The Kaidia Chronicles 6: A Warrior’s Return Kaidia,

The Kaidia Chronicles 6: A Warrior’s Return Kaidia,

Rose, Kit, and Myth made their way across the dark, grassy terrain toward the ruins of which Kai had spoken. The ruins turned out to be a single, large, stone building of some long forgotten race. Whoever they had been, architecture had been their strength. The building was ancient but sturdy. The doors were made of a tarnished, silvery metal. Kai shoved them open, ushered the others in, and then closed them. A bright light burst into life in the warrior’s hand and she flung it up to the ceiling, lighting the whole room. The place was dingy and barren. There was nothing. Myth grumbled. “You three lay together, share body warmth. I’ll keep watch.” Kai instructed. Rose, Mytheria, and Kit, too tired to argue, moved to the back of the room, laid down, and cuddled together while Kaidia sat in the middle of the room between the door and the three cuddling girls with her arms and legs crossed, the protective matriarch of her little clan of misfits. —————————- The morning dawned bright and warm. For a little while, Kai just sat and watched the three girls sleeping. Myth and Rose hadn’t slept well, the dread of the coming morning weighing on their minds. Kit, who’d slept between the girls and Kai as a second line of defense, had slept soundly all night. Kai sighed lightly nudged Kit with a boot. The neko mewed, opened her bright eyes, and looked around and then focused on the warrior woman. “Wake them.” Kai said with a gesture to the sleeping Rose and Mytheria, who had snuggled together in the night and remained that way now. Kitiara looked at the redhead and the black haired girl with a smirk, her own dark brown bangs hanging in her eyes. “Now aren’t they cute?” she asked rhetorically before gently shaking the girls awake. “Rise and shine, you two!” the neko said with a cheer the thief and serving wench obviously didn’t share. Kaidia, wanting to get the business over with so they could all get on the road to Vortha, cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention. “Let’s get the unpleasantness out of the way so we can get back to our travels. Come along.” the still rather pissed warrior said before turning and shoving open the front doors of the building and walking out into the glaring light of the morning sun. Myth and Rose followed with Kit bringing up the rear… and looking at all the lovely rears in front of her at that. Behind the abandoned building was a grove of trees both young and ancient. The younger trees were the ones Kai was interested in. There were plenty of switches to be had and Kaidia intended to make good use of plenty of them. When they got to the edge of the grove, Kai turned to the others and eyed the pair of thieving girls. “Do you both still have those daggers I gave you last night?” she asked. Both girls gave silent nods of affirmation. “Good. They’ll be very useful. You’ll be cutting your own switches.” Kai responded curtly. She then glanced up to Kit. “Kitiara. You know what a decent switch looks like. You keep an eye on Myth and make sure she cuts appropriate ones. I’ll do the same for little miss Rose. Stay in sight.” Kai instructed. Kit blushed a little and nodded. “Of course.” was her only response. The mercenary took Rose’s hand in her own. Kit did the same with Mytheria and each pair moved into the grove of trees. Over the next several minutes, which were agonizingly long for the bar maid and the thief, switches were cut and prepared. Once each girl had a nice bundle of them by the time the four women exited the grove. Kai lead them all back to the building. Once everyone was inside, she closed the doors and turned to the others. “Kitara, you will handle Mytheria’s punishment. Remember, she’s human, you’re a neko. Be harsh but not abusive… or you’ll be over my lap so Myth can watch you get a taste of some harsh attenion.” Kai said sternly. Kit swallowed hard. “Y.. yes, Ma’am.” she managed to reply before gently ushering the redhead to one side of the room. The warrior turned her attention to Rose and smiled faintly. “That means you’re mine to deal with.” she said with just a hint of humor before guiding Rose over to the opposite end of the room from Kit and Myth. Rose was wondering if she’d rather have the seemingly invincible warrior switching her behind or the extra strong neko. Either way, she was sure it’d not be enjoyable. Kai gently but firmly pushed Rose to the wall. “Bend over, pretty flower. Hands against the wall, bottom out.” the mercenary instructed in a low but stern voice. Rose blushed but obeyed. Hands against the cold, stone wall, pushing her leather clad bottom out to Kaidia. A position she would normally enjoy with Kai. But she wasn’t presenting her bottom for anything tender and sweet like she often imagined doing. The warrior reached around Rose’s waist, undid the girl’s leather pants, and unceremoniously jerked them and those blue panties down to tangle about Rose’s ankles. The dark haired girl blushed as red as the petals on her namesake. Across the room, Mytheria found herself in a similar position, blushing the color of her fiery hair as her skirt was pulled up and tucked into it’s own waistband before her panties were dragged down and dropped to the floor. Kit and Kai glanced to one another, Kai nodded, and they both turned back to the business at hand. Each woman plucking up a switch from the piles that had been dropped to the floor upon entry. There was another glance shared between the neko and the warrior before they both turned and took aim with their switches. Kai struck first, igniting a thin line of fire across Rose’s bottom, a startled cry coming from the bar maid. Kit’s first strike was across Myth’s sit spots and brought a squeal from the redhead. Kai brought the switch down across the backs of Rose’s thighs, drawing a yelp from the already sorry girl. Kit’s next lash of the switch fell across the center of Myth’s bottom, causing the redhead to gasp sharply and jump. Kaidia and Kitiara both fell into a steady rhythm, their lashes to the girls’ backsides falling in between one another, alternating, and echoing in the stone chamber. The cries of the tavern wench and the thief also echoed out in the room, much louder than the snaps of the switches. Lash after lash of the switches fell, painting the girls’ bottoms with angry red welts. Each girl regularly went to her tip toes as the switches fell over and over. Occasionally a switch would break and one of the errant girls would get a momentary rest while her disciplinarian picked up a fresh one. But then the cries and howls would begin anew as the fresh switch bit into tender, striped skin. Over and over those switches raised welt after welt on Rose’s bottom as well as Mytheria’s. Kai and Kit were both strong and thus, both Rose and Myth were bawling, hiccuping, and crying well before the final switches broke across their reddened bottoms. So many stripes had been laid across those two pert rears that they all seemed to blend together on each miscreant’s backside. Once Rose sensed that her ordeal was over, she turned, buried her face in Kaidia’s chest, and wrapped her arms around the bigger woman, crying into Kai’s cleavage. The warrior, of course, wrapped her arms around Rose and held the girl close. “Shh. There there, little one. It’s all over and done with.” she whispered soothingly. Kitiara found herself in a similar embrace from the redheaded thief and tentatively hugged the girl back, glancing over to Kaidia to see what the mercenary was doing so she could mimic it. She purred softly to Mytheria, hoping the sound would calm the sniffling girl. Eventually the two punished girls calmed down and stopped their crying, though neither seemed to want to let go of their respective punishers turned comforters. Though eventually Kai picked Rose up and carried her over to where Kit and Mytheria were nestled together. She sat down on the floor, tenderly settling the sore bottomed Rose into her lap. “I hope you two have learned your lesson about stealing.” Kai said. She got a pair of nods in return. “Good. If I ever have to repeat this lesson, neither of you will sit for a month.” the warrior stated firmly. Both girls paled a bit. “Understood?” Kai asked. “Yes, Ma’am.” the girls replied in unison. The warrior nodded, then stood up with Rose, and set the bar maid on her feet. She then knelt and gently pulled up Rose’s panties and pants, being as careful as she could of the girl’s sore bottom. Kit, once more, mimicked Kaidia, stood Myth up, and tugged the thief’s panties up over her reddened backside before letting her skirt slip back down. “Now, we have a bit of a walk ahead of us. I’d use my abilities to transport us all there but it’s dangerous with more than two people and exhausting to go back and forth to take you all one at a time. Besides, walking is good for you.” Kaidia said, ending it with a smirk. The foursome, having nothing to gather and their weapons already on them, headed out of the ruined building and started south for the city of Vortha. The day of walking passed without an issue. With a break taken near noon where the collective skills of Kaidia and Kit brought down a deer for lunch. Mytheria, not used to preparing her own food or even being around when her food was prepared, nearly passed out during the skinning process. This brought a fit of laughter from everyone else and lightened the mood a bit. It was growing dark when the four women finally approached the gates of Vortha. The guards stopped them at the gate. It was standard practice after dark. Though once the guard Captain on duty brought the light of a torch near Kaidia’s face, he paled, and his eyes went wide. “Miss Valengaard!” the Captain exclaimed. “None other.” she responded with a faint smile. “Open the gates, you great twats!” the Captain shouted at the guards. As the guards pushed the gates open, Kai pointed to Kit, Rose, and Mytheria, who were all gawking at Kaidia with a bit of wonder. “They’re with me, Captain.” she stated flatly. “Of course, Miss.” came his reply. She nodded to him and the other guards as she walked through the gates, her little band of misfits trailing behind her. “What in the blue demon fuck are you? Royalty??” Rose asked with a bit of awe. “Close. I’m a noble. And I kind of saved the city during the last war.” the warrior replied over her shoulder. Rose just blushed and wondered how the hell she got into this. Not that it was bad for her, just overwhelming. “How did you save the city?” Myth asked. “That is a story for another night, Mytheria.” the mercenary replied. The small group made their way quietly through the streets. Kit, Rose, and Myth looked around as they walked. They had never been here before. The streets were mostly empty, though they passed several taverns that were well lit and had open windows that let boisterous noise drift into the otherwise calm night. Kai led the little group to a more residential area of town. A rather affluent neighborhood. They came upon a dark house in the corner of the neighborhood, surrounded by a large yard and trees. Someone had been taking care of the place but it obvious no one had been living there. There as just that feeling in the air around the building. Kaidia walked up the walk, her little family of outcasts following. When the warrior reached the front door, she put her palm to it and a flash of blue light burst out silently from where the door and Kaidia made contact. Then the door simply swung open, admitting Kaidia and her small group. Once everyone was inside, Kaidia closed the door, and waved a hand. Her gesture lit every torch, candle and fireplace in the house, bathing the interior of the long dormant house in light. Everyone glanced around and it became immediately apparent where everything that had vanished at their previous home had gone. It was all here, everything in it’s proper place and looking as though it had always been here. “Alright, I’m tired. I want some sleep before my family inevitably arrives tomorrow. Let me show you where you’ll be sleeping.” Kaidia said as the girls looked around. The warrior started up the stairs. This house, being larger than the last, had more rooms upstairs. Larger rooms at that. Kit, Rose, and Myth all followed Kai, who turned left at the top of the steps and went to the end of the hall where she pushed open a door, revealing a rather splendid guest room with opulent furnishings and a fire crackling in the fireplace. The bed was large enough to accomodate two people, easily. “Kitara, Mytheria. You’ll be sleeping here.” Kai said and gestured to the room. The neko and the thief stepped into the room and looked around, looked at each other, then back to Kaidia. The mercenary smiled faintly. “Sweet dreams.” she said lightly, then closed the door, took Rose’s hand, and headed to the other end of the hall, passing a few closed doors along the way. At the other end of the hall, she pushed open another door, this one revealing an even more lushly furnished bedroom with elegantly carved chairs and a couch, all with nearly overstuffed cushions, along with a four poster bed that looked like it matched the couch and chairs. A bigger fireplace burned in one end of the room, a chest occupied the space at the foot of the bed, and a wardrobe stood against the wall opposite the bed. “Wow.” was all Rose could get out for the moment. Kaidia just chuckled at Rose’s reaction. “And I thought your last place was nice.” the bar maid said, a bit of awe still in her voice. “Thank you.” Kai replied softly and then gestured to the bed. “You will be sleeping with me unless you have some sort of objection to that.” the warrior said with a little smile. “None at all.” Rose said with a bit of a blush. “Good. Now come here.” Kai ordered as she stepped toward the bed. Rose came over with a questioning look. The mercenary wrapped her powerful arms around Rose’s smaller form and drew the girl in close. “My past few days have been longer than I care to recall.” Kai informed the tavern wench. “And?” Rose asked. “And I need some stress relief. That is where you come into the picture.” Kaidia replied. It took the bar maid a moment to figure out just what that meant. By the time it registered, she was pushed to kneel on the chest at the foot of to bed, her hands on the mattress to brace herself, eyes looking at the covers that concealed a firm but comfortable mattress. In the next moment, both Rose’s pants and panties had been jerked down to her ankles, revealing her still rather dark pink and striped bottom to Kai’s gaze. “Lovely.” was all Kaidia had to say to make Rose blush scarlet. The warrior strode over to her wardrobe, opened the doors, then crouched down to open a box in the bottom. “About a year ago, just before I settled in the town in which we met, I took a job in the elven forests. A wonderful people, the elves. Very polite, very accepting, and very beautiful.” Kai said while remembering the time she spent among the elves. “What um.. what’s your point, Kai?” Rose asked hesitantly. The warrior took something out of the box and walked back toward Rose’s rather exposed form. “In the elven forests, there is a city called Aslesiona. It is entirely populated by female elves, all lesbians. Those elves came up with a nifty little toy for themselves.” Kai said as she stepped around to Rose’s side and held out the object in her hand for the bar maid to look at. It was an ornately crafted, smooth, wooden phallus. Polished and varnished to an extreme with leather straps attached. Rose’s eyes went wide and her cheeks blushed a deep crimson. She opened her mouth but nothing came out so she just closed her mouth instead of staring slack-jawed. Kaidia laughed. “That is the reaction I was hoping for.” she said, still chuckling lightly. The warrior strapped the thick, somewhat lengthy toy about her hips. The shaft pointing out proudly from her pelvis as she walked behind Rose. “It is enchanted as well. All the pleasure a man would feel from sex will be channeled to me and you, of course, will get what you’d expect from being taken, pretty flower.” Kai said, the smirk on her lips easily heard in her voice. Rose could only spread her legs a bit in answer, her voice lost for the moment. She bit her lower lip and offered herself to the mercenary. The offer was far from lost on Kai as she stepped forward and pressed the tip of the carved length to Rose’s pussy lips, eliciting a little gasp from the tavern wench. That gasp turned into a groan as the warrior pushed forward and forced Rose to accept the thick, wooden length into her slick cunt. “I figured you’d be wet, little one.” she said with a smirk. Rose blushed deeper yet. The smoothness of the phallus and the slickness of Rose’s pussy made it easy for Kai to bury the toy deep inside the bar maid. Kaidia groaned softly, the enchantment of the toy taking effect. The mercenary started pumping slowly and deeply, allowing Rose a few moments to get used to the size of the toy. The thrusts almost immediately started gaining speed, even if at a gradual rate. Kai’s strong hands took a firm hold on Rose’s hips as the thrusts grew harder and quicker. Rose could only groan, squirm and gasp as Kaidia’s hips slapped against her sore, tender bottom with each thrust of the toy. The wet noise of the toy slipping in and out of Rose’s cunt mingled with the grunts and moans of the two women. Rose was blushing as much from exertion as from embarrassment at this point. Suddenly, Kai pulled the toy from the tavern wench’s pussy. “Time to make you completely mine, Rose Haelstrom.” Kaidia said with an aggressive growl whilst moving one hand up to grip Rose’s hair. Rose, in a bit of a sexual haze, didn’t quite understand what the warrior was talking about and hardly noticed the fingers grabbing the hair at the base of her skull. A moment later, it was made crystal clear as Kai pushed the tip of the wet toy to Rose’s asshole. The smaller woman hardly had time to gasp before her dominating lover shoved the thick length into her ass. Kai moaned aloud as the toy sank into Rose’s tight little hole, stretching it. Rose had never felt so submissive in her life. The mercenary proved to be the impatient type as she simply started pounding the thick phallus into Rose’s ass, out and out fucking the bar maid. “You’re mine, Rose.” was all Kaidia said as she continued to thrust into the tavern wench’s tight little ass. “Y-yes, Ma’am.” Rose managed to reply, her tone demure and her voice breathless. The enchanted toy caused Kaidia to feel so much pleasure that she was moaning with every shove of the carved length into the bar maid’s ass. Rose could hardly believe it when she felt the rush of an orgasm burning through her body. At the same moment, Kai moaned aloud and buried that toy as deep as she could into Rose’s ass and had her own mind numbing orgasm, her fingers gripping the bar maid’s hip and hair tightly, causing a near breathless hiss to escape the smaller woman. It took minute or two for the two women to catch their breath. Kai let go of Rose’s hair and slowly pulled the toy from the girl’s bottom. The warrior undid the straps and slid the toy off. She set it aside, took Rose’s arm, and pulled the tavern wench to a standing position whilst simultaneously turning Rose to her. The shorter woman blushed as she looked up and locked eyes with her warrior lover. Kaidia leaned down and pressed her lips firmly to Rose’s in a deep, possessive kiss. The bar maid kissed back, momentarily forgetting that her pants and panties were tangled around her ankles. The kiss was interrupted by a thud, a yelp, and a hiss from down the hall. Kai’s lips jerked away from Rose’s and the mercenary looked irritated. “What in the nine hells are they doing now?” she asked no one in particular as she let Rose go and headed for the bedroom door with a growl.

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