The Search for Lost Youth.

The Search for Lost Youth.


Michael looked out the open car window, with longing warmth in his heart that few men will ever experience. He gazed out at the home he used to visit almost 10 years earlier. It was a long shot but he wondered if she might still live there. He had thought about her often over the years but more so recently, as he had become so compelled to seek her out.
He sat gazing down the drive, his memory taking him back to that first invitation as though it was yesterday.

He had read her letter over and over again, she appeared to be everything he wanted and he just hoped it was all true.

Dear Michael, if what you say is true and correct we have the bases for what may well prove to be a very interesting friendship.
If you are serious about wishing to meet me, then I invite you to come and stay the weekend. Please follow my instructions enclosed and you will have no problems finding me.
I have calculated the trip to take about two and a half hours, so if you leave your work at five, I will be expecting you at seven thirty this Friday evening. Bring what you need for a weekend stay over and I’ll see you then.
Drive safely.

Fortunately for Michael, he had been completely honest in every way; it was easy to say how he felt and what he needed in a letter but now things appeared to be going to a whole new level and he was both exited and anxious as he continued to read her letter over and over again.

The next four days dragged on but eventually it was Friday and first thing in the morning he placed his bag on the back seat of his car before heading off to work for the day.
Michael had grown up without having much of a childhood and had left home as soon as he could. He was now a young stores worker and at only 18 his responsibilities where not overly important, which was a good thing as he struggled to keep his mind on the job.
He had done as he was asked and sent photos of himself to this mystery lady but had not received any back; he knew nothing of her other than the few things she had told him confirming mutual interests and he wondered what she would be like in real life. He also wondered if this meeting might turn out to one very big mistake, but did his best to ignore those thoughts but they hovered around in his young head as the day dragged on.
Eventually his work day came to an end and he was soon in his bashed up old Toyota becoming more and more anxious, the closer he got to his final destination.
Glancing at the clock and again at the map he began to realise just how accurate this woman was with her arrival time. No allowance had been made for him to stop off or take his time unnecessarily. He had been told to fill the fuel tank before leaving and come directly and avoid getting side tracked. He had agreed to do exactly that and with the exception of stopping for something to eat, he had done just that. Only a little late he thought as he finally saw the sign, welcome to Tolaga.
Pulling over he made the phone call just as he was told.
Hello the voice said.
Hi it’s Michael. I’m here, just passed the welcome to Tolaga county sign.
You’re late young man, I expected you to call half an hour ago, is everything OK.
I stopped for a burger.
I see, thank goodness you’re safe and sound. I was just beginning to worry.
She sounded so warm and inviting as she gave him the final directions to her home on the edge of town, only another a few miles ahead.
It was easy to find and Michael was soon parked in the semi rural driveway looking at a lovely well maintained home.
He had only just got out of his car when he saw a women appear at the now open front door.
She was about 35 years old and rather attractive he thought as he watched her come toward him with a welcoming smile.
In less than a minute or two she had made him feel at ease with a warm and loving nature that totally captivated him.
Before you come inside Michael, I have one small request to make of you.
I want you to try your best to always tell me the truth, no matter how embarrassing an honest answer might be for you.
Can you do that for me?
Yes I suppose so he said feeling slightly confused.
Good boy, in you come then she said taking his hand and leading him inside.
The house was well maintained and stood alone on several acres of flat land surrounded by hedge rows and fruit tress.
It was easy for Michael to see she was house proud, everything was spick and span.
Showing him around her home she eventually pointed to the clock.
08.15 pm. She said looking at him wondering how he would react to what she was about to suggest.
We both know why you’re here don’t we Michael she stated, now broaching the subject for the first time.
Yes I guess so.
I think you should begin by taking a shower, would you like to do that and get ready please dear?
Yes ok.
Moments later the shower was running and Barbara took a moment to just sit on her bed and think about how gorgeous this lad was. Finally she might have found what she was looking for. Finally see might just have found someone with the same interest and with no knowledge of her or this town. Discretion was paramount and always would be.
Michael was also having similar thoughts of his own, as he quickly washed himself. His hands lingered over his soapy bare bottom, as he imagined how it was going to feel being spanked.
Barbara was anxiously waiting for him to finish and was so pleased to see he had in fact remembered when he reappeared wearing his pyjamas and robe. This way Michael she said with a sly smile as she directed him into her bedroom.
Over there she said as she pointed to the top of her dresser before sitting down on the side of her bed.
Now she said pointing once again, I want you to select a hairbrush. Take your time and select the one you think might be worthy of dealing with your resent behaviour.
Michael’s embarrassment was obvious but he was also extremely excited too.
Come along dear; I’m sure you’ll find one that will do the job.
Michael eventually gathered the courage and gingerly picked one of the five he had to select from and slowly turned
Over here she said holding out her hand.

Excellent choice she said with a smirk of pending satisfaction as she took the old wooded hairbrush from him and tapped it against the open palm of her hand. This one is a personal favourite, a real stinger
Oh yes, this ones the real tear maker of my little collection. I can produce miracles with this; I can turn big tough guys like you into obedient little boys with this old brush.
No problem at all she said as she continued tapping it against the palm of her hand.
Blushing bright red, he stood as there as Barbara teased him with the details of how she administers an effective hairbrush spanking and as she went on the more afraid he became.
I think it’s time I took care of your little problem, don’t you she eventually asked?
You’ve been a little naughty lately, haven’t you my dear?
Yes, I suppose I have.
That’s why you’re here isn’t it, because you’re feeling guilty and now you need to be punished, don’t you?
Yes ma’am, Michael.
Yes ma’am.
Do you remember what I said I’d do, if you came to visit me Michael?
Yes ma’am.
Off you go them, she said as she pointed to the corner.
Hands on your head please she said as she stood up.
I will leave you alone to think about what’s coming next.
If I where you, I would keep my hands up on your head and stay facing that corner very quietly.
Is that understood dear?
Yes ma’am.
Good boy she said softly as she left the room, don’t disappoint me or those pyjamas will come off and I’ll find some panties for you to wear instead.

Am I dreaming he wondered?
His erection was hard and pulsing with an urgent need for relief. The corner was all a blur but looking down at his pyjamas confirmed this was no dream. It was most defiantly, very real. He was in a strange woman’s house, in his pyjamas, facing the corner with his hands on his head, waiting to go over her knee and receive a bare bottom hairbrush spanking. She was treating him just like a naughty little boy, something he had dreamed of every night, for a very long time. Would she really make me wear panties?
Will she spank hard he wondered, will I be able to take it.
Will it hurt so much that I’ll cry or was she just teasing me?
Will she laugh at me if I do cry?
His head was all a buzz and on the edge of overload when he heard her return to the bedroom.

Michael’s attention snapped back with the arrival of a vehicle that obviously wanted to enter the driveway that he was now parked across. He pulled forward and immediately got out as the other vehicle entered the drive way before coming to a stop.
Sorry about that, I was wondering if you could help me. I’m looking for someone that lived here about 10 years ago. Her name was Barbara Thompson.
Yes I know Barbara, sad story that one.
Why, what happened?
She got ripped off by a con artist, real nice guy. He took her and a few others in town for everything they owned. He left her with one hell of a problem. She had to sell her home to repay some of it. I felt pretty terrible; I was the one who brought the place. That bastard con man got away everything and left her with one hell of a problem.
Do you know where she is now?
No I’m sorry I don’t, not really. She left town several years ago. Last I heard she was working in some road side dinner in Clermont. I heard she was working for some rather unsavoury character that was taken by the same con man. He had set up some investment company and somehow Barbara was made legally responsible for all its debts. She didn’t know anything about it but somehow she inherited all the problems of paying everything back.
That’s about all I know, sorry I can’t be of any more help. Take a look in Clermont she might still be there.
Thanks, I’ll do just that.
Clermont Michael thought as he configured his navigation system and included the area restraints.
Fortunately Clermont wasn’t much of a town to speak of, little more than a roadside rest stop he thought to himself as he studied the small screen before heading off again.
2 hours later he pulled up outside the one and only dinner and crossing his fingers he walked inside.
It was mid afternoon and only a couple of truckers sat at the counter.

Good afternoon sir came the soft and familiar voice.
Coffee sir?
Yes please said Michael without looking up, his face obscured by his baseball cap.
He kept his head down but observed her for about half and hour as she went about doing her job. She looked so very tired he thought. That radiant sparkle now gone, lost to better times.
Michael had seen enough and once he finished his light meal he got up and headed for the fat greasy looking man he rightly assumed was her boss.
Placing down a $50 Michael said I want to talk to your waitress outside for a moment, if that’s Ok with you.
I guess, only a minute mind she’s got job to do.
Barb’s get out here he called out as if he owned her.
Michel waited just outside the closed door.
Yes sir what is it. Was everything to your liking sir?
Hello Barbara, it’s been a long time.
Yes, it’s me. I’ve been looking for you? I want to take you away from here, take you home with me, if you’ll come?
Oh Michael, you are still so sweet aren’t you. I sorry, but I can’t go anywhere.
Why, is it because of the money?
She couldn’t even bring herself to look at him, I’m sorry Michael I have to get back to work was all she said before she turned and went back inside leaving him standing there alone.
Michael smiled to himself as he walked to his car and opened the trunk.
Hey you fat useless bastard how much Michael yelled out.
How much does Barbara owe you?
Opening the bag he held up a bundle of cash, causing the fat slobs jaw to drop open.
How much to take care of Barbara’s debt?
$150,000 he said with a smug smile the suggested that no way was anyone going to clear that.
Michael took out $50,000 and turned the bag over on the counter, tipping the cash out just as Barbara appeared to hear him say, if you contact her in any way at all, I will send a very unpleasant visitor to have a little chat with you. Is that understood?
Michael held out his hand; let’s go home ma’am he said to Barbara with a hopeful smile.
Barbara was in a real state of confusion looking across at Michael as they drove out together.
Michael turned with a beaming smile, I won the lottery. I’ve got money, lots of it. More money than I will ever need, but I would have given it all away for you. I need you Barbara, nobody else will ever do. There is only one you.
Do you have anything personal you want to collect from any place?
No, not really. Anything I ever had that meant anything to me is long gone.
No it’s not Barbara; you just became a very wealthy woman.
I did.
167 million. I think that’s reasonably wealthy don’t you?

Good lord.
Yup and I want to share it all with you, if you’ll let me.

Over the next few days they recalled the passed and how fate had separated them for various reasons.
Michael was the perfect gentleman and Barbara’s wardrobe and other personal needs had been quickly taken care of. She soon realised he was just as true to his word now as he was 10 years earlier.
However for all his wealth, she also saw the discreet signs of his true nature. He was still a mischievous little boy a heart and the more she saw the more she again became attracted to him.
It had been a full on day of laughter and shopping and as Barbara looked out the window of the hotel apartment struggling to come to terms with the speed of change in her circumstances. She also thought of her life and the house she once was proud to call her own and the young man she had visit her from time to time. She smiled to herself recalling the little games she devised and how much Michael had enjoyed playing them
I wonder she thought as an idea sprung to mind, I wonder.
Knocking on Michael’s door, are you decent? Can I come in?

Yes, come in.
He had not long taken a shower and was still in his bath robe and deciding what he might wear.
Where shall we go for dinner this evening Barbara?
Out for dinner she asked with a sly smile.
I don’t think we should go anywhere tonight. Besides you have spent far too much money already today, you naughty boy.
We should stay in; I think we need to sort something out, don’t you?
What is it, what’s wrong?
Come with me and I’ll show you.
He followed Barbara into the lounge, knowing something was up but pretending he wasn’t just a little excited over her naughty boy comment.
But try as he might there was no way he could hide his excitement as he watched her point to the corner with that old but all to familiar no nonsense look on her face.

You know what I want you to do now, you do remember don’t you?
Yes I remember he said with an embarrassing smile.
Off you go then, its corner time for you my lad.
Michael’s head was spinning; this was what he had been hoping for.
Here he was once again; it was just like it used to be.
His thoughts now a mixture of humiliation dread and excitement, all rolled up and zooming around inside his head, as he regressed too that of a little boy.
It was a long, but also an exhilarating 20 minuets, anticipation had filled his every void before he heard Barbara’s return.
You’ve been a very naughty little boy haven’t you Michael?
Yes Ma’am.
Yes Ma’am indeed
We have a lot to catch up on don’t we dear?
Yes Ma’am.
We best get started then hadn’t we, turn around and come here please.
As he turned he saw the most erotic sight he had seen in years.
In her hand she held a doubled over leather belt.
I think you should go over my knee and we’ll begin with a spanking then perhaps we might finish up with a sound strapping, what do you think?
Yes Ma’am.
Barbara sat down on the side of his bed and pointed to the floor in front of her.
Michael remembered the routine only to well and did what he was told.
We’ll what have you to say for yourself young man she asked, as she taped the belt against the palm of her hand waiting for him to speak?
I’m sorry for being naughty.
Michael I know you have lot’s of money, but from now on you will not be permitted to be so jolly wasteful. Is that understood?
Yes Ma’am.
From now on I will be keeping a watchful eye on you and your behaviour is that clear?
Yes Ma’am.
Her lecture continued and was music to Michael’s ear. She could make him feel so wanted, safe and complete like nobody else ever could.
She was softly spoken, yet assertive and always in complete control.
She could have him do whatever she wanted and this was just the life he so desperately desired and needed.
You’ll be spending a lot more time in that corner and you will learn to behave. Believe me when I say I’ll be warming your bottom up whenever I think you need it. That’s what you need, isn’t it?
Yes ma’am.
Very well then over you get naughty boy, you’re long overdrew a good spanking aren’t you?
Yes ma’am.
It had been so long but he felt so right, as he lowered himself down across her lap.
He almost stopped breathing when he felt her sweep his robe clear and immediately take a firm hold around his waste.
Are you ready sweetie?
Yes, oh god yes Barbara. Please spank my bottom hard, god knows I need it.
His spanking was gentle and loving to begin with but soon intensified with her open hand landing hard and fast, producing gasps mist the pain and pleasure he was now experiencing. She desperately wanted to show her gratitude for all he had just done and was determined to take him all the way.
His bottom must be smarting she thought as she continued smacking him in a steady rhythm that any 1950’s parent would have deemed rather sound. She did an excellent job of warming his bottom but she could tell he need just a little more to do the perfect job.
Up you get now please dear.
How was that she asked with an understanding and sympathetic smile?
Michael’s erection had temperately eased but his freshly spanked bottom and the sight of the belt waiting on the floor beside Barbara had an immediate and obvious effect.
Standing Barbara put her arms around him and pulling him in close, she whispered into his ear.
Would you like a strapping sweetheart? I saw the way you looked at that belt, you need it don’t you my dear?
I don’t know, I kind of do, but I don’t know.
I understand your confusion and reluctance sweetheart but I also know you need it. Why don’t you get over the end of the bed for me?
Please Barbara, I’ll be good, honest.
Yes I know you will, but you used to do even better once I had given you a good strapping.
Please don’t strap me.
Michael we both know you need this, don’t we dear.
Yes but please don’t strap me too hard.
Over you get please dear, let’s get this over and done with. You’ll feel so much better afterwards sweetheart, come along now.
He did as he was told again, his feelings a mix of excitement and dread as he recalled the times she had so lovingly punished him, some 10 years earlier.
He was no sooner in position when he felt her lifting his robe up to expose his now very pink bare bottom.
Good boy, let’s get this horrid strapping over and done with now then shall we?
Picking up the belt she doubled it over and stepped back.
Bottom up please dear.
Michael pushed his bottom up as if begging for the purity and absolution that only she could offer.
Good boy.
She delivered that last thwack just as hard as the first. The welts left behind where testament to her efforts, bruising would last a day or two. He took a very long and hard strapping and in doing so the foundation of there new relationship was forged.
When she finally put down the belt, she rightfully assumed he was so very close to letting go.
Up you get lad, back to the corner, half an hour please.
What Michael chocked out, but?
Do we make it an hour?
No ma’am he replied softly.
Please to hear it. Now while you are there I want you to think about where you might be able buy a descent hairbrush. Because that’s all we will be doing until we get one, is that understood.
Yes Ma’am.
Good now get back into that corner and not another sound, or else.
She smiled to herself as she passed his doorway several minutes later, seeing him standing silently on his own; she witnessed what she had worked so hard to achieve.
He was quietly sobbing; she had done it once again. The sore bottom together with the extra corner time and memory of earlier sessions with her belt and hairbrush had taken him to the edge. Right at that moment he was just what he wanted to be, a naughty little boy with a very sore bottom. Tears only flowed for a minute or so but it was enough to reignite some forgotten feelings and once again prove his deepest desire had not changed. His secret need was just as it was, nothing had changed.
He still needed someone to answer too. He still needed someone to hold him accountable and when necessary punish that little boy that lived deeply within him.

Just as she had done before, she put him to bed early that night and even with a sore bottom he slept so very soundly.

True to her word the next day they searched the city and eventually Barbara found what she was looking for in an old dusty back street 2nd hand shop that masqueraded as an antiques store.
Michael had mixed feeling as he carried the bag containing the dark oval wooden hairbrush. He recalled how Barbara used to really blister his bottom if he misbehaved and he knew she would do it again; it was just a matter of time before he did something stupid or thoughtless.
Gazing at her as they walked down the busy street; he couldn’t help but notice how she had regained her lost radiant sparkle.
She was magnificent; she was the only one in the world who truly knew him and walking beside her, he somehow felt right.
As the days passed Barbara got used to the lifestyle of the idle rich and she too enjoyed the free time money brought.
Michael assured her she was free to enjoy herself and spend whatever she desired.
He provided her with charge cards and all the cash she could possibly want was in the safe waiting for her to help herself.
But Barbara was just not the sort of person who needed a lot of money. She enjoyed simple things. A walk in the park too feed the ducks, an occasional visit to an art gallery or just simply exploring the city.
Michael on the other hand was full on and had many friends, most of which made Barbara feel less than adequate, not that Michael ever noticed the subtle gestures. Nor did he know of the sneaky hurtful comments they made when he was out of hearing range. His so called friends where very mindful to avoid offending the ticket to a free and good time. But unfortunately Barbara was fully aware and so she began making excuses, telling him he needed time out with the boy’s as much as she needed time out to follow her interests too.
Barbara could see the truth even if he couldn’t; she was a threat to everyone who knew him, so many wanted him only for his seaming endless generosity.
She did try to broach the subject once or twice, but it was his money and how he chose to spend it was up to him.
As time quickly passed she became more and fonder of him, but this together with his party playboy lifestyle and her age became a real problem for her.

Early one afternoon she was out walking exploring the city when she happened to observe a small group of rowdy but obviously well to do people getting out of several expensive looking cars.
She was taken back when she saw Michael amongst them with his arm around some tramps waist.
She was embarrassed and immediately turned so as not to be recognised. She had become tired of being noted as old and second rate by his so called friends.
Moments later they had gone inside the club. Barbara was about to follow them in as she had become just a little jealous seeing him with this skimpily leather clad tramp. She had totally fallen for him but there relationship was rather special and as far as sex was concerned, she was acutely aware that at 47 and him at 28 any sexual interest from him was highly unlikely. However it didn’t stop her wanting him or feeling left out and disappointed in the way things were turning out.

Excuse me called out the doorman as she consciously approached, members only.
Walking off she could still hear the doorman saying it over and over in her head. Member’s only, members only.

Walking on for several minutes she found a small coffee shop and with tears welling in her eyes she sat thinking about where her life was heading.
Half an hour later she was once again back at the member’s only club.
Can you pass on a message for me please?
Yes Madam.
Can you please tell Michael Edmondson that Barbara says thank you and goodbye?
Tell him the cost to join his club, is just too high.
Could you also give this to him for me too please?
Yes madam said the doorman, now sensing something was obviously very wrong.
Would you like to come in, I can have a message sent to him if you would care to wait ma’am.
No thank you, when he comes out will be fine she said and with that she was soon off down the street and heading back to the hotel.
It didn’t take long to pack up a few things she needed and leaving a note in the safe she promised to pay back the small amount of cash she took.

Michael and his self centred followers eventually tired of this club and where all heading for another when the doorman stepped forward abruptly in his path.
Sir a message from Ms Barbara he said holding out her charge card.
What did she say?
The doorman explained and Michel was immediately off leaving everyone standing there somewhat dumfounded.
He ran as fast as he could but arrived back at the hotel too late. She was gone.
He was beside himself, his best friend was gone. She must have seen me he thought as he wandered from room to room. Eventually he began to think logically as he looked down at her charge card in his hand. Cash she would need cash he thought as he went to the safe and discovered her note.
Only $500.00 she can’t go anywhere on that, the stupid women.
Quickly he stuffed a small bag with all the cash from the safe before heading for the elevator, bus station he thought that’s the cheapest transport and centrals only a few blocks from here.
After numerous enquiries that offered little help, it came down to only one sensible possibility.
He couldn’t see her around the station and if she did in fact catch a bus out of the city the only one to have left was only 15 minutes ago and it was heading in the direction of her old home town, Tolaga. The next one to go that way would not be leaving for another hour. It was a long shot but worth a try.
Michael was soon in his car and chasing the bus, only to catch up and find out she wasn’t on board.
His devastation was obvious; I shouldn’t do this it could cost me my job said the bus driver as he picked up his cell phone, Tolaga you say.
Hi Pete its Gary I’ve got an enquiry, middle aged women could be on board with you. She has dark brown shoulder length hair, possibly wearing a tan jacket.
Yup I got her he said looking in his large rear vision mirror.
Where’s she booked for?
Hang on said the driver as her reached for his manifest.

Thanks, let me know if she gets off before then will you?
No problem.
Thanks for your help said Michael passing the driver a $100.00 bill.
This is my number if you hear anything at all, I will be most grateful.
Yes Sir I’ll ring you.
Michael was ahead of her and would arrive in Tolaga at least 2 hours before she would.
Diving on he made one more call and requested a reservation be made for him in Tolaga and all his positions be delivered to him urgently.

It was early evening when he arrived and once again he stopped outside Barbara’s old house.
The 3 hour drive had given him time to think about a lot of things but most of all he thought about what was important to him.
Knocking on the door, he once again spoke to the current owner who immediately recognized him.
Hello again he said you’re the one who was looking for Barbara.
Yes that’s right. Look I was wondering if you might consider selling this house.
What, you want to buy my house?
Yes sir I do.
Name your price.
Moments later a deal was established and sealed over an old fashioned handshake. When Michael told him he was buying the house as a gift for Barbara the man was delighted. She’s a fine woman that Barbara, lot of folks around here would be mighty happy to see her back where she belongs.
Well Sir I believe she’s on her way and should arrive on the 7 o’clock bus.
Is that a fact, well I never?
Tell me do you know who owns the local jewellery shop; I need to buy an engagement ring.
I do he said with a smile, I’ll give him a call he might still be there.

Welcome to Tolaga young man I understand you need an engagement ring. In a hurry are you lad asked the shop owner who had remained open a little longer just for him.
Yes sir.
Well, I’m sure we can find something for you.
Just as he started to show him his stock the local police officer came in
Hi Pete.
Evening, so you must be the young fellow that just purchased Barbara’s old house.
Yes that’s correct.
Is it true you have purchased it with the intention of giving it back to her?
Yes that’s right, it’ll be 100% hers, no strings, if she wants’ it.
Look son just about everyone in this town likes that women, we tried to help her when that con man took her and a several others for everything they owned. But she wouldn’t take it. Her heart was just too broken I guess.
Anyway I hope you don’t upset her son, things might get a bit difficult for you if you know what I mean.
How much where the others taken for?
All up, well now that would be around half a million dollars I guess.
You look like honest men said Michael, here take this and repay what’s owed as soon as you can will you. I’d appreciate you returning anything that might be left.
The police officer opened the bag and showed the shop owner.
Where did you get this son?
It’s all legal, I won the lottery.
Good grief, how much is in here.
Enough too see things right.
Look If I’m right Barbara’s coming home tonight and I need an engagement ring, something real pretty. Can you help me?
You bet we can son, you bet we can.

After finding a ring Michael left them to it and headed for the hotel, just down the street.
He had a lot to learn about this little town and was amused at the way everyone was so friendly. Little did he know news travelled extremely fast in this town?
Finishing a light snack and a coffee he looked at the clock on the wall, almost time he thought and headed off to the local bus station.
Lots of folk around, he thought as he drove in looking for a car park.
He drove all around as people pointed and stared.
Not a lot of Bentleys’ around here he thought to himself as he rounded the corner only to be flagged over by that same police officer that questioned him an hour earlier.
Michael, just go on around and park in any bus stop you like, this ones on me son.
Thank you. What’s with all the people is there a show on tonight or something?
Yes there is son, biggest show we’ve had here in years by the look of things.
Michael soon found the most discreet bus park he could and sat in his car waiting for the arrival of Barbara’s Bus.

Hello Mr.
Hello replied Michael to the young lady who had appeared at his window.
Are you my old teaches boy friend.
I’m sorry. You must have me confused with someone else.
Barbara Thompson she was my teacher, is she your girl friend? Everyone is saying so.
Oh I see, well I would like to be. But I’ve made some very big mistakes so I don’t know if she will even want to see me again, but I’m going to try anyway.
What did you do?
I fell in love with her but I never told her. I didn’t think she would love me back and I think I might have been wrong.
She was your teacher was she?
I never knew that about her.
She was a teacher here for a long time.
What was she like?
She was the best.
Yes I bet she was.
I better go back to my mum and dad, see you.
See you.
Several minutes later a cheer erupted as a bus pulled in and came to a stop.
What on earth Michael thought as he got out of his car.
The bus was immediately surrounded by people and moments later another loud cheer erupted with lots of clapping.
Michael could be so thick at times and this was one of those times, he still hadn’t realized what was going on.
He stood beside his car concerned he wouldn’t be able to see Barbara and was ready to stand up on the bonnet of his very expensive Bentley when the sound of the crowd suddenly subsided and a gap opened up allowing Barbara to walk through.
Barbara, Michael stammered. Barbara I’m sorry, he yelled out unashamedly in front of the entire crowed.
Michael, why did you come here?
I love you. I’ll give up everything just to be with you again.
I want you to be my wife.
Oh Michael, I don’t think so.
No please don’t say that he said reaching into his pocket.
As she approached he went down on one knee and held out the ring.
I’ve been such a fool, I’ve got everything that I don’t want and I’ve let the only thing a cant buy slip through my fingers. I love you Barbara, I always have.
Over a hundred people had gathered around but remained absolutely silent as he went on to ask the question.

Yes, I would be honoured.

The crowd erupted as they watched this extremely wealthy new comer take one of there own into his arms.
You appear to be a bit of a celebrity around here Michael she called out.
No it’s not me it’s you Miss Barbara, you are the special one. Look at all your friends.

The old police officer who was leaning up against the wall watching as events unfolded smiled to him self. Maybe son, maybe you just might fit in around here.

Barbara glanced around at the smiling faces many of the younger ones had spent time in her class room, all of then happy to see her return.
The youngster that Michael had spoken to earlier came forward, Hello Miss Thompson, will you be coming back to our school again.
Well look at you Diane Walker, all grown up almost. I don’t know what I’m doing dear, but I’m glade to see you and I’m so happy to be home again.

Barbara thanked everyone for there amazing display of kindness in welcoming her home and was soon whisked away only to be surrounded by more friends at the hotel.
Michael wanted to talk to her alone but had to choose the right time. He wanted to tell her what he had done before anyone else did. She was a very proud women and the last thing he wanted was for her to be offended. The more people she spoke to the more worried he became.
They where in the hotel bar and Barbara was talking to a group of some 15 people.
Michael was alone at the bar watching her when someone let the news slip.
He saw the expression on her face immediately change as they made eye contact.
Oh no Michael thought as he dropped his head wishing the floor would somehow swallow him up. The others must have realized something was up and an uneasy silence filled the room.
Michael said Barbara as she strode across the room.
I’m sorry I just wanted to help that’s all, I didn’t want to offend you. I was going to tell you.
Michael shut up please.
She then kissed him.
I’m proud of you; today you did something incredible. People around here will be talking about this for years.
Tell me, how does it feel to have done something so wonderful?
It’s feeling a lot better now. Having this much money is a lot harder than people think.
It’s so easy to get it wrong.
This time you got it right.
I need to get it right every time and I was kind of hoping you’ll help me with that.
What about you come over here and meet some of your new friends. We’ll talk about this later in private, just you me and that hairbrush she whispered.
Come along.
The group was a mixture of people from the town mayor, doctor and school principle to a window cleaner all friends of Barbara’s that had grown up together. All very pleased to have her safely back.
It soon became apparent to Michael that no class or race segregation existed here, first and foremost they where friends.
They where still talking when three elderly women came busting in and immediately hugged into him bursting into heartfelt expressions of gratitude.
Michael was totally overcome by such genuine emotion.
Thank you, thank you to all of you he said to the small gathering.
I get the impression that Barbara and I might just be settling here and if she does in fact do me the honour of becoming my wife, I am also hoping she will show and help me to do a lot of good things for the people of this town.
Having this much money got the better of me; it’s just not as easy as I thought it would be and I made some mistakes. But with the support of Barbara and good people like you we just might do some good, right here in Tolaga.
Michael felt Barbara take a hold of his hand and felt her gentle reassuring squeeze.
Michael, can I ask a personal question?
167 million he said not needing to be asked.
Holy cow, that’s a whole lot of anything.
Yes it is, but it’s true what people say, it can’t buy real happiness or friends they only come from the heart.
Welcome to Tolaga Michael said the doctor; I’d be please to see you in the surgery if you need my help.
As the guests slowly drifted off Michael went to settle the bar tab only to discover it had already been taken care off, another one of those small town hospitality things he thought smiling to himself as he rejoined Barbara and said goodnight to the last of those leaving.
Are you hungry, starving replied Barbara taking him by the hand and leading him to the elevator?
I hope you are not expecting too much from the penthouse apartment, it’s only a small town.
I’m sure it’ll do fine.
Opening the door reviled a rather dated but clean and comfortable apartment.
See, just perfect he said with a smile.
Barbara went and checked out the bedrooms and discovered her bag had been placed in one of the two rooms.
Good grief called out Michael as he discovered his cash bag had been returned with cash still remaining inside. They are honest men he said as Barbara appeared.
They brought back what was left over, wouldn’t have happened any place else.
No, possibly not said Barbara.
I think I need to talk and you young man, need to listen she said with a determined sort of smile.
But fist things first, shower. Off you go please.
She patently waited his return and simply pointed to the corner.
You know what? Now get into that corner this instant young man she demanded before she too headed for the shower.
He was stood with his face well into the corner when he heard a knock at the door. It was two of the staff from the hotel in the city. They had done as requested but gone the extra mile and brought everything to Tolaga for him. Rewarding them for there service he thanked them and wished them a safe trip back before quickly returning to the corner, just in time to hear Barbara coming.
What have we got here?
Our stuff has just arrived.
So I see.
Well you best come out of the corner and help me put it all away then.
They where just about finished when Barbara discovered the hairbrush. Don’t worry about putting this away she said placing it on the coffee table. Michael could think of nothing else as he went about putting everything away.
Well she said that’s one job done, now for the next one. You Mr, can go back to your room and into that corner, off you go please.
Standing there all he could think about was that horrid brush, recalling how her hairbrushes spankings hurt like hell and how easy she could reduce him to full flow tears. It wasn’t something he was in a hurry for. But here he was and now he wanted to marry the lady that wouldn’t think twice about walloping his bottom blue each and every time he misbehaved. He hated the thought of it but at the same time he so desperately needed to be held accountable and punished accordingly.

He hadn’t moved an inch and half an hour later she entered his bedroom.
Please Barbara don’t do this, I don’t want the hairbrush. I know I deserved it but please not here, the walls are so thin. I would never live it down if anyone found out you spank me.
Thinking for a moment she knew he was right. This was something that would need to be kept very discreet and it was possible that someone might recognise the rather obvious sound, especially with what she had in store for him.
Now you listen to me and listen good. You are going to be punished, but I will leave it up to you to come and ask me to do it.
But until I have whooped you bottom good and hard, you are grounded to this hotel and you will give me two hours corner time each and ever day until I have punished you. Is that understood?
Yes ma’am.
Good, now get to bed.
She smiled to herself as he immediately complied, obviously relived she thought as she watched him get into bed.

Having selected what she hoped might be a slightly more attractive nighty she stood in front of her full length mirror feeling a compelling desire to be with him. She knew she loved him, but never once considered herself to be attractive enough to interest him in that way. The age difference was just too big to chance any sexual advances on her part. So for him to have now proposed to her was something of a shock. There relationship was more of teacher student or perhaps aunt nephew she thought as she gazed at the outline of her aging body.
Fortunately her own desire finally got the better of her, dominating him had once again fuelled her fire and with his public display of love she was willing to chance the biggest risk of all.
Thank goodness she thought, as she entered his room. The light was off, even so he could still make her out and in his eyes she was an angle.
Without saying a word he pulled back the bed coverings.
A moment later she was beside him for the very first time.
The first kiss was little more than a peck but the one that immediately followed was so incredibly passionate.
Are you sure she asked.
I’ve never been surer of anything in my entire life, I love you.
That night they both felt so complete, for it was the first time they had truly exposed there hearts to each other. This would to prove to be a new beginning for them both.

Barbara woke the next morning to see him laying beside her and looking at her with a very smug look on his face.
Good morning sweetheart, how are you feeling?
Wonderful, just wonderful.

Barbara was up first and quick to get into the shower, only to find herself being accompanied. Needless to say her shower took much longer than ever before.
Am I doing it the way you like he whispered as there pulse rates began to settle again.
Yes dear, you naughty boy she said with a satisfied smile, but you’re still grounded.
I wouldn’t want it any other way.
During a leisurely breakfast Barbara was disturbed by a phone call and as a result agreed to attend an informal meeting with her old boss, the school principle.
I’ll be out for a while she explained but you are staying right here and are not permitted to spend a cent or you will get it Mr.
Yes ma’am Michael whispered with a smile.
While I am out, I want you to come up with a list of rules that you will agree to live by. I expect to see at least 10 rules when I get back, is that understood?
Yes OK, how long will you be?
Don’t you worry about what I’m up too; you just do as you’re told my dear.

Michael sat at the table, gazing out the window as he attempted to create his list of rules.

1. I will never tell lies.
2. I will never use bad language.
3. I will always let you know where I am.
4. I will accept a weekly allowance.
5. I will do as I am told.
6. I will never get drunk or disorderly.
7. I will accept a curfew and bed time.
8. I will not spend money large amounts of money without agreement.
9. I will honour and respect you at all times.
10. I will respect and comply with any punishment you decide for me.

It didn’t take long for Michael to get bored and start to feel the need to go out. He thought being grounded to this hotel would be easy but soon leaned it wasn’t so at all.
He had gotten used to having anything he wanted, how and when he wanted it, this feeling was something new. He could walk out past that imaginary line if and when he wanted but he also knew if caught, his disobedience would come at a high price.
Shortly after midday, he was wondering around down stairs when Barbara’s sudden appearance surprised him.
Upstairs, I’ve brought a little surprise for you she whispered.

So this is it, Barbara asked as she cast a critical eye over his work?
Yes said Michel trying to gauge her mood as the school teacher in her continued to peruse his work.
She was well educated unlike Michael and his anxiety was only to obvious.
This looks like something we can work with, well done dear.

Being grounded is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I don’t think I can do it for much longer. Can you please punish me so I can get it over with he asked softly?

Oh sweet heart, of cause I can, but is it what you truly want dear.
Without even looking up, he quietly nodded.
Hay come here Mr big shot she said as she took him into her arms and cuddled him.
Oh sweet heart you need me to make it all go away, don’t you?
She was right; he desperately needed to be punished. He had accumulated so much guilt but he was just too afraid of his secret being discovered.

You’ve been a little too big for your britches lately haven’t you Mr big shot?
Yes Ma’am.
Into your bedroom then please dear, I’ll be in to take care of you shortly.
Moments later he was back in his room.
He was once again both exited and embarrassed as he stepped into and pulled his pyjamas up past his hard throbbing erection as he readied himself.
Barbara soon joined him with the hairbrush and a small package in hand.

Now I told you I wanted two hours corner time from you, everyday until I punished you didn’t I?
Yes ma’am
I will take an hour now, before you go over my knee and another hour straight afterwards, is that understood.
Yes ma’am.
Good but first things first, you can get those pyjamas off. I stopped off on my way back and made a little purchase for you.
Opening the small package she revealed her little surprise.
I can assure you Mr big shot you won’t be to big for these pants.
Barbara held up a pair of what can best be described as granny panties.
Large full brief, pink satin and lace trimmed.
Get these on and hurry up about it please, you have an appointment with that corner.
Barbara couldn’t but admire his large hard throbbing man hood as she watched him step into and pull up his new underwear.
Just as she anticipated, they almost came up to his bellybutton and no way would he ever become too big in front.
Perfect she said with a look of satisfaction.
Now into the corner please and while you are there you might give some thought to why I have to punish you and how you bottom is going to feel when I’m done because I’m going to be giving you the hiding of your life young man.
Yes ma’am, he timidly replied as her turned and moved himself into the corner
It was the longest hour of his life. He had never done an hour’s corner time before. It was both horribly boring and embarrassing but he knew he deserved every minute of it. However the time did just seam to go ever so slowly as if tormenting him. Eventually he heard Barbara’s cell phone and correctly assumed she had set it to ensure she got her full hour.
His time in the corner had done just what it was supposed to do. Michael was now in the right frame of mind and ready to be spanked.
Ok out you come now, in here please dear.
Like a condemned little boy Michael crept slowly into the living room, the television volume had been turned up loud and Barbara was sitting on a chair holding the hairbrush. Pointing to the spot in front of her, she had that reassuring and sympathetic smile of hers, come here dear lets have a little talk about this unfortunate situation you find yourself in young man, stand here in front of me please.
Michael listened without interruption as Barbara scolded him at length about his resent behaviour and choice of friends, including some rather unsavoury young women. By the time she finished his head was lowered and any sign of a male ego was long gone. She let him know in no uncertain terms, why he was going to receive this spanking and any other if and when she decided he needed it.
Well what have you to say for yourself young man?
I’m sorry.
Yes I know you are, but you are going to be a lot sorrier shortly.
Now get over my lap you naughty little boy.
Wasting little time she took a firm hold and locked him down as best she could before bring the brush swiftly down hard on his panty covered bottom
Ouch, oh god that hurts.
Good she said as she delivered several more hard and fast.
Ouch, ouch, no please don’t, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.
Ouch, ouch. Please no more. Oh that hurts he said trying desperately to control the fire that was now rapidly consuming his bottom.
Come on darling try and relax now. I know it hurts dear, it has to hurt for it to be effective, you know that don’t you?
There was no soft warm up; this was full on from the very first smack.
His cries did nothing to distract her from what she knew, had to be done.
She walloped his bottom over and over as hard as she could. This was no game; she was punishing him good and hard.
Covered by panties his bottom was turning from pink to red and then some harder smacked areas began to turn almost white with shades of black and blue in places.
Stopping and waiting for a moment. She asked him if he would like to take a break.
Yes Ma’am, oh god yes please ma’am he gasped unashamedly.
All right then, but first let’s see how well we are doing.
Pulling back the waistband of his panties she was delighted with the result. He would see and likely feel that lot for several days to come.
Up and off you go, back into your corner please. I’m not half done with you yet mind, so you best do as you are told.
Yes ma’am he gasped again in an almost incoherent garble, now unable to control his breathing he was only to eagerly to accept this reprieve.
Off you go then, hands on your head please dear.
She smirked to herself as he immediately jumped to it, his hands already on his head as he virtually ran out of the room and directly to the corner in his bedroom.
Not bad Barbara thought to herself as she stood patting the brush against the palm of her hand. Things are defiantly improving around here.

Michael couldn’t get any more into the corner, he was as close as he could get. His bottom was still twitching involuntarily when Barbara wondered through to check on him.
Don’t you ever let me catch you even looking at another woman, not ever again? Do you hear me?
Yes Ma’am, I mean no Ma’am, I promise I wont.
Good, you can think about that promise for as long as you like and when you are ready, I’ll put you back go back over my knee and I’ll finish off this unfortunate little job I find myself having to perform. Do you understand?
Yes Ma’am.
I’ll be in the lounge when you are ready, don’t take all evening about it.
No Ma’am.
Barbara walked out leaving him alone but stopped just clear and snuck back silently to observe him for a moment.
She was just about to walk on when she saw it happen.
There was no mistaking it, he stated to cry. Dropping both his hands down to his stinging bottom he cried into the corner.
Got you thought Barbara with an understanding smile. He’s there.
She watched him for a moment longer before returning to the lounge now totally satisfied with her effort.
Having made herself a coffee she had barely sat down when Michael reappeared at the doorway.
Come in dear.
Standing before her with his head lowered he apologised for his behaviour.
It was easy for Barbara to see he was so genuinely ashamed and sorry he had been so thoughtless.
Thank you Michael, your apology means a lot to me and I except it, but you know we are not done yet don’t you?
Yes Ma’am he replied with the highest level of respect.
So are you ready to carry on and get this over and done with.
Yes Ma’am.
Very well then, back to your bedroom please dear.
Watching him she could tell he was totally within her power, any sign of ego was completely gone leaving behind a wonderfully obedient submissive.
Sitting on the side of his bed she motioned him closer with her finger. Lifting his chin she looking into his sad eyes, I think you’ve leaned your lesson, now I want you to pop into bed and take little nap dear.
No strapping, he whispered very respectfully?
Do you think it will help?
Yes ma’am.
Sliding her hands down his arms she took a hold of these panties, slipped them down to his knees and simply nodded with that understanding smile of hers.
Michael moved silently to the end of the bed and with his head lowered he waited her instruction.
Barbara took several pillows and stacked them up in the middle of the bed.
Ok, over you get now dear.
He was soon in position, the pillows pushing his bare bruised red bottom well up above the bed.
Standing beside him she ran her fingers through his hair and then very gently she rubbed his sore bottom.
You’re being a very good boy Michael. I’m almost sorry I’m going to do this but I guess your right, a strapping is probably going to help you.
Yes ma’am, I guess so.
Where is it she asked?
Second draw down ma’am
Taking the belt out of his draw Michael watched as she doubled in over and then turned it once around her hand to produce a manageable length of leather strap.
Once I’m done my lad you’ll take a nap and I don’t expect to hear a peep out of you.
You’ll remain in bed until I say otherwise, do you understand me young man.
Yes ma’am she replied with his face now buried into the bed as he attempted to ready himself for the imminent ordeal.
Look at me when I’m talking to you, do you understand me?
Yes ma’am.
Barbara was enjoying the result of her handiwork, the control she now had was no longer one of a fantasy game they once played but the fist big step in establishing a 100% real domestic disciplinary relationship and she loved every bit of it.
Moving into position beside him it took all her will power to shop herself from turning him over and allowing him to for fill her most immediate need, one that was intensifying by the second.
Lifting her arm she waited momentarily and then commenced the strapping.
Michael gasped out loud but not so much from the sting, but pleasure as she wasn’t strapping him as hard as he had expected.
Having delivered less than 30 light thwacks she stood back and told him to pull his panties back up and get into bed.
Tucking him in and kissing him on the cheek she witness tears welling in his eyes.
Its nap time for my little man she said as she turned and closed the drapes darkening the room.
You still owe me an hour’s corner time but you can do that this later tonight, sleep tight she said as she left him alone with his thoughts and returned to the lounge.

The following two hours were extremely difficult for both of them. Michael remained in bed but lay there wide awake. His erection, just like Barbara’s pussy was screaming out for relief. Resisting the need to masturbate was a punishment in itself.
But he did and that was just as well.

Slipping quietly into his room, hay sweetie, are you awake she asked softly?
Yes ma’am he replied sitting up just a little.
I love you little man.
I love you too he replied as he watched her step out of her dress.
Is there a little boy in here that would like a cuddle?
Oh yes please ma’am.
She nestled in beside him and with just a little hint he soon had warm nipple in his mouth.
Oh yes, I do like that she sighed encouragingly as she held him in place.
Oh yes, that’s it my love. That’s the good little boy I’ve been looking for, panties and a smack bottom more often I think.
I’ll do it he gasped I’ll wear panties, if you tell me too. I’ll do whatever you say.
Will you be a good boy and put them on without being told whenever you are to do corner time?
Yes ma’am. I’ll put them on whenever you want.
But is this the life you truly want my darling, can you really see yourself living like this?
Yes ma’am I’d like it whole lot, especially with a smacked bottom.
Oh god yes, I think you’ll have lots of smack bottoms coming my love.
He continued enjoying her breasts and as Barbara held him she talked him through future evening and bedtime plans. Panty spanking and early bedtimes would become a regular part of his new life.
Eventually she could hold back her need no longer and taking his hand she placed it against the most intermit part of her body.
He was gentile and to took his time as he delivered her to the very edge before tacking a chance and exploring her orally. His timing was perfect and she left him in no doubt that his efforts where victorious.
Oh my she gasped in total bliss as she regained her breath from the most wonderfully intense orgasm she had ever experienced.
Michael wanted so desperately to enter her but she gently pushed him back.
Michael, naughty boys who are being punished don’t get pussy.
But darling, I need you.
Yes I know you do my darling but I’m not going to allow it, not yet.
There was no arguing that his erection wasn’t wonderfully enticing, is was rock hard and Barbara could feel it throbbing against the satin panties as she genially pushed it away
Sorry sweetie she said as she got up from the bed, not until you have completed your punishment. Corner time she said as she pointed with an assertive sort of smile.
Oh Barbara that’s just so mean.
Excuse me naughty boy, did you just ask for more of my hairbrush?
No ma’am.
Might I suggest the sooner you give me that last hour, the better it will be for you my dear.
Michael had one of those disappointed little puppy looks on his face as he dragged himself back into the corner, his erection screaming out for relief that he wasn’t likely to get any time soon.
It was now early evening and as he stood facing the corner, time moved ever so slowly on.
God I hope nobody ever finds out he thought as he looked down at bulge in front of the pink panties. This was so wrong to so many people but if felt so wonderfully right for him.
His thoughts where eventually disturbed by the sound of Barbara’s return at his bedroom door. He knew she would check on him from time to time just to make sure he was behaving himself.
Many things passed through his mind during that hour; probably because that’s all you can do when you’re stood facing that boring blurry corner.

The fire that burned his bottom so badly had subsided to a reminding simmer and as he stood silently in that corner, he felt like the luckiest man in the whole wide world.
Few could even begin to understand, just how or why any man would need someone to treat him so. It was an unusual need to say the least, but to them they would be perfect for each other. Domestic discipline would always remain high on the order of priorities. Michael would develop quickly to not only become her very obedient and ever loving husband but also her student.
For she would also be his teacher and help him learn all the things he had once turned his back on in favour of leaving school to become a young store man.
During the day he was a very wealthy and respected member of the community but in the security of there home, the evenings where a totally different reality.
Regardless of how good he might have been, every Wednesday evening without fail she with the aid of a belt, a hairbrush and a pair of large satin panties would give him the thing he needed most all, his lost youth.

The End.

You’re not the only one in the world who gets pleasure from spanking, you’re not alone.

Lance Miller…

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