“The nasty Headmaster, Mr. Taylor” by WIdget Gidget

‘Levena, please come in’, said Mr. Taylor. Levena stepped into the principal’s study which was lined round the walls with books.

Two of her teachers were sitting in the study. Miss Holmes and Miss Davidson looked at Levena and exchanged amused, anticipatory smiles. The teachers had suffered Levena’s disruptive behavior in class.

‘I have heard several reports of your misbehavior in class.’, said Mr. Taylor. ‘You are here today to choose between being expelled and accepting my punishment.’ ‘Misses Holmes and Davidson are here as witnesses.’ ‘They would love to see the back of you in more ways than one.’

‘If you choose to be expelled, I shall sign the document, and you will leave.’ ‘We have reserved the next hour in case you choose to accept my punishment.’

Levena knew that she could not choose expulsion. She so wanted to graduate.

‘Please sir, I accept your punishment,’ said Levena, sobbing.

At this, the teachers smiled lecherous at each other.

Mr. Taylor brought out a document and told Levena to sign it, but not date it. Levena read her own confession of constant disruptive behavior. She read how sorry she was, and had no alternative but to quit college.

‘I will only use this document if you breathe a word of what is going to happen in the next hour.’ said Mr. Taylor. The teachers smiled broadly as Levena shakily signed. Mr. Taylor took the signed paper and put it in his desk drawer. ‘Remember. Not a word.’ he said.
‘Well, ladies. We may start on Levena. Any requests?’ asked Mr. Taylor.

Miss Davidson said ‘I’d like to have her fresh and warm her up with a spanking.’ ‘And I want to taws’ her ass raw.’ chipped in Miss Holmes. They both wanted revenge on Levena.

Mr. Taylor agreed. ‘You have 15 minutes to deal with the little brat.’ He grabbed Levena by her long hair and presented her to Miss Davidson who lost no time in undressing Levena.

Levena was shy and sobbing ‘Please not everything. Please.’ Miss Davidson ripped off Levena’s bra and slapped her tits and face. ‘Nooooo please’, pleaded Levena, tears of pain and humiliation running down her cheeks. Davidson pulled Levena’s panties down and off, grabbed her and hauled the crying girl over her knee. She asked Mr. Taylor to hold Levena’s wrists, and Miss Holmes her ankles.

Levena felt hands grip her limbs, looked up and saw Mr. Taylor smile with satisfaction. Looking down, she saw that he had an erection bulging in his trousers.

Miss Holmes held Levena’s legs wide open.

‘Give it to her, Linda.’, said she. ‘I want her howling when I tawse her.’

Miss Davidson started on Levena’s right bun, thrashing the girl. Levena started to howl and tried to kick, but she was firmly held.
The teacher started on the left peach. Levena sagged in humiliation and Miss Davidson asked Mr. Taylor to hold Levena’s face to the floor. This pulled Levena’s bottom higher and wider over her knee. The teacher began to spank between Levena’s thighs. Levena gasped in pain. ‘Please, no more.’, she begged.

‘Another six on each thigh, I think’, said Davidson, and delivered the last 12 spanks as hard as she could.

‘Your turn, Susan’ she said to Miss Holmes. ‘How do you want her?’

She stood Levena up and Miss Holmes slapped the student’s face and tits. ‘Over the back of my chair.’ ‘Hold her tight.’

Mr. Taylor held Levena’s ankles on the arms of the chair. He enjoyed the view of between her legs. Davidson grinned and took Levena’s wrists.

Holmes started softly, taunting Levena. “I am going to enjoy thrashing you. Wriggle and scream. I love that”, she whispered, increasing the force of the tawse.

She started in earnest to tawse Levena who tried to kick and get free. She was held fast. Holmes was enjoying herself, tawsing hard.

Holmes stood her up. Levena was crying. “No more, please. I’ll do anything”. Yes, you will, I thought.

Mr. Taylor took Levena by the hair and stood her in front of him. “What would you do with a cane, ladies”? he asked. Levena stamped her foot. “I will not be caned by those bitches! Miss Davidson can’t teach and Miss Holmes fancies the older boys” “Never, never”! she screamed, stamping her feet in her tantrum.

“She will get my punishment twice, Ladies”, said Mr. Taylor. He pulled aside a heavy drape to reveal an x-shaped padded bench. There were straps to hold the victim’s ankles and wrists. “Strap her down, bottom up, please, Ladies. “This is for disruption, Levena. You will get more, later, for the tantrum. Miss Holmes, you can cane her – 2 strokes”. Miss Holmes smiled, took the light wood cane and flexed it. She took aim and caned with great force. The girl bucked pleaded and screamed. The teacher leant over Levena’s back. “Disrupt my class again, and I will get you on your own for an hour”. Levena howled. Holmes stepped to Levena’s right and brought the cane down hard. Holmes handed the cane top Davidson. “Give her it good, Holly”.

Davidson moved to Levena’s side and whispered, “Now I know what is allowed, disrupt my class, and I’ll thrash you raw”.

Levena’s buns tensed. Davidson caned Levena as hard as she could. Screams. The second. More screams.

Handing the cane to the head, she said, ‘Thank you for that, Head. I loved it’.

Ok Ladies, I’ll take her from here’, said the Head.

When the Ladies had left with profuse thanks, Mr. Taylor stripped naked and said to Levena, ‘2 more, and you can relax for a bit’. He raised the cane and gave her two medium strokes.

Mr. Taylor freed Levena and took her to a corner. A bell rang and a girl of about 17 entered. She seemed unsurprised at the Head’s lack of clothes. In fact, to Levena’s surprise, she undressed. The Head took her by the shoulders and kissed her. ‘The cane for you, this evening’, he whispered. ‘I have been looking forward to this all week’, said the girl. She reached for the Head’s cock and rubbed it.

‘There is a little job for you first, Jane. I have had to punish Levena there and she needs to relax before I cane her for a temper tantrum. Help me put her on the bench’. They took the sobbing Levena and strapped her face-up on the X. ‘I want you to lick Levena to orgasm, Jane’. Jane got between Levena’s legs and knelt. She licked the exposed pussy skillfully. The head went to the other end and took Levena’s head in his hands and thrust his cock down her throat. He humped at her face and his eyes met Jane’s. They grinned. Levena began to enjoy things. She humped against Jane’s mouth. ‘Finger-fuck her, Jane’, the Head encouraged. Jane did so and the Head slowly fucked Levena’s pretty lips. ‘Faster and harder, Jane’, he egged her on. Levena bucked hard against the thrusts. Levena’s orgasm was rising.

‘There is a large vibrator over there, Jane. Fetch it’, said the Head. “Force her to come, Jane. I’ll ride her for a bit while you prepare”. Jane went off to get the vibrator as he got between Levena’s legs and thrust his cock deep into her wet puss. He rode her hard and fast until Jane came back with the vibrator. The Head withdrew and went to the other end. He attached clamps to Levena’s pink nipples. Jane ran the powerfully vibrating dildo over Levena’s cunt lips, and then thrust it hard into the victim’s pussy thrusting in and out. Levena felt the sensations from her nipples and cunt merging. She could not stop it – she screamed in the strongest orgasm she had ever had. ‘Yes, yes’, she shouted. She came for about a minute and then collapsed, limp.

Mr. Taylor un-strapped her, removed the clamps, soothed her nipples and sat her up. She felt relaxed in the afterglow. The three talked for five minutes, the Head explaining how things would continue.

<img src=”https://levenageorge.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/sitted-act-of-a-shy-girl-momir-maksimomm.jpg?w=217″ alt=”” title=”Levena” width=”217″ height=”300″ class=”size-medi

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