“Young London Tart” by Widget Gidget

I grabbed the brat‘s hand with my wallet in it. I had felt her reach inside my jacket while she was massaging my thigh, asking if I wanted some business, mister. She looked the typical young London tart, about 18, blonde, full figure. I asked her name. “Anne”. “Well, Anne, this is a matter for the police.” She pleaded with me. I thought perhaps her parents could deal with her, got her address and hailed a taxi. She sat throughout the short journey, with a mocking expression on her pretty face.

We arrived at a detached house in a shabby area of the suburbs. Having dismissed the cab, I dragged her to the door and rang. A woman of about 40 answered. She wore a long, loose, flowery, summer frock and was attractive in a hard sort of way.

I explained the situation and she invited me in. We introduced ourselves, Tony and Natalie. She was Anne’s mother. “Go to your room and put on your school uniform”, she told Anne. “I’ll show you who she really is, Tony.” I asked her what she intended to do about the thieving. “She needs a good thrashing, Tony” Natalie replied. “Would you do it? I’d be ever so grateful.” She moved towards me on the sofa and rubbed her ample tits against my shoulder. “Like a drink?”

I agreed to both propositions. She returned with the Scotch and sat very close with her left hand on the inside of my right thigh. “She is only 14, but getting out of hand and needs some male discipline. Her father left 3 years ago, so he’s no use”, Natalie continued. “I’ll prepare her, you thrash her ass and I’ll ‘supervise’, OK?” “Fine” I replied. Her hand slid up to my cock and she began to feel its growing hardness. “I think you’re looking forward to this – so am I”. She reached under her frock, pulled off her knickers, took my hand and slid it up her bare leg to her cunt. I dipped in a finger. She was soaking. I strummed her clit a little. “Mmmmm” she purred. She removed my tie and undid my flies, causing my cock to jump out onto her face. She held it and started to wank me nice and slowly. “I’ll get the brat down here now”

She disappeared and 2 minutes later came in with a sorry looking Anne, wearing a gymslip, white blouse, socks and strapped sandals. Her hair was in pigtails. “Tony is going to punish you for thieving, and I hope he really gives it to you.” Natalie winked at me. She got an armless, straight-backed chair and set it in the middle of the room then sat on the sofa holding Anne’s arms. Anne was facing me. Her mother raised her gymslip and pulled down her blue, regulation, school knickers, revealing Anne’s cunt with a light dusting of blond pubic hair. “Bend over Tony’s knee.” Natalie ordered. Anne approached the chair, stood to my right, lifted her gymslip and bent over my knee, displaying a peachy plump ass. “Legs open, Anne” said Natalie. “Tony will want to thrash every part.” Natalie’s eyes were twinkling as she smiled at me. She moved to my left from where she could watch Anne’s face.

I started to give Anne light spanks on alternate cheeks. This was ineffective. I spanked hard, watching Anne’s peaches ripen red. Her mother moved to the rear view. “Another few hard ones please, Tony. She isn’t howling yet.” Then she lifted her frock and started to stimulate herself. As I thrashed Anne to tears, Natalie, close to orgasm, stopped to get something from her room. I slipped my hand between Anne’s open legs and inserted a finger into her little cunt. The girl was, despite her tears, dripping wet. She thrust back onto my exploring hand, moaning.

Her mother returned carrying a heavy Lochgelly tawse, a three-thonged leather strap. She ordered Anne to stand. I rose and Natalie bent her daughter over the back of the spanking chair. “Hold the seat and don’t let go, dear.” Natalie hissed at Anne. “Legs spread.” As we stood behind Anne’s red buns, Natalie whispered in my ear, “I want to give her 6. Put your hand under my frock and diddle me between strokes.” I moved behind her and slid my hand up her bare leg to her now sopping cunt. As I alternately finger fucked her and rubbed her clit, she leant her head back onto my shoulder and whispered, “Undress Anne completely, please, Tony.”

I stood the sobbing teenager up and divested her of her blouse, bra, skirt, sandals and bobby socks while her mother watched, her eyes sparkling as she rubbed oil from a bottle into the tawse. “Now you are for it, young lady. I’ll teach you to get caught stealing.” The wording appealed to me. I put Anne back in position, her ass raised high on the chair back, her legs spread wide, and returned to her mother who was standing behind and to the left of her daughter’s exposed delights still oiling the tawse.

Pressing my throbbing cock against her rump, I reached round and continued to rub her clit. I paused to let her swing the tawse, which she wielded with enthusiasm. Anne shrieked and wiggled her flaming ass, her cunt glistening between those fiery buttocks. Each time Natalie was about to orgasm on my hand, she broke away to tawse the ripe peaches. When her 6 were over, she handed me the tawse, saying, “Do you want my hand or my lips between your 6?” She had full, red lips and, surveying her tawsing handiwork, I chose the blowjobs. Natalie got on her knees, undid my flies and gently slid my cock into her soft mouth. Taking her lead, I stopped short of coming between each stroke. Anne was whimpering and rubbing herself against the top of the chair back. When I had turned every part of that sweet ass red, Natalie helped her daughter up and held the sobbing girl to her ample bosom stroking her hair. “I’ll invite Tony to come here whenever you are caught thieving. Now collect your things and go to bed.” Anne obeyed.

“Let’s go and see what she is up to.” suggested Natalie. We tiptoed along the corridor to her room. Her door was half-open. Natalie looked in and, standing behind her, I could see Anne in the throes of orgasm, on her back, whispering “Please not another spanking, mister. Fuck me instead.” She had a pink vibrating dildo in her cunt and was frigging her clit furiously. Natalie turned to me. “That is my dildo. She has been caught stealing again. You can tawse her again in the morning. No school on Saturdays.” She turned back to watch and I reached under her loose frock to her pussy and strummed and finger fucked her. She leaned back against my shoulder.

“Let’s go to my room, Tony. I’ve got an itch that needs soothing.

I guess you have, too. You can do what you want with me.” Still carrying the oiled tawse, she led me down the corridor to her room. Once inside, she stepped out of her shoes and pulled her frock off over her head. She had full breasts and her cunt was hairless, as I had already felt. Crossing the room to a wardrobe, she afforded me a beautiful view of her buns, firm and plump. She rummaged about in the bottom drawer and came back with a bottle of baby oil. She had put the tawse on the bed, which had neoprene Velcro cuffs attached to each corner. “I’ll be ever such a naughty girl for you, Tony. Naughty girls need correction. Anything you want.” I stripped and sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her over my knee.

She rubbed her belly over my tumescent cock and opened her legs wide. Turning her face to me, she said “Give it to me like we did Anne. Do whatever you want. I come when my ass is soundly tawsed and I’m crying.” I reached underneath to check on the state of her cunt. She was a bit dry. “I’ll spank you until you are wet.” I replied, running my hand over her peachy buns. I reddened her cheeks with 20 medium spanks on each. Natalie squirmed a little. I checked for wetness – slight progress.

“Get the ribbon from the dressing table and tie back your hair.” I told her. As she did this, I placed a pillow on the floor between my feet. Natalie knew what to do. In seconds, her full lips and warm, wet mouth engulfed my cock. She put my hands behind her head and encouraged me to fuck her face. After a few minutes, I felt the sap rising. I eased her head back. “Back over my knee” I ordered. Plenty of time – enjoy every part.

I gave her 10 hard ones on each cheek. She was close to tears. Another 5 on each and she was sobbing, resigned to a sound thrashing. 5 more on each and she was bucking and tears were flowing – no coming for her yet, though. She was now nice and wet. I laid her on her back on the bed and made her hold her ankles, legs wide, displaying her goodies. I climbed aboard and slid my cock into her moist cunt and rode her for a few minutes while she ground her clit on my pubic bone, also close to orgasm. “Not yet, honey – main course to come.”

“Oil up the tawse, and my cock, Natalie. Take your time on my cock.” She opened the bottle, squeezed a few drops onto the tawse, rubbed it in and then attended to my cock, gently rubbing up and down its length. I noticed that the bottle had a nozzle about 4cm long and as thick as a finger. She knew what it was for, as did I. “Spread-eagle on your front on the bed.” I said. She did so, eagerly. I secured her ankles and wrists, opened her cheeks and inserted the nozzle into her anus, squeezing until there was a small leak. Leaning forwards, I nuzzled her ear and whispered, “I’m going to thrash you raw.”

I stood to her left and swung the tawse hard – 3 on each peach until she was sobbing and grinding her pelvis on the bed. I released her hands. “Kneel up and you can play with yourself for the last 6.” Natalie pushed out her bum, drew a pillow down the bed and put her face in it. Sobs racked her body as she stimulated her cunt. Her anus glistened with a smear of oil. I gave her the next six from her right to keep things even. Now her moans had changed to cries of orgasm. I thrust my cock deep into her bum. She pressed back and whimpered as I rode her tight, oily ring. Then I was coming, shooting sperm into her while she orgasm ed, fingers working on her sex.

Afterwards, as we lay in each other’s arms she smiled and said. I’ve got a surprise for you tomorrow.”

Next morning as we dressed, the doorbell rang. Natalie slipped on a loose-fitting dress and her shoes. She returned with Linda, her sister and their nephew, Peter, who was around 16 years old and looked apprehensive. “Linda and I are going to punish Peter. His mother always entrusts us with the correction of her boys.” Natalie explained.

“Would you like to watch, Tony?” asked Linda. “Oh, and get Anne up. She will want to help.” She added to Natalie. “Peter watched one of her last thrashing after all.”
“Didn’t you, dear?” Linda smirked at Peter. “And I think you enjoyed it too, you naughty boy.”

Natalie went to fetch Anne, who arrived wearing a see-through nightie and no knickers, and stood behind and leaning on the back of, a large armchair. “Well, now that we are all here, we shall begin”, announced Linda. “Shall we have him naked from the start?” The consensus was “Yes”. “Strip him, Anne – he stripped you last time.” Anne moved eagerly to the center of the circle, Linda and Natalie sitting opposite each other, eyes on the young couple, he in his school uniform, she effectively naked.

Anne told Peter to remove his shoes, socks and shirt, fold them and put them on an empty chair. He did so, returning barefoot and wearing vest and trousers. Natalie said, “Let’s get that vest off, shall we?” She put her arms round him and pulled up the back of the white vest. The front seemed not to follow. Anne pushed her hand down the front of Peter’s trousers. “Let’s see if it’s stuck somewhere.” Her hand moved about on Peter’s crotch under, at least, his trousers. “Got it”, she cried, triumphantly, pulling her hand out with the end of the rather short vest and leaving a significant bulge in Peter’s trousers.

She reached for the zip on Peter’s trousers, pulled it hard against the boy’s bulge, down and up, exclaiming “Seems to have jammed”. “Lie down, Peter” she ordered. Anne then put one knee on either side of Peter’s chest and began to run the zip up and down what was now obvious to everyone present, his erection. Peter’s eyes were fixed upon his cousin’s delights. He seemed to be enjoying this. “Stand up, now, Peter – underpants next.

The boy stood and Anne moved behind him, showing his front to Natalie and Linda and asked, disingenuously “Off or on?” while pulling the elastic up and down over Peter’s hard cock. Linda answered “Off, as we agreed”. I hope Tony gives you 2 extra for that. Anne had quite forgotten about her upcoming thrashing for stealing Natalie’s dildo – or rather for getting caught. Anne moved back behind the armchair.

“Over here!” Linda ordered. Peter walked to her, his hard cock throbbing (as one’s does, in moments of passion). Linda, her eyes sparkling, looked at his hard cock, and said, “Over my knee, young man. Let me see if I can spank you soft.” He bent over her thin cotton dress, his ass high. Linda gave him 6 medium spanks on each cheek and stood him up facing her. “My-oh my, still hard as a rock. I think Natalie has plans to get that cock soft. Go over to her”. The boy obeyed, his cock wobbling.

Natalie looked at his cock then looked him in the eye. “You are a naughty little boy. I think you like your visits here”. “Over my knee”. Natalie pulled up her dress to her waist and settled Peter with his cock against her bare pussy. She spanked him hard, 6 on each. Peter was in tears, while Natalie was in ecstasy, pumping her hips against Peter’s front. Linda’s hand was busy under her dress and Anne was at it behind the armchair.

When Natalie had come, she pulled Peter to his feet and examined his penis, which was still half-hard. She pulled down her dress, got the boy back over her knee, and began to spank him lightly, encouraging him to rub his cock on her thighs. When everyone could see he was erect again, Natalie stopped spanking, stood Peter up and turned him round. “Let Anne horse him for his tawsing, Linda”

Linda walked to the back of the armchair and explained to Anne what she must do. Anne bent slightly from the hips, over the chair back and waited. Peter was brought to stand behind Anne’s see-through rear view. She reached back over her shoulders and held Peter’s wrists, then bent forwards, pulling Peter’s front hard against her back. The boy’s cock was throbbing. Linda positioned them so that Peter’s cock could nestle in Anne’s cleft. “I think this nightie is going to get in the way”, said Linda, pushing the material up Anne’s back, from under Peter’s throbbing cock.

“Come and watch and ‘assist’ please, Tony. I knew what she meant. I was strumming her clit like a flash. She also sported a shaven pussy. “I love playing with naughty boys”, she whispered, her breathing heavy. “Stop. I’m going to give him it. He is almost coming between Anne’s buttocks”

She swung the tawse hard three times over his right bun. His cock softened as he gasped at each stroke. I finger-fucked Linda for a minute or two until Peter began humping against Anne’s cleft. Linda moved to the right of the young couple and raised the tawse. “Give it to him. I want him howling for my six”, said Natalie. Linda swung and Peter yelled. Again and he was crying. After the third he was sobbing uncontrollably, his body slack against Anne’s back. Natalie took command and the tawse from Linda who was on the verge of an orgasm.

Natalie wanted the boy over the back of the armchair. Anne released the boy, moved to the front of the armchair and his aunts bent him over the back, his ass high and red-striped. Anne was told to splay her legs over the arms of the chair and hold Peter’s shoulders. She hitched up her nightie and straddled the arms, her pussy in front of the boy’s face. “Get the nightie off,” said Linda, “Tony will want you naked for your thrashing shortly anyway.” Anne seized the chance, skimmed off her nightie and slid her cunt forwards onto the boy’s mouth. Natalie smiled, her eyes sparkling in anticipation of tawsing him soft while Anne kept him hard with her instruction and her promises. I heard “Wanking session of your life – after a spanking, of course”.

Natalie moved to the boy’s plump ass, raised the tawse and said “Tell me when to start, dear.” I got behind her, pulled up her frock and diddled her as she liked it. “Now, Mum” Anne gasped, her breath short. Natalie reached behind and pulled her frock to her waist and whispered in my ear “Don’t come, but have fun – oh, and don’t stop what you’re doing to me until I say, Tony. I promised you a treat – after we do Anne. OK”? I pressed my erection into her cleft and diddled her cunt a bit faster, in gratitude. Natalie swung the tawse vertically onto the boy’s ass. He screamed and writhed. She imitated his hip movements against my trouser-ed cock as I rubbed her from behind. I could hear Anne’s voice comforting the boy between strokes.

The sequence continued until, finally, after the boy’s cock had wilted and strengthened 6 times, after each stroke, and was now hard again, Anne shouted, panting, “That’s enough, Mum.” They gave the couple a minute to compose themselves and Natalie wasted no time in getting Peter down from the chair back, and consoled, over her knee, soothing his fiery ass cheeks. She had his cock between her thighs and seemed to like him thrusting as she caressed his buns. She got him close to coming and stood him up. “We’ll warm up Anne now, shall we?” she said to me. “How do you want her?”

“You ladies spank her until she is crying, then take turns at kneeling on the floor with the girl bent over you with her legs wide. I’ll tawse her as first Linda and then, you, Natalie, give me a nice long wank.” Linda took hold of the girl, pulled her over her knee and began a long hard spanking. Natalie undressed me as I watched. She got everything off and moved behind me, held my cock and started to wank it, never taking her eyes off Linda spanking the girl. “Really give it to her, Linda” she said. Linda redoubled her efforts, the girl kicking and screaming. After a minute Linda complained that she was tired, and asked Natalie to take over.

Natalie left my throbbing cock and helped Anne off Linda’s knee. The girl was rubbing her buns and hopping from foot to foot. Linda came to me, put her arms round my neck and whispered, “I loved that, Tony. My arm is tired now. Will my mouth do?” No answer was necessary. She grinned and knelt. I turned half away from the spanking so we could both enjoy the spectacle.

Natalie had the naked girl firmly in position and started to spank her hard. Linda was enthusiastically blowing me and licking my cock with her warm, wet tongue. Natalie, spanking fast, said to Anne, “Just wait till Tony starts on you. I can hardly wait.” Natalie got the girl flailing around, wailing with 12 really hard spanks on each red peach. The girl stood, rubbing her ass and running on the spot. “I guess you are horsing her first”, said Natalie to Linda, who reluctantly abandoned my cock to get on all fours. Natalie placed Anne over Linda’s back, picked up the tawse and a bottle of oil and put them in the girl’s hands, saying, “Oil it well – make it soft and flexible for Tony.”

The girl massaged the oil assiduously into the leather thongs, while Natalie and I sat on the sofa, indulging in a spot of mutual masturbation, watching, and anticipating. “We will wank or blow you between strokes, but don’t come until the kids have been sent to bed.” said Natalie. “We all three have a treat after we are done with them – wank or lips, honey? Do her.” Natalie took the tawse from the girl and handed it to me. She kept the oil. I chose the wank – she was so good at it. She oiled her hands and my cock, stood behind me and whispered, “When I stop you coming, thrash her.” She smiled at Linda, who was facing us, Anne’s naked peaches raised high over Linda’s back. Linda grinned. “Work him well, Nat. Thrash her, Tony.”

I brought the tawse back, catching Natalie on the shoulder. She started to wank me slowly, and after a few seconds, faster. Then, she stopped. I thrashed the naked, vulnerable girl three fast on her right bun. She squirmed and kicked so much, I had to get Peter to hold her wrists. His cock was throbbing. “The boy was thrashed until you came”, I said to Anne. “Tell me when to stop, Peter.” Linda was fast. She got his pencil-like prick in her mouth and started bobbing her head, furiously.

Natalie stopped wanking me and we watched as Peter thrust against Anne’s mouth. “That’s enough”, said Natalie. “Just hold her wrists, Peter.” He withdrew his cock and held the girl fast. Three more, on the left bun. She howled and squirmed. Natalie resumed her rhythm on my cock, slow and hard. I finished Anne’s thrashing with the assistance of Peter, holding the girl’s wrists; the women alternately horsing Anne and stimulating me close to coming. Natalie was horsing and Linda blowing me between the final six strokes. Anne stood, naked, desolate, her ass flaming.

Natalie was standing, her eyes on Peter’s erection, took hold of him, sat and pulled him over her knee settling his cock between her thighs. She spanked him lightly, encouraging him to thrust down after each love pat. When he was about to come, she stood him up and put the girl’s hand round his hard little penis.

Anne was given a jar of cold cream, and Natalie ordered her to take Peter to bed. Anne, sobbing and naked, took Peter’s prick in her hand and led him out the door.

Anne was given a jar of cold cream, and Natalie ordered her to take Peter to bed. Anne, sobbing and naked, took Peter’s prick in her hand and led him out the door.

Linda and Natalie sat on either side of me on the sofa. “None of us, apart from Anne, have come yet”, said Linda. “Let’s see what we might do about that, shall we?” Linda suggested that we move to “The Library”. The women led me out of the room, down a corridor and up a few stairs. Natalie unlocked the door at the top of the stair. We entered and I looked around. Apart from lots of books and desks, there was a big, round, pillowed bed and a leather vaulting horse with handles on top. One end of the horse drooped almost to the floor and had a plastic penis-like projection at about crotch height.

Noticing my interest, Linda took me over to the horse, pressed a button on the side and invited me to grasp the phallus. It was just like a hard cock, but vibrating. “Natalie’s favorite, isn’t it, Nat?” ‘Nat’ grinned and nodded. “But let’s go and watch the kids for a bit first.” We tiptoed back down the stairs and along the corridor to the girl’s bedroom. The door was ajar. Natalie pushed it silently so that we could all see and hear what was going on.

Anne had taken charge and had the naked boy over her knee, alternately spanking him and rubbing his hard cock. “Come on, get it harder. I want you hard for our treat. We are too young for full sex, but you will like 69”, Anne hissed, her breathing labored. The boy started to thrust against her naked thighs. “Ok”, she gasped, “get on top as I showed you.” She lay on her bed, her legs up and open affording her hidden audience a view of her pretty, blond, wet cunt.

We stood in a line, all facing the action, Linda at the front, me in the middle. I reached under Linda’s dress and fingered her clit. Natalie was rubbing my cock. The boy straddled Anne’s face. She reached back and slowly wanked Peter, saying, “Lean forwards and lick my clit – fast and hard, or I’ll slipper you.” The boy complied, diddling her swollen clit with the end of his tongue. Anne took the boy’s cock into her mouth and put her hands behind the boy’s head.

“Swap places, Linda”, whispered Natalie. She wanted frigging. They swapped and Linda continued to build my lust with her hand. I stimulated Natalie as she had shown me. Anne writhed and gasped in orgasm as she ground the boy’s face into her sex. She took Peter’s cock out of her mouth after she had calmed down and said, “Not good enough, honey. It’s the slipper for you.” She pushed him off her and sat on the edge of the bed, legs open. She picked up her rubber-soled slipper and ordered the boy to stand in front, facing her. She slippered him gently using her left hand, her right rubbing Peter’s immature cock. “This is what you missed when your aunts were thrashing you, isn’t it?” Anne whispered, rubbing faster, slippering occasionally. “Have a big long come, Peter.”

Peter obliged, his face contorting in pleasure. Anne pushed him onto all fours and pressed his face against her cunt. Linda remarked, “She is a real nympho. She will keep him at it all night. Let’s go back to the library.”

When we got there, Natalie locked the door and they slipped out of their loose frocks. Now we were all naked. “Favorite fantasy time”, said Linda, “You first, Nat.”

When we got there, Natalie locked the door and they slipped out of their loose frocks. Now we were all naked. “Favorite fantasy time”, said Linda, “You first, Nat.”

“When I was a girl, my parents always spanked me in turns – mother in her black, see-through nightie, father in his PJs. My mother stripped me naked and slippered me hard. I loved the pain – it went straight to my cunt. I could see father’s cock getting hard as he watched, and I couldn’t wait to get over his knee. When mother decided, I crossed to his spanking chair and bent over his knee. He always positioned me so that my cunt rubbed against his hard cock. He tawsed me slowly, encouraging me to wriggle on his lap. I always got that tingly feeling. I was an early comer. I was always sent to my room, but I always sneaked back for a peek.

Mother often tawsed father afterwards, wanking him between strokes and then lying on her back so that he could lick her to orgasm. Sometimes he would tawse her over the back of an armchair, she supporting her naked body on the arms of the chair. When she cried, he rode her, fast and hard. They both loved that and so did I, stimulating myself to synchronize with their orgasms.”

“And the horse and vibrator and what Tony and you did yesterday?” piped up Linda. “I added them later. Let’s choose some clothes”, answered Natalie. We went into a walk-in wardrobe containing a huge variety of sexy clothes. Natalie found a black, diaphanous, nightie for Linda and PJs for me, then looked around. She found a girl’s school uniform – short skirt, regulation blue knickers, white blouse, ribbons, bobby socks and strapped sandals. We dressed, Natalie plaiting her hair into two pigtails and ribbing the ends. She looked every inch the naughty schoolgirl.

Linda arranged two upright, armless chairs facing each other. She and I sat while Natalie stood in the corner. Linda looked as me lasciviously as she opened her legs and started to masturbate. Then she fixed her eyes on my cock. It took about five seconds to spring to attention. “Come out of the corner, dear. Daddy’s ready for you now”, said Linda. Natalie turned to us and headed for me, her eyes on my erection. “Come over here, dear. You know the routine by now. I’m going to warm your bottom for that, young lady, before I strip you ready for Daddy’s tawse.”

Natalie stood to Linda’s left, waiting. “Knickers off, dear, wrong side – six extra hard for that.” Linda seemed to be begging for it. She slicked off her knickers, folded them, placed them on the bed, and returned to bend correctly over Linda’s lap. Linda lifted Natalie’s skirt and spanked her medium hard for a couple of minutes, until Natalie was crying, her tears hitting the carpet. Linda stopped before Natalie got too excited, stood her up and said; “Look what Daddy’s got for you, dear.” Natalie looked first at the tawse, and then her eyes settled on my throbbing member.

Another episode will be added again next week… Hope you have enjoyed the story…

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