Written for Master, a page of poems by simone

 Written for Master

You are the air within my lungs, so let me Breath for you

You are the wind beneath my broken wings, so let them take you up towards the sky

You are the only one to make me glad, so now that you my love feel so sad take my lips and let them smile

You staid the tremors beneath my feet, you gave me a place to stand, so now let me support the only Man I love

You held back my daemons forbade their onward march, so now let me stand my ground and help you point the sward

You stood with me to face the enemy unknown proud and strong you cast them down, so now let me take care of you

You are my world, my dreams you are the only One who sees the worth in me, so now let me help you through the storm


About my fist meeting with anyone

Her first meeting
She kneels before him in true submission
Eyes trained to the floor
He towers above her, but she feels secure
Oh, Master will you be mine
The world is obscured as His blindfold is applied
Her world becomes focused now knelt at his side
Her pulse races her breath shallow
She gasps as his silken finger traces the line
Oh, Master will you be mine
She bows to His will and is bound to him now
As his silk ropes, caress her
The leather surrounds her as He secures her
Oh, Master will you be mine
He commands her to stand in the centre, and she surrenders
Feet apart and arms outstretched, she knows He will protect her
She hears the chain rattle, and gasps as His clamps bite her
Oh, Master be mine
A warm cloud engulfs her pure joy resides
As Master spanks her she whimpers and cries
Her Master will stretch her to limits unknown
Oh, Master will you be mine
With paddles he beats her, she feels its caress
As His hand touches her breast, those teeth still bite her
She whimpers and cries as her cloud comes to get her
Oh, Master be mine
With legs wide apart and arms akimbo
She lays chained to the floor to keep her from limbo
She whimpers and cries, but yet she survives
Oh, Master be mine
Oh, hear his roar as he runs to meet her
He flies through the air towards the floor
She cries and screams and yet it seems
She wills him to greet her
Oh, Master be mine
He has no teeth no lips nor claw
But she screams as he eats her
As now Master with his cane, he beats her
Oh, Master give me more
He flies through the air through His will she implores
Master gives me more
He has no lips and yet, he will kiss her
Master gives her more, as he thrust and withdraws
Laid on the floor
Oh, Master I need more
She kneels in submission, in sweet darkness she resides
She shudders and cries
Her Master gives his all to His slave on the floor
Master gives me more
Her session is ending
Her submission is sending her soaring for sure
She flies above the man she will adore
Her session is ending, but He is not rescinding
He knows she will be back for more
She kneels at His feet in true surrender
Where Master has sent her she is not sure
The slave looks up and implores
My Master I am Yours
                                                                                                                            Amid the storm

I  sat in the early dawn and tremble amid the storm

What will happen, how will it end, will She apprehend me

I feel so tattered and torn my look forlorn as I listen to Her storm

I turn within myself and crawl upon my shelf

That storm rages on as I crawl further on

I find my place of safety right there at the back

The box so tall right back there next to the wall I sigh as I hear the lid fall


I stay within pressed right down so small and scared this experience not shared

She does not see me, she does not feel me until her skin it start to peel as her soul to rip

I peek and sneak I crawl and peep it is I the little child

The one who cried the one who tried when She came and stole my sleep

I stayed right here and did not grow I will not let a grown up know


If she needs me I am here, I am just her peer

From within she can hear me squeal as I the terrors do reveal

I the inner child will stay maybe I will come out one day

To play in the sun to shriek and for her to hear my laughter’s peal


There is one a solid Man who cared enough to bring me forth

He is mighty he is skilled he has my fears has killed

He is good and I am weak as we sit a while as my nose does peek

Above the wall of this box so tall upon my shelf where the air is still

He had dash and bashed the lid because my little fingers were too slick


My little arms too weak to push it to one side and speak

It is me just who am I just what can I be Oh yes you know me well by now

As I kneel in peace He smiles at me, I rest within His arms so strong

He will sheltered me for harm, and gave a place to stand to breath to be becalmed

He released this inner child for now I can be free to run and play and feel His love so pure

Two souls


I stand and wait I wonder why when I look up into the blueness in the sky

I hear your voice I feel its grace as it fills my every space

I will never hear the tapping of your toes nor see laughter, which could make you glow

I will forever miss you for I know that I could never have kept you


You were mine but for the shortest time before God drew the line

You left with tiny tinkling steps but left behind you all of my regrets

You were mine, and I was yours, now all I have are shadowed memories times we never had

Your are gone to a place on high way above the clouded sky


Our souls might meet now that would make me complete to hear the sounds of which I can only dream

Our lives take different paths may I rest my head upon the grass

Our time was not meant to be for that I now can see I need to place you in my past

Our times will linger in my dreams as you have grown and been my friend


We cannot be, as I would have wished the little child I would have loved the best

We will never walk the path together hand in hand nor laid your head upon my breast

We will met at another time this thought it is my wish to feel you hand upon my face

We will met within that place full of grace from whence we will keep pace


They will see the change in me as I have said goodbye there will be a tiny tear within my eye

They would say with some dismay upon that glorious day that we are friends our souls combined

They can hear the laughter bright carried on the zephyr’s light for our souls have conspired

They will know that now below our two souls as one so with a gentle kiss is let you go


In the cupboard


There is a place beneath the stairs it is said to be a monster’s lair

She sits, stares rocks and drawls as she awaits her turn

To touch her step will make her leap her claws will grab me underneath

None will hear my scream for help my timid voice imploring

It is within this lair the special chair all the toys and doll the things I loved to most

She dragged them within this cavern dim to sit in wonder and smile within the darkness of her cupboard



To pass the door I am appalled to see the end of her claw

To hear her call from the other side of the door and pass by that thing that in darkness resides

This stillness comes to those outside to stop a while and so hear what’s coming

She sits alone within the darkness trembling, then peeks from within her darkness ascending

The light so bright and sound so loud for these things were muted and safe inside

To poke out her nose to sniff the sweetness it was this little ones weakness



Without the comfort of her cupboard the monster steps, in her heart she knows she must be brave

To blink and shrink and cower deep the fear is real her cries do seep

Where now the others will just stop and stare to see this thing in such despair

Curled up tightly in her chair her tears are real as she hears her cupboard doors have shattered

I take her hand in mine this child is mine for she was me the claws they see were but my nails

The growling deep was me, imploring but other could not see what upon the floor was crawling

There within the darkness safe she tried to glow and be my friend to be both hale and hearty



This life I led it was no party there beneath life’s stairs I lay in despair

The monster was me she is my friend she held me close and brushed my hair

The sounds of joy the sounds of life from which we hid, sat upon our chair

We will step within that path the light before us the darkness past

With loud bangs and flashing lights she helped me step into daylight


Dragon’s breathe


To hear his hiss it is such bliss

To feel the kiss just who would miss

I long to feel his touch upon my skin to breath His fire

Just to reach within His heat to find the solace most will miss


To see the wheals upon my flesh this thing is that which none will miss

To hear that bliss and feel his heat within his realm there is nothing, which is remiss

To feel His caress within my skin to glory and to shrink from Him

To scream and cry and beg for Him to carry on


To see him fly to feel his touch he pulls my soul and takes her high

To reach my cloud and sail on by to attain this wonder up towards the sky

Master’s voice to pulls me to Him as he reels me in

I run on wings on purest pain where within this realm the world I defy


I had a dream


I had a dream in which I heard You calling, I was that which was on the floor crawling

The sun shone brightly as if it was morning, the little birds of the dawn chorus calling

With coldness without and beloved warmth within, I crawled to Your side on this cold crisp morning

There without warning, I felt my soul soaring, as with wing of pure joy I felt myself flying

The crack of the lash and snap of your fingers my beloved Master was His slave commanding

I bowed my head my lips touched your skin full joy I was feeling as Your intentions You were expounding

My body is trembling, quivering and light my soul no longer heavy as my Master is spanking

To feel His caress upon my breast, to hear his words my heart He is arresting

My Master is dealing within the dreamscape His slave is just drifting so safe within the world of His making

This dream is so real as he does make me squeal as with the floggers my Master is whipping

With shudders and whimpers, this slave meets her soul, as now she kneels at his feet and begs to start worshiping

I had a dream in which I saw You smiling, slave giving back pleasure with tears from her eyes seeping

We drift in this state both Master and slave both needing and loving how this dream’s ending

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