I am really annoyed with your behavior” “I suggest you get those panties off and assume the same position your friend was in a moment ago!” Sir George holler in a low demanding tone.
I started to remove my white panties; and why I stopped a moment. I will never know, but when I got my panties to my knees; I hesitated. My legs were quivering; and I felt light-headed.
Sir George gently grabbed my arm and said, “Come on girl.”
I tried to not to fall as he led me to his desk with my panties still around my knees. I felt Sir George direct my half-naked body over his massive desk.
I hate that hard wood fucking desk. It shoved and cut into my hips with every smack. The paddle would crack my bum and impale my hips into the hard wood of his desk.
I felt the warm palm of Sir George right hand start smacking my bottom; as his left hand had pinned me by the small of my back to his desk. They stung but, would feel lighter than they sounded.
You never knew how he was going to spank you. He never had a rhythm of any sort. You might get 3 on one cheek and only one on the other, but never to worry because, the next set may be 5 and 2.
It started to smart and I could feel myself starting to sway my bum; with hopes the assaults would stop.
Sir George’s left hand got heavier and pinned me tighter to his desk. The smacks got stronger and the heat on my right cheek seemed to be rising faster than the left.
“OUCH!” I started to cry. “Ppleeasse Sir!”
Sir George spanked me with his palm a long time. My panties were now off; my legs had kicked them somewhere underneath me. I felt the spanking stop. I sobbed; then started to beg. Next part was close then.
“NooonOONOOnnnooon.” I tightened my bottom cheeks which hurt extremely badly when the first blow of the paddle hit my butt. I wailed, “sssorrieee, ppleaees soorriee, noono.” One smack, after another landed. That paddle squarely hit every inch of my bottom with each crack. It smarted so badly; I could not keep my legs from kicking frantically.
I could feel the bruising to my hip bones from the repeated thrusts caused from the blow of the paddle.
“YOUNG LADY” crackkkkk, “YOU SHOULD BE MORE” , crackkkk “CAREFUL WITH WHO YOU HANG!”, crackkk. Sir George said!
“SMOKING DRUGS”, crackkkk, smackkkk, “IS NOT AN, crackkk OPTION!”
I think that is, what Sir George was saying during my paddling that day, which seem liked went on forever.
I never stopped saying sorry, no, please stop, I will never do it again, all the normal things one would say when they were getting there bottom spanked like I was at that moment.
I must have lain over his desk with my red bottom, wet face, and pussy for several minutes before I realized it was over.
“Both you girls take drug test before the next two semesters.”
“Go home Deana”, Sir George directed. “Angel 60 minutes in my corner for you.” “You can stay undressed to young lady.”
I hastily went for the corner just to hide my head.
Deana gathers herself slowly and redressed being extra careful pulling her cloths over her bottom.
It was going to be a long walk home. “Or was it?”
I heard my name being called about a block pass the Herrmann center.
It was the gentlemen friend; I had met Friday night.
“Where you going gir?l” he said.
“Home.” I replied. Trying to walk without him noticing it hurt like fucking hell”.
I am sure he noticed.
“Get on, I’ll take you.” He motioned nodding his head to his extra seat behind him”.
“Fuck it!” I thought “Let’s go.” I slowly placed myself behind him and reached around and grabbed his leather buckles to his chaps. He took off fast and though the heat in my bum was awful the wind in my face helped cool my body.
“WHAT YA GOING DO WHEN I GET HOME?” He yelled turning his head slightly to the left.
“Roll a joint,” I said.
We laughed.

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